Hello Everyone Am New Here! (I have no idea what to say...?)

Yep, indeed I am. I'm actually very new to this Wiki thing, and I would have to say, pretty awesome place(s). But as a complete and total newb to all of this, I'm kind'a lost with this Wiki code stuff, but I am eager to learn! Maybe some day I might even have my own Wiki page, I doubt it though. But anyways, who exactly is Mat5udairashi?

Well, here's 8 random things abour me that might help you out:

  1. My real names Douglas, but most people call me Doug.
  2. I'm 22 and I live in 'bonny' Scotland, Edinburgh to be exact! But I'll be moving to Toronto, Canada. 
  3. For around 3 years I did Digital Arts at University. Which consisted in Animation, Computer/Digital drawing/painting, storyboarding.
  4. I was part of the team that's currently making The Restoration of Hope.
  5. I love to write, draw, and I compine the two as much as I possibly can...
  6. ...Hence why am currently writing my own Comic; Yochi予知.
  7. A major love of mine it Cartoons, Anime and Comics/Manga. I love it all, A:TLA was the main reason why I wanted to do animation at Uni.
  8. My favourite colour's Green, which is quite abt due to my last name being Green (LOL).

Erm, I litery have no clue on what else I can write... So... See ye' later!

Kind Regards

Mat5udairashi (wallcontribs) 22:35, June 17, 2014 (UTC)

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