Heyo, Agent Slash a.k.a. SukiFanboy here! So, as many of you may know, there have been a lot of blogs ever since the finale aired, blaming either Mako or Asami for the death of Masami. There have been comments such as "Mako is a heartless, abusive jerk." and "It's all Asami's fault so deal with it! Ha ha ha!" The truth is, It doesn't really matter!

They are both partially at fault. Mako should not have just abandoned Asami, and Asami should have spoken up sooner and adressed the problem instead of glaring at Korra. However, I'm not going to talk about who's fault it is, because it doesn't matter. Makorra is currently canon, so there is no point writing blogs that blame who's fault it is.

Mako is not a 'jerkbender' or 'a golden OTP boy' (whatever that means) and Asami is not 'stupid' or anything Nicki Minaj talks about in her 'music'. I say everyone should just calm down, stop arguing and accept the fact that it just didn't work out between Mako and Asami.

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