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A Review - The Great Divide


Great Divide

'What a waste...'

The basic plot of The Great Divide centres around two tribes, the Gan Jin and the Zhang, and the feud between them. According to the tribes an event concerning Wei Jin and Jin Wei ended with Wei Jin being imprisoned. After a treacherous trip through The Great Divide Aang ends up fabricating another version of Wei Jin's fate, ending the feud.

Now I could go into more detail about the plot but, it isn't really worth it. There is one main word that the plot of this episode is screaming, and that is filler. Now to be fair I personally don't mind some filler, as on occasion it can be good and worth watching, but this isn't the best. I'll be honest, if you watch this episode the plot does a bad job of keeping your attention and you probably won't even care about the outcome.

This could have been changed however, if anything that happened in this episode had an effect later on in the series then it could be excused, but neither the tribes nor The Great Divide is mentioned again, at least not in a significant way.

Nothing but pointless filler - Plot 3/10

Effect on the Viewer!

The Great Divide has little or no effect on the viewer and leaves the viewer only with a strong sense of disappointment. Either the creators wanted to make people sit through filler or they literally just ran out of ideas half way through Book 1.

Usually Avatar episodes leave the viewer in anticipation, wanting for more, but this episode does leave people wanting for more, wanting for episodes unlike this.

Little or no effect - 1/10


Now you may be thinking I'm being overly critical in point out the flaws of this episode, but in reality there are few, if any, good points. The Great Divide just doesn't stand up to the rest of the episodes and is often referred to as 'Easily Skipped' and is on most people's hated episodes list.

The creators do once again score points for originality though, as the Gan Jin and the Zhang are both believable characters. Also the matter surrounding Wei Jin and Jin Wei did have a chance for expansion. In fact the entire story had room for expansion, as one of the most notable things seen is the Sacred Crystal Orb which seems to bear the symbol of the Air Nomads. As you can see the potential hasn't been tapped into.
Sacred crystal orb

'The Air Nomad Symbol'

  • Very Original 7/10
  • Plot 3/10
  • Effect 1/0

Overall 4/10

Malefic's Advice: You can watch this episode if you really want to, but a plot summary or a quick look at the article's page has pretty much the same effect.

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