Avatar Wiki User Awards


Users can be rewarded by winning awards in the following categories;

  • Avatar Wiki User of the Year
  • Best editor in the fanon namespace
  • Best editor in the transcript namespace
  • Best commenter
  • Best mediator
  • Most page expansions
  • Most qualitative edits
  • Most dedicated to images
  • Most active in the War Room
  • Most dedicated to community spirit
  • Most friendly user
  • Most informative user
  • Most helpful user
  • Most promising new user
  • Most experienced older user
  • Most likely to become administrator


  • Nominating will begin July 18 at 12:01pm UTC.
  • Nominations are now open.
  • The following categories are closed:
    • Most dedicated to community spirit
    • Most experienced older user
  • Nominations are now closed.
  • Voting for the User Awards is now open.
  • The Avatar Wiki User Awards for 2020 are now closed.
50 From your host:

Welcome, everyone, to the fifth edition of the Avatar Wiki User Awards! It is my great honour and pleasure to host the awards this year, and I hope to continue the excellent precedent set by previous hosts in making this a wonderful and exciting experience for everyone. Since the last User Awards were more than five years ago, for many of you this will be your first experience, so welcome. We have snacks. And to those users thinking "wow, has it really been five years since the last awards, damn I'm getting old", welcome back and congratulations on making it this far.

While every year is special, this one is particularly so as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the creation of the Avatar Wiki. This milestone was marked by the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk to Korra herself, Janet Varney, and I know many of you were tuned in live to watch and ask questions; the number of viewers on the live stream absolutely blew me away. I want to thank the amazing Lady Lostris for all the hard work she put in to make that a reality, and to Janet herself for giving her time for such a wonderful interview.

From that first click 15 years (and two days) ago, we have grown to become one of the largest and most respected wiki's on Fandom, but that doesn't happen without having an amazing community behind it. The success of the wiki is a tribute to every user that has at one time or another contributed to our articles, whether as an editor, a fanon writer, or a commenter. The collaboration of so many amazing people connected by their love of Avatar is what takes it from something good to something great. The User Awards, therefore, are a way to say thank you to everyone for the hard work, dedication, and effort they have given to the wiki. And, of course, a way to have some fun, which given how 2020 has shaped up, is something we can all do with more of. These awards are not about bragging rights or proving you are better than others. As in every aspect of the wiki, it is about positivity, about recognising people for their hard work and giving them a small thank you for it.

Let me end by saying thank you once again to everyone for making this the most amazing community and the most amazing wiki to be a part of. The past 15 years have created something special, and may it continue for many more.

White lotus tile.png How to nominate

To nominate a user, simply use the the following format to leave a comment: I nominate {{user|desired nominee}} for '''intended category'''. Users whose first edit was this year can be nominated for Most promising new user, and administrators of course cannot be nominated for Most likely to become administrator. To support someone else's nomination, simply reply to that initial comment by leaving a support comment using the {{support}} template (an additional explanation for why you support the nomination may be added as well).

Once a user is supported four times, the comment thread will be closed and the nominated user will be added to the nominees section of the respective category. You cannot 'oppose' a nomination. Once a category has five nominees, the nominations for that category will be closed. The nominations follow a "first come, first serve" system, meaning that the comment's time stamp will be used to determine who were the five nominees that each got four support votes the fastest. Once all of the category nominations are closed or two weeks after nominations were opened, voting will begin.

Firebending emblem.png Avatar Wiki User of the Year
Airbending emblem.png Best editor in the fanon namespace
Waterbending emblem.png Best editor in the transcript namespace
Earthbending emblem.png Best commenter
Firebending emblem.png Best mediator
Airbending emblem.png Most page expansions
Waterbending emblem.png Most qualitative edits
Earthbending emblem.png Most dedicated to images
Firebending emblem.png Most active in the War Room
Airbending emblem.png Most dedicated to community spirit
Waterbending emblem.png Most friendly user
Earthbending emblem.png Most informative user
Firebending emblem.png Most helpful user
Airbending emblem.png Most promising new user
Waterbending emblem.png Most experienced older user
Earthbending emblem.png Most likely to become administrator
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