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Taikai, WBTaikai, That Taikai Guy, WBT, Tai, WT, Kai,
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March 4th

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Just about everyone, but more specifically:here

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Canon articles, transcripts, some fanon, most discussions, The Ba Sing Se Times, etc.

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Sokka, Katara, Aang, Pakku, Toph
Bolin, Pabu, Meelo, Ikki, Jinora

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The Ember Island Players, The Western Air Temple, The Cave of Two Lovers, The Tales of Ba Sing Se, The Firebending Masters



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Duh; Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

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Dai Li agents This user supports the Dai Li with all his heart because they were a group of total ninja earthbenders that are just so, so amazing. They didn't get the screen time or elaboration they deserved. A great backstory of them is portrayed in Silent Hero in Emerald. The Dai Li were still awesome even if they did brainwash a bunch of citizens. Please take note that Minnichi and this user are awaiting the day that everybody else comes to their senses and agrees with them. :P
This user is the author of Marionette.
This user supports the Water Tribes with all of his heart because the people of the Water Tribe are amazing ninjas with amazing architecture in the North.
This user has waterbending the amazing abilities to control water and finds it awesome when someone does a waterspout or some professional move.

Hi there! Welcome to my userpage! I'm WaterbenderTaikai, but you can call me Taikai for short if you want. I am a huge fan of the Avatar series and I am quite active on this wiki. I am more than happy to help you out if you ever need it. :)

About Me

I obviously love waterbending and the Water Tribes (Southern, Northern, and Foggy Swamp). (Go waterbenders!) I have been a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender for a long time. I watched the whole series on DVD in less than eight short days. I now love The Legend of Korra and never miss an episode. I rewatch episodes online a lot if I have time. I also love the Dai Li after reading a great fanon, Silent Hero in Emerald (I'm the most crazed avid fan). :)

My username

I know, I know. It's a little weird. So here's the story. I read online that "taikai" means "the big ocean" in Japanese, and because it had a "k" in it, I made it my waterbender name. That's that. Though there has been some confusion on how to say the last part of my name, so here you go: "Ty-kai". The 'kai' is said as though you robbed it from 'agni kai'. Okay? We good? Yeah, we're good. :)

My Wiki Story

So most people write their "Wiki story" describing how they got here and such. I'll do it, but it's not that interesting. Once upon a time... I stumbled across the wiki. I had bookmarked it, but never made an account. Once LoK started I came here again, commenting as an anon. Then I finally made an account on May 26th, 2012. Super fascinating, right?

I became a rollback on July 10th, 2012 after Acer kindly nominated me here. I gladly accepted and 888 gave me the rights several minutes later.


My fanon

Currently, I am writing Marionette. The plot is described here if you are interested. You can start reading with the prologue and updates are here.

I have another fanon, Parentless. It follows the adventure of Mako and Bolin after the murder of their parents. Read the first chapter, here.

And though I don't know if it counts as 'fanon', I'll put it here anyway. I entered Minnichi's Writing Contest with this battle that I wrote about The Boulder and an original airbender. Don't know if you're interested.

Currently reading

  • Silent Hero in Emerald – I am in love with this fanon. The first time I read it, I was so hooked that I was up for a while and read the first 8 chapters. Minnichi writes so amazingly. She can conjure up great emotion and deep, deep chapters. One of my favorite fanons! :)


Wanna be friends? Message me! :)


I have my favorites, you have yours. I completely respect your opinions, but I have my favorite ships.

This user completely ships Kataang because they were the best couple to ship since the moment Katara opened up that iceberg. It's also CANON! Kataang forever.

This user ships Maiko because they were a great couple, each helping the other with their problems. And don't forget that Zuko loved it when Mai hates the world.

This user ships Sukka  because he loves when they would say "Do you remember this?".

This user ships Pemzin  because it would be weird if Lin and Tenzin married. Toph's kid and one on Aang and Katara's kids marrying? Did I just type the last sentence?.

Other Quotes

Avatar Wiki quotes

These are a growing compliation of funny things that have happened or said in my time here on the wiki. Enjoy them. :)

"Unstated amounts are always the best!"
Vulmen successfully getting an indefinite amount of money from me. -_-
"Great issue once again, I would've read in sooner but I was on Google Maps and drafting a map simultaneously."
Annawan killing me with laughter in response to 888's clever definition in the Urban Dictionary.
"No fanon today?! What's the matter? Afraid I'll redirect it?!"
―The hilarious fourth choice for the second poll in KettleMeetPot's first edition of The Ba Sing Se Times.
"'s 12 years into the 21st century. I wonder when somebody's going to invent a way to "beam" small objects from location to another."
ARG speaking on the matter of poor technological advances. :)
"KMP, we have to do something about Minnichi. The girl has suicidal tendencies. Constantly talking about death. And ovens. And fires. Perhaps she's possessed."
Lady Lostris notifying KettleMeetPot of Minnichi's thoughts (which was all LL; note: this is a true story, IRC)
"Anyway, my textbook calls to me!"
Minnichi on...well, just about everywhere. ;)

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This user loves the episode "The Ember Island Players" because of the horrible rendition of A:TLA.
This user admires Sokka 's hilarous sense of humor and thinks that he is also an amazing cartographer.
This user thinks Katara is a great waterbender and loves her willingness to help people who need her help.
This user thinks Aang was a great Avatar, and should not have been pestimistic in times of crisis, but also admires his Air Nomad quotes.
This user thinks Toph was a total ninja and loves her comedy relief that she often brought.
This user would pay all money in his wallet and savings to ride Appa because, well, who wouldn't?.
This user thinks that Momo is super cute and would love to hug him as tight as Tom-Tom did.
This user would like to chuck a brick at Ozai because he was a messed-up dude. 'Nuff said.
This user would like to have tea with Iroh and get some knowledge from someone who "gives pretty good advice. And great tea".
This user thinks Bolin is hilarious and cried so bad everytime he made a joke or when he had to have his fly zipped.
This user thinks Meelo is super funny and also a great airbender, but cried when he said "That lady is my hero".
This user thinks Korra is one fabulous bender and was pretty amazing in the final match of "The Spirit of Competition".
This user dies everytime Tenzin 's head changes color. He also thinks that Tenzin is not a bad teacher.
This user cheered on Asami when she confronted her father and kicked his sorry little butt.
This user thinks that Hiroshi was pretty smart to make Asami take defense classes, but was a decision he probably regret after "The Aftermath". Another decision he most likely regrets: being an Equalist and A HORRIBLE FATHER.
This user thinks Lin was a great chief of police and shouldn't of quit even if Tarrlok was being a dirtbag. He also thinks she is a great metalbender and was so happy when she got her bending back from Korra. Thanks a lot, Amon, you really helped.
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