Fanon Award

Greetings Avatar Wikians! It has been a long wait, but the time has finally come for the 2015 Fanon Awards Ceremony to commence!

What are the Fanon Awards you may ask? Well, these awards are designed to celebrate the hard work of fanon authors and their fanons. There are a number of categories which authors and fanons can be nominated for, such as "Outstanding Fanon Series" to "Best Female Main Character", or even user awards like "Outstanding New Author" or "Outstanding Illustrator". Ultimately, the awards serve as a time of fun where we as a community can come together to acknowledge the outstanding work here on this portal.

At the start of this year, five knowledgeable fanon authors were selected by the administrators to be part of the Fanon Awards Council. AvatarRokusGhost, Bomochu, Fruipit, Minnichi, and Sep0815, were chosen for this task. The council is not only responsible for running the awards and making changes to the categories if need be, but also offer three or four of the nominees for each category. It has taken us a good deal of time, but we are now finally ready to go ahead with the rest of the nominations.

And that is where you come in! You see, we can't simply have an awards ceremony with the five of us (well, we could but that would be no fun) and there are still one or two nominees needed for each category which are nominated by the community. So is there a villain you once read about in a fanon which made you scared to walk around your house at night? Or a fanon in the romantic genre which made you grin and your heart feel like it exploded into fountains of joy? Or a chapter which was so incredible it became etched in your memory as one of the best things you've ever read? Well if so, we encourage you to participate in the Sixth Fanon Awards Ceremony which will be starting soon!

It is easy in an event like this to simply pick the most 'popular' fanons and authors, which is good of course because there is obviously something great about those fanons and authors which makes them popular. But we also encourage you to look through the more 'undiscovered' fanons as these awards can serve as a neat way for authors who feel unrecognized to get recognition. So look through past reviews or contests, or even make use of the 'random page' option along the top menu. And you never know; you might just find an undiscovered gem worth nominating.

The categories and rules on eligibility can be found here, but a few changes have been made:

  • Making its debut for the first time ever will be the Best Animal Character category. Because no hero could ever succeed without an intelligent animal accompanying them.
  • In previous ceremonies, there were three nominees already chosen for all categories and two nominees left to be selected by the community. This is still the case for story categories and for "Single Achievement Award – Outstanding Author". For all other categories, including characters and chapters, four nominees are already chosen and one nominee remains to be selected by the community.
  • "Short" fanons now refer to any fanon story with 10,000 words or fewer, regardless of how many chapters it has, or if it is a one-shot.
  • The standards of fanon eligibility are now looser. If an author has published work during or since the month of the last ceremony, all of their work is eligible for any award as long as it otherwise fits the parameters of the category. This is the case even if what they are being nominated for was published over well more than two years ago

And remember, the official nominations will be happening soon, so keep an eye out and make sure to get involved!

-The Fanon Awards Council