I've always re-watched anime, especially things like avatar and death note, what never ceases to amaze me is what you discover you completely missed watching it the first time around. For example, my favorite episode of all time was the episode in which Sokka feels useless, and sets out to find a master. He visits the weapon store to find, possibly, a new iconic boomerang. The boomerang being his previous signature weapon, he had created moments of comic genius, i.e the first episode where his boomerang misses, only to come back and deal a sever injury to Zuko. Then later on when he takes down Sparky Sparky boom man!

When he spies the sword, he instantly decides to train in the way of the sword. So he just happens to be in the town, where the legendary master lives. On the same day, a meteor just happened to fall from the sky.He just happens to master the sword after a few days, and uses a meteorite to make his own...the first time I ever see him use a sword, let alone make one in a single afternoon? Good thing it's fake and all but it just made the Space sword seem less great.

Do you think the creators felt the same? I feel they must have as he loses the mighty space sword. Why would something so special be lost to never appear again, however it still hurt watching it fall down to the forest.

I myself have always loved a good show about swords, Excalibur, Bleach, The last samurai, Afro samurai e.t.c. Avatar wasn't about swords...but had some iconic swords none the less. So my question is, who is the better swords man? Sokka, Zuko, maybe somebody from a different show altogether.

For me, due to the controversy it caused my brain,it will always be the Space sword, which makes an appearance in my fanon, Red Chi.

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