"Smile. It confuses people."
— Sandi Thom

White jade
Seliah Jade
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Seliah, Oxífraga


Try me, you'll soon find out ;)

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Zuko, Toph, Iroh, Aang, Suki, Piandao

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June 26th 2011

Ohai, ! Welcome to my User Page.


Wow, you actually start reading a passage titled ‘Boringness’? That’s… odd… That or you’re simply someone who skips titles. *tilts head while thinking* But if you did indeed just skip the title, the previous sentences already told you it would be boring. So if you’re still reading… That means that you are interested in my boringness… *raises one eyebrow*

But, oh, right, I was going to tell something boring. Well, if you’re looking for dull, search no further! Your quest has ended here! Because there’s really not much interesting to tell about myself. Like everyone around here, I love Avatar. Watching it makes me happy. Simple as that ^^

Besides that, I’m one of the dinosaurs of the Wiki. And now that I mention old: I’m a classical historian. Romans, Greeks, Macedonians, I like them all! But Egypt is my true love. So I’ll apologize already for when you become the victim of my urge to randomly spread historical facts. I… simply can’t control it. Other than that, school takes a lot of my time, so I can’t predict how much time I can spend here. But that’s great for you, less boringness! And to wrap it all up: I might be a tad feministic. ^^


In alphabetical order:

I’ve waited quite a while before making this list, so if I forgot you, feel free to curse the cucumbers out of me and I’ll add you. But please don’t forget to mention that this is the reason for the insult shower. ^^ *grabs soap and towel already*

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to Lady Lostris. She infected me with the Avatar Wiki virus and helped me enjoy all its symptoms ever since. And for tons of other reasons she already knows. *rubs Lady’s hair with knuckles* And thank you to all of you, kind Wikians! You're awesome :)

This user wants to go penguin sledding with Aang .
This user thinks it's her turn to go on a life changing trip with Zuko .
This user wonders how Iroh thinks about coffee.
This user is jealous of Asami 's gorgeous hair.
This user will from now on think the 'I'm watching you'-move is incomplete without Korra 's facial expression to accompany it.
This user was extremely tempted to buy a real life ferret because of its resemblance to Pabu . He's just too cute, okay?!.

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Heiress of the Nile.
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