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Hi! I am The avatar, alternatively known as Avatar or just Avt.

I've been here for several years, but have only been recently active since June 2009. I am active on several wikis, where I have several different user rights. I also have a bot, known as Avtbot, that I use with AWB. If you need any simple/repetitive task or anything you think a bot or I can do, then feel free to contact me.

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Feel free to contact me, here.


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Hello, I am the avatar, I was a bureaucrat at Camp Half-Blood Wiki, skunk fu wiki, and at Suite Life Wiki. I'm also an Admin on Foamipedia the Avatar Humor wiki, and used to be a Fanon Admin here. That meant I dealt with all Fanon and Fandom on this wiki. If you want to make a new fanon, please consult the guide I made. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me on my talk page.

I am also an avatar fan and hope to help around here. I've been retired for over 5 years effectively now but if you want to talk to me leave a message on my talk page.

My to-do list

  • Create new pages for PhC (Armed Forces, Nations, Groups, etc.)
  • Reorganize and redo existing pages of PhC.
  • Expand old chapters.
  • Clean up around Avatar Wiki, and fight vandals
  • Finish Splitting all the Aricles needed to be split,as according to the Reasonable Article Length Vote done so far:

My Fanon

I am an author of The Phoenix Chronicles and Avatar: The Old Kingdom. If you have a comment or question feel free to post it on my talk page.


  1. Check out Siam Valley!

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New Fanon?

If you have heard that I am thinking about a new fanon, and are wondering if it is true then read on. Yes, it is true. Most likely, it will debut near or at the end of PhC. I've made a page of it Avatar:The Old Kingdom, which will be the name of the fanon.--Avatar (Talk)

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