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  • I live in Melbourne, Australia
  • I was born on September 9
  • I am Male
"You don't even know for sure, though it is interesting to note that you think that it's that ^^"
Lady Lostris, oppressively playing another mind game against hapless victim KettleMeetPot.
"I didn't realise my comments had made such an impression. And yes, I have been stalking this thread."
HammerOfThor, after his comments had left an impression and he was stalking that thread.
"Watch your mouth in the forum Kettle. Swearing isn't necessary."
―A sour yet concerned citizen, who also happened to grab a lemon.
"The Pot's calling the Kettle black! Time to step in..."
―The Origin of KettleMeetPot.
"Funny story..."
The 888th Avatar, on everything in general.
"Sure, we can all go for a picnic on a rainbow, sing oolala and eat fluffy clouds."
Thailog, once again proposing an excellent community idea; passed unanimously.
"I really like that box of user quotes you have on your profile."
Minnichi, excellently representing the opinion of the masses (from the fanon portal).
"Add it then... Can she die too? Eaten by a carnivorous Pabu."
Dcasawang1, bringing up another brilliant plot point in a story that will never see the light of day.

- A little list of humorous yet memorable snippets I have gathered in my time here!

To be brief, I am a student. Nothing more, nothing less. Were you expecting something glamorous? Probably, since you are on this page and all. If you're really, really wondering about who I am, I can give you one other tid-bit: I'm the kind of guy who just stands around in the background, face hidden with a long-brimmed hat and body obscured in a 1970s style black trench-coat - watching and waiting. Need I say more? :p

Also, kudos to the ever-creative Minnichi for drawing the profile image, and allowing me to use it for my wiki user profile PR initiative! Well... I may have been outright lying on the last one, but everything else is still quite true.
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Kettle, KMP, ChocolateCake, BreadRoll, Hubble, DivideByZero, Tanus, Tacitus, Mockingbird, Oily, Liasami<3






September 9, 1993


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LiaSakura, Dcasawang, RandomRanaun, Lady Lostris, Iceland77, AvengeBender007, Annawantimes, Thailog, The888thAvatar, Seliah Jade, Minnichi, Theavatardemotivator, Vulmen, Acer Indonesia, A True Fire Ferret

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June 2, 2012

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Avatar Answers Wiki

Info that I probably should have expanded on ages ago...

...But never got around to ^^ (understatement)

Well... Ok, ok. It's been nearly 4 months since my first edit, and I feel that it is now high time to follow through with my two month old promise and expand this page a bit. So now, you, random person viewing my user-page, are now privy to a few rare scraps of knowledge! Isn't that exciting?!

So, remember when I said "rare scraps of knowledge"...? What I really meant to say was "boring mundane trivia points"... So, I'm sorry if I raised your hopes too high and ended up breaking them over my leg like a fragile stick. Err... More or less.

But as reparation, I give you... My top 5 list of trivia!

  • I like the color grey; the color of steel can't be all that bad!
  • I love ice cream... Particularly the cookies and cream variant ^^ (Also, grey!)
  • No, I (and many other Australians) do not ride kangaroos to work.
  • I have black hair and brown eyes, and I am not a lawyer... Seriously :p
  • I knew about this wiki for years, since I came on now and then, and randomly decided to make an account here for fun. Never expected that I would still be here four months down the track...

And that's it! Well, not really, but I'll make this a regular update (a.k.a every two months, knowing me) to keep all you guys hooked on my awesome trivia :p


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"I am going to hold a grudge against you now until the end of time because you did not drop everything you were doing to say hi to me"
Lady Lostris, would-be Oppressive Admin, to KettleMeetPot.
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