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From the Editor: Join the Apocalypse Party!

Hello, beloved Avatar Wiki community!

Thank you for joining us here at the end of the world, and at the end of my career as the Editor of The Ba Sing Se Times (explained further below). We truly appreciate you taking the time out of your limited days to be here with us. When the real world fails, we in the digital world must come together during these outrageous times!

You can either choose to cry about the coronavirus or make it a party from your screen, am I right? Well, The Ba Sing Se Times is all about having an Apocalypse Party on this fine first day of April. Since we have no idea when we'll see the sun again, we're rocking eclipse colors for this issue in honor of the coronavirus's effect.

Don't let that quarantine get you down! There's lots to enjoy today on Avatar Wiki and no time to wonder whether or not you're wasting away at home. Enjoy, and Happy Reading!

Interview With

Greetings Avatar Wikians! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Typhoonmaster, a veteran user who has been a part of the wiki since 2012. He went on leave in order to invent an awesome writing app (which Minnichi may or may not be pressuring him to finish in a few months for her own personal use), but we're honored to have him here today as a visitor.

I’ll be asking Ty some questions about his time on the Avatar Wiki and his thoughts on the Avatar franchise in general. The interview started out over messenger, though eventually progressed to a video chat with Minnichi (whose dialogue is in green) and AvatarRokusGhost (whose dialogue is in red) as part of a live audience. Enjoy!

300?cb=20210103010551 Thank you for being here. How's things?

Things are great! No complaints here.

Good to hear. Okay, here’s some warm-up questions to get the brain juices flowing. This first one is an oldy but a good one: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

A horse-sized duck is scary. If you’ve ever been up close and personal with these birds, you’ll know they’re very territorial and vicious. I’ll take my chances with the 100 mini horses.

I agree! I mean, ducks are omnivores and could technically eat you in a fight... Speaking of other animals, if you could bring one animal from the world of Avatar into our world to use as transportation instead of other means, which animal would you choose?

I have to go with a dragon here. I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory.

Yeah, I can see why. But imagine landing that thing every time you went to work! Anyway, last warm-up question: You’re going to fight Darth Vader and the Emperor. Which two Avatar characters would you take with you to help?

Amon and Katara because they’re the two best bloodbenders, and that’s the only chance to possibly take down a duo of force users of that caliber.

I would have probably picked something similar. Though I do wonder if their bloodbending would be impaired since Darth Vader is more 'machine' than human. So, you've been around on the wiki for quite some time, but some of our newer users may not have met you before. How did you come across the Avatar Wiki, and the Avatar franchise in general?

I’ve loved Avatar since I was young and it was airing on Nick. It has always been my favorite show. The story was so touching and compelling and unique so I was enraptured. Once the show ended I wanted to learn more and heard that there would be a sequel. So I stumbled into the Avatar wiki while learning about Korra and found the community to be very lit

What fanons have you worked on here on the wiki? And what got you into fanon writing in the first place?

Elements of Life and Nirvana. I’ve always been a writer since I was a kid.


I love stories, so I just decided to take a crack at fanon as a way to experiment and develop my style. It’s very cool how collaborative fanon can be and especially on the wiki other authors are very supportive.

What inspired you to write the main series you’ve worked on?

I just have always loved writing. My dream is to complete a book one day. Not much too it other than that. I want to tell a beautiful story.

Ooh a book sounds pretty epic! Have you thought about what genre or story you'd like to tell? Or is it a secret?

No secret. I usually just write what I know, so it would likely be a memoir or something very close to it. I’m an introspective writer, and I like to focus on emotions and philosophical concepts.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! How do you find writing fanon compared to writing other pieces or in other fields? And are there any skills you've gained from writing fanon that have been useful in other areas?

I feel most at home writing non-fanon. In a way, being able to write outside the rules of someone else’s universe is most appealing to me. Having the freedom to take an essay any which-way is exhilarating. And, funny story, after experiencing countless failures applying to jobs I ultimately got my first internship as a content writer because I listed award-winning fanfiction writer on my resume ;) Since then I have gone on to publish various pieces on technology trends and digital health and business. Here’s an example if you’re curious. I love what I do.

Oh nice! And y'know, in this current job climate do whatever it takes to make your resume or CV glow :P. In fact, I think you're the second person I know who added their fanon portal experience into their CV and managed to get a job. Maybe I should try it too... (Ahem) What are some of the biggest hurdles in writing fanon, or writing in general, and how do you motivate yourself to overcome them?

For me, the hardest part is dealing with creativity cycles. Sometimes I spend too much time thinking about what I'm going to write instead of actually starting. Writers block is definitely an issue, but when I remind myself to "just go for it" it's all good.

Conversely, what are some of the biggest joys in writing fanon or writing in general?

I love when I’m able to read my writing back and feel it’s perfect, that it captures your heart. For writing in general, that’s what I love - feeling like the world melts away when you read something. And working to make that happen through writing diligently is what I love.

What are some of the biggest changes you've witnessed on the Avatar Wiki since your time here? 

I'll just change the question a little: How the AW has a very dynamic community. When I started out, I was just looking for information more about the show that I love, but what changed for me is getting to know other fans and becoming a part of the community. At some point I felt like an outsider who didn't know all the customs in a fandom - but I became part of it in my own way. One thing I remember is that I created contest for writing which I thought had been done before but made me feel like I was contributing something that was the biggest change that I started. Maybe I was the first one to start that  -

No, that was ME. You were just the copier, but you did set a lot of trends. Like the Anonymous Valentines! 

Yeah, definitely! I feel like I got to see the full maturity of becoming a part of the community and being in different roles; like a natural progression. Engagement in the community always ebbs and flows with the content of Avatar. 

And will you be returning with the start of the new Netflix series? 

I definitely will be going on the wiki to look up information about it! (Laughs) I ran into an issue getting my login info back, though. 

Alright, well, I'm going to be bringing out my trusty lamp here to interrogate you, since you've been absent for quite some time. As a security measure, I'm going to have to ask: Do you have any secret plans to revive competing newsletters that may be a conflict of interest to The Ba Sing Se Times? 

My response is: Probablyyy not. 




Probably not. 

How "probable," exactly?


The entire staff is watching you right now! 

That is true, actually... (Strokes beard)

You speak in absolutes!!! Can you absolutely guarantee that you will not disrupt the delicate balance that we've worked so hard to achieve? 

I can't. (Laughs pleasantly) 

That sounds mighty suspicious to me.

Well, we tried to get the truth out of Ty, but I guess - 

YOU DID NOT. I thought I trained you better than this, Bomo! 

I would've used my special lantern to brainwash him but it got lost in the mail because of the coronavirus. 

...Fair enough. 

Sooo, it sounds like the BSST's a little afraid of competition.

The problem is, YOU have too much insider information on how these things work! You've worked directly with 2 out of the 3 staff members here, not to mention you have shady connections to the Kennedy assassination; don't think I've forgotten.[1]

All fair points.

I'll also point out that this guy has trolled me WAY too many times, so I always need to be prepared. We'll just leave it at that for now. 

Heheh, okay then. Next question:  What kind of skills have you gained from the Avatar Wiki that you've used in other areas of life?   

A lot, honestly. The ability to connect with different types of people from different backgrounds all over the world is one thing that you can get from the wiki. A lot of users with international experiences have exposed me to different ways to look at the world and how things in the world work because having different perspectives has been super eye-opening. Even things like getting up at different times and dealing with different politics. 

What were some of your favorite moments from LoK or ATLA? Do you have a favorite battle? 

I really like Wan's backstory in Korra. I know it gets a lot of heat, but I like the way they did the animations, Harmonic Convergence, and how they showed the first Avatar spirit being born in a person. The scene when he took down Vaatu was SO SICK. And also the scene where Zaheer breaks out of prison doesn't get enough love. My favorite battle is honestly Zuko vs. Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

Oh yeah, that's a good one. 

Yeah, that was legit.


I also really liked the exploration of the chakras in Book 2 from a spiritual standpoint. It's unlike any other show. Like, when Aang explored all the chakras and when it got to the last one - ugh, that was SO GOOD. And seeing that art was amazing. Just everything in the first series in general. 

Wow, you remember a lot about the episodes! So many moments when you were talking just now, I thought, "Ooh, I like that one too!" 

Yeah, I remember everything! I used to do this thing once a year where me and my friends would just watch the entire series straight through, episode by episode, all night and not sleep. 

I did that once too - isn't that like 18 hours, at least? And just NOT SLEEPING at all. 

(Sarcastically laughs) OHHH, no sleep, boohoo how extreme! Anyway, Ty, you just need to find your login information and come back to the wiki already.

Yup... I feel like Minnichi's giving me a ton of heat for no reason. For no reason! What have I done to you? 

Ugh! There is just SO much context, don't even - 

I'm hurt. 

Oh, really? Then what's with that smile on your face? Such a "hurt," smug, annoying smile!

It's sadness. It's more like a desperate smile; I'm disappointed in you.

...I need to throw a vase at your face.

Really, though. You're just giving me so much heat for no reason. What did I ever do to you? It's an honest question. 

Well, let's see! You quit The White Lotus Sentinel without warning, right?! I still remember how it just came out of nowhere!

You were kind of a trendsetter, actually. Because right after you quit, the rest of us also resigned.

You basically knocked over the first domino that led to the downfall of the WLS!!!

That's fair. I buy that. 

So yeah, this is an angry Editor speaking!

Anyway, uh - Ty, what Avatar would you like to see a new series about? Which would also include any future Avatars that we haven't seen already.

I just don't know enough about the past Avatars to really want to see more about them as a series. Wan already gave a pretty good background to the first Avatar 10,000 years ago. Anything I would've wanted to see is kind of already in Korra, but it could have been better I think. I'm not really sure I'm interested in seeing who's after Korra. 

I'd like to see what's AFTER 'after Korra.' 

I think if I want to see anything, it'd be wayyy afterwards when they've already invented space travel. 

I have one more question, but it's a bit different.


At the risk of my own peril, I'm going to allow you a chance to ask me any question. This could end badly. 

Hm... If you had to pick someone from your Ba Sing Se Times staff to remove, which member would you choose and why? 

OH! (Crosses arms)

OH, do tell. (Crosses arms)

Boom! Shouldn't have asked that question. 

300?cb=20210103010955 Aw, man... I thought this was going to be something funny or embarrassing!

I had a bad feeling the moment you let him ask anything at all, but now you must answer. This is of great concern to me.

*A long, heavy moment of silence ensues*
Well. As Editor, I'll allow one level down from the severity of the question. Uh, is there a Version 2, by any chance, that you could ask? So that the consequences would be a littleeee less severe should he answer incorrectly. 
Who would win in a fight: Me or Minn? 

Ooooh! (Starts eating vegetable samosas) 

I don't mean an actual fight, but more like a writing battle. 

You mean like a character rap battle? [2]

Yeah, sort of. But more like, if you've watched Fullmetal Alchemist, think of writing like performing transmutations. 

You must tell us NOW, Bomo! Tell him the obvious winner.

Honestly, I think you'd beat me for sure. 

Do you mean that? :)

(Shrugs) I just said it so it'd get to your head. 

...Okay, NOW - that's just not okay at all. This is a question for HIM! (Points at Bomochu)

What are we asking about again? (Continues eating samosas)

Man, why do I have to be put in this situation? I mean, if it's about the first question, then the obvious answer would be myself.

No! That's too easy.

So easy. 

You have one of two choices: Figure out who to boot from The Ba Sing Se Times between me and ARG, or state who would obviously win in a writing battle between me and Ty!

(Continues eating samosas)

Here's a question: If you could redo it, would you ask me that question? 

300?cb=20210103011125 NO!

And now you're not allowed to walk away from it. Both of these things are of great concern to me!

(Sighs) I'd say it would be close...but I feel like Minn would just have the upper hand in the battle. It'd be an epic fight, like Azula vs. Zuko level.

I think so, too. But I'd definitely get the last word in. 

Ugh. Fine, I'll give you that.

I would die on my own terms, and it would just be bad for her. (Laughs pleasantly) 

So basically, she'll kill you, but your last words would haunt Minn for life?


YES. (Scowls) I don't like this, but I can't even disagree. Which is why I hate you so much sometimes.

Yeah, and I would also just let you kill me but not let you know that you did until the very end.

...I'll be SO PISSED. Whatever! Anyway, Bomo, you actually handled that pretty well.

Thank you!

You've been trained well, my minion, keeping a level head despite all the variations of a very difficult question. You're a worthy successor of Ty and you don't have a bad attitude like him, so I like you.

Good. That's good. (Smiles amiably) 

...Well, I suppose that concludes the interview! I'm still not quite sure what happened. Nonetheless, thank you to Typhoonmaster for being here, and to my BSST colleagues for helping with the interview.

If you'd like to take part in the crazy randomness of an author interview, then check out the Fanon Research and Review Squad and apply!

Farewell from
the Editor

Hello, my beloved Avatar Wikians. I have been a part of the newsletter teams and overseen them since 2012, and for two newsletters simultaneously at one point before The White Lotus Sentinel was retired. All those years have been some of the most joyful in my life, but just as the coronavirus has ended many good things this new decade, my time as Editor must now end as well.

My decision to resign today comes after several months of contemplation about my life as part of newsletter staff. The joy that I used to feel working with my Wiki colleagues slowly withered over the years, and frankly I've grown tired of dealing with the constant conflicts of interests we run into every time we try to start any new project together. I thought that hosting an interview with a veteran user from the newsletter (see column to the left) would remind me what I used to love about being a part of the team, but instead I was disrespected and doubted by both my current AND old deputy editors.

Despite this somber reflection about Avatar Wiki's news team, I am grateful for this community and all that you've taught me over the years. I've become quite savvy at a great number of things as a result of my Editorship, and I have faith that another will rise to become even more legendary than me. I'm growing old and must allow a chance for someone with more patience and energy to step up to the plate.

It's the start of a new decade, and we must not stop the show now. Those of you who are interested in joining the cause are free to apply for Editorship. In the meantime, Bomochu and AvatarRokusGhost will lead in my stead as Interim Editors. If you feel you have what it takes, do not agree with the upcoming policies, or just want to know what it's like to be the Grand Secretariat of the newsletter, please do not hesitate to apply and shoot your best shot! Application details are provided with the below link.

Click here to apply
for Editorship today!

Farewell, my beloved newsletter. It has been a joyful 8 years, but it is time to step down. I look forward to the future of The Ba Sing Se Times.

-- Minnichi BSSTFanonSmiling Dai Li Sprite.gif23:42, April 1, 2020 (UTC)
Earth Kingdom emblem.png
Survey: The Coronavirus Versus Your User Activity
Avatar Wiki Community
Here's our latest question for you lovely folks! A big thank-you from the BSST staff to those who participated. We typically reach out on the Avatar Wiki Discord channel to conduct surveys. Missed your chance but want to catch us next time? See you in the chatroom ;)
"How has the current coronavirus/quarantine situation impacted everyone's time on Avatar Wiki?"
  • "Maybe people are bored and revisiting their childhood."
-- 99N
  • "I probably spend an extra 15 minutes on it."
-- Andre
  • "I think it's a combination of people slowly warming up for the new show and having lots of time on their hands at the moment."
-- AvatarAang7
  • "Clearly there's going to be significantly more traffic. Some of that is probably due to new material now being released and another show finally on the horizon again. However, people also have more time on their hands that they're spending indoors. It's a serious situation out in the real world and hopefully now more than ever Avatar Wiki can live up to its spirit and stay the same fun retreat it has always been."
-- AvatarRokusGhost
  • "I mean, the situation is still pretty scary, but I am thankful to have more time to do things I haven't been able to for a while, including being more active on the Avatar Wiki. I also don't have a job now."
-- Bomochu
  • "It increased from 0 to 100. Funny thing is, there's no quarantine where I am. General attitude is... It's not like everything's normal, but people still go out."
-- Dcasawang1
  • "I'm in Australia and schools have gone to 'pupil free' – which means I'm still working."
-- Fruipit
  • "The analytics for the wiki definitely confirm that there has been an uptick in views recently. For the past two weeks, it has increased basically every day whereas before it would increase and decrease over the week, as expected."
-- HammerOfThor
  • "Well personally, I've seen a ton of activity from several people. The regulars that have been around for years and new users. I've seen a few stories being created as well. The COVID-19 affecting everyone worldwide has had several people sitting at home with nothing better to do. For something so negative to impact us, it's positive for the wiki because even HammerOfThor mentioned a spike in site visits. This period of the pandemic could be good for the fanon portal."
-- King Bumis Heir
  • "Everyone now knows what it's like to have my dysfunctional sleep schedule with no limits on how much time can be spent in the virtual world, hah!"
-- Minnichi
  • “I’m super happy that I get to stay home."
-- RedvsBlue
  • "The wiki is definitely more active than I've seen it in years."
-- Tono555
  • "Everything has transpired according to my design. I’ve already planted the seed. Now I just watch it grow."
-- Typhoonmaster
48 48
A Statement from the
Interim Editors

AvatarRokusGhost and Bomochu
It is with a heavy but grateful heart that we farewell our beloved Editor from the BSST. Minnichi has led us through the busier months of publishing and the quieter times, never ceasing to bring her positive energy, creativity, and motivation to continue keeping the BSST as great as it is.

But like the cycle of the seasons, the editor cycle must begin anew.

I am honoured to be stepping into this position as Interim Editor. Shared with AvatarRokusGhost, of course. And I know that I, or we, will do our best to keep the BSST running and as epic as always.

You may start to notice some changes to how the BSST will look over the next few issues. While we love the Earth Kingdom green look, you may see the colour scheme change to include more silver and metallic colours. In fact we may just straight-up change the newsletter to the 'Zaofu Times'. Though of course I'll have to collaborate with AvatarRokusGhost and bribe him with Candy Crush lives.

Maintaining peace and balance is my top priority for the BSST. Here's a few of the rules that will now be in place:

  • Users wanting to submit an article including any negative opinions will have to apply for a special permit.
  • Any comment on the newsletter MUST include at least one smiley emoji to maintain everyone's well-being. Comments that do not comply may get deleted.
  • Any feedback about the new Interim Editors is NOT permitted unless glowing and overwhelmingly positive.

These new rules may seem like only minor changes, but I am confident that the BSST and the Avatar Wiki community will thrive under them. I look forward to being your new interim editor!

-- Bomochu (wallfanon) Mbcop-chao7.gif23:42, April 1, 2020 (UTC)

Our glorious Editor-in-Chief has led all our community newsletters through thick and thin for years: The White Lotus Sentinel, The Laogai Inquirer, The Ba Sing Se Times. We at Avatar Wiki’s newsletter wish Agent Minnichi well in her retirement.

Now, in this dire era, it is time for the rest of us to step up as leaders. Today, it is my great privilege to partner up with former Deputy Editor and now my rival fellow Interim Editor Bomochu. We will work together in the coming issues of the BSST, which may soon be retitled the ‘Ghost Times’.

In order to prevent the outbreak of a newsletter civil war maintain a collaborative working atmosphere, Bomo and I have agreed that we each get to enact a few new rules, starting today. Here are mine:

  • All contributors must select a ghost-themed nickname for themselves (subject to approval) before submitting an article.
  • Entering ARG’s secret candy stores is punishable by 24 hours of Candy Crush mining.
  • Cancer-Multiplying Chocolate must be quarantined at all costs!
  • Failing to send a Candy Crush life upon request will be punished by one week of Candy Crush mining, on a first offense. Those who fail to send a life over a second time will be fired.
  • Those who forget Spirit Appreciation Day will be sentenced to a full month in the Candy Crush mines.
  • Loyal staff members will eventually be given a transparent glowing form of themselves which they can turn into at will, but only after contributing for five consecutive issues.

That’s all for now. In addition, there is a distinct possibility the color scheme will be made a Fire Nation red in the future. I look forward to serving the community newsletter alongside Bomo, my fellow Interim Editor!

-- AvatarRokus Ghost (Message meRead my fanon) Energy Saga Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes23:42, April 1, 2020 (UTC)
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Urban Dictionary of Avatar Wiki
BSST Staff
Inspired by our lovely community and written by Yours Truly:


Why you're a hero for being here all alone on the internet right now.
"I'm not wasting my time on Avatar Wiki. I'm saving the world right now in quarantine."
"Everyone used to laugh at me for living exclusively online, but now that we're in quarantine they're seeking my help for isolation survival skills."


The new buzzword of the internet due to the coronavirus - both in favor of and against.
"Look at all these coronavirus cases happening everywhere! People are DYING. There is DEATH involved." "But people are also surviving -" "DEATH! APOCALYPSE!" "But -" "DEATH!!!"
"I don't fear death, but I do fear the coronavirus." "...I heard that if you have it bad, it feels like dying though -" "Dude, you're NOT gonna die." "But there's people who are young who also -" "DEATH IS NOT LIKELY."

Newsletter Staff

Highly sought-after positions on Avatar Wiki that unfortunately give way more than one bargains for. Staff warfare is a guarantee.
"When Typhoonmaster became Fanon Deputy for the WLS, he literally summoned a giant typhoon and flooded headquarters during the Line Wars [3] to prevent the two Editors from killing each other."
"When Minnichi became Editor in Chief of the BSST, she brainwashed everyone into supporting the dashed line code to prevent (most) future wars."
"When AvatarRokusGhost became Mainspace Deputy for the BSST, he cancelled Halloween forever and still seeks permission to murder trick or treaters who try to steal his Candy Crush candy collection every year."
"Ever since Bomochu became Fanon Deputy for the BSST, he's had to undergo therapy due to the violence surrounding him and all the times he's unintentionally caused more of it."
White lotus tile icon.png
White lotus tile icon.png
Bending the Limits of the Elements in Fanon (Part 2)
Balance is one of the key themes in the Avatar universe; four seasons, four elements, four nations.

So how does one introduce a fifth element into fanon? Or more elements for that matter? Given that in the Avatar world each season is connected to a different element, it would seem that adding in a new element is nearly impossible. Yet across this wiki and other platforms, the idea of bringing in a new element into the world of Avatar is a rather popular one in fanon. Series like The Sole Woodbender, The Weatherbenders, Avatar: The First Skybender, or The Fifth Nation, Plasma, The Forbidden Element, all introduce new elements or bending arts into the world of Avatar. There's also plenty of discussions on the forum and blogs about new elements, such as light or shadowbending. And I even recall one series that added magic as an element that the Avatar must master. Plus there are those stories like Avatar: Legend of the Arbiter that introduce multiple elements as a new cycle.

But wait, what about energybending? I mean, it is technically a fifth element right? I suppose we don't really know enough about it. Can people exclusively use energybending or do they already have to be benders of another element? Was there ever an energybending nation or civilisation of some kind? And while energybending is different from the other four bending arts, it is implied that it underlies all the bending arts anyway (since in the time before the elements benders bent energy itself according to the lion turtle).

So by a 'fifth' element, what I mean is another element that is part of the Avatar cycle, has its own fighting style, and is something that can be used exclusively by people who do not already bend any other kind of element.

So where can we draw inspiration from? Well, in Chinese philosophy there are five elements; water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Though rather than be different kinds of material, these were thought to be more like energies or a philosophy. In Japanese philosophy, and many others, the four elements are water, earth, fire, and air. And in addition, most cultures also included a fifth element as void, or aether. And if we go by a more scientific definition of states of matter, then plasma (superheated, electrically charged gas) could also be another candidate. And there are other things which could function like a bendable element though aren't quite elements themselves, such as light.

I think the key when deciding on a fifth element is to make sure that it is defined as its own element, and is not bendable by any other kind of bending art (though some subskills could be of course).

Another consideration is thinking about what the essence of this new element is like. As I pointed out last time, each element has a certain attribute associated with it, for example, water is the element of change. What would the essence of a new element be?

Perhaps wood is the element of expansion? Or light the element of judgement, since darkness will always yield to purifying light (to paraphrase the lion turtle)? In addition to what the essence of a new element would be, how each element is manipulated and what fighting styles they utilise is also important, since the existing four elements all have their own. For example, woodbending I imagine would be similar to waterbending in terms of resource availability. In the forests a woodbender would be at home, though in the middle of the desert perhaps a woodbender would have to rely on their own source of wood they carry with them to bend. As for lightbending or shadowbending, I imagine these benders could generate their element much like firebending. In terms of fighting style, many of the tactics and moves in Chinese martial arts are based off their five elements. The element of wood employs flexibility, joint manipulation, with strikes and captures of the opponent.

Each element also has a culture and civilisation associated with it, and any new element should also do the same. Perhaps woodbenders are deeply connected to the earth, living isolated from much of the world? Or maybe lightbenders are a proud people who have built enormous towers into the sky so they can reach the heavens and be seen by all the other nations below them? In addition to culture and civilisation, its also worth considering who the original benders of a new element were (if there are some). It would actually be quite interesting to imagine what kinds of animals or spirits were the original benders of a new element, and how they used the bending art in everyday life.

And of course, any new element would probably have to follow suit and include some new subskills as well. For some potential elements like woodbending I find it quite hard to imagine what subskills may exist (maybe sawdust bending? XD), but nonetheless, adding in subskills to any new element would surely help it feel more like a part of the Avatar universe.

The most obvious and difficult hurdle I think is kind of what I mentioned at the start; in the Avatar world, balance and harmony are everything. That's why there are four elements to match the four seasons. Any new element will have the challenge of fitting into this perfectly balanced world since, well, there aren't exactly five seasons (though where I live we get all four in one day so rules can be broken XD).

There are ways around this. For example, a genetic mutation or spiritual interference of some kind could lead to metalbenders being unable to bend earth, and eventually a clan of 'pure metal benders' could arise. What would be interesting in this case is whether the Avatar cycle would change as well. Perhaps this pure metalbending clan have a grudge against the world since the Avatar is never born into their nation as they aren't part of the cycle anymore? Or maybe every second Earth Kingdom Avatar is actually born in the pure metalbending clan? Another idea I've seen is having a new Avatar cycle with four new elements; each of these would be associated with a season like the existing elements, and so there wouldn't be any conflict in the Avatar cycles. But would each Avatar only be able to learn four of the elements? Would they get to learn all eight? Or pick their favourite ones? There are plenty of options that would take a very long time to discuss, but how a new element fits into the world of Avatar should also be thought out when creating new ones. And of course, maybe the addition of a new element does throw the world into imbalance? But at least in this scenario, the underlying lore of the Avatar universe has still been considered.

So here are just a few ideas on adding a new element to world of Avatar. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and have fun expanding the Avatar universe!
FRRS Fanon Review: Book 5: Memory, by Gingalover
This evaluation was conducted by the Fanon Research and Review Squad. Please do not take offense in the case of negative feedback. We offer advice and want your story to succeed!

Hello Avatar Wikians! It's been a while, but here I am back with another fanon review. Today I'll be examining Book Five: Memory by Gingalover, which follows the story of Korra and team Avatar after the events of Book 4.

It was certainly interesting reading this fanon in light of the new comic content that has been released, since Book Five: Memory was written well before any of it came out. Some of the themes and ideas in Book Five: Memory can also be seen in the Turf Wars comic series. Though this fanon also brings in many unique elements too, mainly in introducing new characters, giving existing characters greater spotlight than what they had in the series, and also introduces a new species led by the book's main antagonist. So without further ado, let's dive in!

Plot: 6.9 Overall, the story was easy to follow and engaging. It also had good balance in giving the reader information while still withholding details that are revealed later on, and this keeps the audience interested to see how it all ends. The build-up to the final battle against El Niño and discovering who he was seemed well-paced on the whole, with snippets revealed early on before his full story is revealed to the reader.

There were some issues with pacing, particularly in the first half of the fanon, where events felt quite rushed and without much time in between big plot reveals. For example, we're told that Korra mentioned 'everything' to Ziyou when they first met, but it would have been better to show at least some of their conversation, considering how their introduction is a crucial part to the story. Later on in the story this improved a lot, and in fact one of my favourite chapters was when Team Avatar had some downtime in Fire Fountain City after a major battle. However, there were a number of times where a scene would be a bit confusing or rushed, such as the group heading to Jang-Hui when they had no real reason to, as they had no knowledge of the antagonists being there.

Lastly, a few of the major plot points may also warrant some further consideration. For example, the character death in the last chapter felt quite unnecessary since they still could have tried other methods to capture El Niño. In addition, El Niño's goal was to provide a home for his Qishi, yet instead of introducing them to the vast oceans already there he decided to flood other cities. These points could be resolved by fleshing things out a bit; perhaps there were simply too many Qishi to inhabit the already existing waters, and thus other areas needed to be flooded. And as for the character death, perhaps Team Avatar could have exhausted every other option first before said character sacrificed themselves.

Spelling/Grammar: 4.9

There were a number of typos throughout the story, though these often weren't too distracting. A couple of times the wrong word was used, such as 'steaks' when it should've been 'stakes', or 'admitted' instead of 'emitted'. There were also numerals used throughout the story when fully-written numbers should have been used (for example, using '2' instead of 'two'). Quite often there were also missing words that meant the sentence no longer made sense, particularly missing conjunctions, and there were a few instances of tense confusion. Having an editor can help with these things, or reading sentences out loud and seeing how they sound.

In terms of grammar, there were a few instances of missing question marks, incorrect colon and semi-colon use, and incorrect asterisk use. There was a recurring problem with sentence fragmentation, which is where a sentence is not an independent clause or complete idea on its own. Sometimes this can be used effectively in narration, like when a character may be rushing through somewhere and their mind is racing and their thoughts are becoming a bit jumbled, but in this fanon sentence fragmentation was happening throughout the story and not only at specific times.

General Writing: 6.0

Often the dialogue scenes were enjoyable and clear. There were some great scenes and conversations that were made more entertaining through clever wording and speech. One of my favourite scenes was when the group arrived at an inn after leaving Fire Fountain City.

In terms of writing, there was a recurring issue with sentences being unclear, or worded in clunky or unconcise language. Here's an example to get the point across:

"Being on a mountainside, the idea of huge buildings wasn't all much in evidence, mainly just a modern village, per say."

The main idea of the sentence is sort of understandable; because this village is situated on a mountainside, there aren't really a lot of tall buildings since they may require a good foundation on flatter ground. However, the village still has a modern look and feel to it despite not having really tall buildings.

Although the meaning of the sentence can be derived, it still takes a few re-reads to fully grasp the main idea presented here. Since this is a recurring thing throughout the story, I'd say it's one of the more pressing issues to address. Much like the sentence fragmentation issue, having a second pair of eyes reading through, either an editor for spelling/grammar or beta reader, can be really useful for addressing these things.

Setting/Context: 6.9

Occasionally there were unclear sentences or descriptions about the surroundings. When describing the Fire Nation capitol, instead of repeating several times that the 'buildings had remained unchanged for 74 years,' it may be better to describe what they actually looked like and then make the statement about how they haven't changed over time. On the other hand, the descriptions of the Spirit World were often written quite well, and easily immerse the reader in the story. In particular, when Korra and some of her group meditated into the Spirit World, the surrounding spirits and scenery was clear and compelling.

In terms of context, there were quite a number of small things throughout the story that didn't really make sense. For example, Bolin apparently grew and is now taller than Mako, even though both of them would have almost certainly stopped growing at this point. The travel times between places seemed a little off at times, especially how Ikki managed to reach the Northern Water Tribe from Republic City in a few days just by gliding, and often characters made decisions that weren't sensible. For example, when Ikki was told to control the airship even though she's never flown before. All these details may seem minor, but if they happen repeatedly it can make the story seem a bit unrealistic.

Characterisation: 7.1

It was great to see that Ziyou didn't fall into the trap of being a 'Mary Sue', and in fact, she did manage to cause a bit of trouble among the group, and have moments where she acted out of line. With that said, I do think Ziyou still needed to find her role in the group a little better, since a lot of the time she seemed like Korra from Book 1 and not an original character in herself. It would have also been nice to see Korra and Ziyou patch up their argument in Chapter 8 as this was a pretty heated exchange without much resolution afterwards.

One of the other really enjoyable aspects of the story was Mako dealing with Korra and Asami's relationship. In fact, I quite liked that there was more time devoted to this than has been in the Turf Wars comics, which do address Mako's feelings towards Korra and Asami dating, but don't spend as much time on it as I think is needed. Plus, the fact that knowledge of Korra and Asami's relationship spread through the group without them knowing made the whole ordeal quite entertaining.

In addition, it was nice to have some more minor characters like Ikki, Desna, Eska, and Naga take more of the spotlight, and despite the context issues mentioned above, 'Chapter 3: Ikki Alone' developed Ikki's character really well. In Naga's chapter, I do think she was far too human-like in being capable of complex thought and goal-setting, but it was still nice to see a chapter devoted to Korra's best friend.

The main area worth addressing in terms of characterisation is with Desna and Eska. Through most of the story, their characterisation seemed a bit off. Eska acted far too confrontational to what we see in the show, and Desna's character seemed to swing like a pendulum between being a counsellor for everyone's problems, to grabbing Korra's neck and nearly choking her in an argument. He also seemed to lash out at people inappropriately or in ways that seemed out of character, like after the group first faced El Niño in Fire Fountain City. Perhaps a better angle would be to have Desna 'snap'; usually he is a calm and collected individual, but after seeing El Niño's incredible waterbending he panics, and lashes out at the others because of his fear.

Action: 7.5

On the whole, most of the fight scenes were executed well and were engaging. The initial battle with El Niño particularly stood out, and it felt like the build-up during the fight was well-paced. There were a couple times where the pacing didn't quite work, like the scene where Asami gets attacked by the Qishi in Jang-Hui. For these scenes it may be good to flesh out the moment a little longer, and in particular, describing how the character's emotions are changing through the moment will raise the stakes a little more and add to the tension.

The other area worth addressing is some of the word choices or movements not quite hitting the mark. Saying Ikki 'did a start move' doesn't really tell us how she was airbending, and it would be better to state exactly how she was manipulating air in this moment. Some of Eska's waterbending moves in the final battle also fall into this trap and are a little hard to follow. But on the whole, the action scenes make the story engaging and enjoyable, and are one of the better aspects of this fanon.

Score: 6.57

Conclusion: This fanon certainly has the backbone of a great story, with a clear plot, engaging fight scenes, and some memorable characters and their interactions. The main issues are with spelling/grammar and general writing, as these things can tend to hinder reading experience. Proof-reading, or having someone else proof read can be really useful, as well as reading parts aloud and hearing if they make sense. In addition, some of the characters need to feel more like their canon-selves, and some of the plot inconsistencies should be thought through more closely.

Gingalover has certainly put a lot of time into his continuation of the series, not only with Book 5: Memory but also with two other books that follow. Anyone who enjoyed the Legend of Korra will find this story an interesting alternative to what we've seen take place in the comics after Book 4 of the Legend of Korra.
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