I saw this tweet[1] from M. Night Shyamalan yesterday, in reply to this tweet[2], but I guess most people missed the significance. M.Night has been doing post-production for After Earth (AE) but with that winding down...

Joe Farina: What's the next project after AE? Or not even thinking about that yet? lol
Shyamalan: Deciding between 3. One I’ve already written and 2 that are just in outline form. They are all fighting in my heart right now.

Gee... what could possibly be the script he has already written... Can anybody guess? Icon_mrgreen.gif

These snapshots were taken from the picture-in-picture documentary in The Last Airbender Blu-ray.[3][4][5] Near the start of the end credits, M.Night talks about the sequel and then cuts to this short clip of him working on the script for The Last Airbender 2 while flying over to Greenland with the cast and crew. Yes, it is already known that M.Night confirmed the existence of the script while promoting the release of the first movie.[6]

Since Paramount makes the final decision on the sequels, this is a good indication that a sequel is coming, with or without M.Night. I hope he returns to direct, lest we get a repeat of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Even then, the final product and reactions can't be worse than the other movie, can it? Icon_shifty.gif

Anywho... the project that he has "already written" is definitely The Last Airbender 2. Unless of course... he has already shot that movie.[7] Icon_surprised.gif

What a tweeeeest!


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