This is a rough script for the third film: "The Legend of Aang: The Blind Bandit"

This is entirely made from transcripts from:

  • The Avatar State
  • Return to Omashu
  • The Blind Bandit
  • Zuko Alone
  • The Chase
  • The Serpent's Pass

This also contains scenes depicted from:

  • The Warriors of Kyoshi
  • The King of Omashu
  • The Cave of Two Lovers
  • The Swamp
  • Avatar Day
  • Bitter Work
  • The Library
  • The Desert

Note: The whole transcripts have been taken from the various episode transcripts as published on this wiki. Scenes have been altered to shorten time and new ones have been added to merge the episodes together, but the following is largely taken from the works of the editors of the transcript pages. Without their contribution to the wiki, this would not have been possible with this amount of detailing. So to all who edited the transcripts of this wiki. Thank you. AdamantiumBladez.

Eastern Earth Kingdom

The film opens to Aang, who is wandering the swamp calling the names of his friends.
Aang Katara! Sokka! Appa! Momo!
Upon wading through the swamp, Aang notices an unfamiliar girl in a dress standing on a hill, accompanied by a winged pig.
Aang Hello? Who are you?
The pig flies off and the girl giggles, before turning around and running away.
Aang Hey, come back! [He holds his hand out as though to grab her.]
Aang jumps to the top of the hill, only to find she has completely disappeared from his sight. Hearing her laugh again, Aang turns around only to see her running across the limbs of another tree. He uses the vines, however before he can even reach his destination, the girl has moved and is now running across the ground tries to chase the girl. Aang continues his wild chase through the treetops, as the scene switches to show Appa with Momo on his back swimming through the river that flows through the swamp.a blinding white appears and the dream ends. Aang awakes from it and leaves the room where the gang is sleeping, exiting through a stairway. Katara awakens and catches sight of him leaving.
Katara [Confused.] Aang...
The camera cuts to a shot of Aang standing by the ledge of the Water Tribe ship on which they are sailing. Katara approaches him.
Katara Do you want to talk about it?
Aang Nah, just a dream. A very weird dream [Closes eyes and bows his head; Katara puts her hand on his shoulder.]
The screen moves across the water. Title appears "The Legend of Aang: The Blind Bandit".

Scene switches to a village. Iroh is lying on a table, getting a relaxing massage at a resort.

Iroh This is what I've been missing. Who knew floating on a piece of driftwood for three weeks with no food or water, and sea vultures waiting to pluck out your liver could make one so tense? [Looks at the clearly unhappy Zuko, walks over to him, and sits down on the ground.] I see. It's the anniversary, isn't it?
Zuko [In a brooding tone.] Three years ago today, I was banished. I lost it all. [Looks up.] I want it back. I want the Avatar, I want my honor, my throne. I want my father not to think I'm worthless. [Looks on regretfully.]
Iroh I'm sure he doesn't. Why would he banish you if he didn't care? [Zuko gets up and walks away; he grimaces soon after; to the massagers.] Uh, that came out wrong, didn't it? [They look at each other in confusion.]
The scene switches to a Fire Nation ship. Several men bow as a royal carriage is brought out. Within the carriage is Princess Azula, the daughter of Ozai, niece of Iroh, and sister of Zuko.
Azula [Stepping out of the carriage and walking down the line of soldiers.] My brother and my uncle have disgraced the Fire Lord, and have brought shame on all of us. You might have mixed feelings about attacking members of the Royal Family. I understand. But I assure you, if you hesitate, I will not hesitate to bring you down. Dismissed.
The soldiers leave. The captain runs up to Azula.
Captain Princess, I'm afraid the tides will not allow us to bring the ship into port before nightfall.
Azula I'm sorry, captain, but I do not know much about the tides. Could you explain something to me?
Captain Of course, Your Highness.
Azula Do the tides command this ship?
Captain I'm afraid I don't understand.
Azula You said the tides would not allow us to bring the ship in. [In a sharper tone.] Do the tides command this ship?
Captain No, princess.
Azula And if I were to have you thrown overboard, would the tides think twice about smashing you against the rocky shore?
Captain [Worried.] No, princess.
Azula [Runs fingers through her bangs.] Well then, maybe you should worry less about the tides who have already made up their mind about killing you, and worry more about me, who's still mulling it over. [Turns to face the captain angrily.]
Captain I'll pull us in.
He leaves. Cuts to a close-up of Azula, who glares and narrows her eyes in suspicion.
The scene changes to daybreak. Pakku is on the ship with two Water Tribe members and the gang.
Pakku [Holds up flask.] Katara, I want you to have this. [Closes up on flask.] This amulet contains water from the Spirit Oasis. The water has unique properties. Don't lose it.
Katara [Accepts amulet and hugs Pakku.] Thank you, Master Pakku.
Pakku [Hands Aang box of scrolls.] Aang, these scrolls will help you master waterbending. But remember, they're no substitute for a real master. [Aang looks up at Katara, who is sitting on Appa and looks back.] Sokka... [Pats him on shoulder, leaving him dismayed.] take care, son. [To the entire gang while pointing out in a direction.] Fly straight to the Earth Kingdom base to the east of here. General Fong will provide you with an escort to Omashu. There, you will be safe to begin your earthbending training with King Bumi.
Aang Appa, yip yip!
Katara [As they fly away.] Say hi to Gran-Gran for me!
The scene changes to Azula's ship, where she is training. She stands perfectly straight, holding her fingers in her hand. The camera cuts to where Lo and Li are sitting, overseeing her training. Cuts to shot of Azula, as she moves her arms in a circular motion, generating lightning and firing the bolt into the sky.
Lo Almost perfect.
Li One hair out of place.
Azula [Close-up of her face as she pushes a loose strand of hair away.] Almost isn't good enough!
She repeats her actions, generating lightning again and firing it off into the distance. Cuts to a shot of Iroh, who suddenly awakens from a nap, sits up and peers in curiosity. scene changes to Zuko and Iroh's place of stay, the room dark inside. The scene switches to the team flying on Appa.
Sokka [Rises to view their destination.] There it is!
The gang arrives at General Fong's base, where he and his soldiers are waiting.
Fong Welcome, Avatar Aang! [Cuts to shot of the team stretching after riding on Appa.] I am General Fong, and welcome, to all of you great heroes! Appa, Momo, brave Sokka, the mighty Katara...
Katara [Pleased.] Mighty Katara? I like that.
Fireworks go off, launched by the soldiers using earthbending.
Sokka [Viewing the display.] Not bad, not bad.
The scene cuts to inside the base, where General Fong and the team are sitting in a spacious discussion room.
Fong [Camera view depicts entire room.] Avatar Aang, we were all amazed at the stories of how you singlehandedly wiped out an entire Fire Navy fleet at the North Pole. [Closes up to Fong, stroking his beard.] I can't imagine what it feels like to wield such devastating power. It's an awesome responsibility.
Aang [Casually.] I try not to think about it too much.
Fong [Calmly.] Avatar, you're ready to face the Fire Lord now.
Aang [Shocked.] What? No I'm not!
Katara [Holds out her hand in reasoning.] Aang still needs to master all four elements.
Fong Why? With the kind of power he possesses, power enough to destroy hundreds of battle ships in a matter of minutes, he could defeat the Fire Lord now!
Sokka But sir, the thing is, Aang can only do those things when he's in the Avatar State.
Aang See, it's this special state where —
Fong [Sharply.] I'm well aware! Your eyes and tattoos glow and you're able to summon unbelievable power. Without you, we'd be slaughtered before we even reach their shores. [Looks at map and guides finger from the location of the base to the location of the Fire Nation Capital.] But with you leading the way, as the ultimate weapon, we could cut a swath right through to the heart of the Fire Nation.
Aang [Doubtfully.] Right, but, I don't know how to get in or out of the Avatar State, much less what to do once I'm there.
Fong So, it's decided then. I'll help you figure out how to get into the Avatar State and then you'll face your destiny.
Katara [The group rises; angrily.] No, nothing's decided. We already have a plan. Aang's pursuing his destiny his way.
Fong Well, while you take your time learning the elements, the War goes on. May I show you something? [Leads Aang to a window.] That's the infirmary, and those soldiers are the lucky ones. [Several soldiers are injured and walking slowly.] They came back. Every day, the Fire Nation takes lives. People are dying, Aang! You could end it, now. Think about it.
Aang averts his eyes to the side, looking unsure. The scene cuts back to Iroh and Zuko. Several various shells fall from a bag onto the table. The camera pans up to where Iroh is standing at the table, picking up and examining the different shells.
Iroh [Holds up one shell.] Look at these magnificent shells! [Picks up a conch.] I'll enjoy these keepsakes for years to come.
Zuko We don't need any more useless things! You forget, we have to carry everything ourselves now!
Azula [From the corner, sitting at the table; calmly.] Hello, brother. Uncle.
Zuko [Angrily.] What are you doing here?
Azula [Holds up a shell in her hand.] In my country, we exchange a pleasant hello before asking questions. [Rises and walks toward Zuko and Iroh.] Have you become uncivilized so soon, Zuzu?
Zuko [Angrily.] Don't call me that!
Iroh [Clearly upset.] To what do we owe this honor?
Azula Hmmm... must be a family trait. Both of you so quick to get to the point. [Breaks the shell she was holding with her fingertips, leaving Iroh angry.] I've come with a message from home. Father's changed his mind. Family is suddenly very important to him. He's heard rumors of plans to overthrow him; treacherous plots. Family are the only ones you can really trust. [Pauses briefly.] Father regrets your banishment. He wants you home. [Silence.] Did you hear me? You should be happy. Excited. Grateful. I just gave you great news.
Iroh I'm sure your brother simply needs a moment.
Azula [Furiously.] Don't interrupt, Uncle! [To Zuko.] I still haven't heard my thank you. [Annoyed.] I'm not a messenger. I didn't have to come all this way.
Zuko [Surprised.] Father regrets? He... wants me back?
Azula I can see you need time to take this in. I'll come to call on you tomorrow. Good evening.
She exits, leaving Zuko to ponder what has just been said. Meanwhile, at Fong's base, Aang and Katara stand on a balcony, the sun setting over the horizon.
Katara Can we talk about something?
Aang Sure.
Katara [Cuts to side-shot of Aang and Katara.] Do you remember when we were at the air temple and you found Monk Gyatso's skeleton? It must have been so horrible and traumatic for you. I saw you get so upset that you weren't even you anymore. [Closes up to Katara.] I'm not saying the Avatar State doesn't have incredible and helpful power... but you have to understand... for the people who love you, watching you be in that much rage and pain is really scary.
Aang I'm really glad you told me that. But I still need to do this.
Katara [Upset.] I don't understand.
Aang [Cuts to overall view of Aang and Katara.] No, you don't. Every day, more and more people die. I'm already one hundred years late. Defeating the Fire Lord is the only way to stop this war. I have to try it!
Katara [Sadly.] I can't watch you do this to yourself. I'm not coming tomorrow. [Begins to exit.] Good night.
Aang [Sadly.] Good night.
The scene changes to nightfall at Zuko and Iroh's house. Cuts to inside the house.
Zuko [Packing belongings.] We're going home! After three long years, it's unbelievable!
Iroh [Staring out the window thoughtfully.] It is unbelievable. I have never known my brother to regret anything.
Zuko Did you listen to Azula? Father's realized how important family is to him! [Irritated.] He cares about me!
Iroh [Turns to face Zuko and holds out arms in gesture.] I care about you! And if Ozai wants you back, well, I think it may not be for the reasons you imagine.
Zuko [Turns his back to Iroh.] You don't know how my father feels about me. You don't know anything!
Iroh Zuko, I only meant that in our family, things are not always what they seem.
Zuko [Turns to face Iroh.] I think you are exactly what you seem! A lazy, mistrustful, shallow old man who's always been jealous of his brother!
Zuko walks away, leaving Iroh saddened. Meanwhile, Aang is caught in another dream. The dream takes place in the Southern seas on Zuko's ship, where the Avatar State Aang rises from the water, riding a water vortex, similar to the way Aang did in the beginning of the series. The personage lands on deck and sweeps away the real Aang with waterbending. The personage turns to Zuko and performs the same downward, cutting motion as seen in previous dreams before the dream abruptly ends and Aang awakens.
Aang [Sits up in his bed.] Sokka! Sokka, wake up.
Sokka Huh?
Aang I don't think we should be trying to bring on the Avatar State.
Sokka You sure?
Aang Yes.
Sokka [Nonchalantly.] Okay.
Aang Do you think the general will be mad?
Sokka What can he say? You're the Avatar. Who knows better than you?
Aang lies back on his bed, resting his head on his arms. The next morning, we cut back to Zuko, who is getting ready to return home. He descends a stone staircase, carrying his bags.
Iroh [Holding up his hand in motion and running down the staircase after Zuko.] Wait! Don't leave without me!
Zuko [Turns around, smiles and sets down pack.] Uncle! You've changed your mind!
Iroh Family sticks together, right? [Lays hand on Zuko's shoulder.]
The scene flashes back to a shot of Zuko's father, Ozai, resting his hand on his son's shoulder years ago. Flashes back to present day.
Zuko We're finally going home!
He resumes his descent. The camera closes up on Azula's ship sitting in the harbor. Closes up to Iroh, looking on with suspicion. The scene switches to the discussion room in Fong's base.
Aang [Humbly.] The thing is, I don't think we'll ever be able to trigger it on purpose. So I guess that's it.
Fong [Calmly.] You sure I can't change your mind?
Aang I'm sure. I can only reach the Avatar State when I'm in genuine danger.
Fong I see. I was afraid you'd say that.
He blasts his entire desk at Aang using earthbending, sending him soaring across the room.
Sokka Aang! [Attempts to come to his aid, only to be held down by two soldiersas is Katara.]
The impact sends Aang crashing through the wall and flying out of the building. He breaks his fall with airbending.
Fong [Walks over toward the hole that was created from the impact and points to Aang.] Men! Attack the Avatar!
The scene cuts to a shot of Aang being surrounded by several earthbending soldiers, some riding on ostrich horses. Fong jumps out of the building and hits the ground, sending a rock wave at Aang which sends him back further.
Aang [Alarmed.] What are you doing?
Fong [Slyly.] I believe we're about to get results.
The camera focuses on soldiers, who prepare to fire large earth coins at Aang using earthbending. Cuts to a shot of Aang, looking nervously about him. The camera zooms out to a shot of him and his attackers before switching to a soldier, who sends an earth coin at him. Aang avoids two oncoming coins and soars in the air parallel to the ground between two more coins that are thrown at him. He lands safely to the ground.
Aang [Looking about cautiously.] I'm not your enemy! I won't fight you!
He jumps into the air as four earth coins are sent his way, crashing into each other. As Aang begins his descent, another earth coin is sent skidding toward him; the coin crashes into one of the four stationery coins. Aang lands on the ground where the coin was standing just moments ago. Two of the other stationery coins are closed together. The camera cuts to a shot of Aang trapped inside the holes of the earth coins, rolling speedily away. An earthbender breaks the coins, crumbling them to bits. Aang lands on the ground, rises and faces the rest of the soldiers.

Meanwhile, Sokka, who was being held down by the two soldiers, raises his feet and steps on their bare feet forcefully. The two soldiers release their grip and fall forward onto the ground in pain while Sokka runs away to aid Aang. Katara releases the water from her pouch and uses a whip to knock the guards holding her, and she runs following Sokka.

Outside, Aang narrowly avoids two earth coins sent at him, one flying above him, one flying below him. Two more earth coins are sent from opposite sides of the ring, threatening to crush him. Aang manages to escape by dodging through the holes in the coins just as they collide together and fall to the ground.

Riding an air scooter, Aang zigzags past several soldiers who attempt to slow him down by conjuring up rock walls in his path. Two soldiers riding ostrich horses chase after him as Aang rides past and scales up the wall of the base. As he is seen riding up the wall on the air scooter, the two soldiers use earthbending to propel themselves upward. Aang's air scooter runs out of air and he begins running up the wall, the two soldiers following him in hot pursuit. Cuts to a top view of Aang scaling the wall, only to narrowly dodge two spears coming his way.

He falls to the ground. The two soldiers land on the wall and descend to the ground after him. Aang somersaults forward as he avoids their spear attacks yet again. He lands onto the ground, an earth coin embedded into it. The earth coin is suddenly sent upward and dragged forward, Aang being trapped in its hole. The earth coin lands in front of Fong.

Fong You can't run forever!
Aang You can't fight forever!
Fong leaps forward and crushes the earth coin, just as Aang jumps to avoid the attack. Dust from the impact is sent flying toward the screen. The scene changes to where Zuko and Iroh are approaching Azula's ship. The camera pans upward and focuses on a shot of Azula standing quietly on top of a ramp leading up to the ship. Royal Procession guards stand on either side of them as they walk, forming an aisle. Iroh averts his eyes suspiciously between the guards. They reach the ship and bow; the guards behind them walk forward and close the aisle.
Azula Brother! Uncle! Welcome! I'm so glad you decided to come.
The camera cuts to a side-shot of Iroh, opening his eyes slightly and casting a suspicious glance at the guards.
Captain Are we ready to depart, Your Highness?
Azula [Sweetly.] Set our course for home, captain.
Zuko Home.
Captain [Walking up the ramp and raising his hand in gesture.] You heard the princess! Raise the anchors! We're taking the prisoners home!
The captain widens his eyes in realization at his mistake. Azula expresses surprise and fury.
Captain [Nervously.] Your Highness, I...
Cuts to a close-up of Iroh, who narrows his eyes and suddenly begins attacking the guards. He pushes them off the edge of the walkway and sends fire blasts their way. Cuts to a side-shot of Zuko, as he stomps furiously up the ramp and throws the captain off.
Zuko You lied to me!
Azula [Smugly.] Like I've never done that before.
She turns her back to him and walks away, as two guards standing near her shoot fire blasts at Zuko. Zuko crosses his arms and spreads them outward, deflecting the attacks and shouts as he charges onto the ship. The scene changes to Aang, who avoids three earth coins that slam onto the ground, threatening to crush him. He runs to the left of the screen as another coin rolls his way. The camera cuts to a shot of the base tower and pans downward to show Katara and Sokka running down opposite stairways. They meet up at the bottom of the base.

Sokka pulls out his boomerang and throws it as Katara runs off. Cuts to a shot of a soldier, who is hit by the boomerang and falls to the ground in a daze, knocking over the earth coin in the process. Cuts to Aang, who is being chased by another soldier mounted on an ostrich horse. The head of the spear the soldier was holding is suddenly snapped off. He slows down, stunned at this. Cuts to a shot of Katara summoning a water whip.

Sokka [Approaching the ostrich horse carefully.] Good... bird... horse thingy...
Sokka mounts it and the animal begins galloping away, leaving Katara standing in the arena. The camera zooms out to Fong. Several earth coins are summoned, rolling toward Katara before coming to a standstill.
Fong [Looking back at Aang, who has managed to escape up a stairway.] Maybe you can avoid me... but she can't.
The soldiers rotate the earth coins so that their flat sides face Katara. The camera zooms out to the entire arena, the coins forming a triangular pattern around Katara. The waterbender sends a water whip at Fong, who summons up dust pillars that deflect the water and turn it to mud. He uses earthbending to begin sinking her into the ground. She twists around, buried knee deep.
Katara [Struggling to break free.] I can't move!
Aang [Worried; clenches his fists.] Don't hurt her!
He leaps onto the ground and sends a gust of wind at Fong, who summons an earth wall to block the attack. Fong brings down the earth wall and sinks Katara into the ground further, this time burying her waist deep.
Sokka [Riding the ostrich horse.] Katara! No!
He gallops toward her, but Fong sinks the animal's feet into the ground, flinging Sokka off the ostrich horse. Sokka slams into the hole of an earth coin, leaving him dangling.
Aang [Desperately and clutching onto Fong's arm.] Stop this! You have to let her go!
Fong You could save her if you were in the Avatar State!
Aang [Tears forming around his eyes.] I'm trying... I'm trying!
Katara [Frantically.] Aang, I'm sinking! [Twists around again and is buried chest deep.]
Fong [Demanding.] I don't see glowing! [Lowers his right arm and begins closing his hand into a fist; Katara becomes buried neck deep.]
Katara [Desperately.] Please!
Aang [Falling to his knees, begging.] You don't need to do this!
Fong [Scornfully.] Apparently, I do.
He clenches his fist tight, sinking Katara completely. She cries out in fear before being completely buried in the ground. Aang leaps forward and attempts to save her, however, he falls short. Closes up on Aang, as his arrow tattoo begins to glow a bright white. He turns his head to face Fong, the Avatar State now triggered.
Fong [Triumphantly.] It worked! It worked!
An air blast is sent his way and his triumphant expression soon becomes one of fear as he realizes the situation. Cuts to Aang, who performs the downward cutting motion as seen in his previous dreams and pushes Fong back with a powerful air blast. Fong lands roughly on the ground. Cuts to Aang, who begins rising on an earth vortex.

The scene changes to Zuko, who leaps onto the deck of the ship and blasts the two guards off the ship with two fire blasts. He lands on deck. The camera zooms out to where Azula is standing patiently several feet away, her back turned to him. Focuses on Azula, who smirks. Cuts to Zuko, who clenches his fists and prepares fire daggers. Cuts to Iroh, who continues to attack the guards on the walkway.

Iroh [Pushes several guards away; grabs one and wrestles him.] Zuko! Let's go!
He hurls the guard over the edge and steps to the side to avoid another guard's attack and push him aside. Cuts back to Zuko, who charges at Azula with fire daggers. Zooms out to where he attempts to strike Azula, only for the princess to acutely dodge all of his blows. Cuts to close-up of her as she smirks at her brother. Zooms out to both siblings as Zuko keeps attacking and Azula keeps avoiding. Zuko brings down his right hand to land another blow, however, Azula manages to push him away.
Azula You know, Father blames Uncle for the loss of the North Pole. And he considers you a miserable failure for not finding the Avatar! [Cuts to Zuko, who is panting heavily.] Why would he want you back home, except to lock you up [Cuts back to Azula.] where you can no longer embarrass him?
Zuko conjures up two fire daggers again. He leaps into the air and sends a powerful fire blast at Azula using his foot. She jumps and lands safely on the deck several feet away. Zuko charges at her as she rises to her feet. After dodging several more attacks, she manages to scrape his forehead with her fingernails, leaving three scratch marks on his temple. Zuko falls back a few feet from the impact and yells as he charges at her again.

The two continue to duel, eventually making their way up a stairway that leads to the central control area of the ship. Azula manages grab hold of Zuko's arm. A few seconds pause as the two stand silently, Zuko widening his eyes in alarm. Cuts to a side-shot of the stairway where Azula knocks him to his feet with a blue fire blast. Zuko lands roughly at the bottom of the stairwell. Cuts to a shot from Zuko's perspective, the screen slightly blurred to show the effects of the blow. The camera travels upward from side to side before landing on Azula, who moves both her arms in a circular motion, generating lightning. Cuts to shot of her readying the attack and firing the bolt at her brother, only for Iroh to step in suddenly, grab hold of her right hand and redirect the lightning, causing it to strike a far-off cliff side. He bends her downward and kicks her off the ship. Azula lands in the water below with a splash. Cuts to Zuko and Iroh, who run away from the ship.

The scene changes to Fong's base, where Aang is rising on the earth vortex, still under the control of the Avatar State.

Fong [Pleading.] Avatar Aang! Can you hear me? Your friend is safe! [Brings Katara back above ground; cuts to close-up of her as she looks up at Aang in misery.] It was just a trick to trigger the Avatar State... [Cuts back to Fong, who smiles maniacally.] and it worked!
Aang swivels about on the vortex and lands on the ground forcefully, causing a flurry of dust to spread. Fong is sent back several feet while Katara remains rooted to the ground where she was. Cuts to the left of the arena where several soldiers are standing, a torrent of dust rumbling their way. The dust clears to reveal the ground broken and in ruins. Cuts to right of the arena, where several soldiers on ostrich horses stand. The dust torrent passes over them and clears, revealing that side in ruins. Cuts to another area of the base, where several houses lie. Again, the torrent passes over, leaving the houses considerably damaged.

Cuts to Aang, who is still under the influence of the Avatar State. His spirit is seen leaving his body and rising into the air. Cuts to bird's-eye view of the base as Roku's dragon, Fang passes by, Avatar Roku and Aang riding atop the beast.

Roku [Looking at Aang.] It's time you learned.
They fly higher above the dusty clouds. Cuts to side shot of the dragon, many small figures seen floating in the distance.
Roku [Cuts to Roku.] The Avatar State is a defense mechanism, designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all the past Avatars.
Cuts to Avatar Kyoshi, who stands surrounded by rocky mountain terrain. Her eyes glow for a moment and she assumes a fighting stance. The camera zooms out to reveal two large earthen statues, somewhat resembling badgermoles. She performs a series of moves which cause the statues to rise into the air, and send them past toward the camera.
Roku The glow is the combination of all your past lives, focusing their energy through your body.
Cuts to a shot of Avatar Kuruk, riding atop a raft in the middle of the ocean. His eyes glow momentarily before he raises his arms and summons a gigantic tsunami-like wave. He is seen rapidly riding atop the wave toward the screen. Cuts to Avatar Yangchen, who stands in a grassy field surrounded by a forest area. Her eyes glow briefly as she swings her arms and swivels around, conjuring powerful winds. The camera zooms out to the entire field and the forest blown violently by the wind.
Roku In the Avatar State, you are at your most powerful, [Cuts to an unnamed fire Avatar, who summons lava spouts from four volcanoes; the lava washes over the screen and the scene cuts back to Roku and Aang.] but you are also at your most vulnerable.
Aang What do you mean?
Roku If you are killed in the Avatar State, [The figures of him and the Avatars in the background are blown away like dust.] the reincarnation cycle will be broken [Shows the line of Avatars with Aang standing at the end; the Avatars begin to fade away in succession down the line.] and the Avatar will cease to exist.
Aang is shown with a worried look on his face. The scene cuts to the base where Fang flies over Fong's base. Cuts to Aang's body, surrounded by a dome of air. Fang flies downward, head first, passing through Aang's body and into the ground. Aang's spirit is brought back to his physical self and he exits the Avatar State.

He falls to the ground weak and surveys the damage he caused to the base. Cuts to the ruins of the arena, houses destroyed and earth coins flung about. Cuts to Katara, completely unharmed from the whole ordeal, who approaches Aang and hugs him.

Aang [Embracing her; regretfully.] I'm sorry, Katara. I hope you never have to see me like that again.
Fong [Triumphantly.] Ha! Are you joking? That was almost perfect! [Thoughtfully.] We just have to find out a way to control you when you're like that.
Aang [Slightly angry.] You're out of your mind.
Fong I guess we'll figure it out on the way to the Fire Nation.
Sokka appears behind the general, riding the ostrich horse. He raises his club and strikes the general on the head, which knocks him out cold.
Sokka Anybody got a problem with that?
The soldiers shake their heads. Zooms out to the gang, several soldiers and Fong, who lies on the ground motionless.
Soldier Do you still want an escort to Omashu?
Katara [Casts the group a look of annoyance.] I think we're all set.
The group leaves the base on Appa. The scene changes to the village resort. Azula is seen standing on the balcony of one of the residential buildings. Two Royal Procession guards stand in the background to protect her.
Azula [Holds up wanted poster of her brother and uncle.] Anyone who harbors these traitors will face the wrath of the Fire Lord! [She lays a hand on the balcony, causing the residents to cower in fear; cuts to close-up of her.] There will be no place left to hide!
The scene changes to a riverside. The shadowy reflections of two figures on the run can be seen in the water. Cuts to view of the river bank and the area nearby as Zuko and Iroh run frantically. Cuts to riverbank as the two stop and fall to the ground, catching their breath.
Iroh I think we're safe here.
Cuts to shot from Zuko's perspective as he pulls out a small dagger. Cuts to close-up of Zuko holding the dagger, its blade reflecting the sunlight. Cuts briefly to Iroh, who closes his eyes, seemingly aware of his nephew's actions. He casts a look at Zuko, who holds the knife under his ponytail. Cuts to close-up of his ponytail, as he slices it off with the knife. He holds it in his hand and looks at it for a moment before passing the knife to Iroh, who cuts off his topknot. Cuts to Zuko's hand, as he releases his ponytail. Cuts to the surface of the river, as the two topknots are released and float down the river. The camera zooms out to where Zuko and Iroh stand quietly on the bank of the river.

The camera pans upward and fades to a scene later in the day where the trio is heading up the mountainside to Omashu.

Aang [Back to regular voice; voice-over.] When you see all those slopes, that is the Omashu delivery system. [Camera shows the top of the city.] Miles and miles of tubes and chutes.

Earthbending brings the packages up, and gravity brings them down.

Sokka [Cut back to the trio; unimpressed.] Great, so they get their mail on time.
Aang [Excitedly.] They do get their mail on time, [Close-up of Aang.] but my friend Bumi found [Squints eyes mischievously.] a better use for them.
Scene fades to a flashback to a hundred years ago, when Aang visited the city before. Back shot of a young Bumi watching over the city. When Aang walks up, he excitedly jumps around.
Young Bumi [Excitedly.] Look around you! What do you see?
Aang [Unsurely.] Um... the mail system?
Young Bumi [Pointing his finger in the air and waving it around while Aang walks up to him.] Instead of seeing what they want you to see, [Leaning toward Aang.] you got to open your brain to the possibilities.
Aang [Uncomprehending.] A package-sending system?
Young Bumi [Excitedly; camera moves back to show the start of one of the chutes.] The world's greatest superslide!
Aang [Close-up of a crazed smiling Bumi, and a broadly smiling Aang.] Bumi, you're a mad genius!
Bumi chuckles with an odd snort as the camera slowly moves to a close-up. Cut to a shot of Aang and Bumi riding down the "superslide", happily laughing. Bumi throws his hands in the air as they hurtle out of the scene. Slowly, the scene fades back to present day
Sokka Well, the journey was long and annoying, but now you get to see what it's really about: the destination. [Close-up of him.] I present to you the Earth Kingdom city of O- [Pauses abruptly.] Oh no...
The camera shifts to behind him where they soon discover that Omashu has been captured and placed under Fire Nation rule. Ominous music is heard as a close-up of the entrance draped with a Fire Nation flag is shown.

The scene switches to a forest landscape, where Zuko and Iroh are now living as fugitives. The camera shows a close-up of Iroh's face, as he gasps and stares in awe at a red and white flower. Cuts to full view of him and an area behind him.

Zuko [Emerging from the bushes, now sporting short, black hair.] I didn't find anything to eat! I can't live like this! I wasn't meant to be a fugitive. [Raises fists in the air and yells at the sky.] This is impossible! [Looking over at Iroh.] Uncle, what are you doing?
Iroh [Cuts to Iroh who dotes over the flower. Zuko appears behind him.] You're looking at the rare white dragon bush. Its leaves make a tea so delicious, it's heartbreaking. That, or it's the white jade, which is poisonous.
Zuko We need food, not tea. I'm going fishing. [Walks away.]
Iroh [Dreamily.] Hmm... delectable tea? [More suspiciously.] Or deadly poison?
The scene switches to the forest, where Zuko has arrived from his fishing expedition. When the camera pans upward, it is revealed that he has only managed to spear a single, tiny fish which flaps about helplessly on the large branch he used for a fishing pole. Cuts to Iroh hunched over, his back to the camera.
Iroh Zuko, remember that plant I thought might be tea?
Zuko [Shocked.] You didn't...
Iroh I did... [Turns around.]... and it wasn't. [Reveals himself to be swollen and covered in red marks.]
Zuko [Drops branch out of shock.] Ahh!
Iroh [Surprisingly calmly.] When the rash spreads to my throat, I will stop breathing. But look what I found. [Holds out arm to reveal berries.] These are bacui berries, known to cure the poison of the white jade. [Unenthusiastically.] That, or maka'ole berries that cause blindness.
Zuko [Grabbing branch of berries and hurling it into the bushes.] We're not taking any more chances with these plants! We need to get help.
Iroh But where are we going to go? [Kneeling down and scratching his rash vigorously.] We're enemies of the Earth Kingdom and fugitives from the Fire Nation. [Camera zooms in on his reddened leg.]
Zuko If the Earth Kingdom discovers us, they'll have us killed.
Iroh [Rises.] But if the Fire Nation discovers us, we'll be turned over to Azula.
They look at each other and pause briefly.
Zuko [Nodding and walking away.] Earth Kingdom it is.
The scene changes as the camera zooms out quickly to reveal a red Fire Nation flag waving in the wind. Cuts to shot of the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu having been captured by the Fire Nation. A bold red flag bearing the Fire Nation insignia is proudly hung; gray plumes of smoke fill the air surrounding the fallen city.
Aang [Viewing the city, his back to the camera; in a somewhat shocked tone.] I can't believe it. I know the War has spread far, [Turning toward the camera sadly.] but Omashu always seemed... untouchable.
Sokka Up until now it was. [Crosses arms over chest.] Now Ba Sing Se is the only great Earth Kingdom stronghold left.
Katara [Cuts to shot of entire group standing on the cliffside overlooking the city.] This is horrible, [Approaches Aang; cuts to side-view of the two standing next to each other.] but we have to move on.
Aang No, I'm going in to find Bumi.
Sokka Aang, stop. We don't even know if Bumi's still...
Aang [Angrily.] What? If he's still what?
Sokka [Unsurely.] A-around.
Katara I know you had your heart set on Bumi, but there are other people who can teach you earthbending.
Aang This isn't about finding a teacher. This is about finding my friend.
The scene changes to a village. Camera cuts to a hospital before switching to the inside of the building. One doctor is treating a man with what appears to be a cupping treatment. The man grits his teeth in pain. The camera pans over to where a girl is treating Iroh's allergic reaction. Zuko is seated on a bench.
Song [Wringing cloth.] You two must not be from around here. We know better than to touch the White Jade, much less make it into tea and drink it. [Flicks Iroh's hand away when he scratches his rash.]
Iroh [The girl moves away from the camera's eye, revealing Iroh to be in an even worse condition than before with the rash having spread to his face and his cheeks swollen.] Whoops!
Song So where are you traveling from?
Zuko [Nervously; rises from his seat as she moves his hand down so she could wash it.] Yes, we're travelers.
Song Do you have names?
Zuko Names? Of course we have names. [Song turns to see Iroh scratching and glares at him, before slapping his hand away.] I'm, uh... Lee and this is my Uncle, uh... Mushi?
Iroh [Shoots him angry look. Cuts to shot of Song taking a lotion from a jar. She begins slathering it over the inflamed areas.] Yes, my nephew was named after his father, so we just call him Junior. [Leans over to the side to give Zuko a pleased smile.]
Zuko glares angrily at Iroh and moves his finger across his neck signaling that he's dead meat, but abruptly halts and puts his hands behind his back when Song turns to look at him.
Song Mushi and Junior, huh. My name is Song. You two look like you could use a good meal. [Slaps Iroh's hand away when he goes to scratch his rash.] Why don't you stay for dinner?
Zuko [Looking away.] Sorry, but we need to be moving on.
Song [Screwing the cap back on the lid.] That's too bad. [Gives an innocent smile.] My mom always makes too much roast duck.
Iroh [Excitedly.] Where do you live exactly?
Scene changes to below Omashu's gate where Aang is attempting to open the entrance to a secret tunnel.
Sokka A secret passage? Why didn't we just use this last time?
Aang opens the tunnel, revealing it to be filled with sewage.
Sokka Ugh!
Aang That answer your question?
Sokka Eww!
The group proceeds through the tunnel to the inside of Omashu. Aang conjures an air ball with his staff to clear the path while Katara uses waterbending to maneuver the sewage carefully around her. Sokka, on the other hand, is continually soaked in the foul substance.
Katara That wasn't as bad as I thought.
Sokka emerges covered in slime. Katara spots water nearby and splashes Sokka with it using waterbending to wash off the sewage followed by Aang who uses airbending to dry him off while he screams which reveals that three pentapi have attached themselves to his skin.
Sokka [In a panicking tone while trying to yank the pentapox off.] Ahh! They won't let go! Help!
Aang [Quickly tackles Sokka into a wall in order to slience him; in a somewhat cheerful tone.] Shh! Stop making so much noise. It's just a purple pentapus.
Sokka looks at the pentapuses in fear. Aang removes the first pentapus by lightly rubbing its head as Sokka watches. Sokka rubs the spot where the creature was attached, and does the same procedure to get the second one off. Several guards suddenly approach them as Aang takes the third one off.
Guard one Hey! What are you kids doing out past curfew?
Katara Sorry. We were just on our way home.
The kids turn and walk away, Sokka bringing up the rear. The guard notices the red welts on the back of Sokka's neck.
Guard one [Notices the spots where the pentapus was attached to Sokka.] Wait, what's the matter with him?
Katara Uh, he has pentapox, sir. [As he approaches.] Umm, it's highly contagious.
Sokka [Exaggerating.] Oh, it's so awful. I'm dying.
Katara And deadly.
Guard two Hey, I think I heard of pentapox! Didn't your cousin Chang die of it?
Guard one We'd better go wash our hands, and burn our clothes.
The guards run away in fear.
Aang Thank you, sewer friends.
Scene switches to on board Azula's ship. She is consulting her assistants, Li and Lo.
Li When tracking your brother and uncle, traveling with the royal procession may no longer be an option.
Lo May no longer be wise.
Lo and Li If you hope to keep the element of surprise.
Azula You're right. The Royal Procession is dead weight. If I want to catch my prey, I must be agile, nimble. I need a small, elite team. It's time to visit some old friends.
The scene changes where we now see Zuko and Iroh preparing to depart from Song's house. They stand outside, dozens of fireflies in the air.
Iroh Thank you for the duck. It was excellent.
Song's mother You're welcome. It brings me pleasure to see someone eat my cooking with such... gusto.
Iroh [Pats his stomach in a contented manner.] Much practice.
Zuko turns to leave.
Iroh Junior, where are your manners? You need to thank these nice people.
Zuko [Turns and bows.] Thank you.
Song I know you don't think there's any hope left in the world, but there is hope. The Avatar has returned.
Zuko [Bitterly.] I know.
He leaves, but stops as he comes across an ostrich horse. Quietly, he walks over to the animal, unfastens it from its post and leads it away. The camera cuts to a shot from Song's front yard. Zuko appears on screen, riding the animal.
Iroh What are you doing? These people just showed you great kindness.
Zuko They're about to show us a little more kindness. Well?
Disappointed and reluctant, Iroh mounts the ostrich horse and the two ride away, leaving Song upset. She quietly closes the screen door to the house.
Scene switches to Omashu by twilight, where Aang, Katara and Sokka with Momo on his shoulder are sneaking around. They hide behind some metal bars used for construction as a patrol passes.
Katara Let's find Bumi and get out of here.
Sokka Where would they be keeping him?
Aang Somewhere he can't earthbend. Somewhere made of metal.
The foursome goes on. The picture switches to a close-up of a young woman with black hair and an emotionless expression named Mai. Behind her walk two Fire Nation guards.
Mai There really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred for this place.
Cut to a wider shot to show Mai walking next to an older woman carrying a baby. They are being escorted by Fire Nation guards.
Mai's mother Mai, your father was appointed governor. We're like royalty here. Be happy and enjoy it.
The picture widens as the camera zooms up to show some rocks, ready to be pushed down one of Omashu's mail delivery chutes which ends near where Mai's party is walking. You can clearly see the light of the torches from up above.
Resistance fighter The targets are approaching.
Close-up of a bearded man wearing an Earth Kingdom military uniform.
Yung Take them out.
Cut back to Mai's party walking down below.
Mai [In a dull tone.] I thought my life was boring in the Fire Nation, but this place is unbearably bleak. Nothing ever happens.
Cut to the resistance fighter at the beginning of the chute, who pushes the rocks down the chute with earthbending. Aang and his friends walk by and they see the rocks crumbling down at high speed. Aang looks in distress at Mai's party. He raises his staff and pulverizes the rock with a blast of air as it passes. Mai's party is alerted by the sound and looks up to see what caused it. Close-up of Mai who squints her eyes to make out who is standing above her before the picture shows Aang again. Cut back to the party.
Mai's mother [Pointing at Aang.] The resistance!
Close-up of Mai, who is seen for the first time with a faint smile on her face. She spreads her arms at Aang, causing tiny arrows to fly toward him. Aang quickly jumps up, avoiding the arrows which bury themselves in the stack of construction material Aang lands on. Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo run away as two of the Fire Nation guards are climbing up ladders to get to them.

Katara quickly turns around and uses the water from her pouch to form a water whip and send the two guards flying off into the deep. As you see them falling, we see Mai reaching the top. While she is running toward Katara, she stretches out her right hand, shooting off some more arrows. Katara raises a shield of ice to protect herself as the arrows embed themselves in it. Mai keeps charging Katara, who runs away. Mai jumps over the icy wall in hot pursuit of Katara. Aang awaits Katara and lets her pass as he awaits the arrival of Mai. With a spinning sweep of wind, he causes some of the construction scaffolding to collapse. Mai sees the scaffolding collapse and directs a throwing star right at Aang. He twirls his staff in front of him and catches the flying star with it. Mai stands on one side of the collapsed scaffolding and has a clear shot on Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo. As she throws more arrows at them, the ground beneath the team opens up, making them disappear and rapidly closes again. Mai looks at the place where her targets disappeared, letting out a deep sigh. She turns around and walks away.

Cut to a tunnel scene. The image shows the rectangle where the kids fell through. Green sewage waste drips from the ceiling. The camera moves down, revealing a group of people who are looking at the three kids. Aang and Sokka are rubbing their heads, while Katara just sits there a bit disorientated. Cut to a shot of Yung, flanked by two other men.

The picture switches to an upside down shot of some grass. When the view pans up, we see mountains, circus tents and some people working in the background. Azula, also upside down, walks in.

Azula Ty Lee, could that possibly be you?
The camera moves to show a close-up of a girl, Ty Lee, standing on her index fingers. She smiles when she sees Azula.
Ty Lee Azula!
Ty Lee flips from her stance and spins around in a graceful twirl to bow down before Azula. She runs forward to embrace Azula.
Ty Lee It is so good to see you!
Azula Please, don't let me interrupt your... [Raises an eyebrow in wonder.] whatever it is you were doing.
Ty Lee, still smiling, does a back flip and ends up lying on her chest with one leg stretched out over her head and the other straight up to the sky.
Azula [Glances around.] Tell me, what is the daughter of a nobleman doing here? [Looks back at Ty Lee.] Certainly our parents didn't send us to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls to end up in... [Looks to her side.] places like this.
Azula looks as three men are trying to move a platypus bear. The Bear groans and moves up to reveal that it has laid an egg. Azula looks at this in disgust and turns her attention back to Ty Lee, grinning once more.
Azula I have a proposition for you.
Cut to Ty Lee who is still lying on the ground, watching the same Platypus bear as Azula, but she looks happy to see what has happened. When Azula addresses her, she diverts her attention away from the bear and looks at Azula in a wondering gaze.
Azula I'm hunting a traitor. [While looking casually at her nails.] You remember my old fuddy-duddy uncle, don't you?
Ty Lee [Resting on her chest and elbows, but now with her both feet resting on her head.] Oh yeah. He was so funny.
Azula I would be honored if you would join me on my mission.
Ty Lee Oh... I... uh... would love to. [She stands up in a fluid elegant movement.] But the truth is, I'm really happy here. [Smiling sincerely.] I mean, my aura has never been pinker!
Azula [Raising up her hand in a "stop" motion to Ty Lee.] I'll take your word for it. Well, I wouldn't want you to give up the life you love just to please me.
Ty Lee [Bows in respect.] Thank you, Azula. [Continues stretching.]
Azula [While walking away.] Of course, before I leave, I'm going to catch your show.
Ty Lee's accidentally breaks her stance, as she gasps in panic. She continues her stretch once more and the expression of panic changes to one of worry.
Ty Lee [Hesitantly.] Uh... yeah... sure... uh... of course...
Cut back to Ba Sing Se, where a lot of people have gathered in some sort of underground cave. At the other side of the room, we can see Aang, Sokka and Katara entering the large space through a tunnel. They are talking to three other men.
Aang So, is King Bumi with you guys? Is he leading the resistance?
Cut to a close-up of Yung who angrily balls his fist as he answers Aang's question.
Yung Of course not! The day of the invasion, we readied ourselves for battle. We were prepared to defend our city... to fight for our lives and for our freedom. But before we even had a chance, King Bumi surrendered.
The camera moves slowly toward Aang, who is clearly disconcerted by the news. Katara gives Aang a look of concern.
Yung The day of the invasion, I asked King Bumi what he wanted to do. [Cut to his close-up.] He looked me in the eye and said...
A flashback shows the day Omashu was under attack. King Bumi and Yung stand atop of one of the city's walls, looking down while fire balls decorate the sky.
King Bumi I'm going to do... nothing! [He starts to laugh and snort like the mad lunatic he is.]
The flashback fades away to make room for another close-up of Yung.
Yung It doesn't matter now. [Cut to Aang who sadly lowers his eyes as the resistance leader continues.] Fighting the Fire Nation is the only path to freedom. [Switch to a close-up of Yung again.] And freedom is worth dying for.
As Yung ends his speech, a smile plays on his face. Aang sadly leans on his staff. He raises his eyes as while he addresses Yung.
Aang Actually there's another path to freedom. You could leave Omashu. You're directing all your energy to fight the Fire Nation. [The camera pans to the right, showing several Earth Kingdom soldiers.] But you're outnumbered. You can't win. Now's the time to retreat, so you can live to fight another day.
Yung You don't understand. They've taken our home, and we have to fight them at any cost! He makes some powerful hand gestures to make his point more clear.
Resistance fighter #1 [In a soft tone.] I don't know, Yung, living to fight another day is startin' to sound pretty good to me.
Resistance fighter #2 [He takes a step forward and points toward himself. He addresses Yung with a decisive tone.] Yeah, I'm with the kid!
Yung looks at all the people who have taken refuge under ground and now are living in the sewer tunnels while they whisper among themselves. He looks back at Aang.
Yung Fine. But there's thousands of citizens that need to leave. How're we going to get them all out?
Switch to Sokka whose hand is on his chin as he is cooking up a plan. He points at Yung as he exclaims his idea.
Sokka Suckers!
Katara raises one eyebrow and just stares at Sokka. The rest of the group follows her example. Momo chirps questionably. Sokka blinks, shifting his eyes right and left, smiling broadly.
Sokka You're all about to come down with a nasty case of pentapox.
Cut to a shot of a bucket of water filled with pentapi. A hand reaches in and takes one out. The civilian, whose face is already covered with the marks of removed pentapi, places it on his exposed left arm. Its jellylike body moves up and down a bit. After a few seconds, someone else removes the pentapus by gently rubbing its head. We see several shots of people placing and removing pentapi from their face, shoulders and arms.

Switch to a top view of the people as Sokka walks over to them to address them. While he speaks, the camera pans out, showing a close-up of all the inhabitants of Omashu covered with the suction spots of the pentapi.

Sokka The marks make ya look sick, but you gotta act sick too. Ya gotta sell it!
And old man hobbles into view, leaning heavily on his cane. He clutches his back while moaning in pain.
Sokka [Grabs the guy who is standing next to him and points at the old man.] Now that's what I'm talkin' about.
The man turns around, smiling. He taps his wooden leg with his cane.
Old man Years of practice.
Sokka Okay everyone! Into sick formation.
Sokka and the other civilians start walking toward the gates of Omashu. Just as Katara wants to join them, she notices that Aang is walking off in the other direction.
Katara Aang, what are you doing? Aren't you coming with us.
Aang [He turns around.] No. I'm not leaving until I find Bumi.
Momo jumps on Aang's shoulders, tugging Aang's lips. He grabs Momo by his neck and places him back on the ground.
Aang Sorry Momo, I'll feed you later.
Aang uses airbending to propel him unto the air. He whizzes away, jumping from one rooftop to the other.

Switch to some Fire Nation soldiers with spears who are guarding the gates of Omashu. A moaning crowd of 'sick' people walks toward them from every direction. They move like zombies, swaying back and forth. One of them even falls down. The guards back away as the sick crowd reaches them. Sokka theatrically grabs his face and moans painfully, before stretching out his hands toward the frightened guards.

Soldier Plague! Plague!
The guards on the ground start to retreat into the citadel behind them, away from the sick, while another guard rings the gong to alert everyone of the problem at hand.

Switch to the governor of Omashu and his family, including Mai, who is eating a bowl of fire flakes, watching on one of his balconies, looking out over the city.

Mai's father What is going on down there?
Guard I saw some kids yesterday who were sick with pentapox. It must have spread!
Mai's father Pentapox! [He pulls his beard.] Hmm, I'm pretty sure I've heard of that.
Governor's wife Oh, this is terrible.
Guard What should we do?
Mai's father Drive them out of the city [He points toward the gates.]...but don't touch them! We have to rid the city of this disease!
The guard bows in respect before leaving to spread the governor's orders. Mai calmly offers her dad the bowl of fire flakes.
Mai Fire flakes, Dad?
Mai's mother [Gasping.] How awful!
The governor's family is shown from behind. As his wife hugs her husband, the little baby beside her, Mai's brother Tom-Tom toddles away from the group.

Switch to Aang running through the streets of the city. He nimbly climbs a house and balances on the railing, before landing on a flat rooftop. He spots a giant, white creature below, sadly pushing forth a turnstile. Aang jumps down to discover that the creature is Flopsie, King Bumi's pet goat gorilla.

Aang Flopsie!
As Aang calls his name, Flopsie turns around and happily tries to reach his friend. His chains hold him back, so he sadly ceases his attempts. Aang jumps over him and uses the water from his drinking bowl to freeze the lock on his chains. With one swing of his staff, Aang destroys the lock, freeing Flopsie. The happy animal hugs and licks Aang's face.
Aang Come on, Flopsie. [He climbs on top of Flopsie.] You gotta help me find Bumi. Yip Yip! [Flopsie does not move a muscle.] Oh... I guess that doesn't work with you. Let's go!
Flopsie races off at great speed. Meanwhile Momo is soaring through the city. He lands on a balcony and peeks through a window. We see a cluttered room with dressing panels at the back. A teddy bear is thrown repeatedly in the air by someone behind the panels. Momo spots a full scale of berries and starts to drool. He quickly enters the chamber through the window and starts to stuff his face. He rapidly spits out the seeds. Some of them land behind the panels. Cut to Tom-Tom who is playing with the stuffed animal behind the panels. He notices the seeds and crawls away, following their path. The trail of seeds leads right back to Momo, who is still sitting on the table, his tail dangling over the edge. Tom-Tom sits up in wonder as he examines the tail before pulling it. Cut to a surprised Momo who is pulled down to the ground in mid bite. He pulls a giggling Tom-Tom along as he tries to get away from his grasp. Momo pulls free and jumps out of the window on to the railing. As he looks back, he sees that the baby stumbles toward him with his arms spread out wide. Momo backs away, leaping of the railing and flying away.
The baby is too late to grab Momo, so he tumbles off the railing. While he is sliding down the roof, he cannot stop giggling. He lands in a box of berries sliding down one of Omashu's chutes. Momo lands on the same box and starts to stuff his face again. His eyes open wide as Tom-Tom emerges behind him. The baby grabs Momo's tail and bites it. The lemur jumps in the air and frantically flaps his wings in an attempt to get away once more. As the slope becomes steeper, Momo is able to lift himself as well as Tom-Tom who is still clinging on to his tail. The lemur cannot bear the weight and they start to descend. Tom-Tom is being dragged over the ground as they crash-land. Tom-Tom rolls over the ground and lands on top of Momo, pinning him to the ground, and causing him to screech and shake around desperately.
The moaning crowd passes them by, diverting Tom-Tom attention away from Momo. Momo escapes into the crowd. The baby pushes himself to his feet and staggers after the crowd, out of the gates.
Cut to the Fire Nation circus at night. Upon entering, performers in two Chinese dragon's costumes are dancing. As they move out of the frame, the circus master stands before the circus's main ring, addressing the crowd.
Circus master We're deeply honored to have the Fire Lord's daughter at our humble circus.
Switch to a shot from the back, revealing Azula sitting in high box seat with two guards at her side.
Circus master Uh...tell us if there is anything we can do to make the show more enjoyable.
Cut to a close-up of Azula.
Azula I will.
Cut to a shot of the circus ring. The camera moves up, revealing a net spanned under an acrobat who is balancing on a rope, high up in the air on one hand. The camera zooms in. The acrobat is Ty Lee, who is wearing very colorful clothing.

Switch to a shot of Azula and the circus master, who are both looking up, fascinated by Ty Lee's performance.

Azula Incredible. Do you think she'll fall?
Circus master Of course not.
Azula Then wouldn't it make it more interesting if you removed the net?
Azula looks directly at the circus master. Close-up of the concerned look upon his face.
Circus master [Concerned.] Uh...the thing is...the performers...
Azula You're right, you're right. That's been done. [After a short pause, she continues with a tone of dark pleasure.] I know. Set the net on fire.
Circus master [Worried.] Of course, Princess.
With a worried look upon his face, the circus master leaves the box to set the net of fire. Ty Lee looks down in concern at the consuming flames beneath her. She continues with her act.

Cut back to the box seat, where the circus master is balling his fist and clenching his teeth, hoping that Ty Lee will not fall off.

Azula [Ecstatic.] Brilliant, just brilliant! [She looks down at the circus master and asks happily.] Ooh, what kind of dangerous animals do you have?
The circus master looks up, hopeful that he can change the subject to the animals and save Ty Lee from her burning peril.
Circus master Well, our circus boasts the most exotic assortment-
Azula Release them all!
The circus master looks utterly shocked by Azula's command. Close-up again of Ty Lee's worried face, as she is still balancing on one hand above the flames. Cut to an outside-view of the circus. As the camera pans up, several animal noises fill the night.

Switch to an overview shot of a campsite in the surrounding mountains of Omashu. People are sitting around several campfires. Cut to Aang and Flopsie who are walking into the camp. Katara and Sokka move to greet a sad looking Aang.

Aang [Sadly.] We looked everywhere. No Bumi.
Katara hugs him. Flopsie moans sadly, so Sokka turns around and hugs Flopsie's face.

The arrival of Yung interrupts their hugs.

Yung We've got a problem. We just did a head count.
Katara [Worried, turns back to Yung.] Oh no. Did someone get left behind?
Yung No, we have an extra.
Yung points to something to the left. Katara gazes in that direction and sees Momo staggering forward with the Tom-Tom clamped around his neck. Team Avatar and Yung just stare for a second at the poor animal and the baby.
Cut to the governor's house in Omashu. The governor's wife is sobbing on the balcony. Her daughter Mai slowly reaches into her robe and pulls out a handkerchief and gives it to her mother with a bored expression on her face. The governor rests his hands on the railing of the balcony as he stares out over his city. His sobbing wife, apathetic daughter and two guards stand behind him. Zoom toward the governor as he speaks.
Mai's father So, the resistance has kidnapped my son. Everything so clever, so tricky. Just like their King Bumi.
He balls his right hand into a fist. One of the guards behind him steps forward.
Guard What do you want to do, sir?
The camera pans out, showing a panoramic view of the city.

The view fades to a bouquet of black flowers that are being placed on a desk. As the camera moves back, Azula and Ty Lee are revealed in Ty Lee's dressing room. Azula is standing behind Ty Lee, who is sitting at the desk and looking through a mirror.

Azula What an exquisite performance. I can't wait to see how you'll top yourself tomorrow.
Cut closer to Ty Lee. Azula and Ty Lee's face are visible in Ty Lee's mirror.
Ty Lee [Smiling at Azula's reflection in the mirror.] I'm sorry Azula, but unfortunately there won't be a show tomorrow.
Azula Really?
Ty Lee [Hangs up her tiara.] The universe has given me strong hints that it's time for a career change. [She gets up and turns around to face Azula.] I want to join you on your mission.
Zoom to a satisfied looking Azula.
Switch back to an overview shot of the campsite in the valley. The gang, the baby, Flopsie and three resistance fighters are sitting at one of the many campfires. The baby is still trying to catch Momo. The lemur leaps out of the way and the baby tumbles down, right next to Sokka's club. He picks it up and starts to suck on it. The camera moves back as Sokka snatches the club out of the baby's hands.
Sokka No! Bad Fire Nation baby!
The child starts to cry. Katara looks from the baby to Sokka and whacks him across the face before placing her hands on her hips in a motherly fashion.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Oh...all right.
Sokka gives his club back to the baby who immediately stops crying and starts to play with it. Katara hugs him from behind.
Katara [Baby voice.] Oooh, you're so cute. [She kisses him on the cheek, while an annoyed Sokka looks the other side, resting his head on his hand.] Mmmmm...
Cut to Yung sitting on the other side of the fire.
Yung Sure he's cute now, but when he's older, he'll join the Fire Nation army. [Switch to Katara who is happily playing with the baby under the annoyed gaze of her brother.] You won't think he's so cute then. He'll be a killer.
Katara picks the baby up and shows him to Yung.
Katara Does that look like the face of a killer to you?
Cut to a close-up of Yung whose face remains totally indifferent at the sight of the cute baby.

Switch to a picture of an arriving messenger hawk. The animal shrieks and lands on a nearby rock.

Yung A messenger hawk!
Close-up of the canister on the hawk's back. It has the Fire Nation insignia on it. Aang unrolls the scroll, close-up of the message.
Aang It's from the Fire Nation governor. He thinks we kidnapped his son. [Switch to another view. Aang is shown standing at the other side of the campfire, reading the message.] So...he wants to make a trade. His son [Zoom to Aang's surprised face while he continues dramatically, his eyes widening.] for King Bumi.
Switch to a panoramic view by day of the mountains surrounding Omashu. Aang holds the baby in his arms while he stares at Omashu. He walks down the hill he was standing on toward Katara and Sokka, who are waiting next to Appa.
Sokka You realize we're probably walking right into a trap.
Aang I don't think so. I'm sure the governor wants his son back as much as we want Bumi. [Smiling at the sleeping baby he holds against his chest.] It's a new day. I have a good feeling about this.
Cut to inside the city of Omashu. A royal palanquin is being carried up the stairs toward the house of the governor. The silhouette of Azula can be seen through the veils. At the base of next stairs, the lonely figure of Mai awaits the arrival of the palanquin. Azula gets out and she and Ty Lee walk over to Mai. They halt before her. Mai puts her hands together and bows slightly toward Azula.
Mai Please tell me you're here to kill me.
A close-up of Mai. She looks up at Azula and a slight smile appears on her otherwise emotionless features. Both girls start to laugh.
Azula [Placing her hands on Mai's shoulders.] It's great to see you, Mai.
Ty Lee rushes forward to give Mai a big hug. Mai uncomfortably pats her back a little with her left hand.
Mai I thought you ran off and joined the circus. You said it was your calling.
Ty Lee [Releases Mai.] Well, Azula called a little louder.
Azula I have a mission and I need you both. [Azula places a hand on both her friends' shoulders.]
Mai Count me in. Anything to get me out of this place. [She looks annoyed at the palace.]
Cut to a large red flag with the black Fire Nation mark on it. The camera pans down and shows that Azula is sitting on the throne of Omashu, flanked by two Fire Nation guards. The governor and his wife are in front of her, as well as Mai and Ty Lee.
Mai's father I apologize. [Switch to a closer shot of the governor who squatting down on a pillow.] You've come to Omashu at a difficult time. At noon we're making a trade with the resistance to get Tom-Tom back.
Azula Yes, I'm so sorry to hear about your son, but really, [She crosses her legs and clasps her hands.] what did you expect by just letting all the citizens leave? [She stands up, addressing the governor in a harsher tone.] My father has trusted you with this city and you're making a mess of things! [She emphasizes her words with a hand gesture.]
The governor and his wife prostrate themselves before her.
Governor Forgive me, Princess.
Azula walks between the four bowing people in front of her, looking down upon the governor.
Azula You stay here. [Mai and Ty Lee get up behind her.] Mai will handle the hostage trade so you don't have a chance to mess it up. [Cut to a shot of the still smoking city of Omashu, followed by some shots of Fire Nation construction sites.] And there is no more "Omashu". I'm renaming it in honor of my father, the city of New Ozai.
The camera stops on a large statue of Ozai, still in its scaffolds. The camera pans down. A long overview shot reveals Aang, Katara and Sokka standing on a large wooden scaffold. They look serious as a party of three girls approaches, with Mai leading the way.

A crane is shown, lowering a metal cage. A close-up of the cage reveals that it is used to contain King Bumi. Only his head is left uncovered.

King Bumi [Chuckling.] Hi, everybody!
Aang smiles as he sees his friend. The cage touches the ground behind Azula and the rest.
Mai You brought my brother?
Aang He's here. We're ready to trade.
Azula [To Mai.] I'm sorry, but a thought just occurred to me. Do you mind?
Bumi follows the conversation, shifting his eyes from one speaker to the other.
Mai [Turning to Azula.] Of course not, Princess Azula.
Azula We're trading a two year old for a king. [Looks up at Bumi.] A powerful, earthbending king?
King Bumi [Nods.] Mmm hmmm!
Azula It just doesn't seem like a fair trade, does it?
Close-up of Mai's gray eyes as she ponders over the idea. She looks at her brother who yawns and happily rests his head against Sokka's shoulder.
Mai You're right. [Azula smiles slyly while Mai walks forward.] The deal's off.
Mai holds up her hand, gesturing the guards to pull Bumi back up. As the chains reel in from above, the King is suspended in the air once again.
King Bumi [Clearly amused by all this.] Whhhoa! See you all later!
Bumi chuckles and snorts as he is lifted from the scenery. Aang watches him go.
Aang Bumi!
He sprints forward with his glider at the ready, increasing his speed with airbending. Azula tries to stop him by blocking his path with a mighty stream of blue flames. Aang dodges these by leaping high up into the air. Azula is completely shocked by this incredible jump. Aang briefly touches the scaffolding around the statue and pushes himself off, opening his glider in mid air. While opening his glider, he loses his hat, leaving his arrow tattoo exposed. He holds on to the hat with his teeth.
Azula [Surprised.] The Avatar!
Aang circles up toward Bumi's coffin. Cut back to Azula who smiles smugly.
Azula My lucky day.
She runs over to a pulley and blast through the rope that serves as a break. The winch begins to spin rapidly. Azula grabs hold to the rope and is pulled up rapidly toward the top of the construction scaffolding.

Aang lands on the top of Bumi's metal cage.

King Bumi [Surprised.] Aang, is that you? Where did you come from?
Aang Hang on! We're gonna get you out of here.
He takes a deep breath of starts to blow a cold wind on the chain that is lifting Bumi up. The chain slowly starts to freeze.

On the ground, Mai and Ty Lee charge Sokka and Katara. Mai readies her stiletto's while Katara takes on a defensive position.

Katara We've got to get the baby out of here!
Sokka [Blows on the bison whistle before looking at his sister with a big smile.] Way ahead of ya! [Tom-Tom reaches for the whistle and starts to play with it.]
Cut to an overview shot of Sokka and Katara running to the edge of the big platform. Before they can reach it, Ty Lee's fist emerges from one of the holes in the floor and punches Sokka's foot, causing him to fall over and slide toward the edge. He protectively clutches the baby in his arms, preparing for the worst, but they stop just in time.

Switch back to Katara, who sees Ty Lee jumping out of the hole in the floor and setting course for Sokka. She bends water from her pouch to attack her, but notices something behind her. Cut to a close-up of Mai, who throws four knives at Katara. Katara reacts by quickly by using her water whip to raise up several wooden planks. A close-up of Katara shows that the wooden board is just in time to prevent the knives from piercing her face. The knives embed themselves in the wood. Katara uses her water whip again to shoot the wooden boards to Mai. She turns around in one fluent motion toward Ty Lee who has almost reached Sokka and the baby by now. The water whip grabs Ty Lee by the ankle, pulling her to the ground. This gives Sokka the time he needs to get up and head for a nearby ladder. He slides down and starts his descend of the scaffolding.

Switch to Bumi and Aang, who are still being raised in the air. Aang is still trying to freeze the chain with his breath.

King Bumi Aang, stop your blowing for a minute.
A close-up shows that he finally succeeds in freezing the chain, when an explosion occurs on top of the scaffolding. Azula is propelled in the air and shoots a plume of blue fire toward Aang with a powerful kick. Aang startles by her sudden appearance and swift attack. He deflects the flame with a strong air current of his own.
King Bumi Now hold on just a [The swing of Aang's staff breaks the frozen chain and they freefall down.] duahhh!!!
Aang turns over Bumi's coffin, so he would crash to the ground head first. As they are about to crash upon one of Omashu's chutes, Aang creates an air ball under them to break there fall. They rapidly slide down the chute they landed in.

Cut to Azula who was following the spectacle from atop the scaffolding. She frowns and sprints to a nearby chute, pursuing the Avatar and the King down the chute in a box of her own.

Switch to a laughing Aang standing on Bumi's coffin.

Aang It's just like old times, isn't it, Bumi?
King Bumi [Looking serious.] Aang, I need to talk to you!
Aang It's good to see you too!
While Aang is still smiling, he notices the fast approach of something in a chute on his left. He turns to see what it is, just as Azula shoots several fire missiles toward them. He spins his staff above his head to deflect them. Both chutes come together and Azula is now behind them. Aang directs a gust at her, but she parts it with her hands clasped together in front of her. She retaliates with several fire blasts. Aang ducks underneath them and starts to peddle with his staff, increasing their speed. They enter a portion of the chute that has wooden arches over it at short intervals. Aang cuts these through with an air blade, making them collapse upon the track. Azula is caught in the dust cloud, knocked up by the falling debris. When her box emerges again, it seems to be empty. Aang does not see Azula anymore and sighs in relief, but his sigh quickly turns into a scream as Azula emerges again from the box, sending another beam of fire toward him. Aang drops flat on his belly to avoid it. Cut back to the large wooden platform where Mai and Katara are still fighting. Mai dodges Katara's water whips and answers her attacks by shooting stiletto's out of the launcher attached to her leg. Katara easily defends herself by freezing the water to create an ice wall. Mai uses this time to charge Katara head on. The waterbender defends herself by capturing Mai's right arm in a stream of water and freezing it. Mai tries to break the ice, but fails. Ty Lee climbs on the platform behind Katara. She bounces toward Katara and hits her with several quick jabs on her arms. Katara is surprised by this attack and loses control over her water stream that splashes on the ground. She tries to raise the water again, but it only moves a little.
Mai [Taunting.] How are you gonna fight without your bending?
Mai pulls out a sai from her robe and takes aim at a shocked Katara. Just as she is about to throw the weapon, Sokka's boomerang knocks it out of her hand. Ty Lee and Mai spin around to see Sokka flying in on Appa.
Sokka [Catching the boomerang.] I seem to manage!
Sokka and Appa land between Katara and her attackers. As Appa lands, he slams his tail hard on the ground, sending Mai and Ty Lee flying off the scaffolding.

Sokka and Katara are flying down the chutes of Omashu atop of Appa's head. Katara looks and points to her left.

Katara There's Aang!
Sokka [Gazing in the direction Katara pointed.] We can catch him!
With a growl, Appa changes course toward Aang.

Cut to Azula who is still on the offensive, directing multiple beams of fire at Aang. He spins his staff around in defense while they are still rocketing down the chute. Appa pulls up next to him.

Aang Hang on, Bumi! Our ride's here!
Appa swerves to avoid another blue fire blast. As he pulls closer again, Aang lifts up the coffin by hitting the side of the chute. Katara and Sokka try to grab hold of the coffin as it passes overhead, but they cannot reach it. Bumi screams as he and Aang fall down. Aang moves the coffin to a more horizontal position in midair. Their fall is broken by another chute as they land crosswise on it, breaking right through. They land on another chute and start to slide down once again with Azula on their trail.

Switch to Azula who creates a whirling disk of flames and sends it down the chute. It rapidly gains on Aang and Bumi. Bumi peeks at the upcoming fire disk and clenches his teeth in effort. A pillar of earth rises in the middle of the chute, protecting them from the disk. Azula gasps for air as she notices that her path is blocked. She jumps up in the nick of time and slides down the chute on foot, while her box slams to pieces against the rock. She eventually halts in the middle of the chute, looking displeased at Aang and Bumi who continue their descent.

Cut to Aang and Bumi who are nearing the end of the chute.

Aang [Shocked.] You could earthbend? All along?
King Bumi Well, they didn't cover my face.
Bumi strains himself again in effort and raises another earth pillar to stop their descent down the chute. The coffin hits it and ends up standing straight atop of the rock, while Aang lands in front of it, looking up at his friend.
Aang [Slightly annoyed and angry.] I don't understand. Why didn't you free yourself? Why did you surrender when Omashu was invaded? What's the matter with you, Bumi?
King Bumi [Calmly.] Listen to me, Aang. There are options in fighting, called jing. It's a choice of how you direct your energy.
Aang [Cut to a close-up of an annoyed Aang, counting along on his fingers as he sums up the different jings.] I know! There's positive jing when you're attacking, and negative jing when you're retreating.
King Bumi [Happily smiling.] ...and neutral jing when you do nothing!
Aang [He looks shocked at his three raised fingers.] There are three jings?
King Bumi Well, technically there are eighty-five, but let's just focus on the third. Neutral jing is the key to earthbending. It involves listening and waiting for the right moment to strike.
Aang [Starting to understand.] That's why you surrendered, isn't it?
King Bumi Yes, and it's why I can't leave now.
Aang sadly turns around.
Aang [Disappointed.] I guess I need to find someone else to teach me earthbending.
King Bumi Your teacher will be someone who has mastered neutral jing. You need to find someone who waits and listens before striking.
Momo lands on Aang's shoulders.
Aang [Happily.] Hey, Momo!
King Bumi Momo's mastered a few jings himself!
Momo screeches loudly at Bumi.
King Bumi Goodbye, Aang. I'll see you when the time is right.
King Bumi lets his coffin tumble backward and begins his ascend of the chute. He laughs and snorts like a mad man while he uses his earthbending to drive him back to the top of the chute, leaving Aang and Momo behind.

Cut to the royal palanquin being carried out the city, flanked by Mai and Ty Lee.

Mai So, we're tracking down your brother and Uncle, huh?
Ty Lee [Turning to Mai.] It'll be interesting seeing Zuko again, [Teasing.] won't it, Mai?
Mai looks away as a smile plays upon her face.
Azula It's not just Zuko and Iroh anymore. [Cut closer to Azula who continues on a serious tone.] We have a third target now.
Scene fades to Aang that night, peeking down over the gutter of the governor's house. The governor holds his wife while they are looking over the city with a sad expression on their face. Aang silently lands behind them and drops off Tom-Tom. Aang takes off again while the child toddles toward his parents. As they hear the cooing of the child, they turn around, gasping with surprise and excitement.
Mai's mother Tom-Tom!
The governor and his wife joyfully take the baby up into their arms under the watchful eye of Aang who is sitting on the roof. He smiles at the happy scene of the reunited family before he takes off.

Southern Earth Kingdom

The episode opens with an overhead shot of rice paddies. The camera pans down, revealing an Earth Kingdom village. The scene cuts to a shot of a bridge over a nearby stream. People carrying backpacks and other loads walk back and forth over the bridge, either entering or departing the small village.

The scene cuts to a street within the village. Iroh and Zuko are sitting on straw mats, their stolen ostrich horse lying behind them. A cart with masks for sale passes by in front of them; one of the masks is seen to be the Blue Spirit mask. As the cart passes, another pedestrian walks in front of Iroh. Iroh holds his hat out to the pedestrian and begins to talk to him.

Iroh [Somewhat enthusiastically.] Spare coins for weary travelers?
The pedestrian tosses a couple of copper pieces into Iroh's hat as Zuko turns to Iroh in anger.
Zuko [Angrily, with his arms folded.] This is humiliating! We're royalty! These people should be giving us whatever we want.
Iroh They will if you ask nicely. [A peasant woman strolls past; somewhat dramatically.] Spare change for a hungry old man?
Peasant girl [Withdrawing a coin from her sleeve.] Aw, here you go.
Iroh The coin is appreciated, but not as much as your smile!
Zuko slaps his forehead in frustration as the young girl giggles lightly and walks away. As soon as she walks away, a man with dual broadswords on his back wanders up to Iroh and Zuko.
Broadsword man [Smiling.] How about some entertainment in exchange for... a gold piece? [He pulls the piece from his pocket with a flourish.]
Zuko [Annoyed.] We're not performers.
Iroh [Standing up.] Not professional anyway. [He puts the hat down and stands up, swaying lightly as he begins to sing.] It's a long, long way to Ba Sing Se, but the girls in the city, they look so pretty!
Broadsword man [Annoyed with the quality of the entertainment.] Come on, we're talking a gold piece here! Let's see some action! [Zuko glances up sharply as the man withdraws his swords.] Dance! [Begins to slice the ground near Iroh's feet; Iroh hops up and down to "dodge" the attacks while Zuko struggles to control his anger at the man. A birds-eye shot of the street shows other citizens have stopped to watch the spectacle.]
Iroh [Singing.] They kiss so sweet that you really got to meet the girls from Ba Sing Se!
Broadsword man [Stops slicing and laughs.] Ha, ha! Nothing like a fat man dancing for his dinner! Here ya go! [Tosses the gold coin onto the ground and walks away.]
Iroh [Dramatically; close to tears.] Such a kind man.
Zuko glares after the man in anger and humiliation. The image fades. When the image returns, it is of a full moon back in the Earth Kingdom village where Zuko and Iroh were seen last. The camera pans down to reveal the broadsword man walking down a street alone. He hears something behind him, turns and draws his blades. The scene cuts to a frontal shot of him, where there was nothing behind him.
Broadsword man Who's there?
The scene cuts to a close-up shot of his hands, which are both grabbed by another person. He is disarmed and thrown against some nearby boxes, his swords falling uselessly to the ground. His assailant's feet are seen to approach the sword. He picks them up, the camera in turn reveals that the assailant is the Blue Spirit himself.

Switch to a scene in the forest. The camera follows the descent of a fly that is snatched out of the air by a chameleon resting on a branch. The Blue Spirit is making his way through the thicket. The mask of the Blue Spirit is placed in a hollow part at the base of a tree. Zuko peeks around the trunk. The camera zooms toward a cavern where Iroh is sitting. He looks up when Zuko drops the barrels of food at his feet.

Iroh [Wondering.] Where did you get these?
Zuko [Angrily, while walking away.] What does it matter where they came from?
Iroh [Seriously.] Mmmm... [Takes a bite out of one of the cupcakes Zuko brought. The jam drips of his chin. In delight.] ...mmmm!
The camera pans across a wide-view over Gaoling. Town citizens move through the streets. The team stands inside a shop. The camera zooms in on them, gathered around a green bag. Sokka is looking at the bag while pondering. Katara and Momo on her shoulder look at him. Aang sits down, looking the other way and wearing his conical hat.
Sokka [Pensively.] It's pricey... but I really do like it.
Katara Then you should get it. You deserve something nice.
Sokka I do, don't I? [Katara looks at him with a bored expression.] But no, it's too expensive. I shouldn't.
In the background, a town citizen tries to talk to a passer-by, showing him a flyer.
Katara All right, then don't.
Katara walks away in boredom. Aang gets up and follows her. Sokka goes along, too, his eyes still on the bag as he moves out of view. The town citizen with the flyers walks away into the same direction. Sokka quickly comes back into view.
Sokka [Enthusiastically.] You know what? I'm gonna get it. [Smiles in a pleased way.]
Cut to Zuko's and Iroh's hideout in the forest. Zuko sits next to the campfire as Iroh walks into the cave to inspect a new tea set.
Iroh Looks like you did some serious shopping. [He picks up a big, gold-colored teapot.] But where did you get the money?
Zuko [Lazily resting against a tree trunk.] Do you like your new teapot?
Iroh To be honest with you [He puts the pot down.], the best tea tastes delicious whether it comes in a porcelain pot or a tin cup. [Iroh walks over to Zuko and squats down beside him.] I know we've had some difficult times lately. We've had to struggle just to get by. [Places a hand on Zuko's shoulder who closes his eyes as if he was holding something back.] But it's nothing to be ashamed of. There is a simple honor in poverty.
Zuko There's no honor for me without the Avatar.
Iroh Zuko... [Sighs.] Even if you did capture the Avatar, I'm not so sure it would solve our problems. Not now.
Zuko [Turns away from his uncle.] Then there is no hope at all.
Zuko wants to stand up and leave the cave, but Iroh grabs him by the shoulders and sits him down.
Iroh No, Zuko! You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. [Zuko bows his head as he listens to his uncle's wisdom.] In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.
Zuko turns to face his uncle, who looks back at him with a sad look upon his face. Abruptly, Zuko pulls free from Iroh's grasp and heads out into the forest.

Cuts back to Aang, Katara, and Momo waiting down the street. The town citizen turns toward them, showing them the flyer.

Flyer distribution man Psst, psst! Hey, you kids love earthbending? You like... throwing rocks? Then check out Master Yu's Earthbending Academy. [Hands over a flyer with a broad smile.]
Close-up of the flyer as Aang, Katara, and Momo look at it. Aang turns it around.
Aang Look! There's a coupon on the back! The first lesson is free.
The camera zooms out, showing Aang, Katara, and Momo looking at the flyer.
Katara Who knows? This Master Yu could be the earthbending teacher you've been looking for.
Sokka joins them, holding the green bag. He looks wondering at the flyer. Scene cuts to Yu's academy. The camera shows a short view of the entrance. Aang looks perplexed, wearing an Earth Kingdom outfit and a green hat. He puts his finger into his ear, wiggles it and sniffs his finger. He notices he is standing in a row of younger, but serious looking kids and straightens his back.
Yu [Moves toward his two opposing rows of pupils. The row opposite of Aang has rocks placed in front of them.] Take your stances! [His students take their fighting stances, except for Aang.] Now, strike as if you're punching through your opponent's head!
Yu demonstrates the movement he means. The pupils lift their rocks. A close-up shows Aang's startled expression. The camera shifts to a close-up of the student that stands across Aang as he fires his rock at him. Aang gets hit by the rock in the gut and smashes into a vase in the shape of a tea pot by the impact of the blow.
Yu [Approaches Aang.] So, are you ready to commit to more lessons? If you pay for the whole year in advance, I'll bump you up to the next belt!
Aang stares at him, covered in sand and shards. Only his eyes, nose and right hand are visible. The sand shifts and covers his face completely. Moments later, Aang walks out of the academy with the other students and returns to Katara and Sokka.
Aang Ehhh, he's not the one. [Beats his right ear, causing sand to fall out of his left ear.]
Male student [Leaves the Earthbending Academy, accompanied by another student.] I think The Boulder's going to win back the belt at Earth Rumble VI!
Male student #2 He's going to have to fight his way through the best earthbenders in the world to get a chance!
Aang overhears their conversation and runs after them.
Aang Excuse me, but where is this earthbending tournament, exactly?
Male student [Sarcastically.] It's on the island of Noneya... "Noneya" business! [The students laugh and walk away as he looks on disappointed. Sokka walks up to Aang laughing while Katara glares at them while walking up.]
Sokka [Laughs and wipes tears of laughter away.] Oh, I got to remember that one!
Katara [Consolingly to Aang.] I'll take care of this. [To the students.] Hey, strong guys! Wait up! [Runs after the students around a corner.]
Sokka [Looking at his bag, holding it out.] What was I thinking? [Angrily to Aang.] I don't need a new bag! Why did you let me buy this?
He puts the bag down and crosses his arms in front of his chest. Momo hops off his shoulder, into the bag. He turns around inside of it and settles down, closing his eyes. Katara comes running back.
Katara You ready to find an earthbending teacher? Because we're going to Earth Rumble VI!
Aang [Looks surprised.] How'd you get them to tell you?
Katara Oh... a girl has her ways. [Smiles.]
A scene shows the two students frozen together at the head, encased in ice in an alley. Nightfall.

Cut to Iroh who is bending over the supplies.

Zuko Uncle... [Switch to a close-up of Iroh with Zuko on the background.] I thought a lot about what you said.
Iroh [Iroh's sad expression clears up as he hears Zuko talk.] You did? Good, good.
Zuko It's helped me realize something. We no longer have anything to gain by traveling together. [Iroh's brightened expression quickly disappears again.] I need to find my own way.
Iroh bows his head in sorrow. Zuko looks at his uncle for a moment before grabbing his backpack and walking away. The camera zooms in on Iroh's face.
Iroh [Calling after Zuko.] Wait!
Iroh hands Zuko the reins of the ostrich horse. Zuko mounts it, looks at his uncle one last time and heads off, leaving a broken Iroh.

The camera cuts and shows the entrance to location of Earth Rumble VI: a lighted tunnel in a rock face. People enter the tunnel. The camera shows the hall where the competition will be held. A large rectangular arena is located in the middle. The arena has stairs running down to a lower, oval shaped area. Seats for the spectators start at the same level as the arena. Team Avatar walks into an empty row of seats.

Aang Hey, front row seats! I wonder why no one else is sitting here.
They sit down. A rock lands in the front row next to Sokka. Sokka, Aang, and Katara jump to their feet.
Sokka I guess that's why.
In the center of the ring, the event's host raises an earthen platform. He brings it back to the level of the rest of the arena.
Xin Fu [Raises his left arm.] Welcome to Earth Rumble VI! I am your host, Xin Fu!
Katara [Sighs and looks the other way.] This is just going to be a bunch of guys chucking rocks at each other, isn't it?
Sokka [Happily.] That's what I paid for.
Xin Fu The rules are simple. Just knock the other guy out of the ring, and you win! [Leaps up to a podium above the ring. A bell rings.] Round one: The Boulder vs. The Big Bad Hippo! [While Xin Fu speaks, The Boulder raises his arms and turns around to the cheering of the audience. The Hippo roars.]
The Boulder [Pointing at The Hippo.] Listen up, Hippo. You may be big, but you ain't bad! The Boulder's gonna win this in a landslide!
The Hippo Hippo... mad! [Raises his arms in anger and stomps one foot. Momo lowers himself more inside Sokka's bag out of fear.]
The Boulder fires three rocks. They crash into The Hippo, but he does not move. He catches one piece of rock with his mouth, chews on it and spits it out. The Hippo jumps up and down, causing the surface of the arena to tilt. The Boulder hereby loses his balance.
Xin Fu Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen! The Hippo is rocking the boat!
The Boulder reaches the edge, but saves himself by bending out part of the ring into a small platform. He grabs it and throws it at his opponent, hitting him on the back. As The Hippo turns around to look at him, The Boulder bends up The Hippo's part of the ring, and throws him out on it. The Hippo crashes in the lower area of around the arena. The fight ends thus in his favor.
Xin Fu The Boulder wins!
Katara [Looking at The Boulder.] How about The Boulder? He's got some good moves.
Aang [Shrugs.] I don't know. Bumi said I need a teacher who listens to the earth. He's just listening to his big muscles. What do you think, Sokka?
Sokka cheers loudly.
Xin Fu Next match... The Boulder vs. Fire Nation Man!
Fire Nation Man enters the arena while happily waving a Fire Nation flag. The crowd and Sokka boo loudly.
Fire Nation Man [With a pseudo-Russian accent:.] Please, to rise for Fire Nation national anthem! [Begins to sing.] Fire Lord, my flame burns for thee! [Sinks to one knee while stretching out his arm. Rocks are thrown at him by a booing crowd.]
Sokka [Yelling.] Go back to the Fire Nation! [Throws a small piece of rock at Fire Nation Man, which hits him on the head.]
Before Fire Nation Man can recover from Sokka's rock against his head, The Boulder sinks him into the ground. The Boulder turns Fire Nation Man facing toward him while doing this. Fire Nation Man drops his flag by the movement. The Boulder rises high above him on an earth pillar.
Fire Nation Man [Stares at The Boulder in fear and begs.] No, no please!
The Boulder grins broadly. He jumps off the pillar with his knees downward, while grasping his ankles behind his back. He slams the surface of the ring, by which he creates a pillar under Fire Nation Man that ejects him out of the arena. He lands upside down on the big rock next to team Avatar.
Sokka [Gets up and lifts both of his fists in the air.] Yeah! Wooo! [Points at Fire Nation Man.] The Boulder knows how to put the hurt in the dirt! [Continues cheering.]
The arena is cleared by a man riding a badgermole. An assistant holds up a sign announcing the next round. A montage shows The Boulder defeating several more fighters: The Gopher gets slammed between two rocks, The Gecko jumps up, but gets hit in the stomach by a broad earthen pillar, Headhunter gets hit with an earthen coin. Between his victories, The Boulder entertains the cheering crowd by wobbling his chest. Afterward, the lights in the arena dim and a spotlight shines on Xin Fu.
Xin Fu Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. The Boulder vs. your champion... The Blind Bandit!
A young girl comes into view, holding the belt above her head and wearing a cape. Two female assistants carry off the cape and the belt. The camera shifts to Aang and Katara.
Katara She can't really be blind. It's just part of her character, right?
The camera zooms in on the Blind Bandit's greenish eyes before switching back to Aang and Katara.
Aang I think she is.
Sokka I think she is... going down! [His words are accompanied by a downward gesture with both his hands.]
The Boulder The Boulder feels conflicted about fighting a young blind girl!
Toph [Mockingly.] Sounds to me like you're scared, Boulder!
The Boulder [After a pause where he looks stunned.] The Boulder's over his conflicted feelings, and now he's ready to bury you in a rock-alanche!
Toph Whenever you're ready, The Pebble! [Laughs.]
Cut back to a close-up of Aang, before switching to a flashback of his dream where he saw the girl in white and the flying boar. He remembers her laugh, which is the same as that of the Bandit. The flashback shows a closer shot of the girl in the fancy dress. The camera closes in and turns around the girl to reveal her face as the Bandit's. The flashback ends in a flash of white to reveal Aang's stunned face.
The Boulder It's on!
Cut back to a shot from behind The Boulder who faces the Bandit, then shift to a tilting down shot of The Boulder's head. Despite his bravado, he is sweating profusely. Switch to a frontal shot of the Bandit. The camera whirls around her head and ends with a close up shot of her ear. Cut to The Boulder, who yells and takes a step forward. As his heel hits the ground, the frame freezes and goes to black and white. Shock waves in white move out from his heel where it has struck the floor of the arena. Cut to an overhead shot of The Boulder showing the shock wave emanating away from his heel in concentric circles. Cut again to the Bandit standing perfectly still. The shock waves reach her and travel up her body.

Return to a frontal shot of the Bandit in full color. She moves forward, opening her arms as soon as she registers the shock wave indicating the movement of her opponent. Cut to a shot of her feet as she moves forward to finish the set up for her attack. The Boulder moves forward at a slow frame rate. He is bellowing a slurred battle cry. Cut to a wider shot of The Boulder as his foot strikes the ground again, the screen flashes black and white again as another shock wave is shown moving out from him. Cut back to a frontal shot of the Bandit who has begun to swing her right foot in an arc towards the ground in font of her. As she strikes the ground, the view cuts to a wide shot from behind and above on her right. The frame rate speeds up to normal. Her strike creates a shock waves in the arena floor that churns up the ground in the direction of the Boulder in a straight line.

A quick shot of Aang staring incredulously at the camera, his face turning to follow the Bandit's shock wave. Cut back to a frontal shot of The Boulder whose foot meets the shock wave just as he puts it back on the ground. The shock wave makes him drop down onto the ground in a perfect split. Cut briefly to Momo and Sokka. Momo squeaks and Sokka's look of adulation and excitement turns to a look of pain. Cut to a close shot from above The Boulder. He looks up into the camera with a look of excruciating pain on his face.

The Boulder [Painfully.] Ooooooh!
Cut back to the Bandit who makes a chopping motion with her right hand. Three stalagmites erupt from the ground near The Boulder and eject him from the ring. He slams into the wall beneath the stands and slides down into the crevice between the arena and the stands.

Shift to a close-up of the Bandit's face, which softens into a crafty and satisfied smile as Xin Fu speaks.

Xin Fu Your winner, and still the champion, the Blind Bandit!
Katara How did she do that?
Aang She waited... and listened.
Xin Fu [Leaps down from post next to Toph.] To make things a little more interesting, I'm offering up this sack of gold pieces to anyone who can defeat the Blind Bandit! [He motions toward the champion. Silence.] What? No one dares to face her?
Aang I will! [Enters the ring.]
Sokka Go Aang! Avenge The Boulder!
Toph Do people really want to see two little girls fighting out here?
Audience Oooh!
Aang [Aang puts his hands up in a conciliatory gesture.] I don't really want to fight you. I want to talk to you.
Cut to Sokka and Katara.
Sokka Boo! No talking!
Katara [Slaps Sokka.] Don't boo at him!
Cut to Aang's feet; he takes a step. Cut back to the Bandit, who smiles as soon as his foot hits the ground. She stomps the ground with the side of her left foot. A shock wave travels across the ground and causes a large rock to grow out of the ground underneath Aang, who is launched into the air. He lands softly on the ground behind her. She turns around with an upset expression on her face.
Toph Somebody's a little light on his feet! What's your fighting name: [Cut to Aang.] the Fancy Dancer? [Aang grins sheepishly before Toph launches another pillar, which lifts him up.] Where'd you go?
Aang Please, wait!
Toph There you are!
She launches a rock at him. He stops it with airbending and the blast knocks Toph out of the ring. Quick shots of Xin Fu, The Boulder, and the Water Tribe siblings confirm their collective shock.
Aang [Going after her.] Please, listen! I need an earthbending teacher, and I think it's supposed to be you!
Toph [Angrily.] Whoever you are, just leave me alone. [Earthbends a doorway and exits through it. She turns and closes the door with a motion of her hands.]
Aang Wait!
Aang reaches the wall too late. He turns and looks sad. Cut to Xin Fu holding the belt and the bag of gold, the crowd cheering behind them. Katara and Sokka enter the frame from the right. Sokka hugs Xin Fu and takes the money and the belt. He puts his arm around Aang's shoulder, but the Avatar is still morose.
Sokka [Gets the belt and gold.] Way to go, champ!
Aang looks down sorrowfully.

The scene changes to Zuko by himself, riding his stolen ostrich horse through a fairly barren landscape. After walking for a bit, they arrive at a decrepit bridge over a ravine that breaks as they cross. After regaining control, they continue crossing. A little while later, Zuko smells food and spots a steak being cooked by a couple below the ridge he is walking on. He holds his stomach in hunger, and reaches for his dual dao swords, preparing himself to steal from them. However, after noticing that the woman is pregnant, he stops himself and continues on his way.

Cut to the next morning, featuring a wide shot of Gaoling before zooming in on Team Avatar walking within the town.

Sokka I've got to admit, now I'm really glad I bought this bag. It matches the belt, perfectly.
Katara [Sarcastically.] That is a big relief.
Aang If we want to find the Blind Bandit, the Earthbending Academy is a great place to start.
The same two male students from yesterday are seen practicing.
Male student Oh great, you again.
Katara [Glares at them, causing them to back off.] Yeah, I didn't think so.
Sokka [Smugly.] Nicely done.
Male student Hey! You're that kid who beat the Blind Bandit!
Aang We need to talk to her. Do you guys know where she lives?
Male student The Blind Bandit's a mystery. [Raises fist dramatically.] She shows up to fight, then disappears.
Katara [Lays hands on Aang's shoulder.] Let me handle this. [Approaches the second student with a stern look; says accusingly.] You're not telling us everything!
Male student #2 [Holds hand up defensively.] No, no, I-I swear it's true! No one knows where she goes, or who she really is.
Aang That's because we're asking about the wrong person. In my vision, I saw a girl, in a white dress, with a pet flying boar. Know anybody like that?
Male student Well, a flying boar is the symbol of the Beifong family. They're the richest people in town. Probably the whole world.
Male student #2 Yeah, but they don't have a daughter.
Aang A flying boar is good enough for me. Let's check it out.
Male student [Quietly.] Yeah, you'd better leave.
Katara Hey, I got my eye on you.
Sokka [States coolly.] Water Tribe.
Back at the Earth Rumble VI venue.
The Boulder I'm telling you, The Boulder was standing right there. I saw the kid strike, but there was no earthbending. Nothing made contact. The Blind Bandit just fell out of the ring. She must've took a dive and split the money with the kid.
Xin Fu [Slams the wall, causing rocks to land on his feet; cries out in anger.] Nobody cheats Xin Fu.
Cut to Zuko riding through grasslands covered in large broken Earth Kingdom rocks, Zuko holds his water pouch to his lips for a drink, only to finish it off thirstily. Exhausted from his travels, his sight becoming blurry and his eyes closing slowly as he struggles to maintain consciousness. He shakes himself awake, only to close his eyes again moments later. He has a flashback of a beautiful, middle-aged woman in a cloak turning and walking away in a dark hallway. He opens his eyes but keeps his head down.
At the Beifong estate, back in Gaoling.
Aang That's the flying boar from my vision. Come on!
They enter the courtyard. Suddenly, part of the ground lifts up, launching them into the air.
Toph What are you doing here, Twinkle Toes?
Aang How did you know it was me?
Sokka Don't answer to Twinkle Toes, it's not manly!
Katara You're the one whose bag matches his belt.
Toph How did you find me?
Aang Well, a crazy king told me I had to find an earthbender who listens to the earth. And then I had a vision in a magic swamp, and -
Katara [Cutting off Aang.] What Aang is trying to say is, he's the Avatar. And if he doesn't master earthbending soon, he won't be able to defeat the Fire Lord.
Toph Not my problem. Now, [Begins walking away.] get out of here, or I'll call the guards.
Sokka Look, we all have to do our part to win this war, and yours is to teach Aang earthbending.
Toph Guards! Guards, help!
The gang scatters as two guards arrive.
Guard Toph, what happened?
Toph I... thought I heard someone. I got scared.
Guard You know your father doesn't want you wandering the grounds without supervision, Toph.
They escort her and Aang peers at them from over a rooftop. He smiles and climbs down. Inside the house, Lao and Poppy sit on a sofa drinking tea.
Lao [Takes a sip of tea.] I'm pleased to hear Toph's private lessons are going well. But I want to be sure she's not trying anything too dangerous.
Yu Absolutely not. I am keeping her at a beginner's level. Basic forms and breathing exercises only.
Lao Very good. [A servant comes in.]
Servant Excuse me, sir, but you have a visitor.
Lao Who thinks they are so important they can just come to my home unannounced?
Servant Uh... the Avatar, sir. [Toph's eyes widen in shock and surprise.]
Lao and Poppy look at each other. The servant goes away. Toph blows her hair in annoyance. The scene fades to inside the dining room, where the Beifongs, Yu, and Team Avatar gather for a dinner of soup, tea, roast duck, and tea. Aang sits across from Toph. Sokka devours his food. Servant brings a cup of soup to Toph. Lao notices.
Lao Blow on it. It's too hot for her.
Aang Allow me. [Sends a small tornado at the cup. Everyone claps.]
Poppy Avatar Aang, it's an honor to have you visit us.
Lao In your opinion, how much longer do think the war will last?
Aang I'd like to defeat the Fire Lord by the end of summer, but I can't do that without finding an earthbending teacher first. [Close-up of Toph with a annoyed look.]
Lao [Chuckles.] Well, Master Yu is the finest teacher in the land. [The camera pans to Yu.] He's been teaching Toph since she was little.
Aang Then she must be a great earthbender! Probably good enough to teach someone else! [Toph sends a fissure under the table at him.] Ow!
Aang sits up a little. Lao casts an odd glance at his daughter who merely eats her soup.
Yu Toph is still learning the basics.
Lao Yes, and sadly, because of her blindness, I don't think she will ever become a true master.
Aang Oh, I'm sure she's better than you think she is.
Toph sends another fissure at him, causing his face to fall into the soup. Everybody stops eating. He rubs some soup out of his eyes and subsequently emits a sneeze, causing rice to fly at the Beifong family.
Toph [Angrily.] What's your problem?
Aang [Just as angrily.] What's your problem?
Lao and Poppy wipe their faces with napkins.
Poppy Well, shall we move to the living room for desert, then?
Scene cuts to Zuko who steps off his Ostrich horse, ties it to a branch and lays back looking up at athe night sku. The camera closes in on his face and closer to his eyes as Zuko starts reminiscing about the past.

Fade to a shot of the water's surface. An unknown person places a fingertip in the water and holds their hand out to reveal bread crumbs. Cuts to shot of the Royal Gardens, two figures sitting by the edge of a large kidney-shaped pond. Cuts to shot of a younger Zuko and his mother, who are feeding some bread to four turtle ducks - a mother and her four babies.

Young Zuko Hey Mom, want to see how Azula feeds turtle ducks? [Zuko throws the rest of the loaf of bread into the water and hits one of the baby turtle ducks. Ursa is shocked.]
Ursa Zuko! Why would you do that?
After the baby turtle duck surfaces again, the mother turtle duck charges forth and bites Zuko's ankle hard.
Young Zuko Ow! Ow ow! Ouch! [Ursa removes the turtle duck from Zuko and gently throws her back into the pond, where she swims off with her babies. Zuko is pouting.]
Young Zuko Stupid turtle duck. Why she'd do that?
Ursa Zuko. That's what moms are like. [Puts her arm around Zuko.] If you mess with their babies,[She playfully bites behind Zuko's ear.], they're gonna bite you back! [They laugh.]
A little while later, young Azula, Ty Lee and Mai are playing together in the royal yard by a man-made river and a rather large fountain. While Mai sits and watches under the shade of a tree, Azula does a complicated flip but messes up the ending and grunts. Ty Lee does the same flip, only she completes the ending perfectly and lands on her feet, arms proudly up in the air. Azula pushes her over and laughs.
Young Ty Lee Ugh! Azula!
Zuko and Ursa walk by together nearby. Mai sees them, smiles, turns away and blushes. Azula notices her obvious crush, however, and turns to Ty Lee with a plot in mind.
Young Azula [Whispering in Ty Lee's ear as her friend giggles.] Watch this! [Runs toward her mother and Zuko.] Mom! Can you make Zuko play with us? We need equal teams to play a game!
Young Zuko I am not cart-wheeling.
Young Azula You won't have to. [Rolls her eyes.] Cart-wheeling's not a game, dum-dum.
Young Zuko I don't care. I don't want to play with you!
Young Azula We are brother and sister. It's important for us to spend time together! Don't you think so, Mom? [Shoots her mother an innocent smile.]
Ursa [Places her hands on Zuko's shoulder.] Yes, darling, I think it's a good idea to play with your sister. [Ruffles his hair.] Go on now, just for a little while. [Walks away, with Zuko glaring at his sister.]
Azula reaches for an apple on the tree that Mai was under earlier. Mai, now standing in front of the fountain, is still while Azula places the apple on her head.
Young Azula [Off-camera.] Here's the way it goes. [After placing apple on Mai's head, she runs back several feet.] Now what you do is, try to knock the apple off the other person's head, like this. [Azula shots a small jet of flame to the apple with her firebending and knowingly sets it on fire.]
Zuko is shocked and runs forward toward Mai, who screams as Zuko approaches her. He slams into her and the both of them fall into the fountain, with Zuko lying on top of Mai's stomach. Both seem very shocked and embarrassed. Azula starts laughing at them.
Young Azula [Lays a hand on Ty Lee's shoulder.] See, I told you it would work!
Cuts to shot of Azula and Ty Lee observing Zuko and Mai in the fountain, their backs facing the camera.
Young Ty Lee Aww, they're so cute together!
Zuko gets up angrily and leaves the fountain. Mai stands up as well.
Young Mai You two are such... ugh!
At that moment, Ursa comes from the house toward the children, a scroll of paper in her hand.
Ursa I was just coming to get you. Uncle Iroh sent us a letter from the war-front.[Zuko stomps past her, leaving small puddles behind him as he goes.] You're soaking wet?
Young Zuko [Raises hands in frustration.] Girls are crazy!
The scene switches to the letter and what is occurring with Iroh. Rubble surround a large gap in the wall of Ba Sing Se with smoke emitting from everywhere. A tent is set up nearby, with a younger General Iroh writing at a desk.
Iroh [Voice-over.] If the city is as magnificent as its wall, Ba Sing Se must be something to behold. I hope you all may see it someday, if we don't burn it to the ground first! [Laughs.]
Switch back to Ursa, Zuko and Azula. The children are laughing at the joke as well. Ursa continues down the letter.
Ursa Until then, enjoy these gifts.
Two servants dressed in white come up, and Zuko runs to meet them. Ursa sits there and continues reading.
Ursa For Zuko, a pearl dagger from the general who surrendered when we broke through the Outer Wall. Note the inscription and the superior craftsmanship.
Young Zuko [Zuko picks up the dagger admiringly, unsheathes it and reads the inscription.] Never give up without a fight.
Ursa And for Azula, a new friend. She wears the latest fashion for Earth Kingdom girls.
As Ursa reads, Azula picks up her present. It is a doll wearing green. She picks it up by the head with disgust, making sounds and sticking out her tongue.
Young Azula If Uncle doesn't make it back from war, then Dad will be next in line for Fire Lord, wouldn't he?
Ursa Azula, we don't speak that way. It would be awful if Uncle Iroh didn't return. And besides, Fire Lord Azulon is a picture of health.
Young Zuko How would you like it if cousin Lu Ten wanted Dad to die?
Young Azula I still think our dad would make a much better Fire Lord than His Royal Tea-Loving Kookiness. [Sets the doll's head on fire.]
Flashback ends. Night has fallen, and Zuko is asleep. Back in Gaoling, later that night, the three are in a guest room. Appa is outside the window and Aang is patting Appa.
Aang Good night, buddy.
Toph enters, causing Aang to move into a defensive position.
Toph Relax. Look, I'm sorry about dinner. Let's call a truce, okay? [Aang lets down his defensive position and the two head out to the yard. Toph walks along the side of a bridge.] Even though I was born blind, I've never had a problem seeing. [Jumps down.] I see with earthbending. It's kind of like seeing with my feet. I feel the vibrations in the Earth, and I can see where everything is. [The camera shows an aerial view.] You, that tree... [Cut back to the ground.] even those ants.
Aang [Looks around.] That's amazing!
Toph My parents don't understand. They've always treated me like I was helpless.
Aang Is that why you became the Blind Bandit?
Toph Yeah.
Aang Then why stay here where you're not happy?
Toph They're my parents. Where else am I supposed to go?
Aang You could come with us.
Toph Yeah. You guys get to go wherever you want. No one telling you what to do, that's the life. It's just not my life. [She detects something and touches the ground.] We're being ambushed!
They try to run, but get cut off by underground digging from The Gopher. They are imprisoned in metal cages. The Hippo jumps onto the two cages and starts stomping. The rest of the Earth Rumble wrestlers jump down onto the ground.
Xin Fu I think you kids owe me some money.
Later, the Beifongs, Yu, Katara, and Sokka discover what has happened. They spot a note attached to a dagger, which Sokka takes.
Sokka Whoever took Aang and Toph left this. [Hands the note to Katara.]
Katara "If you want to see your daughter again, bring five hundred gold pieces to the arena." It's signed Xin Fu and The Boulder.
Sokka I can't believe it... [Grabs the note enthusiastically.] have The Boulder's autograph! [Katara looks at Sokka with a annoyed look.]
Lao Master Yu, I need you to help me get my daughter back.
Katara We're going with you.
Poppy Poor Toph, she must be so scared...
At the Earth Rumble VI venue, Toph and Aang are suspended high above the air in their cages. The Boulder and Xin Fu guard the two hostages.
Toph You think you're so tough? Why don't you come up here so I can snap that grin off your face?
Xin Fu I'm not smiling.
Lao Toph!
Sokka Here's your money. [Sets the bag of gold on the ground.] Now let them go.
Yu earthbends the money across the ring to Xin Fu. He grabs the money, signals for Toph to be sent down, and releases her. Toph goes to Lao. They exit the arena.
Katara What about Aang?
Xin Fu [Showing the Fire Nation wanted poster.] I think the Fire Nation will pay a very hefty price for the Avatar. Now, get out of my ring.
Fire Nation Man appears in an earth tornado. The Gecko jumps down from the ceiling. The Hippo stomps on the ground and crushes a boulder. Headhunter jumps onto the ring from the bleachers. The Gopher pops up from underground.
Aang Go, I'll be okay.
Katara Toph, there's too many of them. We need an earthbender. We need you!
Lao My daughter is blind. She is blind and tiny and helpless and fragile. She cannot help you!
Toph Yes, I can.
She lets go of her father's hand and walks back to the ring. Xin Fu's wrestlers prepare to leave with The Boulder holding Aang's cage on his shoulder. Toph bends up a small part of the ring to stop them from leaving.
Toph Let him go! I beat you all before and I'll do it again!
The Boulder The Boulder takes issue with that comment!
The Hippo throws the cage to the side. Katara and Sokka prepare to strike but Toph stops them.
Toph Wait! [Listens to their vibrations as they run toward her; turns head to Sokka.] They're mine.
The Water Tribe siblings watch in surprise. She shakes the ring up, shooting back the oncoming wrestlers. She enters the resulting dust crowd, unnerving Lao.

Cut back to Zuko still sleeping. Opens up a scene in another one of Zuko's flashbacks in the palace grounds again and to the fountain seen earlier. Zuko and Azula are happily playing together while Ursa sits in front of the fountain when a messenger in white approaches her with a scroll. She opens and reads it before standing up and crying. She turns to young Zuko and Azula.

Ursa Iroh has lost his son. Your cousin Lu Ten did not survive the battle.
Zuko seems shocked and sad at the news, while Azula does not seem to react at all.

Back in the present day, Toph creates a large cloud of dust, walks in, and encounters the Fire Nation Man, who takes some time to notice her. As he moves his foot to attack, she smirks. He fires an wave of earth at her, which she dodges. She bends up part of the ring and sends her own wave, ejecting him from the ring as he slams against the sidelines and lands on the ground. Lao and Yu watch from the sidelines in shock.

Katara and Sokka try to release Aang. Sokka repeatedly bangs a rock against the cage.

Aang Hit it harder!
Sokka I'm trying!
The Gecko crawls along the floor and becomes aware of Toph's presence. He fires two rocks which she easily dodges. She bends up a series of pillars, sending him flying out of the ring onto the disoriented Fire Nation Man. The Gopher tunnels and behind Toph and sends a rock at Toph's head. She grabs the rock returns it knocking him out of the ring. Sokka finally breaks the cage open, releasing Aang, who prepares to fight. Sokka shakes his head and calls his attention to the battle already going on. The Boulder and The Hippo prepare to attack Toph. Lao looks on the fight biting his nails. Headhunter flies in from behind to complete the ambush. However, Toph hears him and turns the center of the ring around to put Headhunter on a collision course with the other two wrestlers. With the three men down, Toph ejects them all onto the other defeated wrestlers.
Yu I never knew. Your daughter's amazing!
Toph clears the dust cloud; only her and Xin Fu remain in the ring. Toph spits and gets into a fighting stance and they circle the central ring. Xin Fu fires several rocks at her. She brings up an earth shield, deflecting them all. She turns part of the shield on him. He dodges one piece, but when he hits the ring again, Toph picks up his vibrations in it and senses an attack. She dodges a rock and creates a fissure, sending him flying out of the ring between Yu and Lao. Sokka collapses in shock at the sight. Aang and Katara are left amazed and run toward her.
Yu She's the greatest earthbender I've ever seen!
The scene fades to that night at the Beifong estate. Toph confronts her parents.
Toph Dad, I know it's probably hard for you to see me this way. But the obedient little helpless blind girl that you think I am just isn't me. I love fighting. I love being an earthbender, and I'm really, really good at it. I know I've kept my life secret from you, but you were keeping me secret from the whole world. You were doing it to protect me, but I'm twelve years old and I've never had a real friend. So, now that you see who I really am, I hope it doesn't change the way you feel about me.
Lao Of course it doesn't change the way I feel about you, Toph. It's made me realize something.
Toph It has?
Lao Yes. I've let you had far too much freedom. From now on you'll be cared for and guarded twenty-four hours a day.
Toph But, Dad!
Poppy We're doing this for your own good, Toph.
Lao Please escort the Avatar and his friends out. They are no longer welcome here.
Aang I'm sorry, Toph.
Toph I'm sorry too. Goodbye, Aang. [She sheds a tear.]
Cuts to another of Zuko's flashbacks, this time he is in the Royal Palace playing with his dagger from Iroh. He fakes his death, dramatically falling to the floor with a groan. Azula sits cross-legged behind him.
Young Azula Did you hear the news, Uncle's coming home.
Young Zuko Does that mean... we won the War?
Young Azula No, it means Uncle's a quitter and a loser.
Young Zuko What are you talking about? Uncle's not a quitter!
Young Azula Oh yes he is! He found out his son died and he just fell apart! A real general would stay and burn Ba Sing Se to the ground, not lose the battle and come home crying.
Young Zuko How do you know what he should do? He's probably just sad his only kid is gone. Forever.
At that moment, Ursa appears in the doorway.
Ursa Your father has requested an audience with Fire Lord Azulon. Best clothes, hurry up!
Zuko runs past Ursa quickly to get ready, while Azula walks rather slowly.
Young Azula [In a bored tone.] Fire Lord Azulon... Can't you just call him 'Grandfather'? He's not exactly the powerful Fire Lord he used to be. Someone will probably end up taking his place soon.
Ursa [Angrily.] Young lady! Not another word!
Azula runs past her mother and leaves.
Ursa What is wrong with that child?
The scene changes to the Fire Lord's chamber, a large room with many columns and a wall of fire in front of the Fire Lord's throne. Ozai, Ursa, Zuko and Azula are all sitting on the floor some distance back from Fire Lord Azulon.

Azula stands up and moves forward. She begins with some circular motions, warms herself up, and firebends. Ozai smiles. Azula does many fairly complicated moves with ease, and Zuko watches her in amazement. She finishes off her routine with a jump and a powerful fire blast toward the throne, before landing on her feet gracefully.

Ozai She's a true prodigy! Just like her grandfather for whom she's named.
Young Azula [Sits back down, and looks at Zuko out of the corner of her eye and whispers.] You'll never catch up...
Young Zuko [Stands up angrily.] I'd like to demonstrate what I've been learning.
Ozai frowns at this news. Zuko starts off well, doing the same circular motions as Azula earlier. He manages to produce a small fire blast, which does not impress Fire Lord Azulon. When he tries to create another one, he falls. He gets back up, panting heavily, and tries again, only to fall harder. Ursa gets up worriedly and approaches Zuko to comfort him.
Young Zuko I failed.
Ursa No. I loved watching you. That's who you are, Zuko. Someone who keeps fighting even though it's hard.
Azulon Prince Ozai, why are you wasting my time with this pomp? Just tell me what you want. Everyone else, go!
Ursa, Zuko and Azula start walking out of the throne room; however, Azula pulls Zuko off to the side just before they exit. The children hide in the curtains at the back of the room.
Young Zuko What are you -?
Young Azula Shh!
Azula and Zuko stop where the curtains open and peek back out at the throne room, exposing only their faces.
Ozai Father, you must have realized as I have, that with Lu Ten gone, Iroh's bloodline has ended. After his son's death, my brother abandoned the siege at Ba Sing Se, and who knows when he will return home. But I am here, Father, and my children are alive.
Azulon Say what it is you want!
Ozai Father, revoke Iroh's birthright. I am your humble servant, here to serve you and our nation. Use me.
Azulon You dare suggest I betray Iroh? My first born? Directly after the demise of his only beloved son? I think Iroh has suffered enough! But you... Your punishment has scarcely begun!
Azulon's anger causes the flames around him to grow. Zuko, scared, runs away from behind the curtain as Azula watches, but she stays and continues watching with an evil smile on her face.

The scene switches to Zuko laying in a large bed in a large ornate room. He suddenly looks up, alarmed. Azula is standing in his doorway, arms crossed. She looks amused.

Young Azula [Sing-songy.] Dad's going to kill you! [Seriously.] Really, he is.
Young Zuko Ha-ha, Azula. Nice try.
Young Azula Fine, don't believe me. But I heard everything. Grandfather said Dad's punishment should fit his crime.[Imitates Azulon.] "You must know the pain of losing a first-born son. By sacrificing your own!"
Young Zuko Liar!
Young Azula I'm only telling you for your own good. I know! Maybe you could find a nice Earth Kingdom family to adopt you!
Young Zuko Stop it! You're lying! Dad would never do that to me!
Ursa appears in the doorway of Zuko's room.
Ursa Your father would never do what to you? What is going on here?
Young Azula I don't know...
Ursa It's time for a talk!
Ursa drags Azula away from Zuko's bed, and Azula follows reluctantly. Zuko clasps the blanket tightly in his hands.
Young Zuko [Chanting in a low voice.] Azula always lies. Azula always lies.
Cut to the older Zuko, lying in green grass, holding his traveler's hat to his chest.
Zuko Azula always lies.
Outside, back at Appa as the Gaang are ready to leave.
Katara Don't worry, we'll find you a teacher. There are plenty of amazing earthbenders out there.
Aang Not like her.
Sokka polishes the championship belt on Appa's saddle Katara jump up onto the saddle and Aang takes the reins. Suddenly, they notice Toph running toward them and panting.
Aang Toph! What are you doing here?
Toph My dad changed his mind. He said I was free to travel the world. [Katara and Sokka look at each other with unsure looks, but smile at Toph.]
Sokka Well, we'd better get out of here, before your dad changes his mind again.
Toph Good idea.
Aang You're going to be a great teacher, Toph.
Toph Speaking of which, I want to show you something.
Aang Okay.
Aang jumps down from Appa and she bends up a rock, sending him into the air and landing in a tree.
Toph Now we're even. Um, I'll take the belt back.
Sokka tosses the belt down, hitting Toph on the head and knocking her down.
Toph Ow!
Sokka Sorry.
Aang falls down from the tree. A final scene shows Toph, now content, as they all fly off on Appa.

Cuts back to Zuko, who wakes up and prepares to head off. Zuko has another flashback. It is probably early morning and he is in his bed in his room. He wakes with a start.

Young Zuko Mom? [Zuko leaps out of bed and runs out of his room down the hallway.] Mom? Mom!
Zuko enters a pillared room, where Azula is admiring Zuko's dagger from behind a pillar. She re-sheathes it and steps out to face Zuko.
Young Zuko Where's Mom?
Young Azula No one knows. Oh, and last night, Grandpa passed away.
Young Zuko Not funny, Azula! You're sick. And I want my knife back, now.
Young Azula Who's going to make me? Mom?
Zuko dashes forward and grabs his knife from Azula, who was dangling in a tantalizing manner. He runs away to keep looking. Zuko reaches the garden where his father is standing still, staring into a pond.
Young Zuko Where is she?
Ozai does not acknowledge that he has heard Zuko. Zuko bows his head.

The scene switches to the palace from the outside on the stairs, outside at night. Row upon row of people standing on the palace grounds, wearing red hooded cloaks and carrying long, red, rectangular flags. At the top of the steps to the palace, a Fire Sage leader dressed in red, with several other Fire Sages in white behind him. There is an elaborate coffin behind him as well. Zuko, Azula, and Ozai are standing to his right.

Fire Sage Azulon. Fire Lord to our nation for twenty-three years. You were our fearless leader in the Battle of Garsai. Our matchless conqueror of the Hu Xin Provinces. You were father of Iroh, father of Ozai, husband of Ilah, now passed. Grandfather of Lu Ten, now passed. Grandfather of Zuko, and Azula. We lay you to rest.
With those words, two attendants in white firebend Azulon's coffin, which was on a layer of wood so it burns easily. The Fire Sage holds up the fire crown.
Fire Sage As was your dying wish, you are now succeeded by your second son.
He places the fire crown in Ozai's top knot and steps away.
Fire Sage Hail Fire Lord Ozai!
Ozai stands up, and the group of mourners wearing red and holding flags all kneel down at once, as do the Fire Sages behind him and Zuko and Azula. Azula is smiling wickedly at this new development. Zuko looks over at her and the crowd with absolute fear in his eyes. The flashback ends.

The episode opens to a forested area at sunset. The camera pans downward to show Team Avatar, now including Toph, preparing to set up the campsite. Aang hands Sokka a sleeping bag. Toph stands on the ground near Appa.

Toph Hey! You guys picked a great campsite. [This directs everyone's attention to her. She wriggles her toes in the thick mat of fur covering the ground around the bison.] The grass is so soft.
Sokka That's not grass. [Somewhat displeased.] Appa's shedding.
Katara [Displeased, raises foot warily.] Oh, gross!
Cuts to Aang sitting on Appa, a bluebird perched on his head and a yellow butterfly fluttering past. Momo jumps up in an attempt to catch the butterfly.
Aang [Cheerfully.] That's not gross, it's just a part of spring! You know, rebirth, flowers blooming and Appa gets a new coat.
Katara [Sarcastically.] Ah, the beauty of spring.
Appa, who had currently been grooming himself, sneezes, releasing a thick cloud of fur.
Katara [Waving arms about, now coated in fur.] Stop! Appa, stop! Ugh! [Coughs.]
Sokka [Bending over, his back turned to her.] It's not that bad, Katara. [He turns to reveal a wig made of fur.] It makes a great wig!
Aang [Wearing a beard of fur.] And a great beard! [Aang and Sokka laugh while pointing at each other.]
Katara [Wiping fur off her clothing with her eyes closed.] I'm just glad we finally have another girl in the group, because you two are disgusting.
Toph [Walking up from behind the two boys.] Excuse me, does anyone have a razor? Because I've got some hairy pits!
She raises her arms, revealing that she had stuffed fur in her sleeves. The three laugh; Aang sneezes, sending himself flying backward. The big sneeze causes him to crash against Appa's leg and for fur to blow off his friends and himself. The impact leaves some fur on his back. They continue to laugh joyfully, causing Katara to chuckle slightly. The scene cuts to later in the evening where the group is setting up camp. Aang sets up the tent while Sokka throws down a pile of firewood he collected. Katara, who spends her time stirring around water in a pot, notices Toph slumped lazily against a rock, chewing a piece of wheat. She approaches her.
Katara So Toph, usually when setting up camp, we try to divide up the work.
Toph [Shrugging casually.] Hey, don't worry about me. I'm good to go.
Katara Well, actually what I'm trying to say is, [Holds arms out in gesture.] some of us might fetch water, while someone else might set up the fire pit, or put up the tent. [Momo flies over to her, dropping several berries he had collected into her hands.] Even Momo does his fair share.
Toph [Breezily.] Katara, I'm fine. I can carry my own weight. I don't need a fire, [Pats bag.] I've already collected my own food and look, [Earthbends a rock tent over her.] my tent's all set up.
Katara [Slightly irritated.] Well, that's great for you, but we still need to finish -
Toph [Angered.] I don't understand what's the problem here!
Katara [Waves her hand dismissively and walks away.] Never mind.
Toph earthbends herself into her tent. Later that day, set up continues. Standing on top of Appa, Aang uses airbending to lift the saddle. He mistakenly causes it to land directly on top of Sokka, who had been standing on the ground beside the bison.
Aang [Landing onto the ground to aid Sokka.] Sorry!
Cuts to Katara, who sets down a jug of water. She looks over at Toph, sitting comfortably beneath her earth tent. Her dull expression changes to one of slight happiness. She approaches Toph who is eating some sort of food item.
Katara [Rubs back of head sheepishly.] Hey Toph, I wanted to apologize for earlier. I think we're all just a little tired and getting on each other's nerves.
Toph [Casually.] Yeah, you do seem pretty tired.
Katara [Growing disgusted.] I meant all of us.
Cuts to shot of inside Toph's earth tent as she lazily tosses the food item onto the ground and lays her head down to rest.
Toph Well, good night.
Katara [Slightly irked.] Good night.
Katara turns around and leaves. The scene changes to nightfall hours later where everyone is asleep. Toph is suddenly startled awake. She rises and presses her left hand to the ground to feel the vibrations within the earth. Close-up on her left hand and ear, indicating she hears something. She rises to her feet and runs out of the tent.
Toph There's something coming toward us!
Aang What is it?
Toph [Pressing hand to the ground.] It feels like an avalanche, but also not an avalanche.
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Your powers of perception are frightening.
Katara Should we leave?
Aang Better safe than sorry.
Cuts to shot of the forest, a cloud of smoke billowing toward them in a clearing in the distance. Appa appears on screen, the team riding atop him. Aang leans against the saddle to peer at the object.
Katara What is that thing?
Cuts to a shot of a tank train mechanism racing speedily along the ground. Cuts to shot of the night sky, the moon partly obscured by clouds. Cuts to Aang who yawns sleepily, dark circles beginning to form under his eyes. Cuts to Sokka who appears ready to fall asleep as he leans his head on his hand. Cuts to Toph and Katara sitting on Appa's saddle idly. Cuts to Appa who flies over mountainous terrain and lands on a smooth, rocky surface.
Toph [Leaping off Appa and lying on the ground, relieved.] Ah, land sweet land! [Rises and says cheerfully.] See you guys in the morning!
Katara Actually, can you help us unload?
Toph [Sarcastically.] Really? You need me to help unload Sokka's funky-smelling sleeping bag?
Aang hands Sokka his sleeping bag which he proceeds to smell. Sokka turns away, his disgusted face growing red, and falls backward, passing out.
Katara [Curtly.] Well, yeah. That and everything else. You're a part of our team now, and -
Toph [Points a finger at Katara in irritation.] Look! I didn't ask you to help unload my stuff! [Turns and begins walking away.] I'm carrying my own weight.
Katara [Angrily.] That's not the point. [Approaches Toph.] Ever since you joined us, you've been nothing but selfish and unhelpful!
Toph [Enraged.] What? Look here, sugar queen, [Points finger at Katara.] I gave up everything I had so that I could teach Aang earthbending. So don't you talk to me about being selfish!
While she is saying this, a fuming Katara is seen tensing her muscles in frustration and raising her hand in an attempt to speak. After finished speaking, Toph sits down on the ground and earthbends an earth tent over her.
Katara [Furiously.] Sugar queen? [Toph uses earthbending to close the door of the tent.] D-did you just slam the door in my face? How can you be so infuriating?
Cuts to shot of Sokka and Aang standing several feet away. Katara angrily bangs her fists against the door of the wall and kicks the tent's walls with her feet.
Aang Should we do something?
Sokka [Amused.] Hey, I'm just enjoying the show.
Aang [Approaching Katara.] Okay, okay, you both need to calm down.
Katara Both? [Rapidly turns to face Aang, her expression crazed and her eyes bloodshot.] I'm completely calm!
Aang [Awkwardly.] Uh... I can see that. [Backs off.]
The scene cuts to later at night, showing shot of the dark forest. Cuts to shot of Aang, Sokka and Katara lying on the ground. Aang is lying on the ground with Momo beside him while Sokka and Katara lie in sleeping bags.
Katara [Mockingly.] The stars sure are beautiful tonight. Too bad you can't see them, Toph!
Toph uses earthbending release a fissure that channels underground and sends Katara flying into the air. She lands on top of Sokka, startling him.
Sokka [Annoyed; pushes Katara off to the side.] Hey, how's a guy supposed to sleep with all this yelling [To Toph.] and earthquaking?
Toph [Reopens her tent.] That thing is back!
Sokka Well, how far away is it? [Lies down and pulls covers of his sleeping bag over his head; says in a muffled voice.] Maybe we can close our eyes just for a few minutes.
The camera pans upward to reveal smoke billowing from behind the treetops.
Aang [Notices the smoke.] I don't think so, Sokka.
Cuts to a shot of Appa soaring away from the scene over the mountainous terrain. Cuts to a side-view of the tank train speeding across the land.
Katara Seriously, what is that thing?
Toph And how does it keep finding us?
Aang [Resting against the saddle; Sokka is seen lying on his back, sleeping.] I don't know. But this time, I'm going to make sure we lose it.
Cuts to a side-view of Appa flying past a mountain. Fades to scene of him flying between two mountain ridges. The bison lands on his side on a flat-surfaced rock bed, throwing everyone onto the ground along with their belongings.
Sokka [Lands onto the ground.] Okay, forget about setting up camp. [Crawls along the ground in sleeping bag.] I'm finding the softest pile of dirt and going to sleep.
Katara [Angrily; pulling her sleeping bag under her head as a pillow.] That's good because Toph wasn't going to help anyway!
Toph [Irritated; lying on bag.] Oh, I didn't realize the baby still needed someone to tuck her in bed.
Aang Come on guys, there's something after us and we don't even know what [Pulls top part of his shirt over his head; says in a muffled voice.] or who it is.
Katara It could be Zuko. [Rolls over on her side.] We haven't seem him since the North Pole.
Toph Who's Zuko?
Sokka [Puts his head down.] Oh, just some angry freak with a ponytail who's tracked us all over the world.
Katara [Mockingly.] What's wrong with ponytails, Ponytail?
Sokka [Points to his top-knot.] This is a warrior's wolf tail.
Katara [Jokingly.] Well, it certainly tells the other warriors that you're fun and perky.
Sokka [Raises head, unamused.] Anyway, whoever's chasing us couldn't have followed us here, so, now would everyone just shhh?
Momo hops onto his sleeping bag and chitters excitedly.
Sokka [Hold up finger to silence the lemur.] No Momo, shhh. [Relaxes.] Sleepy time.
Momo hops off Sokka and over to the ledge of the rock. He continues to chitter and raises his ears up in alert. Aang rises, followed by Toph and Katara.
Sokka [Buries face in hands.] Oh, don't tell me...
Aang That's impossible. There's no way they could have tracked us.
Toph I can feel it with my own two feet!
Aang runs to the edge of the cliff next to Momo and notices smoke rising from the far end of the rocky pathway. Cuts to a shot of the tank train as it rumbles up a slope and onto level ground.
Katara [Nervously.] Let's get out of here.
Aang [Calmly.] Maybe we should face them. Find out who they are. Who knows, maybe they're friendly.
Sokka [Hopelessly.] Always the optimist...
Cuts to a side-view of the tank train as it slows to a halt. The door to one compartment opens, releasing a burst of steam. From the mist emerges three Mongoose Lizards. Cuts to side-view as Ty Lee appears on screen, followed by Mai and Azula. Cuts to shot of Katara and Aang looking on in shock. The camera pans downward to where the three girls stand atop the Lizards. Cuts to shot of Azula, a determined look on her face. The three begin racing toward the group.
Katara [Alarmed.] It's those three girls from Omashu!
Everyone assumes fighting stances.
Toph [Determined.] We can take them. Three on three.
Sokka Actually Toph, there's four of us.
Toph [Sheepishly.] Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't count you. You know, no bending and all.
Sokka [Turning to her, his face distorted with rage.] I can still fight!
Toph [Smugly.] Okay, three on three plus Sokka.
Sokka [Face turns red.] Errrgh!
Toph earthbends three columns in an attempt to hinder the girls, however, the Mongoose Lizards merely leap over the pillars and continues on their way.
Sokka Well, we wanted to find out who they were and we found out. [Puts boomerang away; Aang and Katara are seen fleeing.] Now let's get out of here.
Toph earthbends a rock wall in front of the trio. Cuts to Azula who moves her arms in a circular motion, generating lightning. She fires the bolt at the wall, leaving a huge gape in the middle. Shows the lizards as they clamber through the hole. Toph is clearly shocked at this. Cuts to Mai who swings her arm, releasing a flurry of stilettos. Toph launches herself off a pillar. The darts strike the pillar and she lands on Appa.
Aang Appa, yip yip!
They manage to escape successfully, narrowly avoiding a blue fire blast. Cuts to shot of Azula who lowers her arm and looks up at the retreating group. Cuts to a sleepy Appa.
Katara [Shocked.] I can't believe those girls followed us all the way from Omashu.
Toph [Grumpily.] I still think we could have taken them.
Katara Are you kidding me? [Points fingers upward repeatedly in gesture.] The crazy blue firebending and the flying daggers are bad enough, but last time we saw them, one of those girls did something that took my bending away. That's scary.
The scene cuts to a shot of the landscape, a prairie below, mountains in the distance. The sun is seen rising over the horizon as Appa soars past.
Sokka [Complaining.] Oh no, the sun is rising. We've been up all night with no sleep!
Aang [Calmly.] Sokka, we'll be okay.
Sokka [Nervously.] Are you sure? I've never not slept before! [Holds hands up to his head.] What if I fall asleep now and something happens? [Freaks out; eyes bulge out.] And something always happens!
Katara Every time we land, those girls are there. So we'll just have to keep flying.
Cuts to shot of Appa flying past the sun.
Aang We can't keep flying forever.
The scene changes to a field where a few flowers are growing. The tank train speeds by rapidly, slicing the heads of the flowers off. Cuts to ground level, indentation marks from the train in the ground and a pair of ostrich horse legs galloping by. Zuko is seen riding on his ostrich horse, a look of determination on his face. Cuts to an overhead view of him running to the left of the indentation marks. The scene changes back to Appa.
Aang [Yawns.] So what's our plan?
Toph [Slumped against the saddle, exhausted.] Don't know... too tired to think.
Katara I'm sure we'll come up with something after a short nap. [Smiles.]
Sokka [Relieved.] Yes... sleep.
The two begin nodding off before slowly rising into the air, wind blowing through their clothing as they lose altitude. The camera pans to the right, showing Toph hanging onto the saddle.
Toph [Frantically.] What's going on?
Camera pans to the right to reveal Aang hanging in the air, gripping Appa's reins tightly.
Aang Appa fell asleep!
Cuts to shot of Appa, whose eyes are closed and legs are sprawled out, as he falls through a cloud toward the ground. Katara hangs onto her brother tightly. Aang crawls over to Appa's head and leans over to face the bison.
Aang [Urgently.] Wake up, buddy!
Cuts to shot of one of Appa's eyes as it slowly creaks open and widens in realization of the current situation. Having awakened, he resumes his normal flight, soaring just above the treetops. Toph, Sokka, Katara and Momo sway to the side still tightly gripping the saddle. Appa soars through the trees, colliding into and snapping several branches. Cuts to shot of the team members who brace against the impact. The camera zooms out to depict a flock of birds resting in the trees, fleeing from the incident, before panning downward to show Appa on the ground, having created a channel way behind him from the impact. Cuts to shot of Appa sleeping once more; Aang slides off his head and onto the ground.
Aang Appa's exhausted.
Sokka [Trudging across the ground, carrying his sleeping bag.] Okay, we've put in a lot of distance between us and them. The plan right now is to follow Appa's lead and get some sleep.
Katara [Irritated.] Of course, we could've gotten some sleep earlier, [Depicts shot of Toph lying on the ground sleepily.] if Toph didn't have such issues.
Toph [Wakes up and slams the ground; screams furiously.] What!?
Aang [Trying to calm the tension.] All right, all right, everyone's exhausted! Let's just get some rest.
Toph [Rises and faces Katara.] No, I want to hear what Katara has to say. You think I have issues?
Katara [Irritated.] I'm just saying. Maybe if you helped out earlier, we could have set up our camp faster and gotten some sleep [Shouting.] and then maybe we wouldn't be in this situation!
Cuts to shot of entire campsite, Katara, Toph and Aang standing by Appa, while Sokka lies sleepily on his sleeping bag several yards away.
Toph You're blaming me for this?
Katara tosses aside her sleeping bag and gestures with her hands, challenging Toph to move closer. Aang jumps in between the two.
Aang [Desperately.] No! No, she's not blaming you.
Katara [Angrily.] No, I'm blaming her!
Toph Hey, [Shoves Aang out of the way.] I never asked you for diddly-doo-dah. [Points her thumb at herself.] I carry my own weight. Besides, if there's anyone to blame, it's Sheddy over here!
Aang [Sitting on Appa's tail.] What? You're blaming Appa?
Toph Yeah, you want to know how they keep finding us? [Grabs a handful of Appa's fur and lets the sheddings blow away in the wind.] He's leaving a trail everywhere we go!
Aang [Jumps down to face her.] How dare you blame Appa! He saved your life three times today! If there's anyone to blame it's you! You're always talking about how you carry your own weight, but you're not. He is! Appa's carrying your weight. He never had a problem flying when it was just the three of us!
Toph [Stomps the ground, launching her pack into the air which she catches.] I'm out of here.
Sokka [Moves in front of Toph, his arms outstretched to halt her.] Wait!
Toph uses earthbending to shift Sokka off to the side, leaving him surprised. Cuts to shot of fur drifting in the sky. Cuts to ground level view of the tank train speeding across the terrain. Cuts to overhead shot of Aang who raises his arms up, his eyes sorrowful.
Aang What did I just do? [Slumps.] I can't believe I yelled at my earthbending teacher. Now she's gone.
Katara [Regretfully.] I know. We're all just trying to get used to each other. And I was so mean to her.
Sokka [From afar, drinking from a cup.] Yeah, you two were pretty much jerks.
Katara [Sarcastically.] Thanks, Sokka.
Sokka No problem.
Katara We need to find Toph and apologize.
Sokka Okay, but what are we going to do about the tank full of dangerous ladies chasing us?
Aang [Grabs a handful of fur and watches as it blows away in the wind.] I have a plan.
The scene changes to where Appa lies in the water. The camera zooms out to a shot of him lounging in the Nan Shan River, two arched streams of water showering him on either side. Cuts to shot of the river's surface where clumps of fur collect in the water. Cuts to a shot of the top of Appa's head where Momo lands, holding a brush. He scrubs the bison's head and is forced to hastily take flight when a stream of water is bent his way. Cuts to shot of Appa's head, Sokka standing in the river several feet away, holding a brush. He groans as he becomes drenched by the stream of water. The scene changes to the campsite where Appa stands on the ground, his fur still wet from the bath. Sokka can be seen standing by the riverbank, wringing out his shirt.
Aang Toph was right. The fur was leaving a trail right to us. But now that he's clean, no more trail.
Katara Are you sure he's okay to fly?
Aang He'll be fine as long as we leave his saddle and all our stuff here. [Kneels down and places pieces of Appa's fur into his satchel.] I'm going to use Appa's fur to make a fake trail to lead the tank off-course.
Cuts to shot of the treetops. Appa grunts and takes flight, Sokka and Katara riding atop him. As he flies away, his body accidentally brushes against the treetops, snapping the topmost limbs off and causing them to fall to the ground. Aang watches as the bison flies away and turns. Taking a running start, he flies away from the scene on his glider, releasing patches of fur from the bag along the way, creating a misleading trail.

Cuts to shot of a mountain range, fog partially obscuring their peaks. The camera pans downward to show Toph walking slowly along a pathway on her own. Cuts to side-view of her as she halts, having detected something nearby. Cuts to ground level shot of her foot which shifts abruptly in the opposite direction. Cuts to shot of her as she turns her head swiftly. She uses earthbending to send a stream of earth toward the unknown source. The stream of earth travels its way to a large rock ahead and a dust cloud erupts in the air from the impact. A grunt of pain is heard from behind the rock. Cuts to shot of Toph who approaches the rock still assuming a fighting stance. Cuts to shot of Iroh, his back to the camera as he kneels over and rubs his rear in pain. Cuts to shot of his face as he grimaces from the incident.

Iroh Ow... That really hurt my tailbone.
The scene changes to the Nan Shan River, the camera panning slightly downward to show patches of Appa's fur clinging to rocks. Azula's hands appear on screen as she grabs hold of two patches of fur and lifts to examine them.
Mai [Off camera; dryly.] Wads of wet fur. How delightful.
Ty Lee [Thoughtfully.] Hmmm... they're not wads, they're more like bundles, or bunches? [Scratching her head.] It's got an "uh" sound.
Mai [Unamused.] Clumps?
Ty Lee [Clasps her hands together and says brightly.] Clumps! They're clumps! [Hugs Mai.]
Cuts to close-up of Mai, still being embraced by Ty Lee, who peers down. Cuts to shot of the fake fur trail, the camera panning upward to reveal the direction in which it is traveling.
Mai [To Azula, pointing in direction of the trail.] The trail goes this way.
Azula, who had been bending over, examining the fur, rises and looks in the direction of the trail. She averts her gaze upward. Cuts to shot of the broken treetops.
Azula The Avatar's trying to give us the slip. [Pointing to the broken treetops.] You two head in that direction and keep your eye out for the bison. [Looking down at fur trail.] I'll follow this trail.
Cuts to shot of Azula who narrows her eyes. Cuts to ground level shot as Mai and Ty Lee ride away on their mongoose lizards. As they disappear from sight, Azula's mongoose lizard comes into view, the Fire Nation princess mounted on top. She pulls on the reigns and heads in the opposite direction, following the fake trail. Cuts to overhead shot of the area, Mai and Ty Lee seen traveling to the right of the screen, Azula to the left. Cuts to shot of Azula, who races toward the camera.

The scene changes to another area of the forest, a cluster of trees growing on a rocky ledge overlooking the rest of the forest, the river channeling right through the landscape. Mountains are seen in the distance. Aang comes into view, flying on his glider, releasing the fur from his satchel. He exits the lush, green landscape area and soars over a more arid, rugged terrain. Camera briefly focuses on him, his eyes tired from lack of sleep as he peers down and looks forward.

The camera pans upward to depict an old abandoned town, Tu Zin, similar to historical Western towns. Aang heads toward the town, still dropping fur. Cuts to side-view of the front of the town as he lands on the ground. Cuts to show the rest of the town. Aang's legs come into view and he twirls his glider staff closed. Cuts to overhead shot of him walking through the middle street way of the town, casually dropping fur. Cuts to shot of old store, the shutters creaking and a bell tolling in the wind. Cuts to side-view of Aang as he continues walking forward. Cuts to close-up of him as he averts his eyes sleepily from side-to-side. Cuts to shot of building and a side-view of him walking shown from in between two buildings.

Cuts to shot of the ground, the camera panning upward to show the satchel being held upside-down, the remaining fur dropping onto the ground. Cuts to overhead shot of him as he opens his glider. He turns to face the horizon. Cuts to shot of him looking into the distance, his back to the screen. He looks down. Cuts to shot of him standing at the end of the town as he twirls his glider closed. He sits down on the ground cross-legged. The camera zooms out on the town. The scene changes to where Appa lazily soars overhead in the forest. Cuts to shot of Sokka and Katara mounted on him.

Sokka [Surveying the woods.] Toph couldn't have made it too far. [Momo begins to chitter and rears up defensively.] What is it, Momo? Ooooh, no! Katara!
Cuts to overhead shot of Sokka sitting on Appa's tail, Mai and Ty Lee following the bison in hot pursuit, mounted on mongoose lizards.
Katara [Shocked; urges Appa forward.] How did they find us?
Cuts to side-view of Appa who flies dangerously close to the tree line, growing more and more tired.
Sokka [Urgently.] Appa, come on, we need to go faster!
Katara He's too tired!
Sokka [Frantically.] Not good, not good! [Appa grunts;. Cuts to ground level view of Mai and Ty Lee chasing after them. Cuts to shot of Appa heading toward the river.] We just need to make it across that river!
Katara [Pleading.] Come on Appa, just a little further...
Cuts to side-view of Appa who continues his descent, snapping off several treetops in the process. Cuts to shot from directly beneath Appa who crashes into another treetop, causing it to fall toward the screen. Cuts back to Mai and Ty Lee who chase after them. Cuts to Mai who swings her arm, firing a flurry of stilettos. Cuts back to Sokka who narrowly avoids the weapons by ducking. Cuts to view of Appa skimming the surface of the Nan Shan River before crashing into the ground on the opposite side of the river. Cuts to shot from the other side of the river, Appa's backside seen in the distance.
Sokka [Voice-over.] We made it! We're safe.
Katara [Voice-over.] You did it Appa!
Cuts to riverbank where the siblings embrace. Katara opens her eyes and gasps. Sokka turns around and becomes horrified. Cuts to side-view of the mongoose lizards paddling the water rapidly, allowing for them to walk over the surface of the river. Katara steps forward and spins around, sending a wave of water crashing into Ty Lee's mongoose lizard. Ty Lee leaps off the beast just in time and emerges from the water. She lands near the treetops where she gracefully dodges from tree trunk to tree trunk in pursuit of Katara, who opens her water skin.

Ty Lee somersaults onto the ground. Katara attempts to lash a water whip in her direction, however, is forced to quickly dodge several of the acrobat's blows. She narrowly avoids having her chi blocked and fires several sharp discs of water at her enemy, who cartwheels repeatedly to escape. Cuts to shot of Mai still mounted on her lizard. She turns around and fires several stilettos from uploaded holsters in her sleeves. Cuts to quick shot of the stilettos before one of Katara still fending off Ty Lee, her back to the camera. Sokka steps on-screen and knocks the stilettos off-target with his machete and boomerang.

He throws his boomerang in Mai's direction, however, the knife thrower merely leaps off her lizard, avoiding the attack. She spins around and fires stilettos from a holster in her leg. Sokka knocks them away again with his machete. Cuts to shot of Mai, who runs forward. Cuts to view of Katara, Sokka seen in the background. Katara turns around and is forced on the run when Mai comes charging toward her. Cuts to shot of Ty Lee, who runs toward the camera. She somersaults and leaps into the air where she flips and lands on the ground near Sokka.

She lands several quick blows on Sokka, using chi blocking to incapacitate Sokka's right arm. Sokka drops his boomerang as a result of this. He swings his left arm toward Ty Lee who merely incapacitates that arm, resulting in him dropping his machete. Sokka looks about him nervously and resorts to kicking his leg in order to fend off the acrobat who proceeds to render his leg useless. Sokka proceeds to use his forehead as a shield. Ty Lee strikes his skull and injures her hand in the process. She backs away and shakes her fist in pain before turning to glare at Sokka.

Sokka [Well off-balance.] Good try, but no.
Cuts to shot of a tree growing near the riverbank. Katara appears on screen and halts in front of the tree. She begins to draw a stream of water with which to attack Mai, however, the knife thrower hurls two shuriken knives her way. Each of the two knives pins her wrists to the tree trunk. Katara gasps horror. Cuts to side-view of the riverbank as the stream of water falls into the river again and Sokka hobbles on-screen as a result of the paralysis. He falls to the ground.
Sokka How are you doing?
Katara [Frantically.] Well, you know...
Mai [Dryly.] I thought when Ty Lee and I finally caught you guys, it would be more exciting. Oh well, victory is boring.
The two are suddenly swept off their feet by a powerful gust of wind conjured by Appa's tail. They incidentally somersault into the air and land several yards away in the water. Cuts to shot of riverbank, Appa shaking his tail, his back facing the camera.
Sokka [Still lying on the ground.] Thanks Appa, I don't know what we'd do without you.
Appa sweeps his large tongue over Sokka's face, covering him in drool. Sokka expresses irritation at this, his eyebrow twitching. Cuts to overhead shot of the forest behind the river and pans downward to the opposite side of the riverbank where Mai and Ty Lee arrive at its edge, drenched.
Ty Lee [Wringing out her braid.] Was it just me, or was that guy kind of cute?
Mai casts an annoyed glance off to the side. The scene changes to Tu Zin where Aang still sits cross-legged, awaiting his enemy. Cuts to close-up of his face before a shot of him looking out over the horizon where Azula appears, riding on her mongoose lizard in a cloud of dust. Cuts to a side-view shot of her as she closes in on the town. Cuts to faraway shot of Aang sitting at the end of the village. Azula appears on-screen. Cuts to shot of the ground, covered in fur, where Azula's feet land as she dismounts. Cuts to overhead shot of the town.
Aang All right, you've caught up with me. Now, who are you and what do you want?
Azula [Coolly.] You mean you haven't guessed? You don't see the family resemblance? Here's a hint. [Covers her eye and deepens her voice, imitating Zuko.] I must find the Avatar to restore my honor! [Aang remains silent; back in her normal voice.] It's okay, you can laugh. It's funny.
Aang So what now?
Azula [Cuts to view of her left side.] Now? Now, it's over. You're tired and you have no place to go. [Cuts to view of her face.] You can run, but I'll catch you.
Aang [Rises to face her.] I'm not running.
Cuts to close-up of Azula, who smirks. Cuts to shot of the sun setting over the mountains. The camera pans downward to show Toph and Iroh sitting in a rocky outcrop. Cuts to shot of a tea kettle heating over a fire. Iroh can be seen in the background, sitting next to it. He pours tea into two tin cups.
Iroh [Handing her a cup of tea.] Here is your tea. [Cuts to shot of Toph staring blankly at the ground and back to Iroh.] You seem a little too young to be traveling alone.
Toph [Taking the tea from his hand.] You seem a little too old.
Iroh [Laughs.] Perhaps I am.
Toph [Casually.] I know what you're thinking... I look like I can't handle being by myself.
Iroh I wasn't thinking that.
Toph You wouldn't even let me pour my own cup of tea!
Iroh I poured your tea because I wanted to and for no other reason.
Toph People see me and think I'm weak. They want to take care of me, but I can take care of myself, by myself.
Iroh You sound like my nephew, always thinking you need to do things on your own, without anyone's support. There is nothing wrong with letting the people who love you help you. Not that I love you, I just met you.
Toph [Laughs.] So where is your nephew?
Iroh I've been tracking him actually.
Toph Is he lost?
Iroh [Looks away; slightly sad.] Yes, a little bit. [Cuts to shot of the rocky ledge where the two sit, the mountain region in the background; voice-over.] His life has recently changed and he's going through very difficult times. He's trying to figure out who he is and he went away.
Toph So now you're following him.
Iroh I know he doesn't want me around him right now, but if he needs me, I'll be there.
Toph Your nephew is very lucky, even if he doesn't know it. [Gets up to leave.] Thank you.
Iroh My pleasure. Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life's true delights.
Toph [Happily.] No, thank you for what you said. It helped me.
Iroh I'm glad.
Toph [Rises to leave, but turns around briefly.] Oh, and about your nephew, maybe you should tell him that you need him, too.
Iroh remains silent and sips his tea. The scene changes back to Tu Zin, the camera panning down to depict the town, Azula standing on the opposite side of town as Aang. Cuts briefly to Aang and to Azula who smiles smugly.
Azula Do you really want to fight me?
Zuko suddenly appears from an alleyway, leaping off his ostrich horse onto the ground, creating a cloud of dust. He stands up straight and throws his conical hat aside.
Zuko Yes, I really do.
Aang [Alarmed.] Zuko!
Azula [Calmly.] I was wondering when you'd show up, Zuzu.
Aang [Covers mouth to suppress laughter.] "Zuzu"?
Zuko [Determined.] Back off, Azula! He's mine!
Azula [Assumes a fighting stance.] I'm not going anywhere.
Cuts to overhead shot of the street way where the three opponents stand, prepared for battle. Cuts to shot of Azula, confident as ever. Cuts to shot of Zuko, who averts his gaze first to Azula before looking toward Aang. Cuts to Aang who assumes a fighting stance, pointing his glider at Zuko in fright. Cuts to shot of the three from the perspective of the front porch of a store, the camera panning to the left from Aang to Azula. Cuts to shot of Zuko, who shifts the position of his fingers a bit. Cuts to Aang, who looks about him nervously. Cuts to Azula, who continues to smirk in confidence. Cuts to close-up of Zuko, a shot of Aang, before switching back to Zuko. Cuts to close-up of Azula, whose smile widens. Cuts to brief shot of Zuko.

Cuts to Azula, who moves her arm forward, firing a blast of blue fire at Zuko, who conjures up a fire shield to deflect it. He falls backward onto a front porch. Aang, upon seeing this, expresses horror and attempts to flee the town on his glider. He begins soaring toward the back end of Tu Zin. Cuts to Azula, who swings her arm downward, sending a stream of fire at Aang, who turns over mid-air and closes his glider, twirling the object to deflect the flames. Cuts to side-view of the town as he lands on the ground, still deflecting the flames. He stops twirling his glider.

Cuts to shot of Azula running along the beam of a rooftop, prepared to strike him. Cuts to ground level shot of Aang who rolls over, grabbing hold of his glider just as Azula lands nimbly on the ground, sweeping around, sending a stream of fire his way. Cuts to shot of the street where Azula rises and turns around, Zuko seen standing in the background. Aang leaps on-screen and lands on the ground, in between the other two. Zuko fires a blast at Aang who steps to the side, managing to avoid the attack. Azula fires at the Avatar and misses.

After the three perform several unsuccessful attempts to land a blow, Aang runs past Azula, who sends another sweep of fire his way. Cut to slanted shot of three, Aang trying to escape toward the back end of town, Azula turning to face him and Zuko firing blasts of his own. Aang rounds a bend and runs past Azula once more, this time heading toward the front of town. Azula fires another blast at him, only to miss. Azula fires several more blows, one of which Zuko manages to deflect. He fires a shot at Azula and misses.

Cuts to shot of Azula, who swings her arms about, sending attacks at her opponents. Cuts to overhead shot of the town, the three of them continuing to battle each other. Cuts to shot of Azula, Zuko appearing on-screen, leaping into the air directly behind her and striking the ground, unleashing a firebending attack in the process. Cuts to side-view of the two siblings as two walls of fire, one blue and one orange are created as a result of the impact. Azula fires a blast at Zuko, who ducks and attempts to knock her off her feet. He fires a blast her only for the princess to duck. She sweeps her arm upward, sending a stream of fire his way. Zuko leaps into the air to avoid the attack. Azula turns around and fires at Aang. Cuts to shot of the Avatar, who leaps into the air and lands onto an upper outdoors level of a nearby building.

Azula runs up the stairwell leading to the upper level, forcing Aang to run through the open doorway. Cuts to shot of the inside of the doorway; Azula appears on-screen and her expression suddenly grows alarmed. She halts in her tracks and nearly stumbles. Cuts to view of the entire inside of the building, revealing that there is no floor, merely some jagged wooden paneling lining the edges of the wall. She windmills in an attempt to steady herself. Cuts to Aang perched atop an air ball, smiling gleefully and waving to her. After leaping about a few times, Azula manages to prop herself against the wall and regains her balance. Zuko suddenly appears in the doorway. He has the misfortune of inaccurate timing and falls roughly onto the first level floor with a yell, sending up a cloud of dust.

The air ball Aang is riding suddenly begins to dissipates. Cuts to Azula, who nimbly sends a blast of fire at him. Cuts back to Aang, who leaps out of the way just as the air ball is terminated. He runs along the edges along the thin floor paneling and knocks Azula onto the first floor in the process. Azula lands nimbly onto the ground near Zuko, who is still recovering from his fall. Cuts to the outside of the building as Aang exits through the doorway, narrowly avoiding a blue fire blast sent by Azula off-screen.

He lands onto the ground just as Azula bursts through the wall of the building through the use of firebending. Zuko lands on the ground unconscious. Cuts to shot of Aang, who looks at Zuko before turning around and seeing Azula heading straight toward him. He flees and leaps out of the way just as Azula sends another blast at him. Aang begins alternately jumping between two buildings, with Azula firing blasts off-screen at each spot he lands on. Aang finally reaches the rooftop of the left building and scrambles to prop himself up.

Azula sends a blast of fire, slicing a portion of the rooftop off. Aang leaps off the crumbling portion onto another spot on the roof, only for Azula to repeat the same action. Cuts to shot Aang, who scrambles to prop himself up only for the ceiling to cave in. He lands on the ground inside the building, trapped beneath a pile of wooden planks. Azula enters the building through the doorway and sends two streams of fire along the sides of the wall. The blue fire spreads around the perimeter of the room and turns an orange hue. Cuts to Aang, who looks horrified and attempts to break free.

Cuts to Azula, who smirks and holds up one hand, two fingers pointing outward, her typical lightning generation pose. Katara suddenly appears in the doorway and sends a water whip at Azula, guiding her hand off course. Katara bends the stream of water around her and slices the wooden planks, thus freeing Aang.

Aang [Thrilled.] Katara!
Azula swiftly turns around and fires a blast at the waterbender, who races out of the building along the porch. Azula follows her in hot pursuit, only to be halted by Sokka, who emerges from another doorway and swings his machete her way. Katara runs off-camera, while Azula is forced to duck. Sokka begins chasing her. Cuts to overhead shot of the town where Azula is now being cornered by him, Katara and Aang. Cuts to shot of Zuko still lying on the ground as he regains consciousness. Cuts to shot of Iroh standing over him from his perspective, the shot slightly blurred to show the effect of being knocked out.
Zuko [Slightly dazed.] Uncle...
Iroh Get up!
He helps Zuko get up. Cuts to shot of Aang as he runs straight toward Azula, his back facing the camera. He leaps over her just as Azula fires a blast at him which heads directly toward the camera. She turns around and blocks a water whip Katara sends at her. She fires a blast at Sokka and swings her arm outward to prolong the blast. Aang appears on-screen behind her. She turns around and nearly manages to strike him with another blast. Cuts to overhead shot of the three Team Avatar members and Azula, who swings her arm outward, sending an arched fire blast at the three. Cuts to shot of Azula who stands, poised for attack. Camera pans downward to her feet. She suddenly falls over to the side; Toph appears from an alleyway, having just shifted the ground beneath her feet.
Toph I thought you guys could use a little help.
Katara [Happily.] Thanks.
Azula rises to her feet and begins running away. Cuts to shot from the view of an alleyway, where Azula appears on-screen and runs through the alley. She leaps over some crates and tries to escape, however, Iroh intervenes, using his rotund belly to knock her off her feet. Zuko appears on-screen next to him. Cuts to overhead shot of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko and Iroh all cornering Azula against the ruins of a stone wall.
Azula [Coolly, backing up as her enemies surround her.] Well, look at this. Enemies and traitors, all working together. I'm done. [Raises her hands in surrender.] I know when I'm beaten. You got me. A princess surrenders with honor.
Cuts to shot of Iroh, who averts his gaze toward the other members, who remain on high alert. The camera switches to his point of view, zooming in on Toph and shifting upward to Aang, Katara and Sokka, who still assume fighting stances. Cuts briefly to Azula, who smirks, before switching to Toph from Iroh's point of view. Cuts to Azula, who smiles and takes a step forward, firing a blast at Iroh, who gets hit. He screams in pain and falls to the ground.
Zuko [Horrified.] Aaaah!
The remaining five turn to face Azula, four of them bending their respective elements and Sokka throwing his boomerang straight for her. The impact of the elements creates a minor explosion, sending a thick cloud of smoke everywhere. Cuts to buildings in the town now set alight, burning embers falling from the sky. Cuts to shot of Aang as the smoke clears, who looks from his defensive position at the effect. Cuts overhead shot of the group surrounding the corner, the smoke clearing to reveal Azula having vanished from the scene without a trace. Cuts to Zuko, who kneels before his uncle, dismayed at the turn of events.
Zuko [Angrily.] Ugggh! [Looks at Team Avatar.] Get away from us!
Cuts to Toph, the camera shifting to her foot, showing that she can detect the vibrations using seismic sense. Cuts to Iroh, who is still breathing, indicating that he is still alive. Katara approaches Zuko.
Katara Zuko, I can help.
Zuko [Blasts an arc of fire.] Leave!
The members of Team Avatar all run away off-screen, leaving Zuko still kneeling over Iroh. The camera pans upward to show thick smoke billowing from the fire. The scene fades to a mountain at nightfall where Appa lands. Cuts to shot of Team Avatar sleeping on the saddle. Camera zooms in on Toph and Katara resting next to each other.

Central Earth Kingdom

The episode opens in a mountainous terrain at sunrise as it pans down and to the right. All of Team Avatar is sleeping, until Aang rises and jumps up with airbending, barefoot, and filled with excitement.
Aang [Very excitedly.] Today's the day! Can you believe it? After all that time searching for a teacher, I'm finally starting earthbending! And this place, it's perfect, don't you think? Sokka? [Sokka grumbles.] Oh, you're still sleeping, huh? [Sokka again grumbles.] Sorry.
The ground shakes, and an earth tent is destroyed. Toph reveals herself.
Toph Goooood morning, earthbending student!
Aang Good morning, Sifu Toph.
Katara [Disappointed and tiredly.] Hey, you never called me Sifu Katara.
Aang Well, if you think I should...
Sokka once again grumbles.
Toph Sorry, Snoozles, we'll do our earthbending as quietly as we can. [Earthbends a rock under Sokka, causing him to fly into the air several feet screaming as everyone watches, before he lands on the hard ground. Sokka, still in his sleeping bag, gets up, mumbles angrily and incoherently at Toph and Aang, and angrily hops away.]
Aang [Excited to begin.] So what move are you going to teach me first? Rock-a-lanche? The Trembler? Oh, maybe I could learn to make a whirlpool out of land!
Toph [Puts hand to chest to stop the excited Aang.] Let's start with... [Makes the gesture.] move a rock.
Aang Sounds good, sounds good!
Cuts to another part of the canyon where Toph and Aang are standing in front of two rocks as Katara watches.
Toph The key to earthbending is your stance. You've got to be steady and strong. Rock is a stubborn element. If you're going to move it, you've got to be like a rock yourself.
Aang Like a rock. Got it.
Toph Good. Now the actual motion of this one is pretty simple. [Slams the rock against the canyon wall.] Okay, you ready to give it a try?
Aang I'm ready. [Tries to move it, but instead he is forced backward into Appa.]
Sokka [Amused.] Rock beats airbender!
Iroh has a flashback in a dream about Lu Ten. Lu Ten pretends to firebend at Iroh who fakes a groan and falls over.
Lu Ten I got you, Dad! [Playfully jumps on top of Iroh.]
Both laugh as the scene fades to Iroh in a dream sitting over Lu Ten's tomb.
Iroh My beloved Lu Ten, I will see you again.
The scene fades again as Iroh wakes up to Zuko calling him.
Zuko Uncle... you were unconscious. Azula did this to you. It was a surprise attack.
Iroh Somehow, that's not so surprising. [Groans.]
Zuko [Hands Iroh some tea.] I hope I made it the way you like it.
Iroh [Grimaces.] Good. That was very... uhhh... bracing. [He is handed another cup, which he throws out secretly behind his shoulder.]
Zuko So Uncle, I've been thinking. It's only a matter of time before I run into Azula again. I'm going to need to know more advanced firebending if I want to stand a chance against her. I know what you're going to say: she's my sister and I should be trying to get along with her.
Iroh [With the exact opposite of Zuko's thoughts.] No, she's crazy, and she needs to go down. [Rises.] It's time to resume your training.
Back at the canyon.
Katara I don't understand what went wrong. He did it exactly the way you did.
Aang Maybe there's another way... what if I came at the boulder from another angle?
Toph No. That's the problem. You've got to stop thinking like an airbender. There's no different angle, no clever solution, no trickety-trick that's going to move that rock. You've got to face it head on. And when I say head on, I mean like this... [Jumps up and destroys the rock with her head.]
Aang Whoa!
Toph begins to walk away, but Katara stops her.
Katara [Trying to help Toph teach.] I've been training Aang for a while now. He really responds well to a positive teaching experience. Lots of encouragement and praise. Kind words. If he's doing something wrong, maybe a gentle nudge in the right direction.
Toph Thanks, Katara. A gentle nudge. I'll try that. [Moments later; yelling at the top of her lungs.] Keep your knees high, Twinkle Toes!
Aang struggles to hold a rock on his back, while Toph bends up the ground, sending him off-balance.
The next move shows Toph digging through rock with her fingers. Aang tries this, but smashes his hand off the rock.
Toph Rock-like!

Next, Toph gives Aang one of Sokka's weapons, much to Sokka's dismay. He is blindfolded as he tries to smash rocks Toph brings up. He finally gets one after about five times.

During their next session, Toph builds herself into a shield of rock which Aang has to push back over a marked boundary. He is successful. His training begins to move smoothly.

During another training session Aang is standing on two pillars of earth tossing a rock into the air while switching hands to catch it each time. Toph walks between the two pillars of earth and uses earthbending to shake the pillars.

Toph Rock-like!
The camera pans up to reveal Aang holding a solid stance without losing his balance. Toph appears on a pillar near him and nods. Aang smiles, knowing he is finally getting the hang of it.

In another part of the canyon, Sokka is looking around a desert settlement.

Sokka [Sweating.] This is hopeless. While they all get to have fun with their bending. I'm stuck trying to find maps of the Fire Nation. [Walks into a bar.] Hmm, I could use a drink.
Zei [To the bartender.] One mango, please.
The bartender uses two swords to slice a bowl from a large chunk of ice. He cuts down some mangos from the overhanging fruit and dices them up. He chops up a piece of fruit and pours a jug of milk into the bowl, still using the swords. He throws a decorative umbrella and straw into the bowl and serves it to Zei, who gives the bartender a coin.
Sokka I don't see anything wrong with having one of those fruity beverages while we plan our strategy. [Runs up to the bartender.] Excuse me.
Zei A Water Tribe boy, [Shot changes to show a man hoding holding an icy bowl.] Professor Zei, head of anthropology at Ba Sing Se University. Tell me are you of the North or the South?
Sokka South. So Professor, you're obviously a well-traveled guy. Do you have a more current map? Mine seems to be a little dated.
Zei Certainly.
Sokka unrolls a map on a table and examines.
Sokka What, no Fire Nation? Doesn't anybody have a good map of that place?
Zei I'm sorry, but this is not a map of the Fire Nation, this map marks my journey from Ba Sing Se to here. I came all this way to reach the crown jewel: Wan Shi Tong's Library. I has taken me many months but at last I'm here.
Sokka [In disbelief.] You spent months walking all this way to some guy's library?
Zei This library is more valuable than gold. It is said to contain a vast collection of knowledge, and knowledge is priceless.
Sokka Hmm, sounds like good times.
Zei Oh, it is. According to legend, it was built by the great Knowledge Spirit, Wan Shi Tong, with the help of his "foxy" knowledge seekers.
Sokka [Intrigued.] Oh, so this spirit has attractive assistants, huh?
Zei You're both right. Handsome little creatures. [Takes out a drawing of the library and places it on the table.] Wan Shi Tong and his knowledge seekers collected books from all over the world, and put them on display for mankind to read, so that we might better ourselves.
Sokka If this place has books from all over the world, do you think they've got info on the Fire Nation? A map, maybe?
Zei I wouldn't know. But if such a thing exists, it's in Wan Shi Tong's Library.
Sokka Then it's settled. [Cut to a shot of Sokka as he points his finger into the air dramatically. The background changes to a rushing one.] To the library!
Back at Iroh and Zuko's setup.
Iroh Lightning is a pure form of firebending, without aggression. It is not fueled by rage or emotion the way other firebending is. Some call lightning the cold-blooded fire. It is precise and deadly, like Azula. To perform the technique requires peace of mind.
Zuko I see. That's why we're drinking tea, to calm the mind.
Iroh Oh yeah, good point! I mean, yes. [Outside.] There is energy all around us. The energy is both yin and yang. Positive energy and negative energy. Only a select few firebenders can separate these energies. This creates an imbalance. The energy wants to restore balance, and in a moment the positive and negative energy come crashing back together, you provide release and guidance, creating lightning. [Steps up, and generates lightning, and shoots it away from the two.]
Zuko I'm ready to try it!
Iroh Remember, once you separate the energy, you do not command it. You are simply its humble guide. Breathe first.
Zuko takes a deep breath. He tries to generate lightning, but instead an explosion launches him back. Iroh shakes his head in disappointment.

Back at the canyon, Aang's earthbending training continues.

Toph This time we're going to try something a little different. Instead of moving a rock, you're going to stop a rock. Get in your horse stance! I'm going to roll that boulder down at you. If you have the attitude of an earthbender, you'll stay in your stance and stop the rock. Like this! [Stretches out, still in stance.]
Katara Sorry Toph, but are you really sure this is the way to teach Aang earthbending?
Toph I'm glad you said something. Actually there is a better way. [Blindfolds Aang.] This way, you'll actually have to sense the vibrations of the boulder to stop it. Thank you, Katara.
Aang [Sarcastically.] Yeah, thanks, Katara!
Toph sends the boulder down. Aang jumps over the boulder as it approaches. The boulder crashes into the cliff. Toph comes toward Aang.
Aang I guess I just panicked. I don't know what to say.
Toph There's nothing to say, you blew it! You had a perfect stance, and a perfect form. But when it came right down to it, you didn't have the guts!
Aang [Disappointed.] I know. I'm sorry.
Toph Yeah, you are sorry! If you're not tough enough to stop the rock, then you can at least give it the pleasure of smashing you instead of jumping out of the way like a jelly-boned wimp! Now, do you have what it takes to face that rock like an earthbender?
Aang No, I don't think I do.
Katara Aang, it's no big deal. You'll take a break and try earthbending again when you're ready. Besides, you still have a lot of waterbending to work on. Okay?
Aang Yeah, that sounds good.
Toph Yeah, whatever, go splash around until you feel better.
They all exit.
Back to Zuko and Iroh. Another attempt by Zuko to generate lightning fails.
Zuko Why can't I do it? Instead of lightning it keeps blowing up in my face... like everything always does.
Iroh I was afraid this might happen. You will not be able to master lightning until you have dealt with the turmoil inside you.
Zuko What turmoil?
Iroh Zuko, you must let go of your feelings of shame if you want your anger to go away.
Zuko But I don't feel any shame at all. I'm as proud as ever.
Iroh Prince Zuko, pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source. True humility is the only antidote to shame.
Zuko Well, my life has been nothing but humbling lately.
Iroh I have another idea. I will teach you a firebending move that even Azula doesn't know, because I made it up myself. [Zuko smiles.]
Cut to Sokka and Zei. While Zei takes books off of bookshelves and adds them to his stack, Sokka takes a scroll from a shelf, reads it, and puts it in his purse. Back shot of Sokka walking up to a podium. He sees the burnt piece of parchment framed on the podium with the characters 培治龍年七月九日烈火國最黑暗的一天.
Sokka [Reading from the parchment.] "The darkest day in Fire Nation history." It's got a date at the top, but it doesn't say anything else. [He looks around, making sure no one is watching, before prying open the frame with his sword and taking the parchment.]
Zei Um, where are you going?
Sokka [Running down a section of a library.] I want to know what happened to the Fire Nation on their darkest day. This could be promising. [Zei follows him.] The information on the Fire Nation should be right up here.
Zei [Looking at a room full of ashes.] Firebenders. They destroyed everything having to do with the Fire Nation. All that knowledge, gone.
Sokka That's so unfair! Just when I think I'm one step ahead of the Fire Nation, it turns out they beat us here a long time ago. [Collapses on his knees.] I need to know what happened on the darkest day. [Hears whimpering and looks at the entrance to see the Knowledge Seeker standing on its hind legs.] Hello, little weird fox guy.
The Knowledge Seeker gets on its four legs and points outside the room.
Zei Seems it's trying to assist you.
Sokka Um, sure, I guess I'll follow you.
They follow the Knowledge Seeker to a large round door with a texture lining the bottom sides of the wall. The Knowledge Seeker enters a small door in the texture. The large door opens showing the Knowledge Seeker standing behind it. Sokka and Zei walk toward the center of the room. The Knowledge Seeker pushes a lever beside the calendar wheel and the domed ceiling changes from day to night.
Zei This room is a true marvel, a mechanical wonder. It's a planetarium that shows the heavens moving.
The domed ceiling changes back into day.
Sokka Uh, this is beautiful, but how is it helpful?
Zei Maybe these dials represent dates and times. Sokka, try entering that date from that parchment you took.
Sokka [Mock whispering.] Shh, not in front of the fox.
The Knowledge Seeker whimpers. Sokka glances at the parchment and changes four of the calendar wheels. He pushes the lever and the domed ceiling changes from day to night.

The ceiling changes from night to day and the planetarium suddenly grows dark.

Sokka Hey, wait. What happened to the sun? Is it broken? [Walks next to Zei.] No, it's not broken. [Shot changes to show the sun piece of the planetarium covered by the moon piece.] The sun is behind the moon. It's a solar eclipse! It's literally the darkest day in Fire Nation history. Now I get it. [Grabs Zei's shoulders and shakes him.] Something awful happened on that day. I don't know what, but I do know why. Firebenders lose their bending during a solar eclipse.
Zei That makes sense. I mean, think what a lunar eclipse would do to waterbenders. This is huge.
The Knowledge Seeker gets on its hind legs and begs.
Sokka [To the Knowledge Seeker.] Fine, you earned it. [Tosses the fox a snack from his bag. To Zei.] I've gotta get this information to the gang. They are not going to believe this. No wait, I need to tell the Earth King at Ba Sing Se. We'll wait for the next eclipse, then we'll invade the Fire Nation when they're totally helpless. The Fire Lord is going down!
In a pond in another part of the canyon. Momo tries to grab a frog. Aang and Katara move a single blob of water back and forth among each other in a circular motion.
Katara You know this block you're having is only temporary, right?
Aang I don't want to talk about it.
Katara You do realize that's the problem, don't you? If you face this issue instead of avoiding it–
Aang [Frustrated at himself.] I know, I know, I know, I know! I get it, all right? I need to face it head on like a rock, but I just can't do it. I don't know why I can't, but I can't.
Katara Aang, if fire and water are opposites, then what's the opposite of air?
Aang I guess it's earth.
Katara That's why it's so difficult for you to get this. You're working with your natural opposite. But you'll figure it out. I know you will. Think fast! [Throws a piece of grass at him, but Aang stops it with waterbending.] Excellent. You have the reflexes of a waterbending master.
Aang Thanks, Katara. Sifu Katara. [Bows.]
Katara also bows at Aang. Back to Zuko and Iroh.
Iroh Fire is the element of power. [Draws the firebending insignia in the dirt.] The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy to drive and achieve what they want. Earth is the element of substance. [Draws the earthbending insignia.] The people of the Earth Kingdom are diverse and strong. They are persistent and enduring. Air is the element of freedom. [Draws the airbending insignia.] The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom. Also, they apparently had pretty good senses of humor! Water is the element of change. [Draws the waterbending insignia.] The people of the Water Tribe are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything.
Zuko Why are you telling me these things?
Iroh It is important to draw wisdom from many different places. If you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale. [Divides the four insignias into separate sections.] Understanding others, the other elements, and the other nations will help you become whole. [Draws a circle around the insignias.]
Zuko All this four elements talk is sounding like Avatar stuff.
Iroh It is the combination of the four elements in one person that makes the Avatar so powerful. But it can make you more powerful, too. You see the technique I'm about to teach you is one I learned by studying the waterbenders.
Back to the campsite. Aang is meditating when Toph enters, holding Aang's staff.
Toph Aang, I found these nuts in your bag. I figured you wouldn't mind. And besides, even if you did, you're too much of a pushover to do anything about it.
Aang As a matter of fact, I don't mind. I'm happy to share anything I have.
Toph You know, I'm really glad you feel that way. Because I also have this great new nutcracker. [Starts breaking nutshells with the staff.]
Aang Actually, I prefer if you didn't... [Crack.] That's an antique, handcrafted by the monks... [Crack.] It's a delicate instrument!
Toph It's not the only delicate instrument around here. [Walks away, hitting the staff off rocks.]
Aang [Resumes meditating.] Ohm.
Katara Hey Aang, have you seen–
Aang [Frustrated.] Meditating here!
Katara It's important. It's almost sundown and Sokka isn't back yet. I think we should search for him.
Aang We'll find him faster if we split up. [The two begin to search.]
Sokka comes running straight out from the village back to camp.
Sokka [Panting.] You guys, are not going to believe what I have just found.
Aang Sokka! Are you okay?
Sokka I'm better than ok. I have maps and calendars, and I have found everything we need to show the earth King.
Aang The Earth King?
Sokka Seriously Aang, I know you're busy with your earthbending and all that. But the is a solar eclipse coming that will leave the Fire Nation totally vulnera-.[Falls into a pit.] Hehe, How about a little earthbending to get me out?
Aang I can't... I can't do it.
Sokka Well, if you can't earthbend me out of here, go get Toph.
Aang I can't do that either.
Sokka You can't? Why not?
Aang It would just be really...uncomfortable.
Sokka Uncomfortable? [Sarcastically.] Well, I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable...
Aang Thanks, Sokka. This whole earthbending thing really has me confused. There's so much pressure. Everyone expects me to get it right away. It puts me in a really awkward position.
Sokka Awkward position, I think I know the feeling.
Aang If I try, I fail. If I don't try, I'm never going to get it. I feel like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.
Sokka Hmmm... how about that.
The scene cuts back to Zuko and Iroh.
Iroh Waterbenders deal with the flow of energy. A waterbender lets their defense become their offense, turning their opponents' energy against them. I learned a way to do this with lightning.
Zuko You can teach me to redirect lightning?
Iroh If you let the energy in your own body flow, the lightning will follow it. You must create a pathway from your fingertips, up your arm to your shoulder, then down into your stomach. The stomach is the source of energy in your body. It is called the sea of chi. Only in my case it is more like a vast ocean. [Laughs.] From the stomach, you direct it up again, and out the other arm. The stomach detour is critical. You must not let the lightning pass through your heart, or the damage could be deadly. You may wish to try a physical motion, to get a feel for the pathways' flow, like this. [The two begin to practice the redirection motion.] Now, are you focusing your energy? Can you feel your own chi flowing in, down, up, and out?
Zuko I think so.
Iroh Come on, you've got to feel the flow. [They practice the motion for a few minutes.] Excellent! You've got it!
Zuko Great, I'm ready to try it with real lightning!
Iroh What, are you crazy? Lightning is very dangerous!
Zuko I thought that was the point! You teaching me to protect myself from it!
Iroh Yeah! But I'm not going to shoot lightning at you! If you're lucky, you will never have to use this technique at all! Now come with me, I have a friend who can get us to the safest place in the Earth Kingdom. [Mounts the ostrich Horse.]
Zuko huffs and mounts also. The ostrich horse takes off.

Back to the canyon. Aang is trying to pull Sokka out, but falls on his bottom several times. Suddenly, slight clapping can be heard. Cut to shot of Toph sitting on a rock nearby.

Sokka What are you doing here?
Toph Just enjoying the show.
Aang What? You were there the whole time?
Toph Pretty much.
Aang Why didn't you do something? You could have gotten him out!
Toph Guess it just didn't occur to me. [Throws a nut down and attempts to crack it with the staff.]
Aang [Grabs hold of it.] Enough! I want my staff back! [Takes it away.]
Toph Do it now!
Aang What?
Toph Earthbend, Twinkle Toes. You just stood your ground. And even more impressive, you stood your ground against me. You've got the stuff.
Aang But–
Toph Do it!
Aang slams the ground and sends a rock into the canyon wall.
Toph You did it! You're an earthbender.
Aang I can't believe it!
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Awww, this is a really wonderful, touching moment. So could you get me out of here so I can give you both a big, snuggly hug?
Aang No problem, Sokka!
Toph Actually, you should probably let me do that. You're still a little new to this. You might accidentally crush him.
Sokka Yeah, no crushing, please.
Toph kicks up the rock and yanks him out. Nightfall hits. Katara meets up with them.
Katara You found him! [Embraces Sokka.]
Aang Hey Katara, look what I can do! [Bends a rock and slams it on the ground.]
Katara You did it! I knew you would! [Whispering to Toph.] You tried the positive reinforcement, didn't you?
Toph [Happily.] Yep, it worked wonders.
Aang Appa, Appa, I can earthbend now! The key is being completely rooted. Physically and mentally unmovable!
Appa licks him and sends him flying a few feet. Sokka laughs hysterically.

Fade to Zuko and Iroh sitting at a table in the tavern at the Misty Palms Oasis.

Zuko No one here is going to help us. These people just look like filthy wanderers.
Iroh So do we. [Pointing at something behind Zuko.] Ah, this is interesting. I think I found our friend.
As Zuko turns around to see where Iroh is pointing at, the camera pans over his shoulder to reveal an old man sitting at a Pai Sho table.
Zuko You brought us here to gamble on Pai Sho?
Iroh I don't think this is a gamble.
Zuko and Iroh walk toward the Pai Sho table.
Iroh May I have this game?
Fung [Gesturing Iroh to sit down.] The guest has the first move. [Iroh places the lotus tile in the center of the board.] I see you favor the white lotus gambit. Not many still cling to the ancient ways. [He cups his hands toward Iroh.]
Iroh Those who do can always find a friend.
He copies the gesture of the old man, also cupping his hands toward him.
Fung Then let us play.
The old man places a tile on the board, quickly followed by a tile placed by Iroh. Seemingly without even looking at what the other person is doing, the two man quickly place their tiles on the board. Zuko sits down and watches intently as the two man place one tile after the other. When they are done, their tiles form the shape of a lotus flower.
Fung Welcome, brother. The White Lotus opens wide to those who know her secrets.
Zuko What are you old gasbags talking about?
Iroh I always tried to tell you that Pai Sho is more than just a game.
Iroh rolls a tile over his knuckles and clutches it.

Back in the Canyon.

Aang So, did you figure out what route we're going to take?
Sokka Okay, we just got over of the desert, so we must be around here. And we need to go to Ba Sing Se, which is here. Appa is going to need some time rest half way between so it looks like the only passage connecting the south to the north is this sliver of land called the Serpent's Pass.
Toph You sure that's the best way to go?
Sokka It's the only way. But I just want to focus on getting to Ba Sing Se and telling the Earth King about the solar eclipse. No more distractions.
Suddenly, three refugees arrive.
Tahn Hello there, fellow refugees!
Aang So, you guys are headed to Ba Sing Se, too?
Tahn Sure are. We're trying to get there before my wife Ying has her baby.
Katara Great! We can travel through the Serpent's Pass together.
The three refugees look up in shock.
Ying The Serpent's Pass? Only the truly desperate take that deadly route!
Toph Deadly route. [Punches Sokka in the arm.] Great pick, Sokka!
Sokka Well, we are desperate.
Tahn You should come with us to Full Moon Bay. Ferries take refugees across the lake. It's the fastest way to Ba Sing Se.
Ying And it's hidden, so the Fire Nation can't find it.
Katara Hmm ... peaceful ferry ride or deadly pass?
Cut to a shot of a small village at the edge of the desert, where Zuko and Iroh follow the Pai Sho player into a flower shop.
Fung It is an honor to welcome such a high-ranking member of the Order of the White Lotus. Being a Grand Master, you must know so many secrets.
Zuko [Annoyed.] Now that you played Pai Sho, are you going to do some flower arranging, or is someone in this club going to offer some real help‌?
Iroh You must forgive my nephew. He is not an initiate and has little appreciation for the cryptic arts.
The Pai Sho player leads Iroh toward a door with a peephole in it. He knocks two times. A man slides open the small window in the door and peeks through.
Doorman Who knocks at the guarded gate‌?
Iroh One who has eaten the fruit and tasted its mysteries.
Iroh smiles as the door opens to let him and the Pai Sho player through. When Zuko attempts to follow them, the door slams shut in front of him. He looks at the door with a pout when Iroh opens the small window.
Iroh I'm afraid it's members only. Wait out here.
An annoyed Zuko frowns and crosses his arms as he rests against a nearby table. He leans over to sniff the plant on the table. It turns to nightfall and a sleeping Zuko is startled by the squeaking of the door. Iroh steps through as Zuko takes on a defensive stance.
Zuko What's going on? Is the club meeting over‌?
Iroh Everything is taken care of. We're heading to Ba Sing Se.
Iroh and Fung bow to each other in respect.
Zuko Ba Sing Se? ‌Why would we go to the Earth Kingdom capital‌?
Fung [Calmly.] The city is filled with refugees. No one will notice two more.
Iroh We can hide in plain sight there. And it's the safest place in the world from the Fire Nation. Even I couldn't break through to the city. [Happily shrugs his shoulders.]
A bell signals that someone has entered the shop. A young man approaches the group, holding up some papers.
White Lotus member I have the passports for our guests. [He hands the passports over to Zuko and Iroh.] And that concludes your visit, Mr Lee and Mr Mushi.
At Full Moon Bay.
Katara I can't believe how many people's lives have been uprooted by the Fire Nation.
Tahn We're all looking for a better life, safe behind the walls of Ba Sing Se.
A ferry departs. Zuko and Iroh are on board.
Iroh Who would have thought after all these years, I'd return to the scene of my greatest military disgrace ... [Turns away for a second before turning back with a floral hat on his head.] as a tourist!
Zuko Look around. We're not tourists, we're refugees. [Sips food and spits it out.] Ugh! I'm sick of eating rotten food, sleeping in the dirt. I'm tired of living like this!
"Jet" Aren't we all? My name's Jet.
Zuko Hello.
"Jet" Here's the deal. I hear the captain's eating like a king while the refugees have to feed off his scraps. Doesn't seem fair, does it?
Iroh What sort of king is he eating like?
"Jet" The fat, happy kind. [At this, Iroh's mouth hangs open as he starts to drool.] You want to help me "liberate" some food?
Zuko [Tosses the bowl of rotten food into the water.] I'm in.
"Jet" smirks.

Back at the station.

Ticket lady I told you already ... no vegetables on the ferry! One cabbage slug could destroy the entire ecosystem of Ba Sing Se! Security!
A platypus bear destroys the cabbage cart.
Cabbage merchant Ahhh! My cabbages! [He is carried away.]
Ticket lady Next!
The gang walk past as they prepare to leave. Suddenly, a security guard, actually Suki without makeup, grabs Sokka.
Suki Tickets and passports please.
Sokka Is there a problem?
Suki Yeah, I got a problem with you! I've seen your type before. Probably sarcastic, think you're hilarious and let me guess, you're traveling with the Avatar.
Sokka Do I know you?
Suki You mean you don't remember? Maybe you'll remember this! [Kisses Sokka on the cheek.]
Sokka Suki! [Embraces her.]
Suki Sokka, it's good to see you!
Cut to a flashback
Katara What was that thing?
Aang I don't know.
Sokka [Stands up and wipes his hands together.] Well, let's not stick around to find out. Time to hit the road.
The camera pans upward to where several female warriors clad in green kimonos descend from the treetops ambushing the trio. The women quickly encircle the group and take them out. Cut so Sokka who is being pulled back and knocked over. Switch to a shot of Katara with Aang in the background. Katara is pulled by her arm. As she leans in to maintain her balance, someone pulls her parka over her head and pulls her down. Aang is distracted by Katara's struggles, giving the opportunity to another female warrior to grab him by his collar. Momo flies up screeching from his shoulder, only to be quickly caught in a bag, only his head still protruding. Cut to a shot of the ground when a bound and blindfolded Momo, Aang, Katara, and Sokka are thrown on the ground in a line, each grunting when they hit the ground. They are surrounded by the female warriors.
Sokka Or, we could stay a while.
The camera switches to a shot of the beginning of a snowy path. The camera pans up, revealing that the path leads to a village in the distance. Cut to a shot of the back of a man while the scene pans to the left. The man addresses Aang, Sokka, and Katara who are still blindfolded and tied to a large wooden pole. The bagged Momo stands on the ground in front of Aang.
"Oyaji" (credited as Kyoshi Isalnd Mayor) [Voice-over.] You three have some explaining to do.
The camera moves even further to the left, revealing the back of one of the woman dressed in green that ambushed the group earlier.
Suki [Voice-over.] And if you don't answer all our questions, we're throwing you back in the water with the unagi.
Sokka [Close-up of the blindfolded Sokka. Challenging.] Show yourselves, cowards!
A gloved hand, the forearm dressed in a leather band with a gold insignia on top of it, removes the blindfold. The scene switches to Sokka's point of view. Five girls in green kimonos and wearing white and red face paint are standing in front of him. Cut to a side-view shot, panning to the right.
Sokka [Aggressively.] Who are you? Where are the men who ambushed us?
Suki [Stepping forward, gesturing heavily with her clenched fist. Indignantly.] There were no men. We ambushed you. Now tell us, who are you and what are you doing here?
Sokka [Closer side-view shot of Sokka who stares at them in disbelief.] Wait a second, [He amusingly glance to his right to where Aang stands as if he is looking for confirmation. Mockingly.] there's no way that a bunch of girls took us down.
Suki [Grabs Sokka by his collar. Angrily.] A bunch of girls, huh? The unagi is gonna eat well tonight.
Katara [Leans forward in her bonds. Pleading and apologetically.] No, don't hurt him! He didn't mean it. My brother is just an idiot sometimes. [Suki released Sokka, but still stares at him in dismay.]
Aang It's my fault. [The three teenagers looks surprised at Aang's words. The camera pans the left to reveal a sorrowfully looking Aang.] I'm sorry we came here. I wanted to ride the elephant koi.
Mayor [Cut to a frontal view of Oyaji. Angrily.] How do we know you're not [Points at the bound three.] Fire Nation spies? Kyoshi stayed out of the war so far. And we intend to keep it that way!
Aang [Cut back to Aang, a brightened expression on his face.] This island is named for Kyoshi? I know Kyoshi!
Mayor [Humorless.] Ha! How could you possibly know her?
Switch to the Mayor's point of view as the camera pans up. At the top of the wooden pole stands a statue of a tall woman holding two stretched open fans. She is dressed in a similar outfit as the female warriors that ambushed the group.
Mayor Avatar Kyoshi was born here four hundred years ago. [Close-up of the face of the statue. The colors have faded away a bit, but it is still clear that Kyoshi wears the same white face paint, with the red accentuated eyes as the modern Kyoshi Warriors wear.] She's been dead for centuries.
Aang [Cut to Aang who looks pensive at the statue before looking at the ground in front of him. He speaks in a soft, calm voice while the camera slowly zooms in on him.] I know her because I'm the Avatar.
Cut to a shot of Suki and the Mayor with the other Kyoshi Warriors standing in the background. The Mayor looks shocked at Aang's revelation.
Suki [Not convinced by Aang's statement. Shaking her fist to emphasize her words.] That's impossible! The last Avatar was an airbender who disappeared a hundred years ago.
Aang [Cut to Aang and his friend from a point of view between Suki and the Mayor. Aang smiles sheepishly.] That's me!
Oyaji [Cut to frontal view of Suki and the Mayor who angrily points at Aang while looking at Suki.] Throw the impostor to the unagi!
Suki and the rest of her warriors immediately retract their metal fans from out of their belts and slid them open. Ready to counter any sudden attack, they threateningly start to move forward and surround the bound friends. Cut to a close shot of Katara as she leans forward in the ropes, glancing to her right where Aang is bound to the pole.
Katara [Nervously.] Aang... do some airbending...
The camera pans to the left, passing Sokka who is looking at the female warriors, his mouth open in shock and stopping at Aang who looks questioningly at Katara for a moment. Cut to an overview shot of the scene as Aang bends over before pushing himself off the ground. He leaves a large dust cloud as he shoots in the air, stretching out his ropes, using one of the outstretched fans of the statue to snap them in half. Now completely free of his bonds, he tumbles elegantly over the statue.
Spectators [Talking all at once.] Wow! Did you see that? Airbender!
Aang lands gently on the ground in front of the surprised crowd, his robes still fluttering in the air. Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors stare at him in shock. A lot more people have gather around to see what is going on. Unlike the female warriors, the other civilians are dressed in blue.
Mayor [In awe.] It's true... you are the Avatar!
Aang [Cut to a frontal view of Aang with a serious look on his face, a relieved Sokka and Katara still tied up in the background to his left.] Now... [He pulls his marbles out from underneath his robes.] check this out!
He performs his trick, letting the marbles spins around really fast between his hands. Grinning and blinking like a fool, he looks at the crowd, hoping to impress them. Cut to the cheering crowd. The scene fades as the flashback ends.

Later, in a different location of the station. The gang and Suki talk.

Katara You look so different without your makeup! And the new outfit.
Suki That crabby lady makes all the security guards wear them. And look at you, sleeveless guy. Been working out?
Sokka Ahhh, I'll grab a tree branch and do a few chin touches every now and then. Nothing major.
Aang Are the other Kyoshi Warriors around?
Suki Yeah. After you left Kyoshi, we wanted to find a way to help people. We ended up escorting some refugees and we've been here ever since. [Momo jumps up next to her.] Hi, Momo! Good to see you too! [Scratches his head near his ear.] So why are you guys getting tickets for the ferry? Wouldn't you just fly across on Appa?
Aang We are, but -
Ying Avatar Aang, you have to help us! Someone took all of our belongings; our passports, our tickets, everything's gone!
Aang I'll talk to the lady for you.
Back at the desk.
Ticket lady No passports, no tickets! [Stamps a "denied" stamp on Aang's forehead.]
Aang But she's pregnant and all of her stuff was stolen! You have to make an exception!
Ticket lady No exceptions! If I just gave away tickets willy-nilly to anyone, there would be no more order! You know what that means, no more civilization!
Aang What if we -
Ticket lady No!
Aang But ...
Ticket lady Next!
Sokka Don't you know who this is? He's the Avatar!
Ticket lady Ah, I see fifty Avatars a day and, by the way, not a very impressive costume. [The screen pans to show several impostors; notices Momo.] Besides, no animals allowed. Do I need to call security?
The platypus bear chomps down on the cabbage. Momo hides in fear.
Aang That won't be necessary.
Ticket lady Next!
Aang Don't worry, you'll get to the city safely. I'll lead you through the Serpent's Pass.
Moments later.
Sokka I can't believe we're going through the Serpent's Pass.
Toph I can't believe you're still complaining about it.
Suki [In her normal Kyoshi Warrior attire.] I'm coming too!
Sokka Are you sure that's a good idea?
Suki Sokka, I thought you'd want me to come.
Sokka I do, it's just–
Suki Just what?
Sokka Nothing. I'm glad you're coming.
Cut to Flashback, open to a shot of a small house on Kyoshi Island surrounded by trees. Sokka walks up to it.
Sokka [Angrily grunting to himself.] I can't believe I got beat up by a bunch of girls.
Inside the house, six Kyoshi Warriors are training. They are performing a routing with a fan in perfect unison. Sokka peeks his head around the door to look at them. He smiles smugly and enters.
Sokka [Condescending.] Sorry ladies, [Suki and the other warriors stop their exercise and close their fans. They stare at Sokka with a serious look on their faces.] didn't mean to interrupt your dance lesson. [The camera moves back, revealing that Sokka was stretching.] I was just looking for somewhere to get a little workout?
Suki [Looks at how Sokka continues his warm up.] Well, you're in the right place. [Cut to a side-view while Sokka is loosening up his hips.] Sorry about yesterday. I didn't know that you were friends with the Avatar.
Sokka [Stretching his arms.] It's all right. [Mockingly suppressing a laugh while speaking.] I mean, normally I'd hold a grudge, but seeing as you guys are a bunch of girls, I'll make an exception.
Suki [Sarcastically.] I should hope so. A big strong man like you? We wouldn't stand a chance.
Sokka [Smugly.] True. But don't feel bad. After all, I'm the best warrior in my village.
Suki [Keeps using sarcasm without Sokka catching on to it. Leans slightly toward Sokka.] Wow! Best warrior, huh? [Glances back to the other Kyoshi Warriors.] In your whole village? [Looks back to Sokka.] Maybe you'd be kind enough to give us a little demonstration.
Sokka [Frontal view of Sokka as his eyes widen upon hearing the unexpected request.] Oh... well... I mean... I...
Suki [Turns to the other warriors.] Come on, girls! Wouldn't you like him to show us some moves?
The camera switches position and shows the other female warrior giggling and smiling in agreement. Switch back to a side-view of Sokka and Suki.
Sokka Well, if that's what you want, I'd be happy to. [He places his hands on Suki's shoulder in order to push her back a little, but she does not move a bit.] All right, you stand over there. Now, this may be a little tough, but try to block me.
While he is talking, Sokka takes on a fighting stance while Suki has not moved a muscle from the position Sokka has put her in. Sokka bends through his knees and attacks the female warrior by trying to punch her. Suki does not move, but easily defends herself by bringing up her left arm and thrusting her closed fan against Sokka's shoulder. His cries out in pain and staggers backward.
Sokka [Rubbing his hurt right shoulder. Impressed.] Aw! Heh heh... good. Of course, I was going easy on you.
Suki [Close-up of Suki's confident face.] Of course.
Cut to a side-view. Sokka is clearly annoyed and angered by Suki's arrogant facial expression.
Sokka [He starts with a mumble, raising his tone of voice with each word.] Let's see if you can [Shouting while he attempts to hit Suki with a roundhouse kick.] handle this!
Suki quickly dodges under Sokka's outstretched leg and pushes him off balance. When the Water Tribe warrior lands flat on his back with a loud thud, Suki lazily opens her fans to wave herself some air. Sokka, a little shocked by his second failure, loses his temper at the sight of Suki's defiant posture.
Sokka [His voice cracking in anger.] That does it!
He gets up and madly charges her again. Suki quickly closes her fan and moves out of Sokka's way. She grabs him by the arm with her right hand, while she pushes against his shoulder with her left hand, quickly spinning him around. After two turns, she switches position and spins Sokka in the other direction. Close-up of Sokka's distressed face as he is powerlessly being tossed around. Switch to a wider shot as Suki suddenly halts Sokka so he topples forward. Before falling down, Suki loosens Sokka's belt and ties his left hand to his right foot behind his back in one swift movement. Sokka tries so maintain his balance for a while by jumping on one leg, but it is not long before he loses footage and smacks down flat on his face.
Suki [Mockingly.] Anything else you want to teach us?
Sokka blushes in humiliation as the Kyoshi Warriors laugh at him. End of flashback

Back in the present. Outside, at the pass.

Sokka This is the Serpent's Pass? I thought it would be a little more wind-y, you know, like a serpent. Huh, I guess they misnamed it. And tell me again why we are not flying on Appa?
Aang Because Appa simply cannot carry this many people. [Pats Appa] See you on the other side boy. [Appa roars and flys off across the lake.]
Ying Look at this writing! How awful!
Toph What does it say?
Katara It says, "abandon hope".
Ying How can we abandon hope? It's all we have!
Aang I don't know. The monks used to say that hope was just a distraction, so maybe we do need to abandon it.
Katara What are you talking about?
Aang Hope is not going to get us into Ba Sing Se and it's not going to help defeat the Fire Nation. We need to focus on what we're doing right now and that's getting across this path.
Katara Okay, if you say so.
Within the pass.
Suki The Fire Nation controls the western lake. Rumor has it they're working on something big on the other side of it and don't want anyone to find out what it is.
They all pass by a sailing Fire Nation ship. A part of the rock gives out, causing Tahn to fall. Toph stops it from falling and lifts him back up with earthbending.
Tahn I'm okay! [The rock falls to the water, which the Fire Nation ship notices. It fires.]
Sokka They've spotted us! Let's go, let's go!
Aang gets on his glider and deflects the fireball back. Another fireball hits the mountain, causing several pieces of rock over Suki to fall. Sokka pushes her out of the way. Toph bends out a part of the mountain to keep the rocks from falling on Sokka.
Sokka Suki, are you okay? You have to be more careful! Come on!
Toph [Pretending to be Sokka.] "Thanks for saving my life, Toph." Hey, no problem, Sokka.
Hours later, at sunset, the travelers set up their camp. Sokka approaches Suki.
Sokka Suki, you shouldn't sleep there. Who knows how stable this ledge is, it could give away at any moment! [Moves her sleeping bag.]
Suki Sokka, I'm fine, stop worrying!
Sokka You're right, you're right, you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself! Wait! Oh, never mind, I thought I saw a spider, but, you're fine.
Scene switches to Sokka who is standing outside of the Kyoshi Warriors' training hut. He kicks away a rock before turning toward the dojo. Cut to a shot from inside the dojo where Suki shows a movement that is copied by the eight other warriors behind here. Sokka walks in and the Kyoshi Warriors interrupt their training to face him.
Sokka [Timidly.] Uh... hey, Suki.
Suki [Hostile.] Hoping for another dance lesson?
Sokka [Cut to a shot of Sokka who does not know how to act.] No... I... well, let me explain.
Suki [Close-up of Suki; hostile.] Spit it out! What do you want?
Sokka [Sokka looks hurt at Suki's hostility. He humbly drops to his knees in front of her.] I would be honored if you would teach me.
Suki [Frog view of Suki; hostile.] Even if I'm a girl?
Sokka [Averting his eyes.] I'm sorry if I insulted you earlier. I was ... wrong.
Suki [Cut to a side-view of the two; Suki has her arms crossed while looking down upon Sokka.] We normally don't teach outsiders, let alone boys.
Sokka [Raises his head to face her; pleading.] Please make an exception. [Bowing again.] I won't let you down.
Suki [Frog view; on a friendlier tone.] All right. But you have to follow all of our traditions.
Sokka [Close-up; eagerly.] Of course!
Suki [Smiling.] And I mean all of them.
The episode jumps to a few moments later when Sokka is standing in the dojo donned in the typical green dress of the Kyoshi Warriors and sporting the white face paint.
Sokka [Embarrassed looking down at his wardrobe.] Do I really have to wear this? It feels a little... [Lower his arms in defeat.] girly.
Suki It's a warrior's uniform, you should be proud. [Closeup of Sokka, the camera pans down to reveal the entire uniform close by.] The silk threads symbolize the brave blood that flows through our veins. The gold insignia represents the honor of the warrior's heart.
Cut back to a broader shot, Sokka looking more comfortable wearing "a dress." Aang passes by the front door looking in with interest while Sokka proudly erects himself.
Sokka [Proudly.] Bravery and honor.
Back on the ferry. Zuko and "Jet" sneak up to the food storage area. Jet breaks the door open with his twin tiger hook swords, and he and Zuko take some food.

Back at the pass, Sokka stands by himself, until Suki approaches.

Suki It's a beautiful moon.
Sokka Yeah, she really is.
Suki Look, I know you're just trying to help, but I can take care of myself.
Sokka I know you can.
Suki Then why are you acting so overprotective?
Sokka It's so hard to lose someone you care about. Something happened at the North Pole and I couldn't protect someone. I don't want anything like that to ever happen again.
Suki I lost someone I care about. He didn't die, he just went away. I only had a few days to get to know him, but he was smart and brave and funny...
Sokka [Jealous.] Who is this guy? Is he taller than me?
Suki No, he's about your height.
Sokka Is he better-looking?
Suki It is you, stupid!
Sokka Oh!
The two prepare to kiss, but Sokka pulls back at the last moment.
Sokka I can't.
Suki I'm sorry.
Sokka No, you shouldn't be. [Exits.]
Cut to Flashback, a bird view shot of inside the Kyoshi Warriors' training dojo where Sokka is performing some exercises with a fan under the watchful eyes of Suki.
Suki You're not going to master it in one day. Even I'm not that good.
Sokka I think I'm starting to get it.
Close-up of Sokka as he performs a series of well executed moves with his fan.
Sokka Tah!
As a last move, he closes the fan on throws it out of the dojo. The object flies straight into a tree, knocking down some of snow that had gathered on its branches.
Suki [Peeks her head around the door to look at the hit tree before turning back to Sokka. Friendly.] It's not about strength. Our technique is about using your opponents' force against them. Loosen up. [Retracts her own fan from her belt and points it at Sokka, who takes on a battle position.] Think of the fan as an extension of your arm. [Close-up of Sokka.] Wait for an opening and then...
Suki charges Sokka, but he manages to evade her attack and uses the momentum of her speed against her, knocking her on her behind, much to her surprise.
Sokka [Looks surprised, quickly crosses his arms and looks smug.] Hmm...
Suki [Quickly gets up; irritated.] I fell on purpose to make you feel better!
Sokka [Points at Suki, exclaims ecstaticly.] I got you! Admit I got you!
Suki grabs Sokka's pointing finger and twists it, making Sokka twitch and grunt in pain.
Suki Okay, it was a lucky shot. [Releases the finger while smiling broadly. On a more serious tone.] Let's see if you can do it again.
Camera moves to an overview shot as the two warriors prepare to battle again. Suki opens her fan threateningly and starts to circle around Sokka. The camera moves closer to the duo on the ground, where Suki thrusts her hand, holding the fan forward, only to have it blocked by Sokka.
Suki [Smiling while impressed.] Not bad.
Sokka smiles back at her with confidence, when suddenly the Mayor appears in the door.
Mayor [Sokka and Suki worriedly turn to him. Alarmed.] Firebenders have landed on our shores! [Suki immediately runs to him while he turns to head back to the town.] Girls, come quickly!
Sokka [Protesting.] Hey, I'm not a... [Momo jumps on his shoulder and pushes himself off toward the door. Conceding.] oh, whatever!
Sokka runs out of the room. Flashback ends

Back on the ferry. Jet passes out food to other travelers. The other Freedom Fighters, Zuko, and Iroh sit together.

"Jet" From what I heard, people eat like this every night in Ba Sing Se. I can't wait to set my eyes on that giant wall.
Iroh It is a magnificent site.
"Jet" So you've been there before?
Iroh Once. When I was a ... different man.
"Jet" I've done some things in my past that I'm not proud of, but that's why I'm going to Ba Sing Se: for a new beginning. A second chance.
Iroh That's very noble of you. I believe people can change their lives if they want to. I believe in second chances.
Back at the Serpent's Pass. The travelers notice that a section of the pass has been drowned.
Katara Everyone single file! [She divides the water, allowing everyone to walk through the drowned out path.] Aang, I need help! [Aang helps makes an air bubble.]
Momo's curiosity is aroused by the fish. He dives in the water, only to return back when he sees a large monster. The rest of them notice.
Katara What is that thing?
The monster breaks through the water, breaking the divide. Toph quickly uses her earthbending to raise the ground they are standing on above the water. The monster, a rather large serpent, appears from the water.
Sokka I think I just figured out why they call it the Serpent's Pass! Suki, you know about giant sea monsters, make it go away!
Suki Just because I live near the unagi doesn't mean I'm an expert!
Sokka [Holds up Momo.] Oh great and powerful sea serpent, please accept this humble and tasty offering. Thank you.
Katara Sokka!
Aang [Blasts the Serpent back with a burst of air.] I'll distract it. Katara, get everyone across! [Takes off on his glider.]
Katara freezes the water to create an ice trail. Everyone except for Toph crosses. Katara tries to ice up the serpent, but it fails.
Sokka Toph, come on, it's just ice!
Toph [Feels the ice but her sense of sight is restricted.] Actually, I'm going to stay on my little island, where I can see! [The serpent takes out half the island.] Okay, I'm coming! [Slowly crosses the ice.]
Sokka You're doing great! Just follow the sound of my voice!
Toph It's hard to ignore.
Sokka You're almost there!
The serpent slams down the ice trail, dropping Toph into a struggle to stay above water.
Toph Help! I can't swim!
Sokka I'm coming, Toph!
Before he can do anything, Suki jumps in for the save.
Toph Help!
Toph falls below the water, but Suki pulls her up before she drowns.
Toph [Thinking it is Sokka.] Oh Sokka, you saved me! [Kisses Suki on the cheek.]
Suki Actually, it's me.
Toph Oh... well... [Chuckles. Embarrassed.] you can go ahead and let me drown now.
Meanwhile, the serpent is caught in a whirlpool created by Aang and Katara. The force of it slams the serpent into the mountain, causing it to fall back below water. Upon seeing the two return, the rest of the travelers cheer. Moments later, near Ba Sing Se's wall.
Sokka There's the wall! Now it's nothing but smooth sailing to Ba Sing Se.
Ying [Groans in pain.] Oh no!
Sokka What's wrong?
Ying The baby's coming!
Sokka [Panicked.] What? Now? Can't you hold it in or something?
Katara Sokka, calm down. I helped Gran-Gran deliver lots of babies back home.
Sokka This isn't the same as delivering an arctic seal! This is a real... human... thing!
Katara It's called a baby and I helped her deliver plenty of those, too. Aang, get some rags. Sokka, water. Toph, I need you to make an earth tent, a big one. [Toph earthbends the rock to form a tent.] Suki, come with me.
Back on the ferry. Jet approaches Zuko.
Jet You know, as soon as I saw your scar, I knew exactly who you were. You're an outcast, like me. And us outcasts have to stick together. We have to watch each other's backs. Because no one else will.
Zuko I've realized lately that being on your own isn't always the best path.
The ferry closes in on the walls.

Back at the pass. Ying is breathing heavily as the baby delivery continues.

Katara You're doing great, Ying. Sokka, where's that water? Now get ready to push. One... two ... [Sokka enters.] ... three, push!
Ying groans; Sokka passes out. Moments later, the baby arrives and begins to cry. Aang, Toph, and Sokka are all outside the tent.
Katara [From inside the tent.] It's a girl!
Toph So, you want to go see the baby, or are you going to faint like an old lady again?
Sokka No, no, I'm good this time. [Toph and Sokka enter the tent.]
Katara Aang, you have to come see this.
Aang enters to see the new life.
Toph She sounds healthy.
Katara She's beautiful.
Sokka It's so... squishy looking.
Aang begins to smile.
Tahn What should we name her?
Ying I want our daughter's name to be unique. I want it to mean something.
Aang [Sheds some tears.] I've been going through a really hard time lately. But you've made me... hopeful again.
Ying I know what I want to name our baby now. Hope.
Tahn That's a perfect name. Hope.
Outside the tent. Aang meets with Katara. Suki, Sokka, and Toph stand next to the tent.
Aang I thought I was trying to be strong. But really I was just running away from my feelings. Seeing this family together, so full of happiness and love, it's reminded me how I feel about everybody... and how I feel about you.
Katara sheds some tears. Aang and Katara embrace, Katara's eyes still watering. The other three approach.
Aang I promise, I'll find the Earth King as fast as I can. I just really need to do this.
Katara See you in the big city.
Aang You ready, Momo? [Aang and Momo fly off. The rest wave goodbye.]
Suki approaches Sokka.
Suki Sokka, it's been really great to see you again.
Sokka Whoa, hold on. Why does it sound like you're saying goodbye?
Suki I came along because I wanted to make sure you got through the Serpent's Pass safely. But now I need to get back to the other Kyoshi Warriors.
Sokka So you came along to protect me?
Suki Listen, I'm really sorry about last night. We were talking... and saying things... and I just got carried away and before I knew it -
Sokka [Kisses Suki.] You talk too much.
The two share a deep kiss.

Final flashback. Kyoshi Island. Zuko and his men are attacking the village, while the Kyoshi Warriors are trying to stop them.

Katara Then let's get out of here. Zuko will leave Kyoshi to follow us. I know it feels wrong to run, but I think it's the only way.
Aang [Sad.] I'll call Appa.
Cut to a Kyoshi Warrior who deflects a fire blast with her fan, and retaliates by throwing her other closed fan to the firebender. With a load clung, the object makes contact with the bender's helmet, knocking him on his behind. The camera moves backward through an ally. Two retreating Warriors can be soon, deflecting fire balls left and right, before the camera pans to the left, revealing Sokka and Suki squatting behind a house.
Suki There's no time to say goodbye.
Sokka What about, "I'm sorry?"
Suki [Surprised.] For what?
Sokka [Close-up. Regretful.] I treated you like a girl when I should've treated you like a warrior.
Suki [Side-view.] I am a warrior. [She leans over and kisses Sokka on the cheek, before continuing again. A surprised Sokka touches his cheek where Suki just kissed him.] But I'm a girl, too. [Cut to shot of Sokka who blushes; cut to Suki who stands in the alleyway, her fan slid open to fight.] Now get out of here! We'll hold them off.
Both Momo and Sokka run up Appa's tale.
Aang [Smiling broadly.] Hey Sokka! [Sokka winces upon hearing his name and slants his eyes and shoulders in embarrassment.] Nice dress!
Sokka [Embarrassed] Just fly us out of here.
Aang [Pulling the reins, still snickering] Appa, yip yip!
Appa groans and takes off. A frog view shows how the bison flies over the burning buildings.
Zuko [Catching sight of Appa leaving] Back to the ship! Don't lose sight of them!
Zuko and his men turn and run toward the coast where their ship is docked.

Cut to shot of the group flying away on Appa. Katara and Sokka are in the saddle, Aang on his head, and the burning village of Kyoshi is behind them.

Katara [Peeking over the rim of the saddle to address a saddened Aang. Sokka is wiping of the face paint with his sleeve.] I know it's hard, but you did the right thing. [Gesturing toward the town.] Zuko would have destroyed the whole place if we had stayed. [Comforting.] They're going to be okay, Aang.
Aang looks up with a determined look on his face. The camera zooms in on him, when he suddenly jumps off Appa, the camera following his free fall.
Katara [Shocked; off-camera.] What are you doing?
Cut to shot of the surface of the ocean as Aang plunges into the water. Switches back to a shot of Katara and Sokka, his face cleaned of the warrior make-up, peering over the edge of the saddle, wide-eyed in chock. Momo peeks over the rim as well beside Katara. Cut back to a shot of the surface, where a few ripples betray the nearing emerging of something. The water bubbles and suddenly the unagi shoots out of the water with Aang on top of his head, holding his whiskers. After swaying about a few times, he sturdies himself atop the unagi's head and pulls the creature's barbels. The unagi opens its mouth wide and begins gushing water which rains over the town. Cut to shot of the village houses as the fires are put out by the rain. Cut to shot of a drenched Zuko and his men mounted on the rhinos, Zuko looking angered and his men looking surprised. The unagi ceases to gush water and launches Aang into the air, who is subsequently caught by an overflying Appa.

Cut to shot of Oyaji viewing the spectacle from a building, his back to the camera. Switch to a frontal shot.

"Oyaji" (credited as Kyoshi Island Mayor) [Gratefully smiling.] Thank you, Avatar.
Aang [Side-view of Aang mounting Appa's saddle.] I know, I know. That was stupid and dangerous.
Katara [Smiling as Aang sits down.] Yes, it was.
Cut to Aang whom Katara suddenly hugs. Aang smiles and inhales deeply before sighing and closing his eyes, happily. Cut to shot of the ocean, the unagi disappearing below the surface of the water.

Katara looks over at her brother and notices a big lipstick red mark on Sokka's right cheek as he is looking back at the village.

Katara [Teasing] Who gave you that then?
Sokka [Looking back down at the village, focusing on Suki fighting off some of Zuko's men. She turns and looks up at him before smiling and winking. Sokka repiles in a love sick tone while smiling] Nobody.
End of Flashback

Aang and Momo fly to the top of the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. However, Aang quickly notices a large drill with a Fire Nation insignia, heading for the wall.

Aang Sorry Momo, The Earth King's going to have to wait.
Fade to credits.
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