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Hello Wikians! It's Skybender101 (who is making this blog) and Moon Beam (who insisted that I should make the blog). We bring you... the best of Avatar: The Last Airbender!! I should give credit to Moon Beam who had the ide of this blog.

I hope this blog will be fun for all of you!

Now lets get down to business.... in this blog you have to find the best things in A:TLA. What do I mean by that? There are 5 categories shown below:

Best Picked Picture in A:TLA

For the best picked pictures, you have to find the best picture in A:TLA by using www.piandao.org. These pictures could be action, not action, calm, it does not matter. As long as it's an EXCELLENT picture. Give us the link to your picture.

Agni Kai.png

This user won a prize for choosing the Best picked picture in ATLA

Best Picked Quotes

For this category, you have to search for the quotes that you think are the best in A:TLA. You can search for quotes by looking at the quote pages on this site or transcript pages. The quote can be meaningful or funny as long as it's GOOD.

Ransom letter.png

This user won a prize for choosing the Best quote in ATLA

Best Explanation that you can explain about your favorite character

For this category (that I dont want to type up again), you must give an thorough, precise, and good explanation (does not matter how long or short) about your favorite character. Does not matter what character, as long as the explanation is REALLY REALLY REALLY good.

This user had the best explanation of their favorite character

Best Explanation about a single episode

For this category, you will have give a summary/explanation about any of the A:TLA episodes. You can make it as long and as short as you want. Again, this must be a SUPER AWESOME.

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This user had the best explanation about their favorite episode

Best Picked A:TLA AMV

For this category, you will have to pick a VERY VERY VERY good AMV about A:TLA. Please only use videos that are appropriate. You can link the AMV onto your comment

Great Divide.png

This user found the best AMV


  • Users with accounts can only participate.
  • Be nice to one another
  • Make sure your explanations are thorough
  • Have FUN =]

When Moon Beam and I judge for which ones are the best, we will keep things fair. Trust us =D

In the end we will pick which one's we liked the best from all different people in each category.Moon Beam will make userboxes for the winners of each category.

French Froglegs is now also a judge!

Have Fun! Enjoy!