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Almost two months ago, I finished the last of the rough transcripts for a possible septology based on "Avatar: The Last Airbender", or where I come from "Avatar: The Legend of Aang",that would have stuck closer to the source material (and the vast majority of the lines and scenes as they were picked apart from episodes). And I also talked a little about what was wrong with M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" film and what could of been improved on after watching the film for the first time.

I feel that since "Avatar: The Legend of Korra" (I'm from the UK, and it keeps the "Avatar" title on programme lists) is coming to a close next week, then at some point Nickelodeon will do the unwise thing and try and get a film out of it as well, as unlikely as it sounds the possibility is always there.

If "The Legend of Korra" does get adapted, then this is what I want to talk about what I have to say about how it could be, and then like before I will at various times publish rough transcripts of every movie. I won't make the same analysis of the characters since the film hasn't been made yet and there is nothing to compare them with, same with the bending and everything did wrong (and the few rights) in the film.

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The Legend of Korra

Like with the beginning of the last septology, the main focus is trying to establish the heroes (Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami), while putting them together as a team, and respecting fans from the old film series with the descendats of previous characters (Tenzin, Lin, Iroh, etc.) Amon is the Antagonist, but his identity will be the big debate, which leads to possibilities coming from other characters. More details in the rewrite.

Largely, I want to keep Book 1 as one season, because there isn't really a lot that can be put into two films, but there is also quite a lot that needs to be put into one film so there will be a lot of changes made to the events of the film to make them work. the film needs to finish in one film, due to the villains eventual defeat being a necessary step in a chapter rather than building what looks like a two-arch film series rather than the intended seven.

  • Welcome to Republic City
  • A Leaf in the Wind
  • The Aftermath
  • When Extremes Meet
  • Out of the Past
  • Skeletons in the Closet
  • Endgame

All episodes will have some pieces taken from each of them, but the six above are the ones that will remain mostly intact. The only real difference will be that at the end of the film, Korra and every other bloodbending victim do not get their bending back, which will be explained in the end of the third film. There will also be a form of a cliffhanger to signify a sequel or a continuation.

The Legend of Korra: Civil Wars

  • Rebel Spirits
  • The Southern Lights
  • Civil Wars Part 1
  • Civil Wars Part 2
  • Peacekeepers
  • Beginnings Part 1
  • Beginnings Part 2

The Legend of Korra: Harmonic Convergence

  • The Sting
  • The Guide
  • A New Spiritual Age
  • Night of a Thousand Stars
  • Harmonic Convergence
  • Darkness Falls
  • Light in the Dark

The Legend of Korra: The Metal Clan

  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Rebirth
  • The Earth Queen
  • In Harm's Way
  • The Metal Clan
  • Old Wounds
  • The Terror Within

The Legend of Korra: Venom of the Red Lotus

  • Original Airbenders
  • The Stakeout
  • Long Live the Queen
  • The Ultimatum
  • Enter the Void
  • Venom of the Red Lotus

The Legend of Korra: Enemy at the Gates

  • After All These Years
  • Korra Alone
  • The Coronation
  • The Calling
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • The Battle of Zaofu

The Legend of Korra: The Last Stand

  • Reunion
  • Remembrance
  • Beyond the Wilds
  • Operation Beifong
  • Kuvira's Bandit
  • Day of the Colossus
  • The Last Stand

Rewriting Books 1 and 2

Planning Stage and Explanation

The biggest point in The Legend of Korra is that the TV series was only intended to be one season, then two, and now four as it stands, each book ends with a conclusion and wraps everything up that makes it almost unprepared to continue the series. Book 1 would have been fine if they didn't continue afterwards, but Book 2 is left a mess of a season between a good first season and an excellent third season, so both of them need to be rewritten in order to present a more clearer flow of story progression than what is in the TV series;

Book 1 is now significantly shortened and a whole twelve episode season is being chucked together into one film, . . . does that sound familiar? Oh wait, Shyamalan tried to do that:

  1. The Boy in the Iceberg
  2. The Avatar Returns
  3. The Southern Air Temple
  4. Imprisoned
  5. The Waterbending Scroll (receiving the scroll, and practicing waterbending)
  6. Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku (first contact with the 'dragon spirit')
  7. The Northern Air Temple
  8. The Blue Spirit
  9. The Storm (flashbacks and backstories)
  10. The Waterbending Master (introduction to the NWT and brief lessons with Pakku)
  11. The Siege of the North Part 1
  12. The Siege of the North Part 2
  13. The Fortune Teller (deleted scene)
  14. Warriors of Kyoshi (deleted scene)

All bits and pieces that were just not right for the movie and made it ultimately flop because everything was so badly structured, among other things.

First Film

As easier as it would be to compile the first book into two films, with six episodes in each, there is not enough story that will be able to tell a good film between the two of them, so one film is what has to happen.

So here is a list of the progression of the story as it happens in one film;

Act 1: The New Avatar

  • Same beginning (WTRC): Tenzin's long intro, Korra discovered, skip to mastering firebending, Tenzin and Co. fly in, then announce they have to leave, Korra chases after them with Katara's blessing.
  • Change: Korra listens to the radio broadcast of the Fire Ferrets match while on the boat. Jump to the last round and the win for Mako, Bolin and Hasook. Obvious strains between Mako and Hasook. Bolin is hyped that two more wins means the final, but Mako points out that without some money to put in the pot, they cannot enter. Bolin is still positive that something will turn up.
  • Same scene (WTRC): Korra wakes up in the boat, makes a break for it, and realizes she is in Republic City. She walks into the park and runs into Equalist sympathizers rally.
  • Same scene (VITN): Mako is returning to his apartment with groceries, gets hit by Asami, and invites him to dinner the day before their last match.
  • Same scene (WTRC): Korra encounter TT Triad, beats them up, gets arrested by Police, meets Lin, Tenzin bails her out. Tenzin prepares to send her home, but relents and agrees to keep her own (change) provided she keeps her identity as the Avatar a secret while in Republic City.
  • Similar scene (WTRC): Amon and the Lieutenant prepare to strike out and make their presence known.
  • Same scene (LITW): Tenzin and Korra talk about her problems with airbending, Korra starts and fails, gets frustrated. Sneaks off to go to the probending, watches the Fire Ferrets win after being brought through by Bolin after breaking in. Meets Mako for the first time, yadda, yadda. practices both, succeeds with probending (only waterbending so not to blow her cover) and eventually lashes out in airbending and Tenzin.
  • Same scene (VITN): Mako goes on his date with Asami, finds out she's Hiroshi Sato's daughter and she arranges for him to meet her father after their next victory.
  • Same scene (LITW): Korra sneaks out again to see the last match, but Hasook is a no show so Korra steps in. Tenzin finds out, but she continues on and they eventually wins (she doesn't reveal her avatar status during the match.) They win with Korra's airbending dodging. The victory means they are finals. Korra and Tenzin officially apologize later that evening, with Korra's intention to stay with the team.
  • Same scene (VITN): Mako meets Hiroshi and he agrees to sponsor the team to the finals.
  • Similar scene (VINT): Amon makes a radio announcement to everyone in Republic City, that the benders of Republic City are no longer safe and that the Equalists will set everything right.

Act 2: The Equalists Move


  • Similar scene (TTT): Members of the council are going missing, captured by Equalists.
  • Similar scene (VINT): Tarrlok (who is believed to be a nonbender, due to his open detest for benders) uses the excuse of the Equalists to tighten control of Republic City. Tenzin protests, but is out voted.
  • Similar scene (TSOC): The Fire Ferrets are practicing in the gym, when Asami arrives with the new uniforms. Korra is immediately jealous when she discovers that Mako and Asami are dating (though Mako seems like it has been dropped on him suddenly.
  • Similar scene (VITN): Korra goes to Aang Memorial Island to try and learn about Aang as an attempt to connect to the Avatar Spirit. However, the Equalist attack her there and she is paralyzed. Amon arrives, but doesn't take her bending, revealing he knows she's the Avatar, and leaves her. Tenzin arrives, but Korra is terribly shaken.
  • Montage scene (TSOC): Pro-bending matches come and go, Korra eventually gets her groove back, but a few scenes show that her experience has wild her up when she sees Amon at times. Korra also notices Mako's growing relationship with Asami, saddened and jealous of it.. Mako shows confliction, leaning towards Korra.
  • Same scene (TSOC): Korra practices airbender dodging (mastering it), asks Jinora and Ikki about their views on love (lava suicide history, and magical rainbow wings or something). Pema appears, and tells Korra not to give up, like she didn't when Tenzin was dating someone else *wink*wink*.
  • Similar scene (ATWI): Tenzin arrives at the council meeting to find that it is only he and Tarrlok left. Tarrlok declares that as councilman, he now has absolute authority, and votes to cancel the finals after Amon makes a public announcement that he will strike there. However, Lin reappears and states that that is what the Equalists want and they shouldn't let them. Tarlok says that he will open it for discussion tomorrow. Korra is waiting outside (same scene where she figures out that Tenzin and Lin used to date). Tenzin though doesn't believe Tarlok will relent.
  • Similar scene (WEM): Korra confronts Tarlok after his refusal to allow the finals to take place. They fight it out, and Korra eventually gets bloodbent and captured.
  • Same episode (OOTP): Everything (with minor changes, like Asami working out that Mako cares more about Korra than about her).
  • Same scene (ATWI): The Fire Ferrets take on the Wolf Bats, but realize they are cheating. They try to win, but the third round knockout sends them all over the edge.
  • Merged scene (ATWI +TR): Amon and the Equalists strike the stadium and strips the bending of the Wolf Bats, then does the same (publically) with Tarrlok and the other captured council members, and other prominent benders, including Lightning Bolt Zolt. He then declares that Republic City belongs to the nonbenders, and that all benders will be 'equalized'. The Fire Ferrets however escape, realizing that they are outnumbered. Tenzin is captured during the attack.
  • Same scene (TTT): General Iroh receives word that Republic City has been overrun, and mobilizes the first division to retake the city.

Act 3: Taking the City Back

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