Heyo, everybody! It's Agent Slash a.k.a. Suki Fanboy back for the holidays with another fanon writing palooza!


This year, the rules are slightly different. I've decided not to make it a contest this year. The point of this is simply for fanon writers to have something to write about and to bring a little holiday spirit to the wiki. Once again, users must write a holiday-themed one-shot, be it humorous or serious, set in the Avatar world. It can be a real life holiday or a fictional one in the Avatar world, but just make sure it's in the spirit of the season. You can use characters from both A:TLA or LoK. It doesn't matter which. Heck, you can cross them over if you want to! I encourage all of you fanon writers out there to have fun with this. Post all entries below in the comments. All entries are due on Christmas Day.


But even though this isn't a contest, a fanon writing prompt is no fun without a prize right? Well, yeah, actually I guess it is, but you all probably still want something and usually there's some kind of prize for these things, so... anyone who participates gets this super cool userbox!

Wacky Wushu This user participated in Agent Slash's 2nd Annual Holiday Fanon Palooza!

That's it

Well, I guess that's all there is to it. Have fun!


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