Ohemgee, this is a list of, like, the reasons why Zutara totally should've happened!!!!!1!!1

  1. Because fire and water makes steam! OMG!!
  2. Because Katara is gorgeous and Zuko is gorgeous to together they're, like, totally gorgeous!!!
  3. She, like, offered to heal his scar and put her hand on his face!!!1!!11
  4. He tied her to a tree---it's so romantic!!!!!1!
  5. In the CoD, their whips where heart shaped!!!
  6. Umm...I forgot...
  7. In the Western Air Temple, she totally wanted to kiss him!!!1
  8. Because he's older then her!!
  9. They both lost their mommies; they can comfort each other!!!1!
  10. He jumped infront of a lightening bolt for her!!!1!
  11. BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!11!11!!!!1!!!!!

Ok, so that was really bizarre to write...

This is a total joke. If anyone thinks this is for real...yeah, it's not. It's something I came up with trying to sleep last night. ;D

Edit: Everyone kept adding the point of Zuko and Katara both loosing their mothers, so I just decided to add it.

Edit 2: There seems to be a bit of confusion as to whether or not I support this ship. I'll just clear that up right now; Yes, I do support Zutara, no I don't think of any of these reasons as "proof". I'm simply poking fun at the real comments I've seen that state similar things...

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