Alright, so this may have come up before, but I just made this connection. So hear me out.

So, I was watching an episode of Dr. Phil with my mom, and there were these women, who were self-claimed "bitches". And what came up was how insecure they really were. And then it got me thinking about Azula...

When she was young, she was abandoned and neglected by her father and felt second bested by her mother; She never really had anyone to support her. So she grew up insecure and vulnerable. And as Dr. Phil said, you're at your most vulnerable when you put up that front.

So by this theory, Azula's always scared and worried about what everyone's thinking. So she pretends she doesn't care, out of fear that someone will hurt her again. Since she's so insecure about herself, everything around her seems like a direct attact.

To her, everybody wants to do her bad and to humiliate her. Because in her mind, everyone can see her insecurities. And when everyone knows what's going on in your head, you'd want to scare them away and make it seem like you're all high and mighty?

So all in all, Azula acts like she does becuase she's scared. She's scared and alone and feels like everyone's out to get her. I know this personally; The more scared and nervous I am, the more arrogant and mean I get. Everything makes me angrier and I'm more fearful of what people will do to me. Because I'm at my most vulnerable.

And that's my dumb thesis for the week.

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