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Flash symbol Hello! I'm SuperFlash101, commonly referred to as The Flash. I am an admin at the Phineas and Ferb Wiki, and a lover of media and music. Available at my talk page at most times of the day (EST).


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This user thinks Aang looked cooler with hair.
This user finds Katara a bit uptight in the Western Air Temple arc.
This user thinks Toph is utterly awesome.
This user thinks Sokka is laugh-out-loud hilarious.
This user finds Appa strangely authoritative.
This user is the author of Fanon:Avatar: Better World.
This user is the author of Fanon:Sokka's Days.
This user is the author of Fanon:Rebellion: Final Hope.
This user is the author of Fanon:Avatar: What If...?.


  • Pretty inactive at the moment as you might be able to tell...

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SuperFlash101 (2009) - Twilitlink (2010) - Vulmen (2011)
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Manzai (2009) - SuperFlash101 (2010) - Theavatardemotivator (2011) - AvatarRokusGhost (2012) - Minnichi (2013) - Lady Lostris (2015)
Sokka's Days chapters
I: "An Unlucky Event in Ba Sing Se"II: "Surveillance"III: "When OctoWorms Attack!"IV: "Kuno Chaos"
V: "Sokka, Interrupted" — VI: "Dr. Cagelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Violent Show Theater" — VII: "C*A*S*H" — VIII: "No Country for Cold Men" — IX: "Caveheart" — X: "My Sokka Will Go On" — XX: "Bad Bromance"
Better World chapters
The New World Chronicles
Bad Start - Hunted - Settling Scores - Eruption - Aftermath

The New Politics Chronicles

Bitter Empire - Spare the Innocent - Be Thou a Cain - The Will of All Mankind - Forgive Me, Lord... - ...For I Have Sinned - Bathe With the Dogs - Into Here I Am - John the Revelator - Brothers in Arms
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Rebellion: Final Hope chapters
A Midnight Dreary - |All Things Are Possible]] - Make Disciples of All Nations|Make Disciples of All Nations]] - |Burn all the Empires]]
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