Hello my fellow wikians. If you do not know that I am a huge sports fanatic, ask French or Vulmen, they'll tell you how obssessed I am. Back to the blog, if you know the NCAA Tournament starts this week, this blog is somewhat similar to that. Okay I want you, my wiki friends, to leave a comment saying your favorite Avatar characters (5 maximum), if someone has already named one of your favorites name another one. When I get 64 characters it will stop then I will seed the characters and then the tournament starts! Then the wiki will vote for who they want to win and whoever has the most votes wins and continues on to the next round. Then we will get a winner.


Like my 61 blog only people with accounts can vote.

You can name any character (human, spirit, animal, etc.)

It can be only in ATLA or TLALOK.

No bashing.

Respect each other.

And have fun.

Oh, one other thing you can predict who you think will win. And if you're lucky to guess correct, you get a surprise.

One other thing. If you see the Done template at the conversation that means that it is finished, please vote on the current one.

Please don't make your own faceoffs, that's my job.

Current Match of the Avatar Tournament!


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