Chapter 1: the mysterious contact Master Chief was trying to sit still but he couldn’t. The captain called him in “Master Chief good to see you” announced Captain Thomas. Master Chief was anxious to get it over and done with. Then his mind started to drift to the first time he meet Cortana and the time she died. “Master Chief! Are you listening? I thought so, your mission is to rescue agent moon at the research centre. Do you understand?” ordered Captain Thomas, as master Chief was about half way out the door captain Thomas indicated “Spartan Missenden will be joining you master chief is that alright with you Master Chief?”. Master Chief nodded, Spartan Missenden was waiting outside like she knew when to turn up. “Well Missenden what is your first name?” asked Master Chief. “Well, Sir It is Emily” addressed Spartan Missenden. Master Chief arose and ordered “follow me to the rest of my team.” When Master Chief got to his team. One of the Spartans complained “What is she doing here? We don’t need her.” Master Chief snapped “We do need her.” The others groaned quietly. Master Chief called Spartan Missenden over to meet the team of Master Chief. She shook hands with all of the Spartans, she was beaming with joy. She wanted to ask so many questions like: How long have you been with the blue team, how many aliens have killed, are you Spartan Atu, Spartan Heta-suma and Spartan Carlton? Then she was confused there 4 Spartans not 3 Spartans. Who was this fourth Spartan? Chapter 2: The argument “Who are you?” indicated Spartan Missenden. The mysterious Spartan did not answer. Spartan Missenden was surprised that there was no response. Then the mysterious Spartan answered “I am the unexpected” in a deep voice. Spartan Missenden was shocked; she never heard that voice before. Then Spartan Missenden asked “What is your name?” The mysterious Spartan answered “Hammond. Spartan Hammond.” “Ok, Spartan Hammond why are you with this team? Are you Part of this team?” responded Spartan Missenden. Spartan Hammond answered calmly “I am with Master Chief because… uh… we are good friends and I am the lieutenant of this team.” Spartan Missenden was shocked to hear this but she did not anything back, she slowly nodded. Spartan Missenden was upset. Spartan Missenden asked “Can you take off the helmet of yours?” the helmet was shaped like a wolf head. “No” exclaimed Spartan Hammond, “The helmet was a gift from Master Chief. This helmet is special to me”. Spartan Missenden was shocked to hear this “why is the helmet important to you” asked Spartan Missenden. “Stop this now, and let’s get on with the mission” ordered Master Chief. “What is the mission, master chief” asked Spartan Missenden. “Well Spartan Missenden the mission is to rescue agent moon from the Promethean” explained Master Chief, “Let’s get moving”. The four Spartan jumped up quickly while Spartan Missenden got up slowly. She was not use to this “Hurry up Spartan Missenden” yelled Master Chief.