Toph, Katara, and Sokka
~Mysteria Femina~
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fluent in English; learning Latin; can finger-spell in Sign Language

wants to learn many others

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golden auburn-brown

Eye color

blue-green with ring of amber

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Toph, Korra, Katara, Azula, Bumi, Iroh, Baby Moose-Lion, and more

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currently student, poet, and potter

Spark (minus the madness)

physics major

Greetings, person! ^_^

My goal here on the Avatar Wikia is to add intelligent, helpful, and friendly comments in order to clarify situations, suggest possibilities, and applaud creativity. If you find offense with anything I write, please know it is not intentional. I do my best to be accurate, polite, and thorough, but if I mess up with regards to facts, etc., I appreciate pleasant comments to remind me of the truth. Usually when I mess up, I already knew something but forgot it at that moment.

Feel free to suggest quality reading to me, please! I'm running out of book series to chew through in my spare time, and would like to find something new and exciting to start reading.

A little about me

If I were a bender...

I would probably be an earthbender because of how stubborn I can be sometimes. In the face of any adversity I stand my ground and fight, only changing when necessary and never yielding. Like Toph, I don't take kindly to others trying to control me or interfere with my life, and I don't care that much about what other people think of me. Like Bumi, I can be very patient when the situation calls for it, and when the right moment comes I am ready. In addition, I am as close as you can get to a real-life earthbender; I claybend. Since I'm a potter, I shape earth with nothing but my hands and some "creative chi." I also metalbend; sometimes I work on projects in a metal shop, and I can make or repair metal jewelry. And finally, my horoscope is an interesting coincidence: Virgo, an earth sign. (Although I don't actually put any stock in horoscopes.)

That is all I am willing to reveal because, as my name implies, I prefer anonymity.

My name:

"Mysteria Femina" is Latin for "Mysterious Lady". The "Femina" does not mean "Feminine", contrary to popular belief. My nickname is "Mysti".

(There is a user with a name similar to my nickname. Her name is Mystiah. In addition, there is a user with a similar name to my name. Her name is Mysteria Sagitta. I'm letting you know so that nobody gets confused.)

Allies: (They're in alphabetical order)

Acer Indonesia

Agent Slash









Count the stars - Shao


Haybernathy (formerly Moon Beam)




KataraFanboy (aka PSUAvatar14)


Lady Lostris

Lego lord










Seliah Jade


Sokka's Sword


T- AvatarFan



The blue spirit

The Bronze Eagle

The Ultimate Waterbender

Toph's Fanboy (formerly MetalArmor)






~Feel free to request a place on this list if you know me already, and if you're already a user :D


This user thinks Korra is right up there with Toph in terms of awesomeness.
This user enjoyed watching Aang grow in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
This user thinks Toph kicks butt and loves her as the Blind Bandit.
This user thinks Katara kicks butt and loves her as the Painted Lady.
This user believes Iroh was one of the wisest people in the entire show.
This user thinks Bumi is crazy (in a good way) and the only earthbender who comes close to Toph's skill.
This user wishes Yue hadn't died and liked her with Sokka, but thinks she makes a beautiful Moon Spirit.
This user wishes Ursa wasn't banished and hopes she returns.
This user wishes Gyatso hadn't died in the Air Nomad Genocide.
This user wishes Kya didn't have to die, but is glad she saved Katara.
This user thinks Azula makes a great villainess and hopes she recovers.
This user identifies herself as a tough tomboy like Toph .
This user identifies herself as ambidextrous like Sokka .
This user is glad that Piandao taught Sokka how to fight without bending.
This user agrees with Bumi-- Momo is definitely very important.
This user thinks the baby saber-tooth moose-lion in "Bitter Work" is absolutely adorable.
This user loves The Legend of Korra , especially because of how great Korra is.
This user supports Kataang because it is true love and it is the only ship still confirmed in Legend of Korra.
This user supports Maiko because it is currently canon and Mai and Zuko complement each other well, but now questions it due to The Promise.
This user supports Sukka  because it is currently canon, despite its flaws, but now questions it due to The Promise.
This user won the User of the Month award in 2012.

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