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    Am I alone on this??

    August 27, 2012 by AvatarCorin34

    Nowadays this wiki makes me want to take a cheese grater and rub it against my forehead and more often than not I wish all the comments for LoK were turned off again.

    Now don't get me wrong I love this wiki and it's quite impossible for me to stay away for too long. However, I just can't take it anymore! Everyday it is Mako hate this, Korra hate that, Bolin hate this, Asami hate that, Legend of Korra hate, nonys trollin' or shipping wars.

    All members on this wiki, including the nonies, are very avid Avatar fans and there is nothing wrong with that. This wiki is possibly the largest hub of Avatar fans and we are probably the most obsessed. An IGN interviewer at SDCC this year said "Avatar has an almost cult like following" and she was right, …

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  • AvatarCorin34

    Hey there fellow Wikians! How's it going?

    Nah, don't tell.

    So as we all know lots of info was released at SDCC this year for Book 2 of LOK. So I was just sitting here thinking and thought "Hey, there is a lot of speculation going around about Book 2. Why not create a blog where the people may share their most ludacris, crack pot or serious theories all in one place?" So Ta- da this blog was born.

    Let's all share our theories all toghether and have a NICE discussion.




    HAVE AT IT! ^_^




    p.s If you are a landshark "Landswim" with user:Makomako15 and I. The landshark revolution has begun!

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  • AvatarCorin34

    So as we are all aware the first time the ability to Bloodbend was in Avatar: The Last Airbender by Hama in the episode the Puppet Master. Up until the point of the finale of The Legend of Korra we would all agree Hama was the founder of the dark art. However, in Tarrlok's story time flashbacks we hear Yakone say that his family comes from an ancient line of bloodbenders and that his two sons inherited the ability. (or something like that) This raised questions with me in the true origin of Bloodbending. Also I am making this to out down any suspicions that Hama and Yakone are related (as I see it is a popular theory).

    These are my thoughts and questions on the matter. Also I hope to have a great discussion with my fellow wikians. S…

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  • AvatarCorin34

    Amon vs. Azula

    June 19, 2012 by AvatarCorin34

    Anyone watch Deadliest Warrior? Who do you think would win in Amon versus Azula? Both are nimble, deadly and percise.

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