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Zuko blocks Azula's fire
罪的公主 Tsuminohime
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Princess of Sin
Princess of Darkness




December 23


Mandarin, English, a little bit of Japanese, Latin, French

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Dark brownish-black

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Dark Brown

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What style I feel like doing :P

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Avatar Wiki, Vampire Knight Wiki

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About me

Hi ! Thanks for coming to my user page! I am Tsuminohime :)

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an awesome show - that's why I've decided to join here :)

My hobbies include: watching anime (Anime is absolutely awesome! Am currently SUPER OBSESSED with Vampire Knight, am EVEN MORE OBSESSED with Kuroshitsuji), going on Internet, reading etc.

Characters I like

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Other than Azula and Toph both being respectively my first and second most favourite characters, the rest of them are really in no order - they can chaange anytime.

Characters I despise


Absolute Favourites

  • Maiko (Mai and Zuko)
  • Kataang (Katara and Aang)
  • Yukka (Yue and Sokka)

Okay with

  • Sukka (Suki and Sokka) - used to really like this one, but Yukka soon became the more 'favourited' one (if that's a word...)
  • Tokka (Toph and Sokka)

Favourite Episodes

Book 2

Book 3

I loved Book 3 the best - it's just awesome :D

Other Wikia's I go on

Favourite Quotes

^^^ The three above :)

"This is a journey you need to take, you need to face this man. But when you do, please do not choose revenge. Let you anger out, and then let it go. Forgive him."
Aang giving Katara advice in The Southern Raiders

Allies Quarter

If you want to be on here, drop me a message :D


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My Thoughts

This user absolutely adores Azula because she is awesomely tactical, beautiful and accomplished one of the most impressive feats ever in Avatar. This user also thinks that she is really amazing and one of the best villains ever produced in any show..
This user doesn't care if Toph is blind, she is still her second favourite character and this user also admires how she doesn't care what other people think of her and how strong she is. Also, this user absolutely adores her because she accomplished one of the most impressive feats ever in Avatar..
This user actually likes Mai 's emo-ness and would love to learn knife-throwing skills from her..
This user thinks Zuko attempt to impress Mai in The Beach was cute. Also, this user knows that he has gone through a lot and that he would be a great Fire Lord..
This user thinks Katara is a very kind person who can be defiant and stand up for her family and friends, which is one of the qualities this user likes about this amicable girl..
This user is proud of Aang and what he has done, which definitely makes him qualify as a good Avatar..
This user would love to catch a ride on Appa and snuggle against his fluffy, soft fur..
This user thinks Momo is just so adorable!!! This user also wants him as a pet..
This user hates Ozai because he's a fail father to both Zuko and Azula and should be really ashamed of himself..
This user can't wait for The Legend of Korra to come out!!!.
This user can't believe Lee is so ungrateful towards Zuko and dislikes him for it. However, this user retains a slight hope he will eventually forgive Zuko..
This user knows Ursa is still out there somewhere and one day, will reunite with her son Zuko..
This user thinks Kya is a great mother to Katara and Sokka and is definitely courageous..
This user thinks Haru was cute until he got that moustache... but he's still pretty good anyway xD.
This user thinks Yue is very pretty and was very sad when she sacrificed herself when the Moon Spirit died.
This user supports the Fire Nation.
This user supports the Spirit World.
This user supports the Order of the White Lotus.
This user likes firebending.
This user likes waterbending.
This user supports Kataang.
This user supports Maiko.
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