So can some body help me with Saturday? Okay, so here's the story. I so can't wait for the season finale, but I'm sad that we are going to have to wait a long time to see the next season. Since season one is ending and my 9 year old niece might be coming to have to go do something with her teeth -my Mom told me what but I can't remember. Anyway, she is coming, and I thought about making it my Avatar Day and I'm going to do my room in a way and also watch things on youtube and maybe dress up like the characters and eat things like that they eat, but now my question is: how do I do all that?

These are the girls I, well, like to look like, but don't know how.

Korra looking out

Jinora and Ikki
Ikki introducing her family

Asami (even though I still don't trust her cuz for my theory)(sorry not good at spelling I'm home schooled and my program that teaches me is really dumb or was not for me, cuz I have no clue of what they are talking about on it)
Asami Sato

Those are the girls, but what about my room??? And also, some good Avatar games that we can play out side that are not jumping up and down all day (maybe those for an other day). So can you help me??? And by the way, by "dress up", I mean putting my hair like those characters and makeup and have the same clothes as them. I can find out the hair for Korra and Asami, but for Jinora and Ikki, I don't know and the same with makeup, and were on earth do I get Korra's hair clips? And what do I eat? So can you help me out? I really want an Avatar Day and watch a lot of Avatar, BUT DON'T EVEN SAY "UNCOOKED DOUGH THAT LOOKS LIKE AANG", OKAY, CUZ I'M NOT DOING THAT! Sorry, just wanted to make that clear, and if you want to, you can, but I'm going to get up at like 6:30, so I can get ready. Please be nice in the comments and I will be looking at this a lot to find out. So go on and comment.

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