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  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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United States




August 2, 1994


English, Spanish

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Bolin, Iroh, Aang, Toph, Lin Beifong

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Sozin's Comet, Part 1-4

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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About Me

Hello! My two biggest interests at the moment are Avatar and music. Hence, I've made a string orchestra arrangement of musical themes from Avatar: "Last Agni Kai - Azula's Theme - Ba Sing Se - Avatar: The Last Airbender - Leaves - Peace"

By writing this, I am making a goal of getting my 'Fruit Pie' badge before I get my 'Firebending Master' badge. Because I want to be productive. Edit: TOTAL SUCCESS! With 1 day left!

You might already know, my favorite band in the world is the UK band Elbow. Seriously, they're the best. Both of my brothers, two of my friends, my mom, and I drove to New York City (9.5 hours) for one weekend, just to see them. Their best album is all of them.

I like to have a little fun with my edit summaries. What's wrong with that?


Let me start by saying that almost every person here could be considered my ally, but a few have been particularly helpful or friendly. Sorry if I leave anyone out.

Vulmen, Dcasawang, and The 888th Avatar have all been extremely friendly and have answered any question put to them consistently and more than sufficiently.

TAD has been particularly chatty with me regarding certain conversations in my Tournament of the Episodes blog. She's simply an extremely witty, friendly person. Update: She's my best internet friend and the Wiki misses her very much.

Natsu11 gave me a very flattering 'crown' which I am totally unsure if I can live up to...

BlueDagger has been very friendly with me since my joining, particularly on the IRC.

Toph's Fanboy constantly amazes me with the depth and insight of his comments and posts. If you want to have an extremely intelligent conversation, go to him.

Azulazulazula nominated me for User of the Month, which is awesome. He's pretty cool, too, to say the least.

Mysti is preposterously nice; I don't think there's a single user here she'd deny an allies request to. I had to do the same for her :P

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