All of us who have seen the trailer for The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, probably noted how awesome it looked. But, soon after that, many of us realized just how much more technologically advanced the Avatar World really has become. On here I'm going to talk about some of the advances in technology that I noticed, and I'm going to talk about who/what I think spear-headed the rise in technology.

Buildings and Architecture

When I saw all of the buildings, the first thing I noticed were the Skyscraper-
Avatar Legend of Korra

The buildings now seem different and much more advanced than in A:TLA

like buildings. They're tall, sleek, and a little futuristic looking. The regular buildings retain some of the original Avatar style, but are visibly altered and look a little more streamlined. I don't think that any one person was responsible for this advance, I think it is simply what happens with "proper aging," as Iroh would say.

Bridges and Airships

In one scene, Korra and Naga are looking at a huge, and very beautiful bridge. I never saw any bridges this big in the original series, but I think that it would have been possible to make back then. There are also the bridges in a place that looks like a park. The thing that interests me the most is the Airships floating around in the sky above it. I know that the Fire Nation had Airships, but these new ones look a little smaller and a little cooler. I think that these are just improved versions of the old ones, and are probably used for either transporting people or goods.

Pro-Bending Arena

The Pro-Bending Arena interested me the most out of almost all things shown in the trailer. One thing is that it is a relatively secluded arena, where the only person you can see is the other bender, but you can hear the roaring of the crowd (or at least that's what it seemed like to me). I want to know, though, what material the middle "ring" is made out of. Just by looking at the color I would normally say plastic, but I know that this can not be the case, because the heat from firebending would just melt it. I also know that it can not be metal, because the heat of the firebending would superheat the arena and make it impossible to walk on without getting burned. This leads me to conclude that it is made of Earth, because then an Earthbender would be able to bend, or wood. But I want to know, if it's Earth, how is it that color? Please, tell me what you think.

Aang's Statue

The statue of Avatar Aang was awesome. It really made me feel great, because I know that e
Aang's statue

Statue of Avatar Aang (Not showing the lotus/air at the bottom and top of his staff.

veryone honors Aang and still remembers him. The statue must have been hard to make, but I know that they have been making ones like that for a while, judging by the same-size Metal statues of Ozai. One interesting thing to point out is that Aang seems to be stepping on something that looks similar to a lotus or a gust of air, with something similar at the top of his staff. When you look at his staff, it doesn't have the area where the wood parts out into a sort of diamond shape, and it looks more like the staff that the mechanist gave him, si I'm assuming that he continued to use the Staff from The Mechanist rather than go to a temple and get an old one or make one that looks like his old staff.

Who/What Spear-headed it?

I know that a lot of people think that it was Sokka and The Mechanist who mainly contributed to the technological advances. I think that they did have a part in it, just not the only part. I think that after the War Sokka became the leader of the Southern Water Tribe like his father, and made some improvements in technology, which contributed to the now much technologicall advanced world. I think that The Mechanist went back to the Northern Air Temple, and made more alterations there, and played a relatively large role in making more technology for the world. I think that the main reason that the Avatar world became so much more advanced, and that what spear-headed the industralization of most places, was the Fire Nation. They were already relatively advanced compared to the other nations during The War, and I think that the other people were content with the current state of tecnology during The War, but after Zuko became Fire Lord and the World was at peace, the Fire Nation started sharing technological advances with the other Nations (More Earth Kingdom than The Water Tribes, I think). This sharing made the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Water Tribes all advance as rapidly as the Fire Nation had, because people in the other places were more exposed to the technology and wanted to make it better.

This is what I think of the new Technology in The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, and what I think the reason for it is. Please share your thoughts on this and other things with me. I'd love to hear them.

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