THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! Check out the final menu.


Hello Avatards!

In honor of the FINAL season of Legend of Korra, we thought it would be fun to have the Avatar community create the ultimate menu of foods from the Avatar universe. From fire flakes to seaweed noodles, there are so many foods to choose from!

Take a look at last year's successful Food Fiction Contest or the wiki's list of foods in the kingdom for inspiration!

Here’s how it works:

Air Nation cuisine

1. You must be logged into your Wikia account. Don’t have an account? No problem! Create an account here!
2. Create an original menu with one dish from each of the nations in the Avatar universe:

3. Post your Avatar-inspired menu in the comments below. The more original the menu, the better!
Here's my example menu:

5. We will accept entries until December 12. Wikia staff members will select the most-nominated entries to be part of a poll for each category. We’ll post the voting polls on Recipes Wikia for everyone to vote. Polls will close on December 19. We will post the winning menu that week!

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