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  • My occupation is Student
  • I am a Master Swordsman, and Aspiring Young Laywer

Air Nomad Genocide
"Kyfu, the fate of the world is in your hands."

Sokka Jr
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The Swordsman, SJ, junior,


Water Tribe

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The Legend of Korra Canon, Images

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Katara, Sokka, Suki, Zuko, Iroh, Hakoda, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tenzin, too name a few

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All of them in both Series


Burning Air

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Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Suits, Burn Notice, Falling Skies, White Collar, Star Wars

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Waterbender, and Swordsman

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July 14, 2012

Air Nomad Genocide
This user is the author of Burning Air.
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Hey everyone and welcome to my profile page. I'm Sokka Jr, and I am a very big Avatar Fan and collector, and a really big fan of Sokka.


Sokka in armor chao1Sokka jr Wall Blogs FanonSokka-wolf-c1


I love the world of Avatar and I think its the best tv series I've ever watched. I watched every avatar episode the day it aired, and I couldn't wait to see Aang face Fire Lord Ozai in the series finale. But it was when Sozin's Comet came that I realized it was the end of Avatar. Some how I knew that Mike and Bryan couldn't just end the series there, and that there must be a sequel.

Sozin's Comet Slider

Thats me waiting for the sequel

Well while I waited for a sequel I decided to by the whole series on iTunes and watch it until the The Legend of Korra came out. Well that was in 2008 that I realized it might be a long wait. So by accident I came across Avatar Wiki, when I was researching the world of Avatar. So throughout my time waiting for the The Legend of Korra I decided to try and read every article on the wiki. I would always post on articles as a anonymous contributor, but it never dawned on me to join. It wasn't until I stumble upon the Ba Sing Se Times, and some Fanon, that intrigued me so much that I then thought, I have to join this great community. And thats how I became a member of the wiki.

My Goals

  • Become a well known user Yes check Done
  • Join the Category Warriors Yes check Done
  • Join the Coding Companions Yes check Done
  • Write a fanon - Burning Air (In progress)
  • Become a Rollback User
  • Become an Administrator
  • Learn from the more experienced users (ongoing goal)
  • To keep being active in anti-vandalism of articles, and do my part to help the wiki grown (ongoing goal)




Air Nomad Genocide
This user is the author of Burning Air.
Sunrise at Eastern Air Temple
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Favorite Characters


Legend of Korra

Pabu as mascot

Who doesn't love Pabu

Favorite Episodes

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book 1: Water

Book 2: Earth

Book 3: Fire

The Legend of Korra

Book 1: Air

Book 2: Spirit



This user supports Kataang.
This user supports Sukka .
This user supports Jinko.

Legend of Korra

This user supports Makorra.

I understand that others may have conflicting opinions, but I still believe that this is how the relationships should be for the characters. Sorry Bolin, but I don't think you're game for Asami


Sandbox 1

Come check out my sandbox to see some neat user boxes I'm working on, currently I am working on The Pro-Bending Report.

Sandbox 2

Come check out this sandbox to the main page for Specialk16's fanon.

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This user supports all the four nations.
This user supports the United Republic of Nations.
This user supports the Water Tribes.
This user likes Sokka .
This user supports waterbending because I am a waterbender.
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