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(Agent) Minnichi
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Minn, Minn-chan, Minnion, Vampire, Chiminnie, Panda, Ozainichi, etc. etc...


Vietnamese American




November 20, 1992


English, Vietnamese

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Tinkering with page visuals i.e. headers, banners, community event pages, etc.

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The social wiki i.e. The Ba Sing Se Times and fanon services for authors

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The Dai Li!!!, Aang, Toph, Zuko, and Iroh

Favorite episode(s)

The Crossroads of Destiny, Sozin's Comet, The Blind Bandit,The Ember Island Players... Well, all of them.

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Who am I? WHAT am I?

I'm a community dweller who often comes up with random activities for users and ways for you guys to gather together. You'll probably find me wherever there's any group work involved, particularly in the fanon portal. I'm the infamously tardy editor of The Ba Sing Se Times, but I also just try to find users interesting things to stick around for that can't always be found in the encyclopedia. Finally, I have a fanon that I love and think about a lot. It's the origin of my existence on this wiki, and at heart I'm truly just a lover of creative things T_T I still fail at balancing wiki social work and quality fanon time for myself, but then again, when have I ever been on time for anything? :P

Fan facts:

  • I'm not a shipper. But I will complain if it's done badly.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender > The Legend of Korra. Clear winner with both writing and bending quality, I say.
  • I don't have a genre preference for fanfiction.

"How much did you pay them to compliment me?!"
Nazgullow, the only person who doesn't think his drawings are any good
"You are holding that drill like you're the Angel of Death about to perform surgery on another unwilling victim, though that notion is slightly undercut by the cloud-patterned pajama pants XD"
"Let no one discourage your ambitious attitude. You don't need a fan club to achieve your goals. Be your own motivation."
— MP Bedolla

My favorite lines from the Avatar Wiki community:
"I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You're evil."
- AvatarRokusGhost after reading Minnichi's writing.
"Don't talk to that AvatarRokusGhost over there. He's barking mad." "Where's the proof?" "His username. Who would name themselves after Avatar Roku's GHOST?" "Oh yeah."
―ARG as described by The 888th Avatar
"Failing to send a Candy Crush life upon request will be punished by one week of Candy Crush mining, on a first offense. Those who fail to send a life over a second time will be fired."
―One of the policies implemented under Interim Editor AvatarRokusGhost
"Everything you do turns random, Minn."
- Fruipit summarizes Minnichi really well.
―The joys of being a FruipyLoopy author.
"D:< I hope you have horrible dreams of the end of the Dai Li."
Fruipit uttering the meanest thing anyone's ever said to Minnichi </333
"It was almost like he was just repeating himself. Ugh his death. I was like, 'Hurry up and die!'""
―What Fruipit thinks of Inspector Javert.
"Didn't you know that I created Conservative Wiki?"
- What Omashu Rocks likes to do in his spare time.
"Avatar Wiki has an interesting love quadrangle going on. Omashu Rocks loves Shakira, but Shakira has fallen for Typhoonmaster, who in turn is infatuated with his burrito. Alas, are burritos capable of love? What even is love? I'm lonely..."
―Omashu Rocks's flawless Urban Dictionary definition in The White Lotus Sentinel's Valentines Day special
"So the DC government is shut down but of course I can still get parking tickets..."
Mr. Rocks's thoughtful observation of the American government's shutdown.
"Oh come on! Name it Pancakes!"
Omashu Rocks's anxious suggestion for a near-releasing SHiE chapter, which Minnichi only had the title left to write (and couldn't decide on a name :P)
"You will all be my puppets in the end. Mwhahahaha"
- BSST editor KettleMeetPot to Minnichi during her newsletter training
"What a shame. There's goes my most nefarious plan of ambushing you in IRC with a disgruntled mob wielding fire and pitchforks. Cos as you very well know, Minnichi is, by extension, my puppet."
KettleMeetPot to Lady Lostris about a year after the previous quote.
"He's pretty awesome, but oh well... I'll still crush him like a roach. Like a roach.'"
KettleMeetPot's BSST career in a nutshell
"You can try all you want, you can't dance coolly. I have seen you dance."
- Lady Lostris just doesn't know what cool looks like.
"Wait, what did you just say? 'Boo-chi?' D'aww, it sounds so cute! Almost reminds me of some Pokemon...just imagine: 'Boochi, I choose you!' And then, the little Pokemon jumps out and screams 'Boochi! Boochi boochi!'""
Lady Lostris's typical response to Minnichi's foreign language pronunciation. (Bouchée chocolates, fyi...)
"Again, I'm just brilliant. It's a burden sometimes, but you'll learn to live with it ;-)"
―A certain bureaucrat's take what it means to be Lady Lostris.
"ieuw ieuw ieuw. NO SKIM MILK. NO!!! That's not milk. That's white water that tastes funny..."
Lady Lobster's best baking tip.
"You're such a nerd ... with ugly boots."
―What the obviously jealous Lostris claims about Minnichi's fabulous fashion sense.
"Don't challenge Minn. She's head of the newly re-established Dai Li under the order of the council."
- ByBray is very wise.
"Minn's left us in the dark. ...*Bray cries... again." "There's no dawn rising for us, is there, Bray? *Frui cries with Bray*" "I feel like we could be swimming in our tears *Borrows Frui's tissue and uses it*"
―Reactions to a later chapter of Silent Hero in Emerald, and Minnichi's cruelest moment as an author.
"He is literally a peace hippie, if I do say so..."
ByBray referring to Typhoonmaster.
"I'd be willing to accept a Last Airbender 2 movie if it meant that The Legend of Korra never existed."
- Mageddon725's hate for LoK is like no other.

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Fanon Award for Outstanding New Author

WinnersNominee List
The Bos (2009) - MightyBrit (2010) - Lady Lostris (2011) - Minnichi (2012) - ByBray (2013) - Sparkstoaflame (2015)
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Fanon Award for Outstanding Author

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Manzai (2009) - SuperFlash101 (2010) - Theavatardemotivator (2011) - AvatarRokusGhost (2012) - Minnichi (2013) - Lady Lostris (2015)
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Fanon Award for Outstanding Illustrator

WinnersNominee List
Firebender896 (2011) - Master Ratava and Origonalavatarnerdling (2012) - Minnichi (2013) - AvatarKya and DaiLaiHeping (2015) (tie)
Self-proclaimed Award for Greatest, Most Fabulously Obsessive Dai Li Fan
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