aka Æþelstan

  • I live in in the realm of the dead.
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is smiling sadistically while humans cry in pain.
  • I am a very horrifying existence.
"I will make no such promises."
— Natsu on being asked to promise something he doesn't like.
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Natsu, Summer, Ieao.






English, Hindi,

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Jinora, Lion turtle, Iroh, Tenzin, Kuruk, Zuko

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"And the Winner Is...", "The Firebending Masters", "City of Walls and Secrets"


I like: A: ES, EoK, TWF, A: G, AMP.
My fanon: Encountering Quan

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Student, Prankster.

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February 20, 2011

This user won the User of the Month award in December 2011.
This user thinks Iroh is a great Firebender with a lot of wisdom.
This user is a fan of Avatar: Energy Saga.
This user likes the Order of the White Lotus because he likes ancient and secret organisations.
This user wants The Legend of Korra to show more about the Spirit World and spirit-related things.
This user thinks that Koh having many heads is very cool and wishes that the spirit appear again in The Legend of Korra and take someone's head.
This user wants to know more about the Spirit World and the spirits that reside in it.

About the great me

Welcome to my user page. I am a maniac and psychopath that lives everywhere, anywhere and nowhere, always looking at you and reading your minds. I am not active in this wiki right now due to some reasons, including me losing my interest in Avatar unfortunately, but I ocassionally lurk. I really liked Legend of Korra - it was as good as, or even better than the first series - but that opinion really changed when I saw the finale. I know the creators only had 12 episodes at first when they were writing the series but this was just too fast. Not to mention it made Makorra the stupidest shipping ever. I do hope that the other three books are nice, though. I am also interested in Greek mythology and like many anime/manga.


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