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How a minute can
last a lifetime"

"It's easy to do nothing, but it's hard to forgive. Let your anger out, and then let it go."
Aang to Katara in The Southern Raiders.
"Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep people away but to see who cares enough to tear those walls down."
Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill.
"Where do you go when your mind doesn't work with your soul?"
Lucy Spraggan "All That I've Loved"
Lady Lostris
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Lostris, LL, Lady, Lady L






April 18, 1989


Flemish (native), English, French, can read South African, can understand German (but frankly, South African is easier xD).

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CEST (UTC+2); 00:18, May 28, 2022 (Saturday)

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  • Vortex (the character of Eris)
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First edit

May 12th 2011

Welcome, , to my user page. Many thanks to Minnichi for drawing and allowing me to use the image I have as an infobox image. Min, you rock! (She also drew another image of me.)

Lady Lostris (wall · contribs · editcount · logs)

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How am I involved? I am a true editor on the wikis I'm involved in; you'll see me rewrite a page or correct spelling and grammar mistakes, though I don't really occupy myself with comments and blogs.
As a member of the SOAP, I help local administrators to keep their wikis spam and vandal free, and as a Wiki Representative, I work on assigned wikis to help that community blossom.

Who am I in real life? I am a Belgian go-with-the-flow kind of woman with a master of laws and master of civil-law notary degree. I enjoy watching TV series and movies in my downtime (especially Disney movies, I love those!), as well as CrossFit and write my fanfiction story, Heiress of the Nile. Three random facts: my favorite color is red, my favorite animal a tiger, and my favorite number is 3.

Contact me


Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20210808202057 SOAP

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The Bos (2009) - MightyBrit (2010) - Lady Lostris (2011) - Minnichi (2012) - ByBray (2013) - Sparkstoaflame (2015)
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Theavatardemotivator (2011) - AcerEvan and Lady Lostris (2012) - Fruipit (2013)
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Shattered Balance (2009) - Avatar: Choices, Alone and Rise of an Avatar (2010) - Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Four: Air (2012) - Avatar: Neo Revolution (2013) - Lady Lostris (2015)

My fanfic stories

Heiress of the Nile

HotN logo.png
Main article: Heiress of the Nile

Chapter 1 - Start Reading

I'm currently writing a fanon story myself *Points to the link above*. I started making up my own story in.. 2005 or something when I read my all time favorite book "River God" written by Wilbur Smith. I fell in love with the setting, the characters and the story of Lostris (hence my nickname and I've used that name ever since I needed to give a user name somewhere ^^ ). I just started to make up a side story using many of the characters of the book and some new ones. When I discovered Avatar, well, the two just started to blur together to form a new story, "Heiress of the Nile". It is only recently that I decided to put pen to paper and you know how things go when you start to write things down: everything changes.

The story is a combination of River God meets Warlock (another novel of Wilbur Smith and a follow up story of River God) meets my own wicked imagination meets A:TLA meets whatever show/movie I like (yes, there will be some Disney references. I'm 33 and I like Disney, sue me.)
The story will take place in Ancient Egypt where every Nation will have its own province, the Fire Nation being the biggest and most important of all (I like firebending, what can I say). The main character will be Lostris - NOT ME, I'm absolutely NOT writing a fanon about myself, I am not that egocentric. Like I said, the story is partially based on River God where the main character -which I totally adored- is named Lostris. Hell, most of the names of the main characters are based on Wilbur Smith’s Egyptian novels. In my story, Lostris is the daughter of Fire Lady Amanra and the late Fire Lord Tamose, making her the Crown Princess of the Fire Nation. She's also a firebender, but the Grand Vizier Naja wants the throne for himself. He can be compared to Ozai, same high skilled firebending abilities and ambitious goals, but he is more subtle about it. As her guardian, he succeeded in minimizing Lostris' firebending training, so that when it would come to a duel for the throne, he would have the advantage. If you'd like to know more, well.. stay tuned :-)

Now, why Ancient Egypt you may wonder. That is a very valid question and the answer is very simple: I love the Ancient Egyptians. I find their whole culture absolutely fascinating and marvelous.


Main article: Heiress of the Nile update page
Heiress of the Nile
Book 1 - Lost and Found
1: Dream of a Distant Past2: Sun Rise, Sons Fall3: Colors of Fire4: Lucky Encounters5: Confrontations6: Out of Place, Part 17: Out of Place, Part 28: Royal Pain9: Friend and Foe10: Betrayal11: Fate and Trust12: A Bad Day
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Avatar: Guardian (2009) - My Own Savior (2010) - Heiress of the Nile (2011) - Scarf (2012) - Nirvana (2013) - The White Lotus (2015)
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Avatar: Better World (2009) - Avatar: Better World (2010) - Avatar: Energy Saga (2011) - Heiress of the Nile (2012)
Silent Hero in Emerald (2013) - Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes (2015)
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Sokka (2010) - Reeaki (2011) - Gaidan (2012) - Hiroshu (2013) - Meren (2015)

A Minute

Korra cries.png
Main article: A Minute

This is a one-shot rewrite I did from the last minutes of "Endgame". Why? Though I love Avatar and I like The Legend of Korra and all, that finale was total crap and lacked any form of feeling. Seriously, I cannot watch that ending without still cringing upon hearing the most hollow "I love you, too" I have ever heard in a series. Makorra, come the fuck on, where the hell is the love? The feeling? The heart? So for those reasons, I decided to rewrite that ending to fit my favorite pairing. It's the only pairing that would've actually worked if you look at the characters and the feelings they have etc, so enjoy the ending of Endgame once more with feeling, Korrasami-style ^^

I tried to stay as close as possible to the series how it actually happened, recycling events and dialogues etc, but just give it that extra touch of feeling, drama, and heart.

Start Reading

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Fanon Award for Outstanding Short Fanon

WinnersNominee List
My Last Breath (2011) - A Minute (2012) - Political Animals (2013) - In Pursuit of Perfection (2015)
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Fanon Award for Outstanding Romance Series

WinnersNominee List
A Bird Could Love a Fish (2011) - Silent Hero in Emerald (2013) - A Minute (2015)

B(l)ending Together

Full moon at Ember Island.png
Main article: B(l)ending Together

Yeah, yeah, Book One: Air of The Legend of Korra was really heavy on the relationship stuff, but in my opinion, it lacked some genuine sweet scenes if they wanted to go for a romance overload. So I decided I'd give it a shot ^^. Of course, loving scenes can only be written for characters that have actual feelings, so this is a Korrasami one-shot that shows a short scene of how well the waterbender and the Sato-heiress feel each other. Speaking is silver, silence is gold is sometimes the best motto ever.

Start Reading

Smoke and Mirrors

Asami and Korra holding hands.png
Main article: Smoke and Mirrors

Originally intended to be a one-shot rewrite of the ending of "The Last Stand", it changed it to be a multi-chapters story, as the chapters quickly became too lengthy. While I'm thrilled to see that Korrasami became endgame, I was a bit disappointed with the vague representation of how their relationship began. As such, I decided to rewrite the ending to put more emphasis on how they became a couple and why, because really, a twelve-year-old boy and a fourteen-year-old girl can full on French kiss, but a twenty-one-year-old woman and twenty-two-year-old woman have to be content with just holding hands and gazing at each other? Fuck that!

Similar to what I did with A Minute, I tried to stay as close as possible to the series, recycling events and dialogues etc, while adding my own spin to it to place more focus on Korrasami.

Start Reading

Lostris' Korrasami stories
A MinuteB(l)ending Together
Smoke and Mirrors
1: By Your Side2: Halfway Gone ♥ 3: All That I'm Asking For ♥ 4: Falling In ♥ 5: Hanging By A Moment ♥ 6: All In

Hanging around Fandom

"Conversations with Lostris are like putting a bucket over your head: you look stupid and have no idea what's going on until you pull it off to puke in it. Side effects of interacting with a Lostris include pyrophobia, hallucinations and incessant rambling."
FruipyLoopy on the delight that is conversing with Lady Lostris.
"You wanna know how Australians reproduce? They mate."
FruipyLoopy on Australian reproduction.
"Hold on, I have a head in my pants."
Fruipit asking me to stop talking for a moment.
"Otherwise it'll be 12am before I know it and naked Yuhan will be back to haunt me."
―The real reason for why Minnichi always seems to be tired.
"Do it for the bellybuttons. come on. You know you can."
Minnichi's best persuasive tactic.
"It's a really interesting test o.o Also makes me wonder if different orgasms have different neural processes for such selective attention. Or are animals less selective than humans?"
Minnichi's train of thought about ... yeah ... yeah. And then she blames autocorrect for changing "organisms".
"He's like a European and just deals with it like he has no pointer in his butt."
―And then they say that Germans have no sense of humor ... some things do get lost in translation.
"I am having my butt changed tomorrow and it's possible I may not need it changed any more after that"
Englishmen are on an island for a reason ...


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This user totally ships Korrasami cause they are the only two characters with a personality that would actually work in a relationship. They compliment each other perfectly and provide ample room for growth like it should. They have hearth, they have class, they have a feeling, they are the ultimate TLoK ship.
This user praises Asami for her wonderful personality. She lost everything -her wealth, her heritage, her family, her cheating ass of a boyfriend who basically was stolen by her supposed friend- but regardless of all the hardship she was put through without ever getting something in return, she never lost her smile and her loyalty toward the people that do not deserve her. She is an amazing, resilient, and beautiful person.
This user thinks Korra has the potential to be one of the best characters of all time: an amazing, kickass, sassy girl with great spirit; the best of Katara and Toph combined.
This user thinks Katara is totally awesome: she's just the right combination of toughness and still being girl, caring, funny, and just all-round amazing.
This user absolutely adores Sokka 's sarcasm.
This user thinks that there is something wrong with Jet 's eyebrows.
This user thinks that June is just too cool for words.
This user despises Bolin as he is one of the most irritating, annoyingly immature, and dumb characters ever created in the Avatar universe.
This user thinks it is her turn to go on a field trip with Zuko , preferably somewhere isolated.
This user wants to drink coffee with Iroh to see what he thinks.
This user says that firebending is the best!.
This user cheered Mai on during the "Boiling Rock".
This user would like to say to Ozai :"Dude... Not cool, not cool at all. Just. Chill!".
This user thinks Azula is totally awesome, but could benefit from some anger management classes.
This user thinks Mako is a useless creators' pet, though he has redeeming qualities toward the later seasons.
This user would trade her bike and car in a heartbeat to ride Appa instead.
This user wants Momo as a pet and would teach it "fetch" better than Katara.