I wish for Michael and Bryan along with Nick and the fandom to be informed themselves. 

Deist, the explanation continues here. 

The honest and genuine truth is that imaginary friendships are real and true.

The characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender are the figments of Bryke's imaginary creation, but they found a place in my heart - one that became real and intangibly true. 

These are my friends, my acquaintances, and my enemies. Of course these things all happen inside my head, but in my heart, it all feels so true. 

So, you all see, I, Rory Emmanuel, am the fourth member of Team Avatar. There are six members in our group. I cannot deny that, because that is the raw and simple truth.

I know them, I know the characters of The Legend of Aang, because I am the only one of them you will ever be able to talk to. 

I know this is hard to believe, but I don't believe any fan of any great story has said this in public, but I can admit this mystifying truth and I will testify it before its creators and distributors.