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  • I live in Joisey
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is Professional Avatard
  • I am a landshark

Welcome, , to MakoMako15 's page!

Most of what I wrote here isn't true anymore or has changed.... just throwing that out there... see my "about me" section for a little update. Wow I don't even remember how to use coding to link to that.

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In real life:Erka, Er Bear, Ricca, ERs On the wiki: Makomako, MM, Mako, MM15, Artistic Whippersnapper, Magical Hair Changer, Makox2, Mako 2.0






March 1


English (DURRR), Broken Italian, Finnish (some words), Now 2 phrases in German! (thank you Monkeyfeathers94)

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Female I hope....or I've been living a lie

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Brown with blondish highlights

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See Allies

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Nothing major, fixing minor mistakes in grammar/punctuation, re-wording and re-phrasing, linking. I suck at codebending.

Favorite character(s)

LoK: Korra, Bolin, Tenzin, Meelo ATLA: Zuko, Sokka, Toph, Aang, Iroh, Yue

Favorite episode(s)



Too lazy

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Professional Avatard

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April 27, 2012

You can contact me through my designated wiki email :D

HEY YOU! If you can tell me a way that I can post the pictures of lok and atla I drew on my page, I will love you forever. SHMANK YA! <3


Quotes and Userboxes

"Do you think I give a llama skinned condom about that?"
— Jenna Marbles

" It's easy to do nothing, but it's hard to forgive. "
— Aang

This user has a cactus juice addiction and has been to Cactus rehab twice.
This user likes Sokka because he's just a guy with a boomerang.
This user thinks Mai should brighten up her aura.
This user thinks Korra is pretty badass.
This user thinks Meelo is high on cactus juice.
This user supports Mako because everyone else wants to brutally kill him.
This user had a nervous breakdown when Lin lost her bending.
This user 's mind was filled with interesting thoughts when Korra was offered private lessons.
This user likes Bolin but finds it rather strange that he nosetearbends....
This user thinks Asami should have given Meelo some of her hair.
This user likes Tenzin 's multicolored face.
This user wonders if one day, Korra will actually have to pee and no one will believe her.
This user thinks Jinora should make no such promises.
This user is a member of the Anti-Troll Scarf Army.

This user is gonna try out Ikki 's love method sometime.

This user thinks Yue is one of the prettiest girls in A:TLA and was a really good person. This user also likes her luscious white hair..
This user thinks Toph 's blind jokes made the show.

Dance like nobody's watching

Play like you've never lost

Laugh like you've never cried

Work like you don't need the money

Love like like you've never been hurt

Sing like nobody's listening

~Live like it's heaven on earth~

cheesy but inspiring

Favorite Chuck Norris Jokes

Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door

Chuck Norris is the reason that Waldo is hiding

Santa leaves cookies out for Chuck Norris

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris

Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Chuck Norris stories

Koh steals peoples faces to keep Chuck Norris from stealing his. (SifuHotman90  - creds)

This is the..... Avatart(avatar+art) SECTION :D

Thank you Original Heir for creating that word :D

FEATURED: EccentricChild's unbelievable talents

"The Worm"


*tearbend* *sniffle* It's beautiful isn't it?

Newest: Suki, Suki with Paint, Yue with Paint

Everything I post here I DREW! I oathbend!

I, MAKOMAKO15, HEREBY STATE THAT THE- ya know what? Screw this. Let's get to the avatart.


Coming soon....... Bolin, Tenzin, Jinora, Meelo and Ikki!
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Suki/Suki with Paint, Yue/Yue with Paint, Azula


Avataress0 - One of my first friends on the wiki, teaches me alot of awkward motions :D

Makoisminez - Super nice and friendly, said I was awesome

Maila0923 - Cool cat

Tionlurtle - A fellow landshark

ChiBlocker - My soulsister

Aang Meng Fang - My first ally :) ...I still remember it like it was 4 months and 13 days ago.......(Just kidding, I have no idea when it was..)

Yz2907 - Another cool cat

Mako's scarf - An awesome cactus juice addicted scarf who can draw amazingly and is hilarious. A drawing cactus juiceified funny scarf! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?

Vulmen - Met me by telling me not to be rude in the comments..XD, but then he said I was pretty cool so that sealed the deal

NinjaRisa - A funny feller

JediForJesus - Tried to kill me several times on IRC, but we're still friends :)

Faith124 - IRC buddy

FireFerret - A cute little ferret who I also met on IRC

Thewaterearth - A cactus juice addict just like me

Lemongrab - Asked to be allies, so here he is

Monkeyfeathers94 - Hilarious and taught me some German words

Acer Indonesia - He lives in Indonesia! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

SifuHotman90 - Adds humor to my life, coolest/funniest person ever

SoulSpiritBender - Funny and my BIF (Best IRC Friend)

Sokka's Sword - A fellow landshark and JennaMarbles...ian

Unnamed Airbender - Complimented my art and gave me a very flattering message on my wall :)

EccentricChild - Really funny

Iceland77 - The nicest person EVER, had great times talking like animals

Mysteria Femina - SUPER helpful and nice, taught me more about coding than I could possibly fit on this page

Specialk16 - My beach buddy and a great snack for the road! ...Wait don't tell her I said that

Azulazulazula - Met on IRC, had interesting conversations..

Goldencupcakes200 - A yummy person

Humble Imaginations - Met on IRC, has to deal with an annoying sister

Typhoonmaster - An awesome person who I talk to on IRC, lives in Joisey like me :D

Count the stars - Shao - Awesome IRC friend

Peopleonline - Makes me laugh stupidly at the screen alot

Momoam15 - A fellow landshark!!! :D

SparksFromHades - My trolling and having completely off-topic conversations on other peoples' walls buddy ;D

JackTwist - IRC buddy =) He's helped me out alot

If you feel that you deserve the incredible honor of being on my allies list, you can message meh ;D

Psycho Cactus-Juice Addicted Allies


Mako's scarf

Landshark Allies


Sokka's Sword




Get nominated for User Awards Yes check Done

Win a user award No check Not done

Learn all the coding No check Not done

Write a blog post with 100+ comments Yes check Done

Quit cactus juice addiction No check Not done

Get more than 10 badges Yes check Done

Illustrate a fanon Yes check Done

How I Started with Avatar

Well surprisingly, I used to think Avatar was stupid. I saw my sister watching it and I was all like seriously? You're watching that bald kid show? So I sat down and watched an episode. It was the one where Aang burns Katara idk what its called and I'm too lazy to find out. When it ended and I was like NOOOOOOOOO... <__< >__> ehem... I mean... that was...decent... I guess. *awkward cough* Then I got completely hooked and waayyy more obsessed than my sister. Yuppp that's ma story :)


Okay its been a while...and it appears I'm inactive now.  But I don't really feel like rewriting all that shit and I wanted you to know that I'm not nearly as annoying now as I was when I wrote that.  Well I'm still annoying but I mean I've toned it down a little.  *reads bio again* Wow..yeah..I don't know how you people lived with me.   Oh and for the record, I wanna punch a baby every time I hear someone say yolo now, so you can ignore that segment of old bio.  I still have a Jenna Marbles obsession...but now I have more of a Pitch Perfect obsession, so if any other die-hard Pitch Perfect fans are out there feel free to fangasm with me. 

Ah...this place brings back memories.  The good old summer days when I actually had time..

*ding ding ding* Yup, you guessed it! I'm gonna tell you about ME! Okayyy so I'm a girl and a student, I talk .. alot... like more than the average being... like not just alot.. like aLOT .. If you can get me to shut up, you're a magical individual. As Sifuhotman suggested, I can be Ikki-like. However, I do not blurt out your love interests, so your secrets are safe with me ;) (Because I KNOW you were planning on telling me) I'm extremely forgetful and unfocused and NO I do not have AD- oh look a butterfly! I'm a very social person and enjoy talking to and meeting people. I'm also extremely friendly and have a habit of saying hi to everyone I see and once my friends and I complimented every person we saw and- You don't give a shit? Well that was rude... ANYWAYS this is what I mean by talking aLOT.

I LOVE JENNA MARBLES! LANDSHARKS FTW! She's hysterical. If she was a good role model, she would be my role model. See how good of a person I am? I take part in the typical teenager shnazz - texting, twitter, aim, youtube. I take dance and play volleyball. I tend to obsess over random things (take atla and lok for example) or people occasionally(don't ask). People describe me as peppy, I'd say thats true. I really like making people happy, and try to spread magical rainbows and unicorns to- my inner Ikki is showing isn't it? Well moving on, I act like I'm high alot and do crazy things (nothing too bad dont worry ;D) like- what's that? You still don't give a shit? WELL SUCK IT UP AND STOP INTERRUPTING ME OR THIS PARAGRAPH WILL NEVER BE OVER. As I was saying before you so RUDELY interrupted me - but THAT'S OKAY! You know why? ......... 'cuz YOLO! MY LIFE MOTTO! Kay bye guys ;D I LOVE YOU ALL *puts down megaphone*

My Favorite LoK & A:TLA Quotes

"I've seen enough of Ba Sing Se, and I can't even see!" -Toph

"In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself." -Iroh


"MY CABBAGES!" -The Cabbage Merchant

"Aang, meet Foofoocuddlypoops, Foofoocuddlypoops, Aang." -Sokka

"Seriously! What is with you people?? I'm BLIND!" -Toph

"Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source. True humility is the only antidote to shame." -Iroh


"I'm just a guy with a boomerang." -Sokka

"I don't want to rely on hate and anger anymore." -Zuko

"I will never turn my back on people who need me!" -Katara

"Only justice will bring peace." -Avatar Kyoshi

"You're the avatar, and I'm an idiot." -Mako

"Be the leaf!" -Meelo

"I will make no such promises." -Jinora

"Yeeaah it's not sinking in." -Korra

"Wish me luck! Not... that I'll need it." -Bolin

Some Random Fun Facts About Me

1. I've never gotten stung by a bee

2. I'm obsessed with Spanish and French accents...... THEY'RE SO SHMEXY!

3. I used to think Avatar was so stupid, crazy, i know. I called it "that bald arrow kid show" :)

4. Jenna Marbles is like my life inspiration XD  ........ *reading this a year later* what the hell was I thinking

5. Ive never successfully uploaded a picture on this site... They always get deleted idk what I'm doing wrong LOL

6. I have one younger sister (shes the one who got me into Avatar :D) and one older sister

7. I am a failbending master, just ask Mysteria Femina XD

8. I'm a Makorra AND Asami fan, and yes, its possible.

9. I DON'T hate Mako

10.I go to a private school   *reading this a year later* not anymore

11.My favorite words are shnazzy, shmexy, and shnitzel

12.I like zebra print

13.I go to Delia's alot

14. Mysti is my codebending master, and I take codebending classes with SifuHotman90 :D

Alright thats enough private info for now ;)

My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses

Whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles

Warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with string

LAWLZ JK (I watched Sound of Music everyday when I was three, *bonus fun fact*)

Favorite Color: Blurple What? I couldn't decide.

Favorite Number: 69 Jk I'm not a perv! (Psh yea right, you expect me to be a fan of Jenna Marbles and NOT be one? ;) 16

Favorite Song: Love the Way you Lie (Part 2, and I don't really like the rap though it's really agressive...... I reeeeaaallly like this version by Ariana Grande. Now WATCH IT. NOW.), thrift shop, everybody talks, all too well, the a team...I don't know

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Word: Shnazzy

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! SHUT UP don't get that stuck in my head!

Favorite Month: December and July

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Animal: Dogs and Dolphins

Favorite ATLA Episode: The Desert (cactus juice, durrrrrr), Bitter Work, The Southern Raiders, The Chase, Finale

Favorite LOK Episode (so far): Endgame

Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect, Mean girls

Favorite TV Show: Friends, Modern Family, LEGEND OF KORRA

Favorite Letter(Can you tell I'm running out of ideas?): K


If you got this far in my profile page, you are a man/woman of great strength.

Pet Peeves

The sound of crashing shopping carts LIKE BRO. SHUT UP.

When guys who don't have flow flip their hair No. Just no.

When girls always say they're ugly, yet have 500,000 selfies on facebook. *cough*attention whore*cough*

Annoying people HA. Jk, I'm annoying as hell. XD

Mako hate.... CALM THE HELL DOWN! The arguments go nowhere, people just get insulted and show how immature they are



Sit on top of a palm tree

Ride in a helicopter

Slap a stranger in the face

Ride a panda

Scream as loud as I can in school when its dead silent during a test

Skip through a field of flowers

Shoot a bow and arrow

Climb on top of someones car (in front of their window) when there sitting in a parking lot, and just sit there

Sit on top of a car while its driving

Meet any celebrity

Landshark plank on a highway

Get in some kind of chase that involves running through the streets

Swim with dolphins

Get a turtle backpack turtle landshark


Graduate from my codebending school

Yes, I realize that half these things will never happen.


I live in New Joisey. Where exactly? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. Not gonna give you the deats cuz I know you're gonna come find me cuz you LOVE ME SO MUCH :) LAWLZ JK(not really)

Fan of...

Fan of:



Toph's blind jokes


Hair loopies



Cactus juice

The chakras song

The cabbage merchant <3



Mako (occassionally -__-)




Favorite lines


Katara: I'm sorry Aang.

Aang: It's okay Katara, it's not your fault.

Iroh: Well actually it kinda is.


Toph: No..

Zuko: How stupid do you think I am?

Sokka: Pretty stupid.


{C}Katara: Sokka, you're a genius!
Aang: How is Sokka a genius? His plan didn't even work.
Sokka: Come on, Aang. Let her dream.
Katara: You're right. Sokka's plan didn't work. But it looks like it did.
Aang: Did the definition of "genius" change in the last hundred years?

Aang: You're insane aren't you.

Herb Woman: That's right!


My little song :)

Here's my favorite characters from LoK in a nutshell! BUT... (wait for it).... in the form of a SONG :D

Asamina mina eh eh, mako mako eh eh, asamina mina korra, meelo, jinora ah ah, asamina mina eh eh, mako mako eh eh, asamina mina bolin naga, this time for avatar!


Yupp thats what I do in my spare time. And no I do not have a life.

Also for those of you who dont know that song and think im making retarded noises... its based on Waka Waka by Shakira

Hey leave me a message so I don't look like a loser! BYE :D

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