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The 888th Avatar
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wjxhuang, 888, The 888th Bro, Big Brother, Kung Fu Action Jesus, Gandalf, Waffles Jelly Xenomorph Hugging Unusual Attacking Guy, Typhlosion, 888 Almighty


Chinese Australian


English (first language), Mandarin Chinese, some Cantonese

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Aang20791, Annawantimes, Axiovatar, AvatarRokusGhost, Azulazulazula, Bahjy1, Dcasawang1, H-Man Havoc, Haybernathy, Iceland77, JaidynM, KettleMeetPot, Lady Lostris, Mageddon725, Olórin The White, PSUAvatar14, Random Ranaun, Rassilon of Old, Renatabls, Sokka jr, The royal we, Technology Wizard, The Ultimate Waterbender, Theavatardemotivator, Uiop60, Vulmen, Water Spout, WaterbenderTaikai, 1stAvatar

Contributes often to

Official policies, War Room discussions, community projects
Site design, including the site's theme, CSS, MediaWiki messages and templates
Comprehensive article improvement
User rights changes

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University student
(Arts/Law, Monash University)

First edit

November 1, 2008

Collected wisdom on The 888th Avatar

"Is he dead?"
―The thought on the minds of bored Avatar Wikians lately.
"I wantz help, KFAJ."
―Four words The 888th Avatar sometimes hears.
"Or 888 will have it in for you."
AvatarRokusGhost. For the record, The 888th Avatar does not practice torture. Not according to the United States government definition of torture, anyway.
"This creature is extraordinarily docile. Its inclination is so mild that it's quite likely you can make one do your bidding."
Ba Sing Se University Professor of Biology, conveniently contradicting AvatarRokusGhost.
"Why not? He already does everything here."
Joeyaa on The 888th Avatar's bureaucrat nomination.
"I'm pretty sure you are a robot."
Uiop60, providing an interesting corollary.
"You care about no one [sic] and is [sic] selfish."
―A user in response to The 888th Avatar's arguments defending Wikia's New Look.
"It's refreshing to see someone be perfectly reasonable."
―Another user, commenting on the same arguments.
"It's been tremendous fun to argue with and against 888th..."
Lady Lostris, The 888th Avatar's usual sparring partner in the War Room these days.
"For what it's worth, I never would have become a user if it wasn't for the action that you had taken when you became an administrator. You really helped to shape the wiki into what it has become, and will be considered the "father of the wiki" for a long time to come."
Vulmen, being too kind to the selfish, argumentative, docile creature robot who cares about no-one.

More about The 888th Avatar

The 888th Avatar, also known as wjxhuang or 888 (888th just sounds awkward) has been plotting the destruction of editing Avatar Wiki from his base Down Under since November 2008. Courtesy of consistently flooding recent changes for two and a half months from December 2008 to February 2009, he became an admin on February 14, 2009. Unfortunately for us, he's still here.

The shadowy man behind The 888th Avatar is actually just an Australian Labor Party hack faceless man political organiser taking a hiatus from studying law at Monash University. He is a Chinese Australian who takes interest in latest technology, world travel, progressive and international politics, and history. (Unexploded ordnance. Tread with care.) His favorite pastime is writing, which, according to the evidence, he sometimes takes bizarre very unconventional approaches to. And just randomly, he loves seafood.

So many userboxes

This user is a writer for
The Ba Sing Se Times.
This user was the "most informative user" in 2011.
This user was the "most experienced older user" in 2012.
This user was the "most dedicated to community spirit" in 2012.
This user was the "most active in the War Room" in 2012.
This user was the "most experienced older user" in 2013.
This user thinks firebending is the most beautiful bending art.
This user has Iroh as his favourite royal tea-loving kookiness.
This user likes Zuko and his story of redemption.
This user thinks Roku was a great Avatar, despite his mistakes.
This user ships Makorra in the hope that it'll get better.
This user thinks Aang should have paid more attention to Yangchen.
This user hopes Tenzin and Korra's relationship is further explored.
This user supports the Order of the White Lotus.
This user loves airbending for its practicality and favours it.
This user prefers Kataang over Zutara any day.
This user has Korra as his favourite Avatar. She's prettier than Asami.
This user has Katara as another of his favourite characters.
This user and Sokka share many similarities.
This user thinks the story of Lin was the best of Book One.
This user eagerly awaits the story of Bolin in Book Two.
This user supports the United Republic of Nations.

Even moar userboxes

Global user page template

Hi! I'm The 888th Avatar (also known as wjxhuang), and I've been around on Wikia since November 2008. I'm an administrator on Avatar Wiki and previously volunteered for Wikia in 2012-2013.

What do I do on Wikia? I tend to involve myself in many aspects of a wiki at once: as a wikifairy, wikignome and a wikielf. I enjoy helping out by formulating strategies to help a wiki succeed, constructing effective policies and guidelines, and tinkering with design.

Who am I in real life? In real life, I'm a Chinese Australian who is studying Arts and Law at Monash University. I'm interested in the latest technology, world travel, liberal and international politics, and history.

Contact me

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