Dai Li agents This is an official writing competition of the Fanonbenders! We hope you have fun participating!

Happy Halloween! We hope it was spooky (or spoopy) enough for everyone! Ours was great, reading all these awesome submissions. The authors definitely went for a Halloweeny feel, and we can tell! Unfortunately for us, we have to try and choose a winner.

It was a close call, but this month, we've decided to crown AvatarAang7, with his Ghosts of the Temple, as the winner. His oneshot was up to his usual quality (ie. absolutely amazing) and we really enjoyed it. The transitions seemed a little sudden at times, but the overall spookiness was fantastic!

The other three were close. We loved A Flower's Grave – the first person really added to the chills, and though it wasn't a fast start, it was a horrifyingly satisfying ending! My Former Self has all the aesthetics needed for an atmospheric Halloween story, and the descriptions of the scenery really stood out. And, who could forget Spirit Photography, a creative take on a classic idea; we thought it was great!

Thank you to everyone who participated. It may have been small this month, but the submissions were just as (if not more) impressive as ever! For Snivystorm, ShonenChicoBoy, and Neo Bahamut, you can add the {{FBParticipate|round|fanon|type}} template. Just change 'round' to 'round 16', 'fanon' to your fanon's name, and 'type' with whether it was a one-shot or chapter!

AvatarAang7 can use the winner's template, {{FBWinner|round|fanon|type}}, which works in exactly the same way.

Now, onto next month's prompt! We want you to write about a tragedy that occurs on what seems like a normal day. Bonus points if you can somehow make the tragedy end happy! (remember, to Shakespeare, a tragedy just meant there was no wedding!)

We'll be taking a particular interest in the following aspects:

  • Atmosphere and emotion
  • Grammar and spelling (as always ^^:)
  • Between 2,000 and 4,000 words

Don't forget that this can be either a one-shot or a chapter. Please let us know of your entries by commenting below! We'll accept entries until November 24, and post the results (and next month's prompt) on November 30!

Good luck!

~The Fanonbenders. Blog written by Fruipit.