So, since most of you have already seen the two first episodes of the Legend of Korra, I'm wondering what you guys thing in terms of romance in the series.

Now I know what you're thinking, "It's only two episodes in, R_Girl! How can anyone start shipping just yet?" May I remind you how feverently people shipped Tenzin and Korra before they realized Tenzin was, like, 40. And if you saw the second episode, there was a lot of shipping there.

So far, as we've seen, Bolin probably has a bit of a thing for Korra. I mean, a beautiful and powerful girl walks in, who just happens to be the Avatar? And she is no run-of-the-mill fangirl, like he's used to. She's different, and that intruiges him. Not to mention him pulling the moves on her right off the bat. ("Yeah, we're together...") So it's safe to say he's in to her.

And then there's Mako. Mako's introduciton to Korra is the complete opposite of what I expected. No, I didn't expect one of those 'love at first sight' deals, but I didn't really expect him to be a total asshole either. Which was what he was. But in his defense, he's probably used to Bolin bringing in fangirls all the time, and figured she was another one. Korra and Mako started off really rough, and as the episode progressed, Korra got less and less starstruck and Mako warmed up to her. We also know that at some point, Mako and Korra are forced to work together to save Bolin, which most likely brought them closer. Perhaps to the point where the kissed. (Which they did)

And then, there was that scene at the end. The oh-so-cliche, looking across the lake scene. Which, even coming from me, was really cheesy. But I think it's safe to say, Korra was thinking of, not Mako, but pro-bending. However, Mako on the other hand, was probably thinking of something related to Korra.

So just judging from the second episode, I'm thinking Bryke is leaning towards Makorra. (Which is NOT Zutara 2.0, considering how different their personalities are from the former. The only similarities are that Mako is a firebender and Korra is...well, she's from the Water Tribe.) Which is what I was leaning towards since the beginning. (And we can't forget the "Admit it, you like me". Which was most likely taken out of context.)

But just judging from the first two episodes, what do you guys think? Borra or Makorra?

WAIT, WAIT. Watch this video, pause it at :21 seconds. MAKORRA IS HAPPENING.

EDIT: #KorraNation just released a new video, "Korra's training is interrupted when her fire-bending crush, Mako arrives." Looks like some headcanons have been established.

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