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The Rise of Kyoshi + The Shadow of Kyoshi Chapters

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Zuko, Azula, Sokka, and Iroh.

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Zuko Alone, The Storm, The Beach, and The Crossroads of Destiny.

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University Student

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Kyoshi Warriors

Current project: "Resignation"

Hello! I've been a huge fan of the show for over a decade but joined the wiki during COVID-19. I guess I missed writing college essays.. and found myself here writing for the Avatar wiki page. I have seen Avatar: The Last Airbender more times than I can count and I am completely in awe of its perfection. I have seen The Legend of Korra twice and am a fan of it as well (even though it's not perfect, it's still a great show). I have also read all of the comics as well as The Rise of Kyoshi, and The Shadow of Kyoshi. I am a huge fan of the cultural, musical, and geographic elements of Avatar's worldbuilding. I am currently busy creating pages for The Shadow of Kyoshi chapters. Feel free to contact me on my message wall concerning the Kyoshi chapter pages (or anything else). Have a great day! 

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This user won the User of the Month award in October 2020.
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This user also shares Sokka 's sense of humor, desire to be a leader, and feelings of inadequacy compared to those around him.
This user loves Azula because her tragic slide into insanity was incredibly well-written.
This user supports Sukka .
This user is obsessed with Kyoshi and the two books about her.
This user adores Zuko and thinks that he had the best character arc of all time.
This user supports Rangshi .
This user is obsessed with Kyoshi and the two books about her.
This user likes Rangi because of her passion and courage.
Pages I've Created
  1. The Iceberg (RoK)
  2. The Fracture (RoK)
  3. Desperate Measures (RoK)
  4. The Spirit (RoK)
  5. The Inheritance (RoK)
  6. The Decision (RoK)
  7. Adaptation (RoK)
  8. The Introduction (RoK)
  9. Escape (RoK)
  10. Obligations (RoK)
  11. The Town (RoK)
  12. The Beast (RoK)
  13. The Avatar's Masters (RoK)
  14. Preparations (RoK)
  15. Questions and Meditations (RoK)
  16. The Raid (RoK)
  17. Memories (RoK)
  18. The Ambush (RoK)
  19. The Return (RoK)
  20. The Invitation (SoK)
  21. Past Lives (SoK)
  22. Cultural Diplomacy (SoK)
  23. The Headmistress (SoK)
  24. Aftermath (Sok)
  25. The Ritual (SoK)
  26. Spiritual Exercises (SoK)
  27. The Message (SoK)
  28. Resignation (SoK)
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