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Users can be rewarded by winning awards in the following categories;

  • Avatar Wiki User of the Year
  • Best fanon editor
  • Best fanon writer
  • Best editor in the film namespace
  • Best editor in the transcript namespace
  • Most page expansions
  • Most references added
  • Most qualitative edits
  • Most dedicated in anti-vandalism work
  • Most involved in user group work
  • Most friendly user
  • Most informative user
  • Most helpful user
  • Most promising new user
  • Most experienced older user
  • Fastest user right change
  • Most likely to become fanon administrator
  • Most likely to become administrator
  • Most likely to become Wikia Staff
50px-1635895.png From your host:
Rassilon of Old

Avatar Wiki's 6th Birthday today brings us a year closer to becoming the most comprehensive Avatar: The Last Airbender encyclopedia, and brings us closer as a community. To help celebrate the Wiki's birthday, the User Awards have been created to reward and acknowledge the many hard-working, sung and unsung editors and contributors to the wiki.

Remember, that this Award Ceremony is not a competition, rather an enjoyable way to reward all users of the wiki. Please don't take the ceremony too seriously, we're all here for a bit of fun. My, and Natsu11's aim was to try and award as many users as possible, and I believe that with the number of awards, and their diversity, everyone will enjoy the awards in some form, whether it be nominating, voting, or receiving an award! So remember, have fun!

48px-3390396.png From your co-host:

On 15th July in 2005, our beloved Avatar Wiki was founded. It didn't have many users in the start, but eventually, many started editing and the wiki became as large and wonderful as it is today. To celebrate the event of the founding of the wiki, we have created the User Awards to reward and thank the many users who have helped to improve the wiki. We also aim to increase the enjoyment to the maximum level and bring the community closer in a unique way.

If you do not get an award, please don't get upset. No one can ever stop anyone of us from improving the wiki and being good editors. I am eagerly waiting for all the nominees and winners.

48px-White_Lotus_Tile.gif End of the awards
For now...

Congratulations to all of the winners, you all deserve the award (or in Ultimate's case, awards) that you received. I have delivered the award userbox to your userpages, where you are free to move it around as you please. Although this is the end of the awards for this year, the awards will return next year if the community wants it to! The hosts would like to thank you all very much for your participation (and in some cases your patience) with us as we organised this event for you. Thanks again and see you next year!


Avatar Wiki User of The Year
48px-Earthbending_emblem.png Best fanon editor
48px-Firebending_emblem.png Best fanon writer
48px-Airbending_emblem.png Best editor in the film namespace
48px-Waterbending_emblem.png Best editor in the transcript namespace
48px-Earthbending_emblem.png Most page expansions
48px-Firebending_emblem.png Most references added
48px-Airbending_emblem.png Most qualitative edits
48px-Waterbending_emblem.png Most dedicated in anti-vandalism work
48px-Earthbending_emblem.png Most involved in user group work
48px-Firebending_emblem.png Most friendly user
48px-Airbending_emblem.png Most informative user
48px-Waterbending_emblem.png Most helpful user
48px-Earthbending_emblem.png Most promising new user
48px-Firebending_emblem.png Most experienced older user
48px-Airbending_emblem.png Fastest user right change
48px-Waterbending_emblem.png Most likely to become fanon administrator
48px-Earthbending_emblem.png Most likely to become administrator
48px-Firebending_emblem.png Most likely to become Wikia Staff

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