"God, grant me...
The serenity ~ To accept things I cannot change
The courage ~ To change the things I can, and
The wisdom ~ To know the difference."
— Excerpt from the serenity prayer
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Vulmen Matrias
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Joined wiki September 18, 2010

About me...

How did I find this wiki? Well, there's a very long story to that. It can be summarized as this: I had been through some life changing events and during the downtime I sought a new interest. I had dismissed the Avatar series entirely as a childish cartoon at first. However, when they made it a live action film, I decided to take a look at the source material as it had obviously been good enough to create a movie for. I'm glad I did.

Oh; and this page is quite handy for those who are interested. It's just a list of many pages I've found useful during my time here.

For my thoughts and opinions for the events in Avatar: The Last Airbender, see this user page.

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SuperFlash101 (2009) - Twilitlink (2010) - Vulmen (2011)

Thoughts on some Fanons (User-made stories)

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Title Author Comments

Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Four: Air


A masterfully written fanon series, that I would have truly loved to have seen converted into a season. FrodoTheHutt truly captured a wonderful tale, that even brought tears to my eyes, kept me on the edge of my seat, and literally cheering Toph on at some points.

Crossroads of the Spirit


A must-read. Simply a must. This tale follows Mizu (mostly) as she grows in her journey of self-discovery; leading the reader through a well-crafted story filled with drama, romance and wisdom.

Eyes of Katara


Yeah I know; tooting my own horn here. It's a story that details the full story of Katara, as seen from her eyes, to try and help capture emotions and scenes left unknown before. It's still a work in progress; and will be for quite some time.

Heiress of the Nile

Lady Lostris

At the moment of writing this, there're only five chapter out. But anyone who skips out on reading that is seriously missing out on the powerful writing of someone who could well be an author if she wished to.

Sozin's Blood

French Froglegs

A very entertaining and well thought out look into Iroh's early years - you're sure to find yourself in a twist of emotions reading these chapters.

For a list of fanon work that I have created, see this list.

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