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From the Editor: Happy Oogie Day!

Happy Valentines Day to our eccentric community!

It has been an absolute treat to read all the ways you folks have expressed your oogie-rific words as both fans of the series and admirers of fellow Avatar Wikians. We hope that you get as much of a kick/heartthrob out of them as we have - and we did not overlook any love for our team either, so be mindful ;)

Come immerse yourself in all the love and devotion for Avatar Wiki concentrated into one BSST issue. It'll make your Valentines Day extra memorable.

Happy Reading, and Happy Oogie Day!

Your Anonymous Valentine Submissions
Avatar Wiki Community

❤ Dear KettleMeetPot,

Did you buy some dogecoin? Also, hope you are doing well, and hope you have a good life ahead of you.

❤ Dear Lostris,

I'm sorry I broke up with you over text.
I promise I will cook for you again and give you a reason to be able to travel during the pandemic.

❤ Dear Minnichi,

Have a great day! Also please publish MORE SHiE soon, as I am desperate to read more. 💚⛰
The biggest SHiE fan in the world

❤ Dear Biggest SHiE fan in the World,

You have an epic day as well! Publishing the next chapter of Silent Hero in Emerald is next on my list after this BSST issue is squared away. Stay tuned ;)
Thank you for your support!

❤ Dear Shrek,

Oh crusty shrek, you have always had my ever penguin loathing heart
Bob Ross

❤ Dear Soka,

You, you are a very... interesting person. Thank you for being yourself, no matter how many times it would have been easiest. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Anonymous Earth Bender

❤ Dear Prince Zuko,

OHHH ZUKO YOU ANGEL I WISH I COULD GIVE YOU A HUG. I know you've had a hard childhood, but it all work out in the end, right? Well, except for the in the graphic novels...
But heck, you got through it! You're strong! You're brave! You're socially awkward like I am! BUT WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SO LONG TO JOIN TEAM AVATAR?! I mean, during book 2 you weren't on the bad side anymore, so why didn't you just JOIN THEM? But I guess it's okay... again, it worked out in the end.
So yeah, just wanted to say that and get it off my chest... it's been in my mind for a while now. Stay Flamin""!
Overzealous Fanatic

❤ Dear OOGIES,


❤ Dear Toph,

I've got some GROUNDBREAKING news for you! You rock ;)
Your biggest fan

❤ Dear Juicy (The Flying Bison),

I don't care what others think about you, I think your amazing~ even if you slober a lot-

❤ Dear Ijimenez19,

Heyy stranger. Hope you have a great valentines! <3

❤ Dear Asami Sato,

Dear Asami, When I first laid eyes on you, I knew that we were going to be perfect for each other, and I wanted to tell this you in person, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I'll have to tell you online. And I just wanted to say............

Seriously, though. I love you, and I would do anything to steal you away from Korra.

❤ Dear Zuko,

Hi, Zuko! You’re very cool and amazing! I wanted to send this card, and I’ve also sent one to EACH. PERSON. IN. YOUR. FAMILY! Yay! Happy Valentines Day!
Azula’s Child

❤ Dear Gligo13,

Happy valentines day, thought you might need it tbh bc I know how stressed mods can get

❤ Dear Korra,

I love you more than anything in the world. Be my Empress, my love, we can rule the empire of France together, and bring balance to the world together, my sweet Avatar Korra.
Napoleon I of France

❤ Dear Ong,

You make my heart leap with your handsome bald head, will you be my valentine?

❤ Dear Oogi,

You're one of my favorite sky bison and I think you are absolutely adorable. I find your name very sweet and quite lovable. Please have someone give you a nice ear scratch for me.
Much Love From,
An Air Bison Lover

❤ Dear Appa,

You are the fluffiest, most cutest, Avatar animal. You will always be my favorite! <3 Eat more hay.

❤ Dear Sokka, Zuko and Appa,

I absolutely LOVE Zuko and Sokka because, well who doesn’t? And appa is well, APPA so do I really need to say more? I have an actual real person crush but my heart will always belong to Sokka and Zuko! Oh and Appa because he is sooooo cute and I just want to cuddle him!!❤️❤️❤️ I’m fangirling to hard right now.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Fan Girl

❤ Dear Asami Sato,

Asami, you really know how to make a girl go crazy with that red lipstick of yours. Be mine for valentines day. <3
The girl who dreams about you

❤ Dear Minnichi,

An organization like the Dai Li is less frightening when you are on good terms with their boss... or superior, because, like, when I'm the Phoenix King, you are technically subordinate.
Okay, anyway, it was a lot of fun to co-host the Avatar Trivia Competition with you! I'm excited about next time!
Kind regards.
PS: I like your voice :)
Phoenix King

❤ Dear Phoenix King,

Yes, I am very fond of the alliance between the Phoenix Royalty and the Dai Li's brainwashed unquestionable authority that runs the BSST behind the scenes. I shall look forward to the next phase of trivia showdown madness with you.
Groovy regards,
The Grand Secretariat of the Ba Sing Se Times
PS: Your voice has a pleasant vibe itself, I say :)

❤ Dear Korra2000,

At times, life's chilling,
and sometimes of sorrow.
But Korra, God willing,
see you tomorrow.

❤ Dear Quamboq,

Unlike your profile picture, you are very multifaceted!
Some German admin

❤ Dear Fire Lord Sozin,

The Avatar is underwater in an iceberg near the South Pole. :3

❤ Dear Zuko and Sokka,

Ah hey, anonymous user here. I just want to know you two being a duo is cool and dope. You two are so cool. I wish you existed (but will they even notice me even if they exist oof-)

❤ To My Future Self,

You always meet twice. <3

❤ Dear BSST Valentine Submission Form,

I'm sorry for overusing you. Please forgive me!! :c
A guy called Marvin

❤ Dear Guy Called Marvin,

There is no such thing as too many Valentine submissions. Fire away!
A newsletter team associated with Ba Sing Se

❤ Dear Toph,

The Boulder says he wants a rematch with you.

❤ Dear Firelord Zuko,

It's been a few years since I last saw you on the way to the Fire Nation Royal Palace. Things have changed these last couple years since we lost our parents in the War but don't you worry me and my two amazing older brothers Akeni and Amari are ready for anything that comes our way because The House of Hikari always stands tall!
Happy Valentine's Day
Liana Hikari
(The House of Hikari fanon spinoff by Liv4Lyf)

❤ Dear Earth Queen,

Through all the obstacles and toxic connections we encounter, I’ll always have your back and your front and even your right and left. Our friendship is once in a lifetime. I love you! The people who have taken advantage of you and attempt to speak on your behalf will receive what they give.
The Queen of Cups

❤ Dear Cabbage Merchant,

I bought you 100 pounds of chocolate covered cabbages. Hope you enjoy! :3
Turtle Duck

❤ To A Beautiful Soul,

The strongest and bravest warriors experience the toughest obstacles and always overcome them. You have all the strength, courage, everything you need within yourself. What’s meant for you will never pass you by. Happy Valentine’s Day! You’re amazing and you’re loved.
A Messenger

❤ Dear Sokka,

Your boomerang throwing makes me swoon,
And just like you, I am a loon

❤ Dear Katara,

I absolutely love your water bending skills and wish to be you one day!

❤ Hey Minn,

I love how you stumbled into my life - quite literally. I'm sorry I gave you that black eye. I hope you've recovered. Say hi again sometime!
The Ironing Board

❤ My trusty ironing board,

I still question whether it was you or your partner The Iron that gave me a black eye during my intoxicated faceplant. I'll just credit you both; that was such an impressive strike from ya. I hesitate to say hello a second time.

❤ Dear Samirah ara,

Heya! Reminder that you're a great person. Thank you for your friendliness and everything! :D

❤ Dear The Press,

don't forget to love each other
the b boppin bob

❤ Dear b boppin bob,

There is no such thing as the press not loving each other in this newsletter. The Editor-in-Chief has personally seen to it with an oddly persuasive glowing lantern.
The Ba Sing Se Times

❤ Dear Azula,

May your Valentines be as hot as you <3
Absalon Kurusa

❤ Dear Typhoonmaster,

My dear Leaf Boi,
never forget to be the leaf.

❤ Dear Kyoshiyangchen22,

You are amazing and I love your works :)
A friendly reader

❤ Dear Sokka,

It's Toph.
I don't know why I'm doing this but I guess you're pretty nice... when you're not annoying me every second. Even if your stupid ponytail and your bad jokes make me cringe. ... Ugh, fine. But I like it when you tell me that I'm awesome at metalbending. Not like I don't know that, but thanks anyway. You're good at... throwing boomerangs. Hope you're happy BUT DON'T GET USED TO GETTING COMPLIMENTS. This is an exception for just once. So don't even dare to smile all smug or I'll come and get ya butt and pierce it with a boar-q-pine's quill until you can't walk anymore!
(P.S. This was written by your lovely sister Katara. :) NOW GO AND APOLOGIZE TO TOPH FOR EARLIER SOKKA.
Love you~ xoxo

❤ To The Discussion Mods,

As of the end of January, I’ve been on the AW for over a year! It feels like only yesterday that I joined, and I’ve enjoyed every moment. My favourite thing has been (obviously) stumbling along as a DMod. So my valentine thingy- (what do I call it?)- goes out to the other mods. Whether it’s Blais insulting me or Gligo’s obscenely nice attitude, you’ve all made my time here so enjoyable. I know some of you better than others, but I want to say thank you, to all of you, for being so brilliant.

❤ Senior Agent Minnichi,

This is Agent X reporting. You may have heard of me, you may have not. Either way is good. For safety reasons I cannot have my name made public, but rest assured, I have been lurking in the shadows as your loyal disciple and studying signs of danger for many years. I am positive that you are out of harm's way, for now.
I will spend the rest of my life dedicating myself to everybody's safety in the realms of what is known as the Avatar Wiki. Your annual reports, known as The Ba Sing Se Times, are greatly appreciated and serve as an essential foundation of your teachings. I will not let you down and continue to follow in your mighty footsteps for as long as I breathe. May death's clutches come and seek entry into my soul, my light will not yield nor cease and will instead keep my inner flame alive.
I would like to impart a proposition to you. Some may call it a 'date'. I invite you to Lake Laogai on the next full moon in the secret hideout. You know which one. Meet me there if you're interested, I will wait for you. I always will, until the next Harmonic Convergence.
May you set forth your path of enlightenment and inspire others like you have done so for me.
Your one and only,
dedicated and loyal,
Disciple X

❤ Dear Agent/Disciple X,

It is my greatest honor to brainwash inspire you with such devoted, overwhelming passion for my work. Thank you so much for your gracious words!
You got yourself a date ;) Make sure you wear emerald green - I'll be waiting!
Senior Agent Minnichi

❤ Dear Omg121212,

You undermine yourself, you're amazing. This is not a confess of love but of future friendship. You doubt yourself, but you don't know that the people around doubt that they are worthy of you.

❤ Dear Suki,

You burn in my mind and heart. Your skill and brains can be compared to no one. I am a fool for loving for you, I am nothing and you are a warrior. It took all of my might to confess my love. You will always be in my heart.

❤ Dear Omg121212,

hi... :p

❤ Dear Zaheer,

What can I say? I think you are a low-life peasant, yet you somehow take my breath away.
Your Majesty Hou-Ting

❤ Dear Sokka,

I know we've been through a lot together. And I want you to know that no matter where I go, I will always find my way back to you.

❤ Dear Jessie Flower,

I recently discovered that she isn't much older than me... Lol just kidding, she has a boyfriend. Just saying she's 🥰
Internet guy

❤ To All Users, especially the Mod Team,

It's your boy Blais W here hehe... this is just a love letter to the wikia, because it has been such a welcoming place since the beggining. To Lostris who was such a nice admin from the start, she's always down to talk and help even tho being one of the most occupied users probably. To Thor, who is such a nice guy honestly, he seemed super serious to me at first, but he is super nice, I appreciate you letting me slide on your Dm's haha...
I'll also mention Fruipit, I don't know her as much, but by the small exchange of words we've had I can tell that she is super nice and offers her help anytime.
Now I have to go to two of my favourites here, my great teammates (and good friends) Gligo13 and a guy called SOS? AOS? what was it... Oh yeah! Aang on a sec.
Seriously is a pleasure to be a moderator with people as enthusiastic as them. I also will say Echo, but the probability of him seeing this is low, since he is a guy with a bit too much on his head (same as me xD), but I want you to know that I appreciate you. I also want to mention the users of the discussions in general, there has been some ups and downs over there, but at the end it is such a great place where users can share their love for Avatar, I miss some users that were at the start and I no longer see... which is sad, but it's life. But I hope someday I can say ""welcome back"" =)
And I also should name this guys that always listen my stupidity on discord: Zacatero, Dc, Korra2000, and FireFerret. You four are freaking great. <3
People that I want to know more: Srij, Hanabi and IJT
Everyone deserves and has to feel loved! so anyone that is reading this, whenever it is: I appreciate you, I want you to be healthy and feel love, take care internet traveler!

❤ Dear NeoBahamut,

I appreciate the stupid questions with stupid answers you share with me from Quora.
A Friend

❤ Dear MrAFirebender,

I miss you, bud.
A Friend

❤ Dear Aang,

You are the most talented man because you can SIMP and LEARN THE ELEMENTS! Good job man, and I ship Zutara so you best back off. :)

❤ To my most beloved Dai Li,

Thank you for being my first love. Thank you for making me so obsessed with you that I wrote a fanfiction about you just because there was a shortage of Dai Li fanfics. Thank you for making me so invested in my fanfic that I wandered into Avatar Wiki just to ask the admins for canonical accuracies - and then went all-out FANON.
Basically, thank you for being the reason I exist in this online community and met some of the most wonderful people I know in my life.

❤ Dear Bolin,

Every time I hang out with you, I can’t help but smile. Your funny personality, your bravery, your, ahem, Nuktuk suit, all make me fall for you. I hope you see me as more than a friend. Please don’t do to me what Korra did to you. Even if you do, I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying to win your heart. I love you.
Your lovesick friend

❤ Dear Sokka.s.soulmate,

Hello. I’ve been noticing you over the wiki and I couldn’t help but looking at your message wall. I saw that you’ve given up on finding me, your perfect person. I haven’t got the courage to talk to you with my username. I hope we can talk and become something special. I also hope that you get Pranked more! Happy Valentines day from the person you’ve been coincidentally running into, Bolins.GF!
Your true love

❤ Dear Chan,

I'm sorry I wrecked your house. I just never handled rejection well because I'm not used to being rejected at all. I'm actually a princess but didn't want to tell you because I wanted you to know the real me. But I'm hoping that you give me a second chance. I miss you and your sharp outfit.
A Beautiful Princess

❤ Dear HammerOfThor,

Kon wishes u a happy Valentine’s Day 🐠
Kon the great

❤ Dear Avatar Yuki,

Baby shark dododododoodddodoododoodod

❤ Dear Korra2000,

Thanks so much for being the amazing friend you are! You are always so nice to me and I wanted to show you how much I appreciate that with this letter. Chatting with you is one of the best things on AW and everyone knows how much that means. I'm so happy and thankful to have met you and really proud to talk to someone as fantastic as you. You are always so friendly and cheerful and that lifts my mood all the time.
I don't know if it's obvious who I am or not, but I decided to drop my name here anyway. That said, I hope you'd like to grab some jasmine tea with me sometime, or whatever you like.

❤ Dear Katara,

Roses are red
Appa can fly
I'm saying I'd rather kiss you than die

❤ To You,

Fly... "First Love Yourself" Others will come next.
Yeah it's the typical message, but as an anonymous guy with some experience on the matter: It is the hardest thing I have, and still I'm doing, but I bet it will be one of the most rewarding things ever. I haven't found a soulmate yet, but as long as I like the person that looks at me in the mirror everyday, I don't need it. I'm not opposed to it obviusly, but you don't need to depend on others to complete you, you can indeed gain hapiness and other emotions from them, but your entire state of happiness should not depend on the people you are surrounded by.
If you don't know how to start... write down a list of things that make you happy, start dating yourself (as cheesy as it sounds), know yourself.
I hope that this can help you, random person reading this, since to me, when I heard this for the first time, it surely helped. Cheers!💙

❤ Dear Tunnel Dancer from the Secret Tunnel,

I luuuuuuuuv you
Appas chest hair

❤ Dear Avatar Aang,

Roses are red,
Fire brings heat,
I think that you're really sweet.
Sky Bisons can fly,
Violets are blue,
I think that I may have a crush on you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

❤ Dear Momo,

Your name means peach, huh? That's really fitting.
The Shipper

❤ Dear Zuko,

Zuko your fire burns as deeply as my love for you please marry me

❤ Dear Bolin,

Rubies are red,
Sapphires are blue,
Diamonds are pretty,
and so are you!

❤ To anyone reading this,

lol ik this might not be the ideal valentine message but.... To whoever's reading this: you are amazing. you are perfect. remember, you are loved (even if you didnt get a valentine this year!) stay safe <3

❤ Dear Zuko,

Lol who wouldn't wanna be your valentine. Ur da best. That's it. That's what I'm saying.

❤ Dear Bolin,

I have already posted a valentine confessing my love for you, and I just want to say, “I’m in love with another.” You may say “Who is this man!?” And I will not say it is you. It is Varian, from Tangled the series. He isn’t perfect, just like me, and I would always feel like I’m In your shadow. He is smart, and dorky, and oh so sweet. Tangled the Series is more than just a kids show, so I’m NOT dropping you for a four-year-olds cartoon. I hope the admins or moderators approve so that you see this even though it is off-topic. Goodbye, Bolin........(maybe not forever).
Your Not-so-loving Lover

❤ Dear Mai,

Since I was 2 to now you were my crush.Oh Mai I know you love Zuko but I'm better I wont drop ice cream on you, or give you seashells I'll give you all my love and maybe (if I ever find out whats your favorite fruits) even fruit tarts! es i know i'm too much but i'm willing to do anything for you love , alot like some people (no shade) i find you really cool.
love you if you were real wife, (lmao)
Ashthefirebender . <3

❤ Dear Princess Azula,

You are loved. I know it's hard to accept that fact sometimes, but it is nonetheless true. You are loved by your brother, you are loved by your uncle, you are loved by your mother, you are loved by me. But the hardest person to love is often yourself. It's easier to think there's something wrong with you when you listen to your own thoughts all day, but you're the only one whose thoughts you will ever get to know. The truth is, you are not a monster; you are a woman who is worthy of love. And you have, deep within you, a beating heart that needs love; that craves love. So take the time to learn to love yourself. It will take time. It will hurt... a lot, actually... And there will be times when you think you can't. But there will also be times when you find great love within yourself. Be sure to take some love for yourself. So... keep this letter. Whenever you hate yourself, read it to remind yourself that you are loved. And whenever you love yourself, read it again to remind yourself that you are deserving of love.
Someone who knows your pain

❤ Dear Korra2000,

I love you
Secret Admirer

❤ Dear Korra2000,

Baby, you're my forever girl
Secret Admirer

❤ Dear Gligo13,

Your arms look so strong...

❤ Dear HammerOfThor,

Please, accept this cup of tea. Because you are such a hot-tea

❤ Dear Katara,


❤ Dear My Sweet Bolin,

Your eyes are greener than emeralds, just dump Opal and be with me!

❤ Dear Toph,

Your assertive personality makes you a girl after my own heart. You're the best!

❤ Dear Iroh,

Hi me!

❤ Dear Cabbage Man,

I'm not in love with you but honestly your cabbages deserved better. Hoping you are doing well this Valentine's

❤ Dear Toph,

Our love will never be separated as it's stronger than metal. Do you want to go for tea anytime soon?

❤ Dear Minn and ARG,

Thanks for being the most awesomest colleagues I could ever hope for :)

❤ Dear Bomochu,

Thanks for being the greatest team player and Deputy who makes sure the BSST remembers to publish before a 100 years pass. Ghosts and Dai Li agents would take a lifetime to get the ball rolling if not for your proactiveness.
With utmost gratitude and approval,
Your disorganized Editor

❤ Dear Toph,

Oh Toph, my beautiful earth bender, I do love you. I could get lost if the warm grey of your eyes their beauty like a storm so calm yet raging on. Please remember my love forever and always!

❤ Dear Claire.nunez.fan.2,

Uncle Iroh once said “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” No matter what trial you go through you will always have my love. If I knew you in irl things would be like sokka and suki ;)

❤ Dear Irohsjasminetea,

I'd like to tell you how great of a friend you are and how happy I am to talk to you. You've been so nice and friendly to me ever since we started chatting and working on the Kyoshi novels. I do hope you'll come back to AW whenever you can.
Of all the sub-skills of bending the four elements, combustionbending is probably the most dangerous and most destructive of them all. Unlike conventional firebending which produces a flame directly from the bender, combustionbending instead creates a powerful beam that explodes either upon contact with a solid surface, or when the bender chooses to. It requires very precise control of one's chi in order to perform it, and comes at quite a risk to the bender doing so. It is a sub-skill of firebending, and is considered rare to the point that only two people are known to have had the ability to perform the art. Welcome to the Amagi, in today's video, we're going over the history of combustionbending. Before we begin, we publish new content every week. So be sure to subscribe to our channel, and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos.

Combustion Man

The first person we know to have possessed the ability to combustionbend never had his true name revealed, though Sokka eventually came to call him Combustion Man. He discovered his rare ability when he was still young, and during early attempts at controlling the skill, ended up badly wounding himself, losing his right arm and his right leg. He had these replaced with metal prosthetics, giving him a rather daunting appearance. Later on, he used his ability in a series of Agni Kai's during which he quickly gained a name for himself. He went on to use it in his chosen profession as an assassin, which is where Zuko joins the picture. After he realizes that Aang is still alive following the fight in the catacombs of Ba Sing Se, he hires Combustion Man to track down and kill the Avatar, which the latter attempts four times.

The first time, his trained raven eagle intercepted a messenger hawk from a pair of Fire Nation Soldiers that saw Aang, and in an effort to maintain Zuko's secrecy, read and burned their message. He tracked Team Avatar to a small cove, where it was only Toph's seismic sensing ability that gives them any warning that someone is coming. This is where we get the first real look at the ability, being able to blast through large volumes of earth, and instantly evaporates big waves of water sent his way by Katara. Aang tries to create a distraction on his own, giving the rest of the team a chance to escape, because he does realize that with the kind of destructive power they are facing, they need to be better prepared. Combustion Man chases Aang into a field of rock pillars, effortlessly destroying multiple of them without Aang ever landing a single hit. This just goes to show how powerful this ability is: even with Aang having a decent handle on three of four elements, Combustion Man held the upper hand the entire way through the fight.

Their second encounter was in a town called Fire Fountain City, named for the giant bronze statue of Fire Lord Ozai, spewing fire from his mouth and both arms. Combustion Man had made a deal with the local city officials, the exact details of which we can only speculate about, but the result is plain: Katara and Toph were captured in an effort to lure Aang out into the open. Even though he gets off multiple shots, Aang's quick reaction times paired with Katara breaking out of prison manages to keep the assassin busy for just long enough. It's here that Toph inadvertently reveals the one weakness all combustionbenders have: their third eye tattoo. By its very nature, firebending requires an unobstructed flow of chi, and combustionbending is a concentrated form of firebending, making this more apparent. So even though Combustion Man destroys the rock that Toph launches his way, a tiny pebble flies away from the explosion in his direction, hitting him right on his tattoo. This otherwise minor impact was enough to have this giant of a man reeling, and when he tried to fire at them again, it instead blew up in his face, also demonstrating that this was probably how he lost two of his four limbs. This was also where Sokka came up with his definitive nickname.

The third encounter was only brief, when Team Avatar split up. [Images from The Lost Adventures - Combustion Man on a Train.] Sokka and Aang traveled a distance by train, but Combustion Man tracked them to the station, and here also showed that he did not care much for collateral damage and civilian casualties, as he opened fire in a full train carriage. The train was also picking up speed since the driver had been knocked out by the explosions, leaving it up to Sokka to stop the train. Meanwhile, Aang lured the assassin to the roof of the train, and as it came to a standstill on a bridge, blasted Combustion Man off with a large wave of water.

Combustion Man's final attempt to kill Aang, and Team Avatar by extension, was at the Western Air Temple, where they sought refuge after the failed invasion of the Fire Nation Capital. Combustion Man does reveal himself to be a patient man, waiting for Aang to be unobstructed from his current position so that he has a clear shot. It's Zuko who comes in at the very last moment, kicking him aside to make him miss his shot, but it is here that we see the true destructive potential of this bending art. With a single shot, he obliterates the fountain of the temple, and it also demonstrates something else that is unusual: the range. Considering Aang risks putting himself out in the open to bend a tornado towards the assassin, it's probably fair to posit that combustionbending has some significant range to it when compared to normal bending arts. This does make sense, given that it is in effect a concentrated beam, whereas normal flames will fade out much quicker. What's also interesting is that one of his blasts was stopped by the rare defensive move of firebending, namely Zuko's fire shield, which only blasted him back, but left him otherwise unharmed. But it was Sokka who found the true weak spot of Combustion Man. Using his boomerang to blindside the assassin, Sokka managed to angle it perfectly, and with a pretty good helping of luck, hit Combustion Man right on his third eye-tattoo. When he then tried to fire again, his vision was shown to be hazy, and instead of a concentrated beam, it exploded with enough force to bring the entire temple down, killing himself in the process. [Last bit synched up with the prosthetic arm flying away from the explosion?]

P'Li The second known person to have possessed the ability to combustion bend was P'Li, a member of the Red Lotus. Like Combustion Man, she discovered her ability early in life, but that's where the similarities end. Rather than using her ability to win Agni Kai's, she was kidnapped by a warlord, who trained her to become his killing machine. It was Zaheer who freed her, after which she joined the Red Lotus. In one way she did fare better than Combustion Man, because she still has all of her limbs. Shortly after Avatar Aang's death, she began plotting with Unalaq and the rest of the Red Lotus to kidnap Korra and brainwash her to use the new Avatar for their own purposes. But the rest is history; Tenzin, Tonraq, Sokka, and Lord Zuko managed to fight off the Red Lotus and imprison them, all in specially designed prisons to negate their bending abilities. For P'Li, this meant she was shipped off to the Northern Water Tribe, into an ice prison where the cold would stifle her firebending. She also got a special iron band chained over her forehead to stop her from combustionbending her way out of there. Of course, after Zaheer acquired airbending following Harmonic Convergence, he broke the other members of his team out one at a time, with P'Li last. And she does not waste any time, as soon as she is free, immediately deflects the fire blast from Zuko's dragon Druk, before combustionbending his way, sending the beast reeling. She almost kills Tonraq who is engaged in a fight with Zaheer, but he manages to throw up an ice wall at the last second to protect himself. P'Li, however, is free, and the Red Lotus is complete once more.

They head to Republic City, where Zaheer infiltrates Air Temple Island to find out where Korra is. Their original plan was to also kill President Raiko, but after Zaheer's true motivation was discovered, they were forced to abandon that goal. The police had closed the bridges looking for the Red Lotus, so they coerced a delivery driver to take them across the bridge. However, due to a nervous mistake, the driver misspoke, giving them away. The police briefly gave chase, but P'Li blasted several of their cars out of the way with very little effort, while Ghazan helped her out by creating a pool of lava on the bridge, trapping the last remaining cars.

It's in Zaofu - where they track Korra thanks to Aiwei - that we see P'Li use her full power. When the Red Lotus gets caught trying to kidnap Korra again, the alarm sounds and they are caught in the spotlights, causing them to realize they will have to fight their way out. This is also the only time we see a combustionbender create regular fire, which P'Li does against Mako and Bolin. After taking out the searchlights, she does show off a new ability though: being able to curve the combustionbeam around obstacles. As soon as the metalbending guards trap them, Ghazan creates a lava moat around them, which he and P'Li can very effectively defend, even when Zaheer gets grabbed out while trying to create cover. [Clips from episode The Terror Within.] Suyin comes up with the plan to drop in from the top of the dome, but Lin points out that P'Li would blow them up as soon as she would spot them, further emphasizing just how dangerous this skill is. Fortunately, Suyin knows the weak spot of combustionbenders, which Bolin ultimately manages to use to his advantage; bending a pebble to hit her right on the forehead, staggering her long enough that the Beifong sisters can grab Korra and take her back to safety. Zaheer crash lands back on their little impromptu island, and finally creates enough cover for them to escape to the tunnels under Zaofu.

The next time we see P'Li use her ability properly is during the raid of the Northern Air Temple, where the Red Lotus prepares to take the new airbenders hostage in an attempt to lure Avatar Korra to them. She circles the temple in their stolen airship, constantly managing to stop the airbenders from escaping on the flying bison. It's where we see a combustionbender at their most dangerous: being able to suppress a large area, because none of the airbenders are able to land a hit on her from their position. She has the high ground, and what's more, she is always on the move, so her range is practically infinite as the airbenders are concerned. Kai attempts to distract her by flying around on his glider, but she blasts him out of the air, and only at the very last second does he create an air shield, protecting him from being blown to pieces. It also proves just how quick combustionbending can work, because while P'Li was distracted, the airbenders couldn't even run the relatively short distance to the flying bison before she scared them off anyway.

P'Li's final stand is at Laghima's Peak, where she first shackles Korra, but as soon as Mako radios the Avatar that the Red Lotus deceived them, Korra fights back. Zaheer does manage to subdue her, what with Korra already shackled, but the Beifong sisters and the elite guard of the Metal Clan are there as back-up. However, P'Li does not hesitate to take on eight skilled earth and metalbenders, and does manage to hold them off long enough for Zaheer to bring Korra to the airship, were it not for Tonraq interfering on that front. But it's here that the combustionbender demonstrates her vagabond style of fighting that she picked up over the years, showing that she is not all about brute force. As she fights Lin and Suyin who are shooting rock after rock at her, she doesn't just destroy them all like Combustion Man did before her, she also nimbly dodges out of the way of some of them, demonstrating an awareness on her part that even combustionbending is not invincible. However, P'Li does manage to get the upper hand in the fight, despite being badly outnumbered. It's ultimately the ingenuity of the Beifong sisters that winds up becoming her downfall. Lin draws the combustionbender's fire, leaving P'Li wide open for Suyin to do something, which she does. She bends up her armor, wrapping it around P'Li's head right as she is about to fire. This means there is the explosion in a confined space around her head, killing the world's second known combustionbender with her own ability as well. [Clip from Enter the Void, possibly with the smoke cloud rising with that last sentence?]

All in all, combustionbending is an extremely dangerous skill, both to the people it's being used against as well as the user themselves. Both known combustionbenders have died to their own abilities being used against them, both after causing significant damage to others and their surroundings. [Clips from both Combustion Man and P'Li.] Perhaps with this ability, it is a good thing that it is as rare as it is. [Slight pause in the narration for effect before moving on to the outro.] Did you enjoy our video? Be sure to check out these other great videos from The Amagi, and make sure to subscribe and ring the bell, to be notified about our latest videos.
Queer Themes from Korra to Kyoshi
Neo Bahamut
The subject of how the Avatar franchise handles themes of homosexuality has always attracted a variety of opinions, but I’m not here to talk about hetero lenses or handmaidens. Instead, I want to focus specifically on what Turf Wars reveals about the context of homosexuality in the Avatar World and how that worldbuilding is swiftly ignored by later entries, such as the Kyoshi novels. Then again, both titular Avatars are actually bisexual, so perhaps I should instead say “queer themes” because it’s more accurate, shorter to type, and it makes the alliteration in my title work.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars picks up where the show left off and, among other things, expands the world’s politics by having Kya give us a quick rundown of how each nation views queerness. To recap, the Fire Nation was all for it until Sozin happened, the Water Tribes have a very “don’t ask don’t tell” mentality, the Air Nomads are supportive, and the Earth Kingdom was most famous for not accepting it because it’s “slow to change and militaristically repressive.” Many criticize these stances as not making much sense, but I always thought they were roughly what I predicted. I think it’s less important how the real-world cultures that the different nations are loosely based on view this issue; more important is how fitting it is for the fictional cultures themselves. After all, the Avatar series has always mixed and played with its inspirations, considering that the Fire Nation is a Taiwan-inspired archipelago with the Greeknamed “Ursa” and the Japanese “Kemurikage” spirits.

With that in mind, few people really have a problem with the Fire Nation prior to the Hundred Years War. It’s generally accepted this is in keeping with the idea that the Fire Nation used to be much friendlier. The exception is Sozin’s mysterious motive for changing the country’s stance, and certainly “he’s just evil” is the punchline to the comic’s joke, but I think it can be easily explained by him wanting a scapegoat to distract critics of his regime. I think there were very practical reasons for him to do so: As a small community with a practice that clearly differentiates them from the majority, it would be very easy for Sozin to designate them as the Other, responsible for the internal weaknesses of the Fire Nation, to distract from any negative effects of his war. For the same reason, it would be difficult for them to fight back against this propaganda. We do see, at other points, that post-Sozin Fire Nation takes repression virtually to the point of parody, even going as far as to ban dances that aren’t military marches. So, I don’t think this is out of character for him.

He may have also had other motivations, to be fair. It’s possible he wanted to pump up birth rates for the war using compulsory heterosexuality. Others have suggested he acted for more subconscious reasons, proposing that he had unrequited feelings for Roku. Personally, I don’t agree with that take, but I think it’s an interesting enough theory to bring up in an overview about the franchise’s queer themes. In any case, while some might find this ambiguity to be a weakness, I’m not so convinced. There are other plot-defining actions whose motives we only have general theories for, such as why Kyoshi didn’t bother to fight Chin even as he was taking over the Earth Kingdom, not until he was almost literally on her doorstep.

Either way, we have a more concrete view of the Water Tribes. There are few objections to how they are portrayed per se, although it HAS been suggested that Turf Wars manufactures drama because it wants to have a coming out story without actually risking making anyone look bad. This is particularly leveled at Korra’s fight with her father, Tonraq, who suggests she might want to keep her relationship on the down-low to not attract negative attention. While I agree with the criticism to a point, I also think it makes sense given what we know about these characters and their culture. Why would we expect Tonraq’s argument to be anything other than “just keep it to yourself” when we are soon told that’s how the Water Tribe views it? What Kya says is “nobody will disown you for it, but they’d prefer you keep it to yourself.” It is her explaining the origin of Tonraq’s viewpoint that gives us our glimpse into the other cultures in the first place. For Korra’s part, this must hurt because, whatever his intentions, he’s still telling her that something she thinks she should be proud of is something she should hide because it might offend other people. I don’t think he needs to full-on disown her or tell her he hates gay people in order for her reaction to this to be a valid one. It’s something that affects Korra in a deeply personal way such that it seems unempathetic to say she should just calm down. I think it’s also noteworthy that this leads to development in the form of a heart-to-heart with Asami, whose feelings Korra realizes she wasn’t taking into consideration because she was so focused on her own passion. Kya, on the other hand, is much older and more experienced, so she can take the Water Tribe attitude in stride. She also had Aang’s understanding, which returns us to the subject of the remaining nations and how they’re much more controversial.

On the Air Nomads, it’s true that they’re monks, but we’re also frequently told that air is the element of freedom. It doesn’t seem logical to me that they would have strict codes against homosexuality or love in general. While it may be true that this holds the airbenders back from spiritual enlightenment, I think it’s key to the Air Nomad culture that people have to willingly pursue detachment. The nomads can encourage it, but enforcing it, even through social scorn, would be a betrayal of their ideals. Detachment is always framed as being for the individual’s spiritual enlightenment, and I don’t even think it would be particularly helpful if it was mandated anyway. Tenzin is completely unable to open up to the spirits despite doing all of the practice and research for it. At best, it’s not something everyone can do, and at worst, trying to live up to strict rules and expectations is what actively keeps him out of the Spirit World in the first place. So, it seems much more in keeping with the Air Nomad philosophy to accept love but encourage people to pursue it in a way that doesn’t detract from their spiritual enlightenment.

The Earth Kingdom, in fairness, is where things get a little strange. The phrase “militaristically repressive” is ambiguous. Does that mean the military is used to violently repress queer people, or is it more of a general idea that the attitude toward queerness is linked to how strict and traditional their society is? Why does it have that tradition anyway? Is it about conformity? If we were expecting answers from the Kyoshi novels, we sure didn’t get them. Rise of Kyoshi reminds us at several points that the Earth Kingdom is supposed to be homophobic, but despite its dark insinuations of how there would be trouble if most people found out about Kyoshi’s relationship with Rangi, nothing ever comes of it. The few comrades they reveal it to are all very accepting of them. Shadow of Kyoshi can just drop the whole pretense entirely because it takes place in the Fire Nation, where this isn’t supposed to be an issue in the first place. The story seems determined to steer clear of the issue of homophobia and focus on positive representation, something it does very well, to its ample credit. Rangi and Kyoshi have a developed, supportive relationship, but they also experience their share of drama and fights. They’re also not treated as destined by fate, or anything like that: The early chapters indicate that Kyoshi had a similar crush on her male friend Yun, and things could have easily gone very differently had circumstances not driven them apart. Yee took great pains to show that Kyoshi’s feelings for Yun were equally valid and that she and Rangi were, above all, a normal couple. Still, it never truly grapples with the persecution that it often hints at.

Perhaps this approach isn’t all that surprising, due to all of the feedback that Mike and Bryan received. Aside from the reception of Korra’s coming out to her dad being lukewarm at best, Irene Koh didn’t even want there to be homophobia in the Avatar World in the first place, but the co-creators were adamant about it. Many have sided with Koh and argued that the franchise should be about normalizing healthy relationships, as opposed to bigotry. Personally, I see merits to both views. I don’t think homophobia is a thing that “needs” to exist in the Avatar World, but I also appreciate the variety and story possibilities that Mike and Bryan created by trying to give their history a more complex approach to the subject.

Overall, while maybe not strictly “necessary,” I think Turf Wars gives a fine platform of context upon which to build. Which is why it’s a shame that the co-creators see no apparent intent to ever use it. It wasn’t an issue in Ruins of the Empire. Perhaps this invites us to ask if things have changed in the Earth Kingdom, but it’s not clear why and we don’t see what things were like to begin with.

It does make a certain amount of sense that Kyoshi wouldn’t really run into problems with this. One of the main themes of her first book is that daofei or bandit culture has very different and, surprisingly, oftentimes more tolerant views than the law-abiding Earth Kingdom. “Abiders” are consistently portrayed as selfish and the type of people who would let children die in horrible conditions simply because they don’t care. Law enforcement themselves are corrupt, gaining power through bribes and political games while their people are left to starve or be victims of bandits. The daofei, by contrast, swear strict bonds of loyalty and often accept people of other nations as if they were their own. Above all, they are motivated by being on the bottom rung of society, so it makes sense that they’re more likely to understand someone else’s struggles and mistreatment, particularly because of the influence from the other nations. This isn’t to say that every daofei would act like that, but it would be more likely.

But while Kyoshi’s lack of contact with “abiders” might explain the lack of reaction she gets for her relationship with Rangi, I don’t think it justifies it. I ask you to try imagining how strange that subplot is without knowing the context of Turf Wars: The book keeps referencing the Earth Kingdom’s discrimination against homosexuality as if we’re supposed to make note of its importance, but there’s never a scene where they have to confront this problem head-on. It exists to acknowledge the worldbuilding without doing anything with it.

This has been a consistent pattern throughout the franchise. Yet another comic, this one a oneshot called Origami, gives us the curious case of a village beset by the Fire Nation where there are a pair of apparently married men live with no issue. Not that we’d necessarily expect Aang, Sokka, or Katara to comment on it for previously-established reasons, but neither the Earth Kingdom people nor Fire Nation soldiers take any issue besides that the latter want their money. It’s as if the lore established by Turf Wars just never existed. It’s paradoxical that we see the Earth Kingdom confront this issue the most by far, yet exactly ZERO of the stance they’re famous for. While we could say that maybe this village is an exception because the Earth Kingdom is a very large, diverse place, at a certain point you start to wonder why everywhere in the Earth Kingdom seems to be “an exception” and if that’s just rationalizing away a plot hole.

It might seem strange of me to expect a darker take on this, but I just don’t understand the purpose of hinting that some pretty serious homophobia exists in the Avatar universe but never having it affect the story in any situation where it actually comes up. I don’t think it should be the defining theme of the series--this series never has just one defining theme--but if it’s so deeply woven into the world’s cultures that not even Avatar Kyoshi herself could fix it, it should at least be ONE theme.

This is where I think the promise of Turf Wars falls short. It delivers a premise we might expect to be used going forward, at least now and again, considering that our lead characters for two series are bisexual and in relationships with other women. But it seems as though the writers have gotten cold feet, that something either scared them away from exploring these ideas in more detail or they never planned to in the first place. In that case, I think they shouldn’t have bothered. Not that they shouldn’t have these relationships, which as I said are handled very well, but they should have stuck with Koh’s suggestion of a world without homophobia if that’s what they’re effectively going to write anyway. Now that we’re stuck with that lore, though, I have to ask if they’ll ever actually do anything with it besides the brief aside of Tonraq, or just continue to ignore it?
Survey: Your Favorite Ship
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Inspired by our lovely community and written by Yours Truly:

Cupid's Canon

An obsessive, unrequited love that hits hard when a character has such desirable qualities that your heart can't accept their fiction-exclusive nature.
"I want to marry Zuko SO BADDDDD omg why can't he be real?" "Oh, no. Another fan with Cupid's Canon."
"My soulmate HAS to be fused with a detachable kite light spirit that grants control of the four elements in order to create world peace through endless lifetimes. I'll date every version!" "...So basically, the Avatar shot you with Cupid's Canon." "Well, duh. Being an Avatar doesn't hurt any chances with dis hawt lady."

Ship Conversion

A change of heart for one's favorite ship that happens either if the story and development of the ship become more justifiable/likable, or the equivalent of converting to another religion.
"I was a Makorrian but did a ship conversion to Korrasami. Mako's exes deserve each other more than he deserves them."
"I was swept up in the Korrasami rage, but now I want a ship conversion to Zhurrick because it just does the thing."
"I made a choice to switch my fandom arch nemeses with my fandom kin. It's a painful journey of self-discovery, but I learned who I truly am through ship conversion."

Fictional Love Poser

When couples love to compare their relationship to fictional ones and make a point to tell everyone how similar they are... Fictional love posers result from too much of this.
"You know what? I'll meet the love of my life if I trap myself in an iceberg as a fictional love poser for 100 years."
"I dated my second girlfriend after I broke up with my first girlfriend, who's now my second girlfriend's first girlfriend, which was after I broke up with my second girlfriend and then my first girlfriend a second time and it ended with me being alone and single. Honestly, it was really unclear.
"My bae and I used a fictional love mirror to go penguin sledding for our perfect first date. You have to start with penguins or it won't work."
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My name is Sokka
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Young ladies, I rockedchya

Aang likes to bend air
Katara is water tribe
Sokka is just there

This loyal fangirl
Will always devote her heart
To the Dai Li yo

Fire like hot summer
Earth greens sprout forth, air is wind
Water is feelings

How could, one so strong,
Be shattered, so easily ?
Why Azula ? Why ?
--Evangeline Joyce Prasad

Ocean depths conceal
A once proud ship lurks beneath
Here lies Zutara

A Lantern glows near
I asked Minn for a pay raise
What did I just say?

He doesn't love me but
Yue Lao will force him to do
So or so help me
--King Bumi's Heir

Sokka's boomerang.
Oh, and then there is old Aang,
that is Boomer Aang.
Korrasami: Representation in Writing
The finale of The Legend of Korra was no doubt a great step in representing diversity in romance. But would Korra and Asami's relationship be written and executed differently today?

A number of people have felt that their relationship would have been more obvious in the lead up to the finale, or at least had Korra and Asami actually kiss in the final shot, and many of these points I agree with. But on the other hand, I think the way that their relationship comes out-of-the-blue fits well with Korra's overall journey, as it gives insight into how we find hope in the midst of trial.

Korra's journey in Book 4 shows us a realistic approach to how people overcome trauma. In fact, Korra Alone has been hailed as one of the best episodes in the entire series partly for this reason. When we see Korra make progress only for a new hurdle to trip her up we feel her frustration, and this non-linear recovery is something many can resonate with.

But Korra also doesn't make a full recovery; in Book 2 she lost her connection to the previous Avatars, and this is never restored (and it's implied that it won't be at least in Korra's lifetime). And this is often the somber reality many people face after hardship, as some injuries never fully heal. Sorrow and grief can stay with us for life. And although people can make incredible strides recovering and healing from trauma, often complete restoration never comes.

This is why I think Korra and Asami's relationship being a more surprising ending resonates so well with the story; because it teaches us that our hope in the midst of suffering does not always come from getting back what we've lost, but rather looking forward to the endless and unexpected possibilities that may await us.

In the midst of trauma often it's hard to focus on the future. Instead, our minds can dwell on our present state, or the past and everything that we've lost. But the future is a blank slate, and while that can be terrifying, it also can offer new opportunities and healing. The most unlikely joys may be just around the corner. And that's exactly what Asami was in this case; she was probably one of the least likely characters to end up dating Korra, seeing as they both fought over Mako for two books and they had very little build-up or signals indicating they would get together. But as we see Korra and Asami make their way to the Spirit Portal hand in hand, us viewers can't help but feel like this is the real light at the end of the tunnel for Korra - not the light we (or Korra) thought she would find, but the unexpected love that brought restoration in it's own way.

Obviously, there is far more to why Korra and Asami's relationship wasn't as overtly portrayed in the series nor had much of a build-up, like the restrictions around what could be broadcast on TV at the time. And none of this is to say that if Korra and Asami's relationship could have been portrayed more obviously that this would be a bad story. My only point is that while more screen time and a more obvious portrayal of Korra and Asami's relationship could be done if the show were released today, I do think the way it was executed has a profoundness to it as well.

What I think this shows us writers is that representation and diversity should complement good story telling. And so often we see when this doesn't happen. Often actors of different racial minorities seem to just appear in a show without their character having any kind of direction or contribution to the plot. There are plenty of female characters who are simply 'strong' without any other defining characteristic. There are times when authors retrospectively make their characters LGBTQ without really any indication in the story itself that they were. And movies can be heralded as 'inclusive' when they feature a same-sex couple kissing for a total of 2 seconds somewhere in the background.

And to play Vaatu's advocate, I do think that even minor instances of representation can be powerful. And perhaps I am a little cynical. But I do wonder if sometimes the fight for equality can actually be hindered when the focus is on representation for representation's sake rather than good writing.

But the ending of Book 4 with Korra and Asami doesn't feel like this in my opinion. Because although they are two bisexual women being represented in cartoon, their relationship is also a lens by which we learn something about the broader themes of the show, and this makes it feel more intentional. Through the ending of Book 4, we learn something profound about how we find hope in the midst of suffering. And even though the series ended six years ago, this message is just as relevant today as it was back then.
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The Winter Moon Review
Before you read this, please note that this article has spoilers for The Winter Moon, a fanon by Earthnike13, so if you have wanted to read this but haven’t got round to it yet, beware that there are some serious spoilers in this article :) The Winter moon is a fanon story by Earthnike13. It is about a group of teenage waterbenders who live in Agna Quel’a and witness the kidnapping of the moon and ocean spirits, Tui and La. The thieves in question are the well renowned and feared Agna Octo triad, a group of three waterbenders who took what they wanted, when they wanted. The teens went after them, but were soon beaten by an avalanche, and saved by some spirits. Once the spirits realised what the teens were about to do, they offered to train them in the original forms and stances of waterbending. Attacked by dark spirits, benders and history itself, will they be able to save Tui and La before it is too late? This story is a mix of ATLA, LOK, spirits, love and the Water Tribes. Once the first book is initially finished, a second book is planned, but more news about that will come as we get to it. There are many characters in the fanon, but my favourite is the main character, Kawa. She comes from being a student learning basic waterbending to a master, better than her teachers. She leads the group through tough situations, always putting others before herself, which is a quality I admire. She is a strong character, not afraid of getting hurt, but more so of her friends getting hurt. She will defend them no matter what, and that is shown especially when she uses a technique of waterbending that could be fatal in order to protect her friends. She is a character truly worthy of the challenges thrown in her way. So, if this has convinced you to read The Winter Moon, then you can go to the fanon portal and do so, it is an active story. Have a great day!
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Fanon Highlight - Avatar: The Republic Saga
Greetings fellow authors!

Avatar:The Republic Saga is a story written by Dscasawang1 and Gligo13, and tells the story of the next Earth Kingdom Avatar after Korra. The original characters take the centre-stage in this story with Min and Renshu, two of the only children living in a small forgotten town of Min Hua in the Southern Earth Kingdom. But there are also canon characters set to appear in the fanon as well.

First released on March 20th 2020, the story is already nine chapters in and with more on the way. The next Avatar after Korra is certainly a popular fanon theme, but this story has many intriguing elements including the worldbuilding and tension surrounding the Republic City expansion that it will keep anyone interested.

Avatar: The Republic Saga
Plot Overview

Fourteen years after Avatar Korra's death, the next Earth Avatar has finally been found. Unfortunately, later than he should have been found. Will the new Avatar learn to become the symbol of balance and peace in a world that is in a constant process of change in such a short time? The Earth Nation faces an undercover rebellion while the United Republic of Nations expands throughout the globe and not everyone is ready to adapt to the new order.

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