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“ Be the leaf!”

Meelo to Korra

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Flameo! Hi I’m Kyoshiyangchen22 and I am a member of Avatar Wiki. I think Kyoshi is the best Avatar ever and that Yangchen did do good to the world so in a way they are my avatar mentors. I love the Kyoshi novels and they are my favourite books ever and I’m a regular contributor to the wiki. The other wikis I contribute to are: How to Train your Dragon, Waterfire Saga and Jurassic Park. So,10 random facts about me. My favourite character in lok is Lin Beifong, My favourite colour is purple, my favourite book ( not including Kyoshi novels ) is Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly, my room is basically a shrine to Kyoshi and Yangchen, I learn tessenjutsu ( fighting with fans like the Kyoshi Warriors), I breed butterflies and am a wildlife conservationist but I also write books. I like to draw in my spare time and specialise in watercolour, acrillic and pencil ( though I probably think they are better than they actually are ), and I am Japanese and Chinese crazy ( influenced by ATLA and LOK). I also recently started editing The Winter Moon, a fanon by Earthnike13, which inspired me to make my own, Fanon:The Glory of Yangchen. So if you have any questions about the Kyoshi novels or Yangchen or basically anything avatar related feel free to contact me and I will answer you as soon as I can. Also if you have any suggestions on anything I could draw please tell me ( I can only do watercolour and pencil at the moment as I’ve run out of acrillic paint ). If you actually managed to read up to this point then I guess your my friend and I will add you to my friends list, ( just contact me on my wall). So yeah that’s me. Have a great day and stay flamin!

Fanon Userboxes

This user is the author of Playing with Fire.

This user is the author of Waterfire.

This user is the author of The Glory of Yangchen.


I have written and edited two fanon series’s: The Winter Moon and The Glory of Yangchen. They are both running projects and are nowhere near finished yet, but hopefully in the future they will be.

The Winter Moon is a fanon I edit, written by Earthnike13, and I love reading it. If you haven’t read it yet it is about a group of young waterbenders who go after a triad who stole Tui and La. The teens then learn advanced waterbending from the spirits themselves, and it is not modern waterbending, but the original forms and stances, kept alive only by the spirits. They then go on a quest to get Tui and La Back. You can read the first chapter here.

The other fanon is The Glory of Yangchen and I wrote this one myself. I had the idea in my head for ages, but only thought to write it down recently. It is about Yangchens early life, who she meets and how she masters all four elements, with the biggest team avatar ever ( nearly two people for each element). She follows her destiny and becomes an avatar of legend. I’d like to say thanks to my amazing editor AdityaCoolDude, your the best! You can read the first chapter of The Glory of Yangchen here. If you have any questions regarding my fanon go here, where I will answer any questions you have.

I recently wrote a One Shot about Rangi and Kyoshi (Rangshi) called Waterfire, which you can read here. To find out in more detail about the fanons I write and edit, have a look at my infobox or Fanon Userboxes :)

I am also doing a fanon called Playing with Fire alongside the Glory of Yangchen, which is about different firebenders views on the avatar. The first chapter is coming out soon ;)

Kyoshiyangchen’s Character, Ship and other Userboxers

This user thinks Asami was a great influence on Korra.

This user loves Appa because he is a cuddly flying manatee-bison.

This user hopes Azula will turn good, as she is incredible.

This user loves Jinora because she is amazing.

This user cannot say how much she loves Kyoshi for everything she did.

This user admires Ming-Hua for not letting her disability stop her.

This user wished that P'Li was good in LOK book 3.

This user admires Suki for everything that she did.

This user likes Kainora because they're adorable.

This user supports P'heer because evil can have love too.

This user supports Rangshi  because it was meant to be.

This user supports all the four nations.

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My Current Project(s): Kyoshi's relationships

Favourite Quotes

"Mockingjay, May your Heart be as True as your Aim"
— Alma Coin

Who am I

So, who am I in real life? I’m an author and editor who either spends her time reading books, writing books, editing books, or is here on the wiki. I’m always ready to help out, so if you have any questions at all, just message my wall. So that’s my userpage, longer than expected but hey!

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Also, above are some of the fanons that I read ( and love ) ♡

My Quotes (about me)

"Even if your not a moderator/admin doesn’t mean you can't do what’s right on the wiki, just look at Kyoshiyangchen22!"

Have a great day and if you need any help, just ask! :)