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The Bos
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Bos, Bostrator, "Mr. Featured Fanon, 7x Featured Article, Best New Series, Already-been-nominated-for-Drama Series, Admin, top-of-the-leaderboard, 2 more Fanon Awards, like 10 more nominations for this Award ceremony et.c" [1]





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Frequently; Anti-Vandalism

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Fanon, Mainspace

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Iroh, Zuko, Roku, Tarrlok, Tonraq, Wan

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A:TLA: The Avatar and the Fire Lord, Into the Inferno, Avatar Aang, The Firebending Masters, The Crossroads of Destiny

TLOK: Darkness Falls, Beginnings, Part 2, Skeletons in the Closet, Night of a Thousand Stars, A New Spiritual Age

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To Avatar: Guardian on August 10, 2009

Hello Avatar Wiki, I'm The Bos. I finished my first story, Avatar: Guardian and am now in production of a second. I am also involved in anti-vandalism work. Feel free to read my articles. --I'm The Bos - Talk - Guardian

The Bos (wall · contribs · editcount · logs)

What I'm up to...

I don't always do something, but when I do, it will likely be:

Favorite Characters

  1. Hidden Dragon - My version!
  2. Two Face - My version!
  3. A few pebbles short of a mountain - My version!
  4. Avatar Fail - My version!
  5. Rock and a Hard Place - My version!

What I plan on doing with Mysteries

Mysteries of My Past is my most recent series, and it will actually be well written from the start (unlike some other series...). It's going to be a question of identity, since the amnesiac of a main character has no idea who he was. I urge you to read the series, and will even link you to the main page.

My Original Characters

This is a list of the characters that I have created. Not all the pages I've made like other users put up, but just links to the character pages.

Avatar: Guardian

The Bos
This user is the author of Avatar: Guardian.
This user is the author of Mysteries of My Past.
This user is an editor of Honor Thy Father.
This user is the author of The Generals.
This user is a co-author of Bumi's Story.
This user writes fanon on the fanon portal.
Ransom letter.png This user is a double-Fanonbender, for his/her Avatar: Guardian.

Nominated by AvatarRokusGhost.

Ransom letter.png This user is a Fanonbender, for his/her Mysteries of My Past. Nominated by BlackMonkey.
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This user was the Mad Genius of Avatar Fanon Trivia 2, hosted by ARG.

This user's Zhian is the champion of the 1st Fanon Character Battles.
This user was a member of the Fanon Awards Council.
This user looks forward to The Legend of Korra to find out what happened to Team Avatar.
This user likes Mitros because he created him and he has an awesome profile picture.
This user likes Tengu because he has an awesome weapon.
This user made Aang use a wind sword.
This user thinks Roku is a good Avatar, regardless of past failures.
This user thinks Ozai relies on his daughter too much.
This user likes Iroh because he's the best Firebender.
This user thinks Zuko has family issues.

Mysteries of My Past

Past, Present, and Future

While I may not have directly come up with the exact ideas and names for all of these characters, I think that I may have had an influence on at least some aspect of their creation. I recommend reading them regardless of my level of involvement.

Other Fanons I Like

  • Avatar: Wanted - My favorite series, my initial inspiration for writing Guardian in the first place. I anxiously awaited/dreaded the final chapter. I highly recommend reading.
  • My Own Savior - Kinda in the same category as Wanted, but this continuation of Tengu's story from lonely child turned assassin is just too good! It's amazing to have been a part of it!
  • Honor Thy Father - An excellent segue from Books 2 until Book 3 of Wanted. I'm glad I'm a part of this too.
  • Sozin's Blood - A must read for any Iroh lover (like myself). It is a true masterpiece, and includes a ton of the wiki authors... Just read it...
  • Enemies and Traitors - Great series, I read the entire series in one sitting, I just couldn't get up!
  • Child of Destiny - Great series, worth the read, although I was hesitant to read it at first. Good concept, and worth the stretch.
  • Avatar: Energy Saga - Something I need to finish/catch up on, but from what I've already seen, you should read it.
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Fanon Award for Outstanding New Author

WinnersNominee List
The Bos (2009) - MightyBrit (2010) - Lady Lostris (2011) - Minnichi (2012) - ByBray (2013) - Sparkstoaflame (2015)
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Fanon Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series

WinnersNominee List
Vaznock (2009) - The Bos (2010) - AvatarRokusGhost (2011)

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