A literal dragonfly!

Welcome to the newest edition of the Pro-Bending Challenge! I am your new host, SparksFromHades, because our original, Sokka Jr., has sadly needed to resign. I will strive to be as successful as him and continue to preserve the spirit of the Pro-Bending Challenge! Here are this week's questions:

1. In the beginning of the episode "The Headband", what does Team Avatar disguise themselves as, when they approach the fire nation? The key word is approach.

2. How many times does Iroh attempt to attack Aang in the series?

3. How many buttons are on Amon's shirt?

4. From left to right, what order are the members of the White Lotus standing in behind Iroh as he prepares to destroy the Great Wall of Ba Sing Se in "Sozin's Comet"?

5. Roughly how many seconds does it take for Jinora's leaf to pass through the airbending gates in "A Leaf in the Wind"?

6. How many boats did Zhao bring with him when he searched for the Avatar along a river in "The Deserter"?

7. Name two Water Tribe characters that don't have either a "K" or a "Y" in their name.

8. What color was the tent Naga and Korra went inside to buy food at in "Welcome to Republic City"?

9. How many ponytails does Tarrlok have?

10. What is the tallest skyscraper in the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, as seen in ATLA?

11. Extreme difficulty: Name two characters from from either series that are named after the current Dalai Lama.

Give it your best shot and enjoy! Answer submission will end on Saturday.