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Identity Crisis

The identity of this character is still being speculated.

Ever since the debut of the sequel to the worldwide phenomenom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, everyone is asking the same question. Who is the man under the mask? Through the multiple complicated theories, it has even become a question whether or not Amon is even a man. Some believe that Amon may even be a women or even more controversial a spirit. Alhough the number of theories is quite extensive, one thing is clear. Amon is a threat to a world of peace and everyone all over the globe has their own opinions on who this being could be. The following are possibilities for the identity of this masked figure.

Where Does He Come From and What Does He Want?

Amon was born on a small farm to a poor family of non-benders; nonetheless, they were extorted by a firebender. When Amon's father eventually confronted the bender, the firebender killed his family and deformed Amon's face, resulting in him wearing a mask since then. Little is known about this mysterious individual besides the history behind his purpose. Amon is the leader of a group in Republic City called the equalists. He has trained a group of elite martial artists in the form of chi-blocking. Chi-blocking was first seen in the original Avatar series used by Ty Lee. It is through the art of chi-blocking that one can temporarily disable a person from accessing thier bending. (It should be noted that a waterbender cannot use waterbending to "heal" a person from chi-blocking and that a benders ability to bend will restore itself over a certain period of time.)Amon uses these chi-blockers to fight, paralyze and capture his enemies. Amon himself has proven to be an expert at this form of fighting. The ultimate goal of these rebels is to rid the world of all bending. Also, one should note that he does not want to hurt benders but only remove their bending, Korra being the only exception as he clearly stated he would "destroy [her]".

Amon's abilities

Amon using energy-bending to remove Fire Bolt Zolt's firebending powers

Although Amon claims to be a non-bender, he has many abilities that make him very dangerous. Amon has the speed and agility to dodge lightning. He is also very cautious as he has never been seen without chi-blockers at his side. Amon is light on his fight, nimble and a relaxed fighter. It is also rumored that his fighting style is similar to that of Tarlock's and even Aang's. Amon claims that the spirits have chosen him for a mission to cleanse the world of benders. In episode 3 " The Revelation", Amon extorted Fire Bolt Zolt as a gang leader and followed by a demonstration of an unbelievable power that was believed to be only capable by the Avatar. Amon fought Fire Bolt Zolt one-on-one and supposedly used energy-bending to take away Fire Bolt Zolt's firebending. (It is rumored that Amon is only using a very advanced form of chi-blocking but this theory requires further speculation. One exampe of why it is probably not energy-bending is because when Aang performed energy-bending, there was the chance that he would be destroyed if his souul wasn't pure, there was a huge light show revealing teh true nature of teh benders, and the process required Aang a lot of energy and left him exhausted.) He continued to demonstrate this power four times non-stop proving that he was a major threat to benders everywhere. How or where Amon learned this ability is still unknown as the only known energy-benders were Aang and an ancient lion-turtle.

Possible Suspects

Through extensive research, below has been compiled a list of possible people that Amon could be, and why they are suspects of the masked man. It should be noted that only a few physical characteristics have been noted about this mysterious figure. Amon's voice is an indication that Amon is infact a male. A glimpse of Amon's eyes in episode 4 tells us that his eyes are golden showing that he may be of fire nation descendent.

  • ==Suspect 1: Bumi==

Bumi (named after the King of Omahu during the time of the 100 Years War) is Aang and Katara's second child and oldest son, as well as the only non-bender among the couple's three children. This is all that is known about this suspect. It is unknown whether Bumi ran away, died, or even joined the equalists.


  • The reason Bumi is a good canidate for being Amon, is mainly because he is a non-bender and that he is one of the few people that could have a genetic predisposition to energy-bend. Bumi is considered a non-bender because he cannot bend any of the four elements but it could be a possibility that Bumi inherited the ability to energy-bend rather than the abiity to bend an element.
  • Bumi is unlikely Amon because Amon said that he was born in a family of farmers and that a firebender killed his parents. Katara is still alive so this is unlikely although a majorly controversial rumor is that Amon lied about his past to gain sympathy from his audience at the revelation.
  • ==Suspect 2: Yakone or Yakone's son==

Yakone was a man who threatened Republic City forty-two years before Avatar Korra's arrival. Yakone was "dealt with" by Avatar Aang. Little is known about this character besides the fact that he was quote "dealt with". In episode 4, Avatar Korra was knocked unconscious by Amon and that is when she had a flashback of Toph,

Older Sokka during a flashback from Korra's past life.

Sokka, and her past life Aang as well as a new charact

Older Toph shown as a leader who created the metal-bending police force.

er theorized to be Yakone. A theory behind this flashback was that Yakone killed many people in Republic City and tried to become a dictator. Of these unfortunate civilians it is a possibility that spouses of Toph and Sokka were also murdered or to a furher extent Toph and Sokka themselves. This may have angered and caused Aang to either remove Yakone's bending or kill him altogether.

The following explanations refer to the theory above due to lack of information on this character.

  • Yakone (or son) could be the man under the mask because if Aang removed this criminals bending, then he may have inadvertintley given him the ability to energy-bend . If energy-bending can be genetically inherited the way that the earth, fire, water, and airbending are, then this ability could have been passed down to Yakone's son who may seek revenge against benders for humiliating his father.
  • The reason Yakone (or son) is unlikely to be Amon is because little is known about Yakone and his story.
  • ==Suspect 3: Koh the Face Stealer==

Koh the Face Stealer was one of the most ancient and knowledgeable spirits of the Avatar universe; he was nearly as old as the Ocean and Moon Spirits. He was a malevolent entity residing under an old tree in the Spirit World. Possessing the body of a gigantic centipede-like creature, Koh could change the appearance of his face to that of any in his collection at will. Upon seeing anybody or anything which expresses emotion, Koh could steal its face. There are many different ways Koh could be associated with Amon. Some people believe Amon heard of Aang's adventures into the spirit world, disfigured his own face, and traveled to the spirit world so that he could talk to Koh as long as he wanted without Koh detecting

Koh wearing the face of Ummi, Avatar Kuruk's fiance

emotions. He then probably convinced Koh to teach him energy-bending in trade for his own face. Another theory is that Amon is the earthly manifestation of Koh just as the two koi fish were earthly manifestations of the Ocean and Moon spirits. Also Koh may think that eliminating benders will lead to peace as all past wars were caused by benders. (One should note that Koh was very active against Avatar Kuruk as he stole the face of his fiance to make Kuruk stop laying back and realize that his job as the Avatar is to deal with problems of the world where as Kuruk tended to let the nations deal out their own problems.) A third theory is that Koh is controlling Amon and releasing his deep emotions of hatred of benders and utilizing it for his own goals. There are many different possibilities of how Koh is related to Amon and many believe that he will play a role in The Legend of Korra. However, due to Koh's brief appearances in the first series, it is unlikely that Koh will play a major role in The Legend of Korra.

  • ==Suspect 4: Lee==

Lee was the second son of the Earth Kingdom farmer Gansu and his wife Sela. He had an older brother named Sensu, who enlisted in the Earth Kingdom Army to fight the Fire Nation. Lee discovered Zuko in the episode "Zuko Alone". When Lee plays a prank on an earthbender, the earthbender blames Zuko for the prank. Afterwards, Lee feels guilty for having Zuko take the blame so he invites Zuko over to his house. Lee's family accepts Zuko and gives him food. The earthbenders arrive at Lee's house and tell him that he going to be enlisted in the army and at a comment from the earthbender, Lee pulls out a dagger (given to him by Zuko) and attacks the earthbender. Zuko begins a duel with this man and is overwhelmed by not bending and decides to reveal he is a firebender. He defeats and scares the earthbenders away. Lee who was unaware of Zuko's origins now decides he hates Zuko and leaves.

Lee feeling resentful against Zuko after discovering his origins.

  • Lee is a good candidate for being Amon because he comes from a non-bending family of farmers. It is possible that in the future, a group of firebenders, such as the Rough Rhinos, killed Lee's parents and scared Lee. This would match Amon's story perfectly.
  • Lee is an unlikely candidate because due to the time change from the original series to the time of Korra, Lee would have to be around 80 years old which would make it hard for him to move as quick as Amon does. Also, the question is brought up of how Lee would gain the ability to energy-bend.
  • ==Suspect 5: Tarrlok==

Tarrlok is the Northern Water Tribe representative on the United Republic Council. He is an ambitious politician who is considered fair-minded and likable by the general public and wants what is best for Republic City. However, he can be manipulative behind council doors, and he holds a long-standing rivalry with Tenzin, whom he frequently clashes with on what is best for the city. After Mako and Korra's firsthand experience with the Equalists, Tarrlok finally recruited Korra to fight the Equalist Revolution after much persuasion and bribery. With the Avatar now on his side, Tarrlok later led a raid alongside a task force consisting of waterbenders, earthbenders, and Korra. This raid was targeted against a secret Equalist training facility in the cellar of a bookstore in the Dragon Flats district.

Tarrlok could possibly be Amon because:

Tarrlok commanding a task force to attack a chi-blocking training facility.

  • Tenzin stated that Tarrlok would do anything to gain power.
  • Tarrlok is part of the council so he already has power within the government, which could play a key role in Amon carrying out his plans.
  • Tarrlok may have created the task force simply to separate benders and non-benders farther apart just as Tenzin predicted would happen.
  • Amon and Tarrlok have never been on the screen at the same time.
  • Tarrlok claimed that if anything happened to Korra on Memorial Island, he would send in the police to rescue her but Tarrlok didn't react when Korra disappeared for a while.
  • Tarrlok manipulated Korra, just as we know that Amon is most likely a very manipulative and strategic individual.
  • He comes from the Northern Water Tribe, where the knowledge of chi points is rather common, which would explain both where the Equalists learned the chi blocking and how Amon is able to take bending away.
  • Tarrlok claimed that he required information of a secret chi-blocking training facility from his sources but if Tarrlok is Amon, then it would explain how Tarrlok knew of the facility. He probably attacked his own men to gain more trust from the people, council, and Korra.
  • Tarrlok's eyes are similar to Amon's.

The reason it is unlikely that Tarrlok is Amon is because Amon's description of his past doesn't match that of Tarrlok's. Also Tarrlok is a waterbender and Amon claims to be a non-bender.

  • ==Suspect 6: Another Avatar==

This is probably the most far-fetched theory of all but it does have some believers. A percentage of fans believe that in the last episode of Book Two: Earth, when Azula shot her lightning bolt and hit Aang, she killed him and a new Avatar was born. This new Avatar had the ability to control the four elements until Katara used the water from the spirit oasis to revive Aang. This caused the newly born Avatar to loose his bending powers but he was still a connection to the spirit world. It is a rumor that Amon was this avatar and that he traveled to the spirit world to learn energybending and attain his revenge on the Avatar. This theory is unlikely because although Aang died twice, the first time he died he was in the Avatar State so the cycle of the Avatar ended but was revived when Katara healed him. This theory has been proven wrong mostly by the fact that there can only be one Avatar alive at a time. When a soul reincarnates, it leaves a living being and enters a new one. Theoretically, a soul cannot be split in two and reincarnate into two different beings.

  • ==Suspect 7: Avatar Aang==

Although the point has been made that two Avatars cannot co-exist, this theory is still accepted by some people due mainly to this leaked photograph:


Amon is being shown as Aang and he is saying, "I am your father". This picture was probably taken off of a television screen as you can tell by the black outline and strange angle. In the bottom right of the picture you can see a bridge, and next to Amon's mask, you can see a tower. These structures look like those of Republic City. Many people believe that this is a scene of one of Tenzin's dreams in episodes to come.

  • ==Suspect 8: Jet==

Jet was the teenage leader of a band of refugee Earth Kingdom children, known as the Freedom Fighters. When Jet was only eight years old, he witnessed his parents' deaths at the hands of the Fire Nation soldiers known as the Rough Rhinos. Jet grew up to become a sword-wielding vigilante, possessing a burning hatred for the Fire Nation and going to extreme lengths to enact his revenge, even endangering innocent lives. Jet, in the end, was remembered as a monster by Team Avatar. At a point on their journey, Katara and Zuko were leaving to find the man who killed her mother when Aang saw her rage and that she was clearly intent on getting revenge. He remarked that she was acting like Jet. Since his experience with firebenders and with what happened at Lake Laogai he hated earthbenders too. Although it was revealed by the creators that Jet is dead one must consider that when someone dies, they go to the spirit world where powerful spirits such as Koh reside. Some people believe that Jet may have made a bargain with a spirit that knew how to energy-bend and they joined forces.


  • A reason why this is possible is because when Longshot killed Jet, he would have shot him in the center of his forehead to kill him instantly and with the least amount of pain. On Amon's mask there is a red center around this area. Also Jet was a ruthless monster. When he wanted to get rid of firebenders in an earthbending village, he was willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent civilians too. This ruthlessness to get rid of benders is similar in Amon. Both of them will go to any means necessary to get rid of their enemies. Also, Jet's story is similar to that of Amon's in every way shape and form.
  • If Jet is Amon then the show faces the same problem it would with Lee. Due to the time difference, Jet would be about 85 years old. By Amon's fighting style it has been established that Amon is unlikely to be more than 50 years old.
  • ==Suspect 9: Ex-firelord Ozai==

Fire Lord Ozai was the tyrannical ruler of the Fire Nation, son of Azulon, and the father of Prince Zuko and Princess Azula.[[|[1]]] Like every Fire Lord, Ozai was a firebending Master, and prior to the ending of the series, is

Fire Lord Zuko looking upon his father rot in jail.

believed to have been the most powerful firebender in the World of Avatar. Ozai was the first person to experience the powers of Aang's energy bending. It is a rumor that Aang may have inadvertently transferred the power of energy-bending to Ozai (since this was the first time in many many years that energy-bending was used). After years in jail Ozai must have realized that he was always too impulsive and he wasn't strategic enough. Then when the time was right, he broke out of jail and mastered the power of energy-bending. (He must have gained the knowledge the same way the lion turtle taught it to Aang. When Aang was getting the knowledge, the lion turtle touched Aangs chest and forehead and Aang used the same procedure on Ozai to take his bending away Perhaps he also transferred the knowledge of energy-bending.) Now he is out to get revenge on the Avatar and get rid of all benders.

  • A reason why Ozai is a good candidate for being Amon is because this seems to be the most logical reason on how Amon would have the ability of energy-bending.
  • A reason why this theory is illogical is because, Ozai would be simply too old and he would have died by now.
  • ==Suspect 10: Amon is Amon==

Ominous Amon.png

Out of all the theories many people have accepted this is the case. Amon is simply a new character with no ties to the people of the generations before him. He is a modern day villain who is fighting for exactly what he claims, peace. He was chosen by the spirits to rid the world of bending and he is doing just that. He didn't lie at the revelation and he believes what he is doing is the right thing. The reason he wears a mask is indeed because a firebender scarred his face. There is nothing hidden about him and he is himself. Amon is Amon.

  • ==Suspects 11: Momo, Cabbage Merchant, Foaming Mouth Guy, Ravatar AKA Troll Theories==

These theories may sound ridiculous but no, they are just plain stupid.

MOMO- "ok so what if this Amon character was someone- ok get this- are you ready for the shock of your life- prepare for a heart attack- SUPER SPOILER ALERT- someone who saw Aang with the lion turtle learning this ability. when Aang left that night and sleepwalked onto the lion turtle's back the only known living being to have been with him was-thats right- MOMO! maybe Momo is some type of evil spirit or maybe a spirit from the Spirit World is possessing him. and when Aang was getting the energy bending powers/wisdom, Momo went all evil and learned the power to by going under water onto the lion turtles other paws and learning energy bending. and now he has mastered the power and wants to destroy benders because they destroyed his family. (Momo is a flying lemur who was theorized to have been extinct with the air nomads)" (ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTOR) and you can see why he stayed anonymous.

Cabbage Merchant- (First off, I want to make it clear that there seems to be a new modern-day version of the cabbage merchant as seen in the first episode. Our new cabbage man shows physical similarities to the original except he sells phonographs instead of cabbages.)"You guys are missing the blind truth. Clearly it is the cabbage merchant's son. The cabbage merchant was terrorized by Aang and then he died and now his son wants revenge. Like he probably learned energy-bending as a trade to Aang for cabbages cause everyone knows Aang came from an iceberg rather than a mother so naturally he like cabbages. Plus the cabbage merchant's son probably is someone we know like Yakone. Ok sorry I'm done." (ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTOR)

Foaming Mouth Guy- Props if you remembered him. http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Foaming_mouth_guy

Aang's Evil Twin Brother the RAVATAR-

"Alright everyone, you are about to get your theories all blown out of the water by my incredibly awesome and totally realistic theory.

Amon is really the Ravatar, the secret evil twin brother of the Avatar. He can energybend, lightbend, and shadowbend. He raises shadow-monsters and covers them in masks, and taught them chi-blocking, because he swallowed up Ty Lee. (Oh yeah, he can also suck up people souls)

In the end it will all come down to a heated battle between Korra and Amon, when he removes his mask and Aang posses Korra. Then it will be revealed that Amon is really Avatar Aang's brother who was hidden in the back of the iceberg so Sokka and Katara didn't see him." (ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTOR)

Suspect 2: Yakone's Son is Amon!

I am so glad for getting so many people to check out this blog it took a lot of work and I am glad it was worth it. The story of Noatak and Tarrlok was sad and Tarrlok killed them to avoid history from repeating itself. The season finale was beautiful and I hope everyone wasn't obsessing over Amon's identity the entire season. I am happy Korra lived up to the name of Avatar and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Until next time my brothers and sisters, LONG LIVE AVATAR!!!