Heyo, everyone! Agent Slash, a.k.a. Suki Fanboy here with a fanon update!

As of now, the main page for Avatar: The Assassin's Essence, the final short fanon of the Assassin's Trilogy as well as the sequel to Avatar: The Assassin's Legend and Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow, is up and running! Chapters will be written and released after the completion of book 2 of Avatar: Into the Light.

What's that? You want to read a short summary? Okay!

The year is 94 AG. Ten years have passed since Hong Wu and Ming were tragically separated. Now, having severed his ties to Jun, Hong Wu has been recruited by Fire Lord Azulon to track down and eliminate a group of Fire Nation separatists known as the Kang Ho who wish to secede from the Fire Nation. With nothing left to live for, Hong Wu accepts and is accompanied by some old, familiar faces along the way as the events that lead to his becoming one of Team Avatar's biggest foes unfold. The final story in The Assassin's Trilogy and the final prequel to the Slash Trilogy's The Adventures of Team Avatar is here. After this, Hong Wu's life will never be the same again.

Also coming soon is my other new short fanon: Five Good Men. It centers around the members of the Council of Five and shows how each of them were promoted to the council in the first place and how they became acquainted as well.

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