Well, I’m still a little sick. But I’m getting better. I got out a bit today; albeit I did feel like I was going to vomit at points, but I am getting better. xD

However, I’m still insanely bored with sitting around all day. So I’m writing yet another blog post. (Oh dear, when will she stop?) But once I get back to full health, I probably won’t be writing as much; I’m a very busy person otherwise. ;D

So anyway, I’d like to know: Do you guys have any other shows you watch, and find just as addicting as Avatar? Is there any show out there that reminds you of Avatar?

Basically what I’m asking is do you guys have any good shows to watch after Avatar. We all know you can’t replace Avatar entirely, but is there anything that you find just as engaging and complex? For me, that show would be bleach. It is an anime, but it’s surprisingly good; there are strong female characters and the theme is a lot the same as Avatar--a young boy (Well, the main kid in Bleach is 15...) has special “powers” and he basically surpasses all odds in everything he does. I find it very humorous and addictive; almost more than Avatar. Plus the characters all have the same complexities and characteristics that seem so unique to Avatar. But if you don’t like a lot of cartoon blood, I suggest you don’t watch. (I don’t really think I explained it very well...feel free to look it up on Wikipedia or something...)

But of course, this is all in my opinion. Still, I think you guys should all check it out.

Alright, I’m done it’s your turn. Got any good shows?

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