Wow, man. I just got back from Last Airbender and was extremely disappointed by the amount of things they cut out. Things like Suki, Jet, Avatar Roku, Koh, The Northern Air Temple (sort of), Haru (sort of) Kyoshi Island (merged with Haru's village), June, and Koizilla. Oh, and Boomerang wasn't there either. So what was there? A bunch of crappy replacement scenes and Gene Simmons voicing Fang. Yes, Fang. Roku's dragon actually replaced him. And it was significantly more violent than the show. I mean, four waterbenders drowned Zhao, while we watched, then dropped his lifeless body a good ten feet to the ground, where we were treated to a sickening thud. Fun stuff. Anyway, why on earth would he cut out Suki and Jet? I mean, they're not too important in Book 1, but Jet is really important in book two, and Suki is really important in book three. And Sozin's Comet just gives firebenders the ability to make their own fire. Hm. Not quite as cool as gigantic fire blasts that destroy fire nation capitals. Just saying. Iroh's "amazing power" is making his own fire. Whatever happened to him just being exceptionally skilled and trained by dragons? Koh lost his part to Fang too. So, pretty much, the spirit world's only purpose is to house Fang. No Hei Bai, no Roku, no Koh, no Solstice, no Fire Temple. Why even include it? And he entered it for the first time when he found a field full of airbenders' bones (one of which crunched when he stepped on it). Bottom line, the movie was absolutely fantastic... If you completely and utterly ignore the show, because otherwise you'll be critiscizing it the whole time. I usually love M. Night, but this was a real disappointment. He tried to bring his usual style into it, which doesn't quite work when you consider that he makes horror movies and Avatar was a children's show. The Northern Air Temple is just some old dude who turns Aang over to the Fire Nation, and it actually takes the place of pohuai stronghold. Yeah. Haru and Tyro aren't even named, and are onscreen for about five seconds total. June's just gone. No replacement. Katara just never loses her necklace. So, no Bato. And Koizilla? Replaced with a very large wave that Aang retracts before it does anything to any ships. Crap. Oh, and remember how Hahn pronounced Sokka's name? Soka? Yeah. That's his real name in the movie. Aang is pronounced Ong (no joke), and Iroh is pronounced Eeroh. I hated every time they pronounced names wrong. And Iroh never goes all beast on Zhao. Neither does Zuko. Iroh tells Zuko to leave him and not to fight. Zuko seems to actually listen to Iroh. I didn't like it. And apparently, in the Avatar's presence, egg shaped rocks stand on the thin ends, Water splashes go into a perfect circle, and fire just sort of points to the avatar. Where did they even get that idea? I dunno. Anyway, as a final note, it really is a very good movie, but you'll have to let go of the show temporarily to fully enjoy it. *** Three Stars Out of Five Ty Lee's biggest fan, AcrobatFan 08:04, July 4, 2010 (UTC)

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