Doesn't any one remember him. The reason that I am asking is. I remember when I was little he introduced Avatar the Last Airbender when it first aired on tv. And like what he did was that he said something like. We found something stuck in ice for a 100 years. And know we are going to watch it or something. Just so you know I was 5 Nearly six but still! But they had that VHS in ice and, I remember the VHS was orange and they put it in and then The Boy in the Iceberg came on for the first time. I would like to find on line and show to friends and family this. So please Do you remember this I have been looking every were! By the way if you don't know who Pick Boy is by name. He is the guy dressed as a super hero who used to be on nick all the time and he kinda was dressed like Robin from Batman. And the actor was the host of Brain Surge and possibly if I am right then he is also the host of that show with guessing kids talents. And just so you know I have been hit a few times in the head really hard and have sorta remembered things before but weren't all there, like I remembered stuff from one Teen Titans episode (when I was little so not Teen Titans Go!) something from something else or could be Teen Titans I can't remember. But I found out the episode was never even an thing. So just a warring. Good Night everybody and have a nice day thank you for reading:)

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