aka The man who loves his bed

  • I live in The little country next to Germany
  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is Sleeping and reading
  • I am a man

White lotus
"Two brothers,
one story."

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"Rumors are never true. Otherwise they would be facts."
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Super, Goddad, FBB, Fabulous Bending Brothers (with CombustionNation)






December 8, 1997


Dutch (native), English, French, a little bit of German

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CombustionNation, DaiLaiHeping, AvatarAang7, Aang 112, AvatarKatar, AvatarKya, Antonismage, Kainora, Korra2000


Destiny of Two (Temporarily on hold)

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Legend of Korra

Two and a Half Men


That '70s Show

The Big Bang Theory



By making your stories, which I admire the most, I think that you really doing great things, and I think it's awesome how you came up with them.

I haven't read every story on the site, but I can tell you this that I love them, I really enjoy reading the stories you guys wrote and it would be a shame if you would all stop writing.

Love your stories!

It is much better not to think in problems, but in solutions.

Only most people tend to think in problems. That's the problem.

Favorite characters

I like all the characters in ATLA, because of their own reasons and characteristics. Enough said.

Favorite Enemies

A:TLA Position Legend of Korra


No. 1



No. 2



No. 3


Long Feng

No. 4



I am currently working on this fanon. I am also working on a novel, which is not about Avatar, but it is my idea and it has a higher priority than the fanon, I'm sorry about that. If you want to read an good story about Korra, in a post-Book 4 setting, please check out The Red Spirits from my brother CombustionNation.

Characteristics and favorites

I am greatly inspired by the different books and films I read and saw. This also includes the Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings. Also, almost every fanon I read inspires me and that is a load of chapters. My favorite book is probably Siegfried, een zwarte Idylle by Harry Mulisch, wait scratch that. My favorite book is Een schitterend gebrek by Arthur Japin since some weeks. In fact, I like the books of Harry Mulisch and Arthur Japin a lot so far. However, they've some pretty difficult words, but I'm handling it.

I'm also a great fan of music. I love a lot of music, but it's widely spread across the different genres.

Probably my favorite person who is incredibly stupid, is Michael Kelso from That's '70s Show. I just love the guy! And Eric then, well he's kind of the nerd who gets the girl. That's why I love Aang, it's the same way (he's not a nerd though, but they share some of the same fears who are inexplicably clear). Of course the beauties are Donna and Katara and both couples have some rough times, but they work it out.


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